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  1. Game Start:
  2. NOTE: If you ever see a Queen, grab it and use it whenever there’s a dense patch of Zombies. Queens will drastically speed up the 1000 kills required. It’s worth it to kill a queen zombie, and use a queen immediately just for kill speed.
  4. 1st Route:
  5. Make a Spike Bat (1/9) (Baseball Bat + Nails at nearby workbench)
  6. Get Whiskey after exiting Safe House
  7. Exit to Still Creek
  8. Grab Kayak Paddle across from White Van (Inventory 3 of 4)
  9. Head to Casino, smash machines for cash
  10. Cross street Hop over fence by pawn shop
  11. Pick up Spray paint in back alley (Inventory 4 of 4)
  12. Enter Sheriff’s Office back door
  13. Head to 2nd Level, Pick Up Shotgun (Inventory 4 of 4, drop/use Whiskey)
  14. Unlock Door (1 / 4 doors)
  15. Use shotgun, have at least 2 ammo left
  16. Head towards Zombrex marker, hang on right side
  17. Stop at Maintenance Room
  18. Drop Spraypaint in here
  19. Make an IED using supplies in safe house (Propane Tank and Nails) (2/9)
  20. Throw IED into nearby crowd, and Shoot it with shotgun - 1 ammo left
  21. Head to shop next door, grab Pitchfork, pocket it, get Chainsaw
  22. Put on Overalls (Clothing 1 of 10)
  23. Return to Maintenance Room
  24. Make Boomstick (Shotgun and Pitchfork) (3/9)
  25. Pocket Boomstick
  26. Make Paddlesaw (Paddle and Chainsaw) (4/9)
  27. Head to Zombrex marker
  28. Use paddle saw until it breaks
  29. Pick up Traffic Cone (Pylon) in Quarantine Zone
  30. Eat Snacks if damaged
  31. Pick up Zombrex from Ambulance
  32. Use cart to push bike chassis back to Safe House
  33. Stop at Maintenance Room
  34. Make an Air Horn (Spray Paint + Pylon/Traffic Cone 5/9)
  35. Kill as many zombies as possible on the way back
  36. Cut Scene
  37. Make Spike Bat (Restock)
  38. Save (optional)
  40. 2nd Route:
  41. Rescue Dick on White Van
  42. Get Paddle
  43. Unlock pawn shop by talking to Dick
  44. Get a hint (1000 dollars, achievement)
  45. Buy Moose Head, (500 dollars spent)
  46. Use Moose Head whenever possible for travelling from now on, it’s faster
  47. Cross street to Casino, destroy all machines (Bull in a China Shop style), loot cash
  48. Head to maintenance room, pick up chainsaw on the way, make paddle saw
  49. Use Paddlesaw until it breaks
  50. Go into Barber Shop
  51. Change Hairstyle to Mohawk (Clothing 2 of 10, feel free to change back)
  52. Cross to Momma’s Diner
  53. Put on Diner Waitress Uniform (Clothing 3 of 10, feel free to change back)
  54. Go into Movie theater
  55. Smash all Slot Machines
  56. Unlock door at the back (2/4)
  57. Exit, jump over fence, go left, pick up Battery on the Dumpster
  58. Head to Maintenance Room, dump battery off
  59. Go next door, grab a Rake
  60. Return to Maintenance Room, make Electric Rake (Battery and Rake) (6/9)
  61. Use Electric Rake until it breaks
  62. Pick up Engine in alley across from Maintenance Room
  63. Hoof it to Safe House
  64. Drop off Engine at the Bike
  65. Restock on healing if needed, and make a Spike Bat.
  66. Save.
  68. 3rd Route:
