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  1. <size=150%><b><color=#404040>Welcome to</color><color=#FF0000>Site 69</color></b></size>
  2. <size=60%><i>A server with several plugins, some even custom!
  3. A list of plugins is on our discord server: <u><link=""></link></u></i></size>
  5. <b>Rules</b>
  6. <size=80%>
  7. <b>1.</b> Do not disrespect other players.
  8. <b>2.</b> Do not be toxic.
  9. <b>3.</b> Do not use any form of cheats that may give you an unfair advantage.
  10. <b>4.</b> Do not ask for a staff rank. Go to our discord and apply.
  11. <b>5.</b> Really, just don't be stupid and use common sense.
  12. </size>
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