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Jan 31st, 2012
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  1. Item #: SCP-090
  3. Object Class: Keter
  5. Special Containment Protocols: The most pressing concern for SCP-090's containment is that it be allowed freedom of rotation. When not under special observation, it is suspended by a corner in an unremarkable vault in the facility.
  7. It is due to consultation of [Redacted] that the object is now monitored digitally. Specifically, the mapping of SCP-090's surface is recorded and analyzed at intervals (per [Redacted]).
  9. The request for a predictive supercomputer ([Redacted]) has been placed on hold indefinitely, so all data parsing is currently under jurisdiction of [Redacted] personal computer. This has been judged to pose no threat to project confidentiality.
  11. Security protocols remain unchanged from the rest of the facility. We ask that future team members with access to the chamber keep their hands clear of SCP-090.
  13. Description: Details of SCP-090's acquisition are largely irrelevant. [Redacted] was terminated and his/her assets seized by the facility at the time of acquisition. Refer to [redacted] for further details, including a definitive listing of the acquired SCPs. SCP-090's origin/details of manufacture were presumably lost with its previous owner.
  15. The physical details of SCP-090 are as follows: The object is a sizeable cubic construct (20 centimetres on each side) made of an unidentifiable ceramic. The surface is pitch black in color, with intricate thin white etchings that span the surface. Each edge is divided into 100 segments of equal width, so that each side is a grid of 10,000 square segments. The surface of the object is thus split into 60,000 square segments, and digital analysis has confirmed that the etching on any one segment matches no others.
  17. There is an unknown, presumed mechanical structure that exists internally of SCP-090 that causes the realignment (rotation) of a single row of a seemingly random axis every 3 seconds, roughly. There has been no exception to this since SCP-090's acquisition. It is unknown how many realignments had occurred before SCP-090's acquisition.
  19. It is important to note that where etchings line up on the surface, what are referred to in this report as "correct" configurations, the square segments cease to be discrete and become a single surface. There are [Request denied] such instances currently across all six surfaces.
  21. The object weighs nearly fifty kilograms and is quite sturdy. Several incidental drops have not damaged the surface whatsoever.
  23. Addendum: Prior to the consultation with [Redacted] and the subsequent digital monitoring, SCP-090 was regarded as safe, finger pinching hazard notwithstanding. Records leading up to the decision to change its classification follow.
  25. From the research journal of [Redacted]:
  26. From entry 1: "Several of us were called down to see this object. He had placed it on the aluminum table in the research centre and grinned at us. As it changed itself, sometimes it would leave a dent in the surface. We quickly took its measurements and the first thing that struck us was to attempt to stop it. Two of us placed each our hands on its sides and held it firmly. In an instant, the moving segment cleaved through the fingers of our young assistant, continuing unabated as I dropped it hastily."
  28. From entry 70: "Quickly, we moved it from where it hung to its new case: a box with 3-centimeter thick titanium walls designed to fit around it perfectly. Funny that we could requisition this, but not a simple computer. The object slid in smoothly, and we placed the heavy titanium lid in its place and latched it tightly. We heard faint grinding every few seconds from within, much as we had anticipated. However, much as we had not anticipated, it quickly tore apart the containment we had placed it in as it continued, unabated. It was difficult indeed to remove it from its shredded housing."
  30. From entry 71: "We tried it again, this time with [Redacted]. I am lucky to have left the chamber, I should think. I returned to find the box cleaved in half, and our assistant in much the same shape on the floor where he had been standing, 20 feet away. The structural integrity of the room has not been compromised, they tell me, though there is a deep cut in it all the way around. I do not know what caused this, and I don't think I'll push my luck trying to find out. [Redacted] has told me he is bringing in "a stronger material," so I am leaving the project."
  32. From the project reports of [Redacted]:
  33. [Redacted]: "I have consulted with [Redacted] about the safety hazards of SCP-090. He has seen fit to raise its classification to reflect this. We continue to watch, with high-tech eyes. I will keep you notified."
  35. Addendum 2: Following the application of digital monitoring, new project manager [Redacted] ordered special monitoring of "correct" configurations for reasons he/she did not disclose. Several reports regarding their findings on these follow.
  37. From the project reports of [Redacted]:
  38. [Redacted]: "New alignment recorded on the third face at [Redacted]. News feed on my desktop had something interesting for me not half an hour later. This has been happening an awful lot, and I'm starting to believe that it's more than coincidence. I will keep you notified."
  40. [Redacted]: "Location appears to be independent of orientation. The specific face is what matters. I've put a lot of ink on my globe lately, as you can see: [Link removed]
  41. Examples:
  42. [Redacted] at [Redacted] after face 3 alignment.
  43. [Redacted] at [Redacted] after face 2 alignment.
  44. [Redacted] at [Redacted] after face 3 alignment (near the edge).
  45. [Redacted] at [Redacted] after face 6 alignment.
  46. [Redacted] at [Redacted] after face 1 alignment.
  47. I will keep you notified."
  49. [Redacted]: "I have found another correlation after updating our system.
  50. Alignments of two segments:
  51. Face 3 on [Redacted] - ~20.
  52. Face 5 on [Redacted] - ~30.
  53. Face 2 on [Redacted] - ~20.
  54. Alignments of three segments:
  55. Face 5 on [Redacted] - ~80.
  56. Face 1 on [Redacted] - ~100.
  57. The pattern continues geometrically.
  58. Aligments of sixteen segments:
  59. Face 6 on [Redacted] - ~300,000, coinciding with a containment breach at [Redacted] resulting in massive loss of personnel and civilian life.
  60. I am requesting access to [Redacted] for the purpose of processing our predictive algorithm. I will keep you notified.
  62. From the address of [Redacted] concerning [Redacted]: "...regarding the SCP-090 event, we have already appointed a new head to the project. They understand that the project is strictly hands-off observation from now on. We are upgrading SCP-090's classification again to reflect what is a clear indication that it will act in self-defense. We are doing our best to recover the SCPs that have escaped secure containment, and to clean the [Redacted] off the walls in [Redacted]."
  64. The full records can be found here: [Request denied]
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