  69. Obj: Save Survivors, and Gas Can
  70. Exit Safe House
  71. Go to pawn shop get Moose head (total spent 1000)
  72. Detour to Casino, destroy all machines
  73. Get up to Bob by climbing the dumpster and AC unit
  74. Talk to him, survivor info at Bar
  75. Jump across to Hotel
  76. Put on Black Cowboy Hat at room on far right (Clothing 4 of 10, feel free to change back)
  77. Get Hotel Key from far left room on second level
  78. Leave Hotel
  79. Jump across, get Construction Helmet on the right
  80. Jump down to Hunting Store, smash register
  81. Get Swords (as many as you need)
  82. Put on Hunting Suit (Clothing 5 of 10, feel free to change back)
  83. Unlock Door ( 3 / 4)
  84. Go to survivors
  85. Talk to Gemini, give 2 beers to Fausto.
  86. Get both to join
  87. Grab 1 beer for yourself
  88. Run to Safe House, use a Sword to clear a path
  89. Pick up Gas Can
  90. Rescue Gemini and Fausto (15,000)
  91. Pick up Bucket and Drill, can come back for whatever you’ve dropped
  92. Drop of Gas Can
  93. Make a Drill Bucket (Drill and Bucket) (7/9)
  94. Make Beer Helmet (Beer and Construction Helmet) (8/9)
  95. Restock on supplies, pick up anything you’ve dropped on the way out
  96. Save.
  98. 4th Route
  99. Obj: Get Fork
  100. Option 1: Didn’t Take a Beer
  101. Head to the Bar where Gemini and Fausto were
  102. Grab a Beer here
  103. Head to Casino
  104. Pillage it for Cash
  105. Head to Maintenance Room
  106. Make Beer Helmet (Beer and Construction Helmet) (8/9)
  107. Unlock Shed (unlock 4/4 - Done)
  108. Take Fork back to Safe House
  109. Restock
  110. Talk to Gemini to initiate Gems sidequest
  111. Save
  112. Option 2:
  113. Grab Paddle
  114. Buy Moose Head (1500 total)
  115. Break Slot machines at Casino
  116. Head to maintenance, pick up Chainsaw on the way, make a paddle saw
  117. Use Paddle Saw until out near Quarantine Zone
  118. Unlock Shed (unlock 4/4 - Done)
  119. Grab Fork from Shed
  120. Take Fork back to Safe house
  121. Restock
  122. Talk to Gemini to initiate Gems sidequest
  123. Save.
  124. ------------------------Regardless of paddle saw usage, you will still be able to max out your PP and get the required kills. Tested in latest playthrough. I skip a paddle saw.---------------------------------
  126. 5th Route:
  127. Obj: Talk to Bob about Girls
  128. Get Paddle
  129. Buy Moose Head (2000 total spent)
  130. Smash All Slot Machines in Casino
  131. Talk to Bob, girls in Grumpy Dog Bowling Alley
  132. Talk to girls, exhaust dialogue, friend is in Quarantine Zone
  133. Put on Bowling Shirt ((Clothing 6 of 10, feel free to change back)
  134. Put on White Tennis Shoes (Clothing 7 of 10, feel free to change back)
  135. Head to Maintenance Room
  136. Pick up chainsaw on the way
  137. Make Paddle Saw
  138. Use Paddle Saw to kill Zombies as you go towards Maintenance Room
  139. Pick up Gems near yellow car, pocket them
  140. Find girl in Quarantine, give her Zombrex
  141. Carry her to Grumpy Dog Bowling Alley
  142. Pick up other 2 girls
  143. Return girls to Safe House
  144. Drop off Gems at Gemini (15,000 dollars)
  145. Save
  147. 6th Route:
  148. May have to kill time until 3pm if you were fast:
  149. Get Moose Head from Pawn Shop
  150. Pillage Casino
  151. Kill zombies on way back to Safe House zone in
  152. Check watch: if 3PM zone back out to Still Creek
  154. Otherwise:
  155. Climb up dumpster
  156. Talk to Bob
  157. Get Moose Head (at least 2500 spent)
  158. Pillage Casino
  159. Head to Bob’s hunting store, pick up at least 1 sword (pref 2)
  160. Enter Bills Department Store
  161. Put on Plaid Shirt (Clothing 8 of 10, feel free to change back)
  162. Put on Ladies Hat(Clothing 9 of 10, feel free to change back)
  163. Put on White Cowboy Hat (Clothing 10 of 10, feel free to change back)
  164. Head to Survivors in parking lot, clear enemies
  165. Talk to survivors
  166. Trade Sword for Handle Bars
  167. Both will join
  168. Loop around to maintenance room
  169. Make a Molotov (Whiskey and Newspaper inside Maintenance Room) (8 of 8 combo weapons)
  170. Pick up Moose Head from Bobs Hunting Shop
  171. Run through Gas Station
  172. Escort them to Safe House
  173. Install Handle Bars
  174. Restock on Spike Bat if necessary
  175. Save
  177. 7th onwards
  178. Nothing more to do for now, just farm cash and kill zombies until 7PM
  179. Kill/Cash Route:
  180. Moose head to Hunting Store
  181. Restock Moose Head
  182. Run through Gas Station, turn, head to pawn shop
  183. Buy another Moose Head (add 500 to total tally)
  184. Enter Casino, pillage cash
  185. Moosehead return to Safe House
  186. Repeat until 1000 kills, and 100,000 dollars
  188. Cash Route:
  189. Moose Head to Pawn
  190. Buy another (500 added to tally)
  191. Pillage Casino
  192. Return to Safe House
  193. Repeat
  195. Whenever you reach 100,000 dollars or it hits 7PM purchase at least 1 Zombrex and the Wheel
  196. Spend the rest of your money (Zombrex most efficient buys at 25,000, otherwise Electric Rakes at 5000, or Drill Buckets for 2500, etc)
