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  3. I wanna be the very best
  4. Like no town ever was
  5. To catch scum is my real test
  6. To lynch them is my cause
  8. I will question everyone
  9. Scumhunt all the time
  10. Teach the town to understand
  11. That lying is a crime
  13. Mafia! (gotta lynch'em all) it's you versus me
  14. I know it's my destiny,
  15. Mafia! (gotta lynch'em all) Scum will play pretend
  16. We'll fight to the bitter end
  17. Mafia! (gotta lynch'em all) motives so true
  18. Massclaiming will pull us through,
  20. You block me and I'll doc' you,
  21. Mafia! gotta lynch'em all
  23. Every modkill on the way
  24. With courage we will face.
  25. I'll be searching every day
  26. To lynch the scum with grace.
  27. Hunt with me,
  28. The scum will flinch,
  29. Town is the best team.
  30. Vote with me, we'll win the lynch!
  31. We have majority!
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