Dadonequus Discord Part 210

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  1. >But Fluttershy's worries were not heard by you. You were in shock. deep shock. You silently looked around.
  2. >everyone was here....except Trixie.
  3. >Your eyes began to water....
  4. "....She's gone....She really sacrificed herself....It's my fault"
  5. >You never thought you'd ever be traumatized in Pony world. You never thought this would ever happen
  6. >"'s going to be ok" Fluttershy tried to grab onto you to hug you, but you backed off from her. What the hell?
  7. "What do you mean it's going to be ok?! How can it be ok?! She just got eaten! It's my fault!"
  8. >"Anon..relax, look, just listen" Twilight then tried to speak to you...what? Her too?
  10. >You fell back down to your side, feeling major weakness and drain across your entire body.
  11. "....I...lied to her. I was suspicious of her for so long..I just faked it. I never intended to give her the horn...I don't even have it...Princess Celestia took it from me during my date, I used it to break into her castle despite being told she was doing important things. I just wanted Diamond Tiara to meet her and Luna....And now that I didn't have the horn..I...I couldn't do anything...How could any of you be so nonchalant about this?!"
  12. >Were they so used to returning to the damn status quo that death meant nothing?...Even...Fluttershy?
  13. >You looked at her, with the most hurt look, she returned the look herself. She didn't know what to do to calm you down. And the words you had to say surprised and saddened her. Twilight looked surprised as well, she now knew you lied to her...but you didn't care.
  14. >"Anon, perhaps it's not as bad as you make it sound, it might actually do your heart good if you just turn around." Zecora said, as she pointed behind you.
  16. " too? What good is that going to do? It's not like Trixie is go-"
  17. >Your ears perk up as you hear bushes rustling, and a whiny set of grunts behind you.....
  18. > way.....
  19. >You slowly turn around, there's no fucking way.
  20. >From out of the bushes came....Trixie?!
  21. >She had saliva all over her, her hat and mane was drooping, her cape heavy. She had some bush leaves in her mane and coat. And was trying to get some grass and a few stuck on brances from off of her hooves. "Come on...Come on! How am I supposed to make a grand re-entrance looking like..." Trixie looked up, she didn't realize she had rejoined the group yet. "'re all already here. Ahrm..." Suddenly Trixie raised herself, to exclaim her survival. "BEHOLD! FOR THE GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE HAS SURVIVED THE MIGHTY MAW OF THE CHIMERA!...though a little off target. And...with the help of the Princess of Friendship...and.." Trixie sighed, she couldn't keep her confident composure "...Thank you's amazing really...I didn't think you c-"
  22. >Trixie looked over to you, noticing how utterly confounded and dumbfounded you looked. "What's wrong with him?"
  23. >you slowly walked over to Trixie, looking up to her face as you rubbed and touched all over her chest....she was real
  24. "....Trixie?"
  25. >Trixie felt uncomfortable with how you were touching her. "...Y-yes....It is Trixie...uhhhh..." Trixie looked to the others "What's wrong with him?"
  26. >Twilight looked down at you as the information you gave cycled through her head. She didn't like what she heard. But she wasn't going to say anything about it now. Not with how the situation was going. "He thought you were eaten"
  27. >"What?! That's nonsense, it was just a clever trick planned by yours truly. That stupid chimera could never see it coming." Trixie looked down at you. "Anon, as you can see, I'm doing fine. You no longer need to fret"
  29. >But fret you couldn't get over the fact that she was alive.
  30. >"''s alright, really. I'm ok. mmmnn..I didn't think I'd fool you too..." Trixie was now feeling sad, she didn't know you'd be fooled so badly. She couldn't even fathom how blown away you really were.
  31. "I...I think I'm ok now....haha"
  32. >You started to chuckle a little madly as you turned to Twilight.
  33. "...And I said all that stuff right? Welllll then...hahaha"
  34. >The shock from the damage the chimera did to you, added to the realization of what you said, plus the fact you thought Trixie died was too much for your little body. after a few more chuckles. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head. And you fell over. Falling unconscious.
