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  1. T| [Tegu]: Recruiting dps warriors?
  2. F| [Tegu]: who
  3. T| [Tegu]: Maybe me
  4. F| [Tegu]: nah
  5. F| [Tegu]: i mean
  6. F| [Tegu]: its already hard
  7. F| [Tegu]: to rotate
  8. F| [Tegu]: people
  9. T| [Tegu]: I get ya
  10. F| [Tegu]: maybe if the trial fails
  11. F| [Tegu]: can give you a shot at some point
  12. F| [Tegu]: but can't do it now
  13. T| [Tegu]: Schedule easing up, wanted to check here first.
  14. T| [Tegu]: gl, and gz
  15. F| [Tegu]: ty, cya
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