[TF] Schooling - 1

Feb 28th, 2013
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  1. >Sunlight seeps through the small gap in your curtains as you groan and roll over, hoping to catch a few more moments of blissful slumber.
  2. >These plans are unfortunately cut short as your mother awakes you, insisting that yes; you do have to get up and go to school.
  3. >You are Vincent, GSCE fearing, 15 year old, student extraordinaire.
  4. >You aren't really that extraordinary, in fact you are quite normal.
  5. >Apart from your rampant addiction to the internet, and all the splendor it provides.
  6. >Your mom keeps insisting that escapism isn't healthy, and that I should focus of school and all that boring stuff.
  7. >You can focus on school after you check your regular sites.
  8. >You quickly throw on your uniform, tighten your ugly tie and freshen up for the day.
  9. >Cram all the days books and equipment into your backpack, you really should get a bigger one.
  10. >Cram cornflakes down your gullet.
  11. >All good and ready for another depressing day of ugh... learning.
  12. >Wave goodbyes to over-protective mother.
  13. >Waltz your ass down to the school.
  14. >You stand in your usual spot and wait for your friends.
  15. >Always something exciting going on in your life.
  16. >Eventually your crew arrives.
  17. >Your best bro Jack is here as always. Or as you affectionally refer to him as "Spits"
  18. >A disgusting nickname for a formerly disgusting person.
  19. >The nickname must have made him catch on.
  20. >He didn't spit everywhere anymore, which was nice.
  21. >The ginger fuck.
  22. "Hey spits."
  23. >"Hey vinny"
  24. >That was about as interesting as your conversations get really.
  25. >He shared your enthusiasm for the internet though.
  26. >You share some small talk among your group.
  27. >The bell tolls and you all head off to your respective classes.
  29. >It is now 2 hours later.
  30. >Holy shit that maths lesson dragged.
  31. >Time to get something to eat.
  32. >You really need to go to the toilet first.
  33. >You push through the crowded corridors and enter one of the toilets.
  34. >These new unisex toilets are pretty great.
  35. >A lot cleaner than the old ones.
  36. >It even has a mirror too.
  37. >And the hand dryer isn't smashed!
  38. >Piss, wash hands, look at self in mirror.
  39. >Wait.
  40. >Why the hell are your eyes...
  41. >Red?
  42. >That can't possibly be right.
  43. >Nope, they're bright, vibrant blood red.
  44. >You were fine this morning.
  45. >Is this some sort of disease?
  46. >What kind of illness causes eye discolouration?
  47. >You stare deep into your blood red irises for several moments.
  48. >You feel fine! What could it be?
  49. >You don't have time to worry about this, all the good food is going to be sold before you get outside!
  50. >You shake your head and head back into the dining hall.
  51. >You grab some sausage and mash.
  52. >Damn you love a good sunday dinner.
  53. >It isn't even sunday.
  54. >Fuck the police.
  55. >You grab a seat next to Spits and dig in.
  56. >He hasn't seemed to notice your sudden eye colour switch.
  57. >But you have noticed his.
  58. >They are a firey orange.
  59. >You were pretty sure he had brown eyes.
  60. >Okay this is starting to weird you out.
  61. >You take a bite of your sausage and nearly vomit.
  62. >Holy crap, you knew the school's food wasn't great, but this is taking it to an entirely new level.
  63. >Spits seems to share the same sentiment after spitting out a large chunk of meat back
  64. onto his plate, splattering gravy onto the table.
  65. >You both shoot each other a strange look and head outside.
  66. >He strikes first.
  67. >"Okay Vinny, what the hell is wrong with your eyes? They're bright red for christ's sake."
  68. "I could say the same for you Mr. Orange."
  69. >"What?"
  70. "Your eyes are orange, so don't go asking me for answers."
  71. >He raises an eyebrow and rushes into one of the nearby bathrooms.
  72. >He returned dejectedly.
  73. >"Alright what the hell is wrong with us?"
  74. "I feel fine Spits, maybe we'll get better tommorrow."
  75. >"If I don't wake up I'm blaming you."
  76. "From beyond the grave?"
  77. >You chuckle and shake your head.
  78. "Seriously, what's the worst that could happen."
  79. >"whatever man."
  80. >He rolls his eyes and sets off to his next lesson.
  81. >You attention is quickly grabbed by...
  82. >Damn you always forget this guy's name.
  83. >He's one of Reece's friends right? Yeah! he tags along sometimes.
  84. >S-Sam? Shaun! That's it!
  85. >He's waving you down, so you decide to humour him and head over.
  86. >You never did like Shaun.
  87. >He was a pretty awkward guy. He spent most of his time looking at "funny" images he found over the internet, then showing them to you; much to your personal anguish.
  88. >You are fairly certain you saw a couple of my little pony images flash by last time.
  89. >You weren't about to say though.
  90. >That'd be a dick move.
  91. "What's up?"
  92. >He pulls out his iPod and sweeps through his shitty image library, before coming to a peculiar image of...
  93. >An evidently photoshopped picture of a pastel pony. It's pretty well made, almost real.
  94. >You give Shaun your best, Shit son what the fuck look.
  95. >He starts sweating bullets.
  96. "I'm not gonna' ask Shaun."
  97. >"Dude! Seriously? An entire alien species here on Earth!"
  98. "Based on a childrens cartoon show Shaun?"
  99. >"W-well it looks real!"
  100. "Yeah, fantastic."
  101. >The heavy air of sarcasm in your voice was so thick you could cut it with a knife.
  102. >Shaun huffs and storms off.
  103. >What the hell was that about?
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