  35. >Everything was now a black swirl.
  36. >Some time must have passed by, because when you opened your eyes. You could see a window. With starlight shining through the window....and...stage lights?
  37. >...the shine was enough to make you open your eyes.
  38. >You wake up......this room?
  39. >You were in the hospital...again.
  40. >How long has it been since you were in here? The first and only time due to becoming the Hero be sure.
  41. >You slowly got out of bed. Your back was aching. That must have been due to the fucking Chimera...
  42. >You felt woozy, you couldn't fully think straight. But as you looked outside, your immediate memories of before you conked out was coming back to you.
  43. >You could see Trixie's stage. It was set up, but nothing was going on yet, nor was there a crowd. Was she doing her show tonight?
  44. >Tonight?
  45. >You look up, it was long were you out?
  47. >Then you heard the creak of the door, prompting you to jump back into bed. making you squeal from a jolt of pain.
  48. "Ngh...u-umm...w-who is it?"
  49. >"Anon?" It was dear dear Fluttershy, who seemed surprised you were up. "...did I wake you?"
  50. "N-no...I woke up right before you came in. There's a lot of light coming from the window."
  51. >"Oh...hmm, let me close the shades for you." Fluttershy walked over to the shades and closed them. Making the room dim. " are you feeling?"
  52. "I'm feeling ok. My back just hurts a little. But otherwise fine....I don't think you had to take me to the hospital."
  53. >"Anon, your back is bruised up. You need to stay in bed until it heals..." Fluttershy looked like she wanted to say something. and as she turned her head, you noticed it...she had a blemish on her face where the chimera hit her. right along her left eye.....oh god..
  54. "Aunt're hurt...."
  55. >You now instantly felt abysmal...
  56. >"What? Oh...Anon, it'll be ok" She smiled, she immediately noticed your mood drop. And if it was her injury that caused it. Then she wasn't going to let you suffer over it. "The doctor said it'll clear up in a day or two....." Fluttershy then turned to the side, like she didn't want to meet you eye to eye "...Anon, I can go if you want."
  57. >Go? With the way you were feeling? With the guilt you had. No, you didn't want her to just..wanted to cuddle up with her and make it go away.
  58. "Why would I ever want you to go Aunt Fluttershy?"
  59. >"Because...I want to talk to you about something...about the horn..about things you said. That's why, if you don't want to talk about it now. I can go, and let you rest." She looked like she didn't want to talk about it at all. Only doing it because she felt it was necessary
  61. > didn't want to talk about it. And you didn't want her to leave. You wanted her to stay...and cuddle with you. cuddle the pain away....cuddle your worry away. You were worried of course, especially with the fresh reminder that she wasn't the only one who heard.
  62. >You wanted at least one of the pony's who knew of what you said to not judge you. It had to be Fluttershy. Because you knew you were going to get a talking to already...from Twilight.
  63. "...could you do neither? Could..."
  64. >You shift over so she could have room on the bed.
  65. "...could you cuddle with me, please?...I'm scared.."
  66. >"...Of Twilight, right?" Fluttershy says, there was now suddenly a motherly sterness in her voice "Anon...I can't baby you this time, you lied to everypony. I know what happened before was very scary...but, it's over now. You're safe...and..." She didn't want to speak anymore, she didn't fully agree with not showing you any affection.
  67. >You raised the blanket over your muzzle, looking at Fluttershy with big sad eyes.
  68. "But I'm hurt....please? Just a little.."
  69. >Fluttershy was visibly buckling under the pressure."Anon...I can't. Sometimes...sometimes you just need to be a big colt. I want you to think about what you've done...."
  70. >...D-dammit...
  71. "...Does Trixie know anything that I said?"
  72. >Fluttershy shook her head. "No, we thought it was better if she didn't know. After the show, she wants to come visit you."
  73. >Fluttershy sighed, she was trying to keep face. She was trying not to cry and just cuddle and nuzzle you. "Anon...just get a little more rest. Please? It won't be that bad, I promise. just has to be done...I'm going now..."
