Wayne K Balbek

juuuqu3a Aug 15th, 2016 84 Never
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  1. ‪#‎OpFakeAnon‬ ‪#‎OpDemask‬ ‪#‎Anonymous‬ ‪#‎Anon‬ ‪#‎OpIcarus‬
  2. Owner of this page:
  5. Other Account:
  7. Previous account before being overtaken:
  9. This FAKE, has caused much division within the collective, especially with Anons from Australia and the USA.
  10. Spreading lies and false accusations about certain Anons and claiming (WITHOUT EVIDENCE) they many Anons are the same person which is untrue and incorrect.
  11. Also claiming (WITHOUT EVIDENCE) that a certain Anon manages multiple pages and groups, which is also untrue and incorrect.
  12. He is now the laughing stock amongst many and his bad name is thankfully spreading amongst our brothers and sisters.
  13. His ignorance and paranoia has shown him to be anything but having Anonymous qualities and his embarrassing dox on a fake name clearly shows he has no skills to even call himself part of the anonymous collective, in fact, he is an embarrassing example and he is now showing server mental characteristics of being a psychopath and stalker.
  14. Editors on is own page have told him that he is wrong with his accusations and claims however, he refuses to listen.
  15. This FAKE, also threatens other Anons who do not do as he say's and has caused many Anons to leave the collective because of his lies and infighting spreading.
  16. His pathetic dox on a good standing Anon, did not even give any reason for the dox except his own personal opinions and paranoid beliefs.
  17. This FAKE goes by the name of Wayne K Baalbek, Adam Petrovich and Erik Adis Nilsson.
  18. He has dox'ed an innocent person who does not even have the same initials as the Anon his dox targets, PMSL extremely embarrassing one must think.
  19. Wayne aka Adam aka Erik has tried his best to use his influence and reach amongst our collective to spread his lies and convince others he knows what he is talking about, the problem is, if his embarrassing FAILED dox is anything to go by, especially on a fake name then one must ask for accurate evidence, which to this day, he has still not been able to provide.
  20. A real LEGEND at failing and an embarrassing display of lack of Anon qualities, although one should not expect anything less from an armature and FAKE.
  21. Wayne, Erik or Adam or any other name you use, you have been demasked little boy.
  22. Anonymous is not your own personal army and a complete article in the form of a reply is being circulated around the internet to show Anons just how pathetic your Anon skills are and to expose your lies you keep spreading.
  23. You should have expected your division and lies was going to catch up with you.
  24. We are Anonymous!
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