MGE Side II Griffon Quill Pen

Oct 31st, 2019
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  1. A special pen made from a feather of the valiant demon beast known as the guardian of treasure, the "Griffon", which has both the lower half of a lion and the wings of an eagle.
  2. This pen is as light as a feather, and by giving it mana, it can dance through the air on its own, writing flowing sentences.
  4. However, the greatest feature of this pen is not how easy the pen itself is to use, but that by using the mana of the Griffon soaked into the feather, you can give effects such as "assertion of ownership" and "protective barrier" to items that you personally cherish.
  5. This effect lasts a very long time, and once you have written a rune on a letter or valuable item that you cherish, that rune reacts immediately in the event of emotions such as desire or hostility being directed towards it, and informs the owner of the danger approaching the item while warning and criticizing the one trying to take it.
  7. At Salvarision Castle, this pen is used to carve runes into the rare magical tools and treasures slumbering in the equipment treasury, protecting them more reliably from the hands of intruders.
  8. As mentioned above, although this is a pen for "protecting treasures" to the end, some monsters, taking advantage of this property, use this pen to write runes on their partner, asserting their ownership of them along with becoming able to more sensitively react to those that are hostile toward or wish to inflict harm on their partner.
  9. This pen made from a Griffon feather is widely used by monsters that often write documents, but in order to obtain one, you will need a unique route that only some monsters have, as there is no stable supply of them even in the Lescatie Magical Tool Shop, which is one of the largest among monster kingdoms, and it is known as a magic tool so popular that restocks are always pending.
  11. For that reason, more and more humans that have heard rumors and passionate magic tool collectors have entered Griffon nests in search of their feathers, and as a result, it seems there is no end to cases of them becoming the partner of the Griffon that owns the nest.
  13. In addition, when the protection rune is put into words, it means "this is mine", and when applying mana to this quill pen, it may rarely read the user's desire too much, and begin carving protective runes on your loved one arbitrarily, or even start to write the words of love hidden in the user's heart, so it seems to be a rather difficult magical tool to master.
  15. Nonetheless, this feather pen is still quite charming, and I've been continuously using this Lescatie Pen ever since I inherited it, and one day I'll use this pen on my beloved "sensei"... ah, if you aren't careful, it seems you end up writing about totally unrelated things, as I thought, this is the fly in the ointment huh?
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