  74. >nononono
  75. "Wait..please....c-can...mngh...can I at least get a kiss...on the nosie?"
  76. >Fluttershy flinched....she could atleast do that... "ok"
  77. >She hovers upwards above you, and leans down to give you a little kiss on the wasn't as comforting as you hoped.
  79. >"....Goodbye little gentlecolt...I'll..come visit tomorrow. I love you"
  80. "I..I love you too Aunt Fluttershy.."
  81. >Fluttershy gives you one last long look of sorrow before leaving. She didn't want to leave you alone. But she felt you'd never learn unless you handled what you've done on your own. Without her coddling you the entire way.
  82. "....fucking dammit..."
  83. >You stared up at the ceiling. Feeling abandoned.
  84. ".....Why did I have to spaz? I should have known Trixie was going to survive that..and I'm glad she did..but...What does Twilight care? It's between me and Celestia really. Besides, i just survived a chimera attack. I shouldn't be treated this way..."
  85. >You felt anger welling up inside you.
  86. "...It's not my fault really. Nobody said not to try to save Fluttershy.....dammit...If only I had known."
  87. >You were terribly torn between blaming yourself and blaming the situation. You didn't do anything knew you didn't.
  88. >"Ahhhh...finally, a neutral place where I can converse with you without breaking my word. How perfect, how grand, how lovely....Now, one has to wonder what you're doing back here" You hear a familiar chuckle "You didn't try to break anyone else's private area, did you?"
  89. >.....oh no...not now...why him?!
  90. "....Discord"
  91. >You sigh.
  92. >"Ding ding ding!" Discord appears in grand fanfare, trumpets and confetti. "Correct! Long time no see Anon! I hope you're doing well, if not. Dear ole daddy has come to cheer you up!" Discord leaned closer to you with a toothy grin "Missed me?"
  94. >you just grumpily turn to your side
  95. "Not particularly...can you leave me alone right now?"
  96. >"What? days without me and thats how you want to greet me? Wow...and here I thought we had a special bond" Discord frowned for a moment, then smiled as he shrugged "Oh well, since that's the case. It'll just make it easier for me to have some fun with you. I've missed our fun."
  97. >You just brace yourself under your blanket as you grit your teeth angrily.
  98. "Do you mind?...I just nearly got eaten by a chimera and everyone doesn't seem to care. They seem to care more on the fact that I lied about what happened with the horn. That's fucked up....I nearly died"
  99. >"Nearly isn't actually Anon. Now come on, get out of bed already. We have some royalty to rub with..the wrong way of course." Discord seemed pretty eager to get going. "We have time now, everypony else will be going to that silly magic show." Discord hovered over to the window, looking at the stage with jealousy "...look at that, everypony is starting to gather for such amateurish magic...pft....Wait..."
  100. >A lightbulb appears over Discord's head. Shining bright enough to burn your eyes with the initial glow.
  101. "GNmmm..Discord! What are....wait"
  102. >He didn't...He wouldn't.
  103. "Noooooooo, no no no. You can't! That's gonna make everything worse. We can't just go and crash Trixie's magic show"
  104. >"Why not? You didn't trust her before, did you? Come on..." Discord raises his paw up, making another horn appear, it was spinning around slowly, above his paw "What do you care? Besides, surely you're sick of Twilight too, right? Now's your chance for some revenge. Now's your chance to put that busy body in her place. She doesn't have to know it was us...plausible deniability and all that"
  107. "Discord...I can't. I really can't...My back hurts. and.."
  108. >Suddenly Discord puts at you with a single talon and zaps you. and in an instant. you were healed.
  109. >"And that should do it. Now then, any ideas on how we should crash their little party?" He says as he stares out the window.
  110. >....the hell?..he just..healed you. You thought he couldn't do that without there being chaos involved...or of course, he was just lying about that. He could have healed you at any time.
  111. "I can't Discord....You know I can't. What the hell is wrong with you? Do you realize how upset Fluttershy would be if we went through with this?"
  112. >"Hence why we don't get caught Anon, it's only for one night. It's not like anypony is going to get hurt. We're just going to ruffle their manes a little...and by little I actually mean a lot" Discord evilly snickered.
