Homonculus Fillyanon and the Collar

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  1. prompt?
  2. >i had an idea
  3. >>The homonculi are beaten
  4. >>All but two destroyed
  5. >>Greed fled for parts unknown, to seek his fortune, he wont be seen again
  6. >>Then there was one left
  7. >>Wrath
  8. >>After being completely torn apart and beaten down anon/wrath is took to the dungeons
  9. >>instead of killing him, they decide that a homonculus is a rare find and that the small one is too valuable an asset to just destroy.
  10. >>they equip anon with a collar that influences his actions and can cause great pain if he disobeys or fights it.
  11. >>they send him to serve under (insert hors name here)
  12. >>they want to see if a homonculus can be tamed.
  13. >>Especially a feral one like anon.
  14. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  17. >You sat in silence, your gaze glued to the floor.
  18. >You were...
  19. >Empty.
  20. >"So how about it?"
  21. >The pristine marble floors of the castle were well kept.
  22. >Enough so that you could make out a vague reflection of the moon princess as she circles you.
  23. >"No more witty remarks? No insults?"
  24. >You say nothing.
  25. >"You aren't going to try to kill me? We are alone you know."
  26. >She was lying of course.
  27. >The were at least ten night guards lurking in the shadows behind the grand pillars from what you could smell.
  28. >But you just didn't find it in you right now so it mattered not in the first place.
  29. >Emboldened by your silence, the blue alicorn kneels down in front of you and bares her neck to you.
  30. >"Nothing? Interesting..."
  31. >Luna delivers an unforgiving kick that send you across the room and into the wall.
  32. >You don't get up and just lie there as you landed.
  33. >If you were actually a filly, you'd be dead.
  34. >You weren't so it was merely painful.
  35. >Not as much as the blasted collar, however.
  36. >The pain ebbs away with arcing red energy as your body heals itself.
  37. >You were so done with pain.
  38. >You've had enough.
  39. >Luna lands next to you with a flutter of her wings.
  40. >You hear trot up to you then feel the pressure of a hoof on your head.
  41. >She chuckles and lightly presses.
  42. >"You know I held that damned seductress down just like this when I ripped those pesky stones right out of her chest. And oh how she begged me not to do it. Would you do that to if I did the same thing to you?" she mused.
  43. >She what?
  44. >"I felt you tense up, Anon."
  45. >You really didn't like it when she used that name.
  46. >It made you have... flashes.
  47. >You remembered things and it made your head hurt.
  48. >The last time she did that you showed this insufferable princess her large intestines before the collar became to much to bare.
  49. >The only one you ever let call you that was... Lust.
  50. >She was one of the only ponies in this world to be kind to you.
  51. >Well... aside from Greed who could occasionally not be an absolute cunt.
  52. >God how you missed her.
  53. >You missed all of them.
  54. >Sure most of them were jackasses.
  55. >Especially Pride.
  56. >But they were the closest things you had to family.
  57. >And now they were all dead.
  58. >All of them killed by the mare with a hoof against your skull.
  59. >You sniff.
  60. >"Are you going to cry?"
  61. >You don't.
  62. >But you were close.
  63. >She removes her hoof and resumes pacing.
  64. >"How about it, hm? Where is all the fire? That burning conviction?..." Luna trails off and stops in front of you.
  65. >She magicks your jaw, forcing you to look at her.
  66. >"The Wrath."
  67. >You see your reflection in her eyes.
  68. >You were disgusting.
  69. >Weak.
  70. >All because of the damn collar.
  71. >"Answer the question, Anon. Where did the Wrath go?"
  72. >You stay silent and the collar starts to burn.
  73. >"Now now, I know the whorse taught you plenty while your little group were in hiding. You've spoken to me before and you will do so now. Where did it go?"
  74. >You were tired of pain.
  75. >So tired...
  76. >Your voice comes out scratchy and weak due to lack of use.
  77. "I-I don't know..." you answer finally
  78. >You let out a sigh as the pain stops immediately.
  79. >Princess Luna lets your head go and starts low laugh which grows as she starts to do a little dance to celebrate her victory.
  80. >"I did it! I actually did it! All these years and dear sister, I was right the whole time!"
  81. >She continued to gloat leaving you to lie there.
  82. >You hated her.
  83. >Really and truly.
  84. >You wished her to die.
  85. >If you had the chance to kill her you would
  86. >But there wasn't that burning rage inside anymore.
  87. >That was extinguished somehow by the agony induced by the collar.
  88. >There may be more to it than that but it hardly mattered.
  89. >She took away your family.
  90. >She took away your freedom.
  91. >She took away what little sense of dignity you had.
  92. >She took you away from... you.
  93. >You had nothing.
  94. >Not even yourself anymore.
  95. >So what did that make you if you weren't Wrath?
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