6 O'Clock Application

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  1. ❝ THE EVE ❞
  3. ▢ USERNAME : @J15UNG5PLU5H13
  4. ▢ PASSWORD : Awkward Silence -Stray Kids
  6. ❝ KO KO BOP ❞
  8. ▢ FULL NAME : Rachel Lee Jaesoo
  9. ▢ NICKNAMES : Jae, Rachie, Rose, Sunshine, Plushie
  10. ▢ BIRTHDATE : 15/09/2000
  11. ▢ BIRTHPLACE : Sydney, Australia
  12. ▢ NATIONALITY : Korean/Australian
  13. ▢ ETHNICITY : Korean/Australian
  14. ▢ HEIGHT : 166cm
  15. ▢ WEIGHT : 48kg
  17. ❝ WHAT U DO? ❞
  19. ▢ COMPANY : Cre.Ker Entertainment
  20. ▢ BACK-UP COMPANY : HappyFace Entertainment
  21. ▢ SKILL : Dance
  22. ▢ BACK-UP SKILL : Vocal
  23. ▢ FACE CLAIM : Jeon Heejin (LOONA)
  24. ▢ BACK-UP FACE CLAIM : Kwon Eunbin (CLC)
  26.      + VOCAL 86/100
  27.      + RAP 77/100
  28.      + DANCE 95/100
  30. ❝ FOREVER ❞
  33. » Soft; She is as soft as a plushie, which is linked to her nickname. She is a sweet and caring girl who always puts others before herself. She always treat others with respect, care and genuine love whether she is close to them or not. However, her extremely sweet attitude makes her vulnerable to mean, fake people who can hurt her.
  34. » Cheesy; She is a cheesy person who loves cute things and romance books. She likes to write cheesy stories that she doesn't share with anyone in case of judgement. She is always daydreaming about adorable things and she squeals and melts very easily.
  35. » Fun; She is an extremely out-going and fun person. She can be very loud and hyper at times too. She is always pulling lame jokes and doing weird things to brighten everyone's day, which rarely fails. This is how she earned the nicknames of "Sunshine".
  36. » Hard-working; She is very hard-working. Maybe even a bit too hard-working. She practices and trains a lot that sometimes it because harmful to her health. She is one who can fall sick easily and with Vasovagal Syncope, over-working is not a good thing for her as she may faint. She will need constant reminders from others to know when enough is enough.
  37. » Sensitive; She is quite weak when it comes to mental and emotional strength. She has quite minimum self-confidence and can be hurt by the slightest words or actions. It may just be her Overactive Imagination that is misunderstanding the situation, but either way she'll feel hurt until she finally pours it out on someone that she loves and trusts. She also cries very easily so people tend to be careful around her.
  38. » Poetic; She is somewhat poetic. She is careful about the choice of her words, she is always looking at the world from a completely different perspective of others and she likes to write fictious stories. She daydreams a lot and sometimes she forgets what reality is like. So it is kind of like when reality hits her, it hits her hard.
  39. ▢ BACKGROUND : She was born in Sydney, Australia. She had a twin Brother who was 3 minutes younger, an adoptive Brother who was week younger and a Sister who was 9 years younger. Her siblings, as one of her top priorities, sparked her loving and fun nature. Ever since she was 7, she knew that she loved music. She was in the school choir for elementary school and dance team for high school. Her life-Long Dream was to debut as a Korean idol, and she was going to work hard to achieve it. Despite the bullying incidents she had to face hwen she was in elementary school or the fake people she met in high school, she pushed through all the challenges and when she turned 16, she moved to Seoul with her brothers to not only continue their studies, but to pursue their dreams. She was especially happy when she was accepted into a survival show that could possibly be her ticket to debuting!!
  40. ▢ LIKES :
  41. » Roses
  42. » Literature
  43. » Art & Music
  44. » Plushies
  45. » Aesthetics
  46. ▢ DISLIKES :
  47. » Bitter Food
  48. » Procrastination
  49. » Hatred
  50. » Mean People
  51. » Poor Hygiene
  53. ❝ DIAMOND ❞
  55. ▢ MOTTO : “ People who love roses recognise them for their beauty and fragrance, not the thorny stems. Why can't we look at humans the same way? ”
  56. ▢ WINNING SPEECH : “ I'd like to thank everyone who was involved in this, for I would have never made it throughout the thick and thin without you. It feels great to know that I have won and am going to debut with 5 other talented girls. Thank you so much for the chance in a lifetime!! ”
  57. ▢ ELIMINATION SPEECH : “ It doesn't actually feel that bad that I have been eliminated. Yes I am upset, but I have gone through a lot here and am proud as I know I have done my best and this experience has definetely opened me up a bit more. Thank you gor the opportunity and I wish the remaining trainees the best of luck. ^_^ ”
  58. ▢ MESSAGE TO ME : Thank you so much for introducing me to this af and giving me a chance to participate. I can't wait to get started!!
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