  113. >.......
  114. "I can't Discord. I have to see Twilight later...she wants to talk to me about something I said."
  115. >Discord cringed in disgust from those words "Really Anon? All the lying you've done so far and you're going to bend to her on the fact you lied about the horn? You lied to who? the one who tried to take over Ponyville and cast Twilight out forever? Didn't you think that she was playing you the entire time. She's a performer Anon, no doubt she was faking it every second of the way....I would have. In fact, I know I have..." Discord turned blue all of a sudden "Remember?"
  116. "But what if she wasn't faking? We'd just end up ruining her life...and for what? To mess with her and Twilight?"
  117. >Discord nodded "Seems worth it to me"
  119. "It's not...IT can't..."
  120. >"It should...nopony cared that you were about to be a chimera's lunch Anon. Like you said, they only cared about the fact that you did something wrong. That's not very caring if you ask me. So if they don't care about your life, why should we care about theirs?" Discord said as he started to put an assortment of items into a bag he conjured up. "Twilight has tried to forcibly change you into something you're not Anon. I know who you really are and..." Discord tosses the bag next to you, looking at with with such a sinister grin "I know that you oh so want to bring the purple princess down a peg. She isn't always right."
  121. >She wasn't. He was right about that. Time and time again, Twilight has made mistakes, some nearly destroying Ponyville itself. But, you didn't want to put her down a peg anymore. You just wanted to be her friend. She wasn't so bad once you got to know her. Her better parts beat out the parts that made her annoying.
  122. "She isn't...but neither am I....and neither are you"
  123. >Discord was not amused by your words. Looking at you with bored dismay "And what of Fluttershy? Did she care that you were hurt? She just left you here. Despite the fact you truly, nearly, came to an end. That didn't feel very right, did it?"
  124. >It wasn't fact. That didn't feel right....something wasn't right.
  125. "...Are you bad talking Fluttershy?"
  126. >"Well yes, of course. She was being rather heartless. tch tch tch, leaving a poor foal to suffer. How terrible. Now then...take the bag, and let's go. We have some chaos to wreak"
  127. >......Something WAS wrong.
  128. "You're not Discord...."
  129. >Discord raised an eyebrow at you "And what makes you so sure about that?"
  130. "Because Discord would never just discard Fluttershy like that. Unless I suddenly became you're real number one, then you wouldn't just talk bad about her.....I'm dreaming. Aren't I?"
  131. >Discord sighed "You shouldn't be able to guess that you know, this is supposed to be a guilt ridden dream."
  133. >.....oh shit, you were actually right?
  134. >You leaned up, approaching the figment Discord carefully.
  135. " that you?"
  136. >"Afraid, this is just your typical regular Guilt based dream. Of course, I don't need to tell you that the changes in your body have caused you to dream differently. More lucidly. Y' a cartoon" The Discord suddenly changed into you. "And it looks like you're feeling pretty bad about lying. All that build up is pretty bad, huh?"
  137. >.......holy shit, this was freaky.
  138. ".....So you're definitely not Luna?"
  139. >The other version of you looked at you like you were an idiot "....really? No..I'm just a figment of your guilt which you are once again trying to dodge."
  140. >Wut?
  141. "Don't blame me, you're the one who played an unconvincing Fluttershy and Discord."
  142. >"...You totally believed it was Fluttershy"
  143. "I did not!"
  144. >"You did too! You fucking idiot! Holy I really that stubborn? Listen doofus, this is're mind..telling you that you can't just keep on lying. You should have fucking told Twilight what happened at the start what happened with the horn instead of hiding it."
  145. "I can't just tell her I lost it. She would just start patronizing me and tell me what a bad thing I did. I already know what I did was bad"
  146. >"I'm aware that you know, but lying about it just shows that you're not really learning your lessons. Everytime you do something like this, do you realize who become more like?"
  148. "Discord?"
  149. >"" Your other self slaps himself in the fact with his horn and shakes his head "You're becoming the generic liar whom nobody believes. The kind that even if they had a single episode redemption, would go back to status quo like a day later."