  197. Return to Safe House
  198. Prepare to fight Jed (Spike Bats, Guns, Orange Juice, Painkillers, etc)
  199. Save at 6:50ish
  200. Administer Zombrex to Katey
  201. Fight Jed, win
  202. Save
  204. Final Lap:
  205. Pillage Casino if needed for more cash for final purchases
  206. Otherwise: Talk to Bob
  207. Go to hunting store, talk to daughter
  208. Return to Bob, he joins
  209. Return to hunting store
  210. Talk to Darcie, she’ll join
  211. Escort to both back to safe house
  213. If only achievement left is escape from still creek, examine motorcycle
  214. Drive out of Still Creek, follow the linear path, do not crash, do not get shot, take your time though.
  215. END
  218. Achievements
  219. 1 A taste of things to come: Build a Combo Weapon: Nail Bat immediately
  220. 2 A bigger taste: Build all combo weapons:
  221. Spiked Bat - Safe House (Nails and Baseball Bat)
  222. Drill Bucket - Safe House (Drill and Bucket, outside Restroom)
  223. IED - Maintenance Room near Hardware Store (Nails and Propane Tank)
  224. Molotov: Newspaper + Whiskey (Grab first Whsikey from outside Safehouse, grab newspaper from Police Station, also in other Maintenance Room near the Movie Theater)
  225. Air Horn: Paint (above Safe House), Traffic Cone en route to Zombrex.
  226. Beer Hat: Beer all over the place, Hard Hat en route to open Hunting Store
  227. Boomstick: Shotgun (Police Station top level, and Pitchfork from hardware store)
  228. Paddle Saw: Paddle next to police station, chainsaw from hardware store
  229. Electric Rake: Battery from behind Theater, Rake from Hardware store.
  231. 3 Locksmith: Unlock All Doors
  232. Sheriff’s Office - Go Around Back, Grab shotgun, open the front door
  233. Bob’s Fish and Hunt - Jump over to the Hotel side from Bob, go inside, grab the Shed Key, exit back out, jump onto the AC unit, and climb onto roof, Grab hard hat, and drop into the hunting shack, open door
  234. Theater - Run to exit at the back of the theatre, open door, run and grab the battery on the way back
  235. Open Shed using Shed Key, mandatory story progression for Forks
  236. 4 Small Town Deep Pockets: Spend 100,000 dollars in the pawn shop
  237. 5 Still Creek Survivor: Rescued All Survivors
  238. 6 Clueless No More: Buy a clue from Dick
  239. 7 Part Way there: Return a bike part (mandatory)
  240. 8 Ready to Ride: Finish the bike (mandatory)
  241. 9 Chop Shop: Defeat Jed (mandatory)
  242. 10 Escape Still Creek (mandatory)
  243. 11 Zombie Hunter: Kill 100 Zombies
  244. 12 Zombie Exterminator: Kill 1000 Zombies
  246. Endings:
  247. A - Finish Bike, Give Katey Zombrex, Escape Still Creek successfully - 15000PP (canon and best)
  248. B - Finish Bike, Give Katey Zombrex, Fail to Escape Still Creek - 10000PP
  249. C - Finish Bike, Give Katey Zombrex, Do not get on Bike (ends at 9PM) - 5000PP (same ending as B)
  250. D - Fail to finish the Bike, Give Katey Zombrex - 2000PP (same ending as B)
  251. E - Give Katey Zombrex, do not bring the Bike Frame to the Safe House - 2000PP (same ending as B)
  252. F - Do Not Give Katey Zombrex - Be inside Safe House - 0PP (unique ending)
  253. F - Do Not Give Katey Zombrex - Be outside Safe House - 0PP (unique ending)
  255. Magazines:
  256. Health 1 - Barber Shop on Floor near window
  257. (totally useless. All healing items are full heals in Case Zero, and you’d be better off with 2 heals rather than 1 increased heal. 2 Painkillers is massive overkill)
  258. Building - Register at Uncle Bill’s Department Store
  260. Juices List:
  261. Repulse - Hotdog and Soft Drink
  262. Painkiller - Beer and Beer or Whiskey and Whiskey
  263. Zombait - Pie and Pie
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