  150. >Now you were getting annoyed. what the hell were you supposed to do?
  151. "And thats what I've been doing since I got here. I have to do that. I have no choice! You should know that, you're me!"
  152. >"Yes, and I'm actually ashamed of it. You already know that lying about your life is ok because you're forced to start a new one. What you did was lie about something that's already in your new life. And that's what you keep doing, and it's piling on. I'm here to try to set you straight."
  153. >.....shit...he was right...and he was were right...were you right? You could be wrong.
  154. "...But you forget, I'm still a co-"
  155. >Suddenly, the other you slaps you. Making you yelp.
  156. "Ouch! What the hell was that for!?"
  157. >"Because I can't fucking forget what you already remember you dumbass, holy fucking shit are you dumb.Look at what lying has gotten you, really. It's gotten so bad that Diamond Tiara had to bail you out. And look at what it did to your rep. And then you lie to yourself that you don't care, you totally care. You don't want to go to school and get mocked."
  158. >You gulp, and back off, looking left and right nervously
  159. "I-I can fix that...."
  160. >"oh I hope so, because it feels like utter shit, let me tell you."
  161. "..So what...are you here as a figment of my conscious to try to make me realize what I should do and fix?"
  162. >The other you shook your head "Nope, you're too dumb for that type of shit. I'm just going to tell you the answer since you already know it but refuse to apply it. Stop lying to everybody about stupid shit and take responsibility for what you do. I mean seriously, You lie to Fluttershy even. And then beg for affection just to lower the guilt. That's horrible"
  164. > look down in shame, shuffling your hooves a little on the blanket.
  165. "But she's so soft..."
  166. >The other you sighs longingly "I's like cuddling a warm patch of silky fluffy goodness. But.." The Other you had to shake his head a little to get his mind in the game "That's no excuse for being a goddamn pussy. You do something wrong, you own up to it. Got it? Because I'm pretty fucking sure one of the things Princess Celestia wanted you to do was to be more honest about shit like this. And you're so fucking stupid that a dream, a dream not being manipulated by moonbutt, has to get your shit straight. And the thing is, I don't even think this will even fully work. Just partially...just enough to get you going in the right direction."
  167. >You look down and start to think about it. If you remembered correctly. You already let the beans out. You didn't know if Trixie actually knew or not. You should probably tell her the truth on your own, tell the truth to Fluttershy, and tell the truth to Twilight.
  168. "....fine...I'll do it."
  169. >You look around the room, and sigh. defeated by...yourself.
  170. "....So it took me this long to have one of those long convoluted dream sequences huh?"
  171. >The other you nods "Yeah, only took nearly getting eaten for it to am I then? Are we still on the trail or something?"
  172. >"I don't know you fucking idiot. I'm you, if you don't know, then I don't know...but I know a way to find out"
  173. "How?"
  174. >The other you immediately slaps your face with his hoof. making everything turn dark once again, falling into the dark voidlike swirl.
  176. >When you opened your eyes.You found yourself in....
  177. "Goddammit..."
  178. >It was still....the hospital. But there was something different.
  179. >Fluttershy was on a bench that was pulled up to the side of your bed. She had fallen asleep it seems...waiting.
  180. >You turn towards the window. It was much darker than in your dream. There was no stage lights or anything.
  181. >You sighed....glad she was next to you. But, you weren't going to be able to lie yourself out of this. And...after that dream. It was probably not good to. Even if, like in the dream, they didn't tell Trixie. You'd have to tell her...
  182. >You look over to Fluttershy again. And least you had her, she'd make sure it wouldn't hurt as bad as it could be. As you thought about it, you realized the comfort Fluttershy truly gave. She loved you, and no matter what, she'd be there to make sure you wouldn't have to suffer alone. If the truth did turn things sour, she'd be there to soften whatever blow you may have probably deserved. She was there for you, and she always would be. You were her little gentlecolt.
  183. >And Discord....heh, he'd probably get your back to if you needed it...maybe...hopefully.
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