Homonculus Fillyanon and the Collar

Nov 7th, 2015
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  1. prompt?
  2. >i had an idea
  3. >>The homonculi are beaten
  4. >>All but two destroyed
  5. >>Greed fled for parts unknown, to seek his fortune, he wont be seen again
  6. >>Then there was one left
  7. >>Wrath
  8. >>After being completely torn apart and beaten down anon/wrath is took to the dungeons
  9. >>instead of killing him, they decide that a homonculus is a rare find and that the small one is too valuable an asset to just destroy.
  10. >>they equip anon with a collar that influences his actions and can cause great pain if he disobeys or fights it.
  11. >>they send him to serve under (insert hors name here)
  12. >>they want to see if a homonculus can be tamed.
  13. >>Especially a feral one like anon.
  14. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  17. >You sat in silence, your gaze glued to the floor.
  18. >You were...
  19. >Empty.
  20. >"So how about it?"
  21. >The pristine marble floors of the castle were well kept.
  22. >Enough so that you could make out a vague reflection of the moon princess as she circles you.
  23. >"No more witty remarks? No insults?"
  24. >You say nothing.
  25. >"You aren't going to try to kill me? We are alone you know."
  26. >She was lying of course.
  27. >The were at least ten night guards lurking in the shadows behind the grand pillars from what you could smell.
  28. >But you just didn't find it in you right now so it mattered not in the first place.
  29. >Emboldened by your silence, the blue alicorn kneels down in front of you and bares her neck to you.
  30. >"Nothing? Interesting..."
  31. >Luna delivers an unforgiving kick that send you across the room and into the wall.
  32. >You don't get up and just lie there as you landed.
  33. >If you were actually a filly, you'd be dead.
  34. >You weren't so it was merely painful.
  35. >Not as much as the blasted collar, however.
  36. >The pain ebbs away with arcing red energy as your body heals itself.
  37. >You were so done with pain.
  38. >You've had enough.
  39. >Luna lands next to you with a flutter of her wings.
  40. >You hear trot up to you then feel the pressure of a hoof on your head.
  41. >She chuckles and lightly presses.
  42. >"You know I held that damned seductress down just like this when I ripped those pesky stones right out of her chest. And oh how she begged me not to do it. Would you do that to if I did the same thing to you?" she mused.
  43. >She what?
  44. >"I felt you tense up, Anon."
  45. >You really didn't like it when she used that name.
  46. >It made you have... flashes.
  47. >You remembered things and it made your head hurt.
  48. >The last time she did that you showed this insufferable princess her large intestines before the collar became to much to bare.
  49. >The only one you ever let call you that was... Lust.
  50. >She was one of the only ponies in this world to be kind to you.
  51. >Well... aside from Greed who could occasionally not be an absolute cunt.
  52. >God how you missed her.
  53. >You missed all of them.
  54. >Sure most of them were jackasses.
  55. >Especially Pride.
  56. >But they were the closest things you had to family.
  57. >And now they were all dead.
  58. >All of them killed by the mare with a hoof against your skull.
  59. >You sniff.
  60. >"Are you going to cry?"
  61. >You don't.
  62. >But you were close.
  63. >She removes her hoof and resumes pacing.
  64. >"How about it, hm? Where is all the fire? That burning conviction?..." Luna trails off and stops in front of you.
  65. >She magicks your jaw, forcing you to look at her.
  66. >"The Wrath."
  67. >You see your reflection in her eyes.
  68. >You were disgusting.
  69. >Weak.
  70. >All because of the damn collar.
  71. >"Answer the question, Anon. Where did the Wrath go?"
  72. >You stay silent and the collar starts to burn.
  73. >"Now now, I know the whorse taught you plenty while your little group were in hiding. You've spoken to me before and you will do so now. Where did it go?"
  74. >You were tired of pain.
  75. >So tired...
  76. >Your voice comes out scratchy and weak due to lack of use.
  77. "I-I don't know..." you answer finally
  78. >You let out a sigh as the pain stops immediately.
  79. >Princess Luna lets your head go and starts low laugh which grows as she starts to do a little dance to celebrate her victory.
  80. >"I did it! I actually did it! All these years and dear sister, I was right the whole time!"
  81. >She continued to gloat leaving you to lie there.
  82. >You hated her.
  83. >Really and truly.
  84. >You wished her to die.
  85. >If you had the chance to kill her you would
  86. >But there wasn't that burning rage inside anymore.
  87. >That was extinguished somehow by the agony induced by the collar.
  88. >There may be more to it than that but it hardly mattered.
  89. >She took away your family.
  90. >She took away your freedom.
  91. >She took away what little sense of dignity you had.
  92. >She took you away from... you.
  93. >You had nothing.
  94. >Not even yourself anymore.
  95. >So what did that make you if you weren't Wrath?
  98. >…
  99. >You jolt awake and scramble to pull your limbs as close to your body as possible.
  100. >Are you screaming?
  101. >You can’t tell if you’re screaming.
  102. >No.
  103. >Nope.
  104. >Not screaming.
  105. >Vomiting.
  106. >Coughing violently, you try and clear some of the iron tasting sick from your mouth and nose.
  107. >Your chest is so tight.
  108. >You can’t fucking breath!
  109. >No wait, too fast.
  110. >You are just breathing too fast.
  111. >You’re just panicking.
  112. >You try in vain to slow your breathing as you try to wrap your head around what you just saw.
  113. “W-what the hell wa-”
  114. >Your voice!
  115. “Why do I sound lik-"
  116. >You stop once more, not quite believing.
  117. >Not quite comprehending…
  118. >You bring your hands to your head but you end up feeling fists on either side of your head.
  119. >Why are you clenching your hands?
  120. >Why can’t you unclench your hands?!
  121. >What the fuck?!
  122. >You slowly lower your arms despite the movement feeling awkward and bring them in front of your face.
  123. >Or at least you tried to.
  124. >You are distracted by something you finally notice in your vision.
  125. >What the hell was the green thing on your nose?
  126. >You bring your shaking hands to wipe it off and notice there's some kind of green sleeve on that too.
  127. >And the other.
  128. >They tremble harder as the reality of your situation starts to sink in.
  129. “N-no… No way…”
  130. >The sleeves aren't coming off!
  131. “It can't be! This is a fucking joke!”
  132. >Worse, it's almost like you could feel every time you tried to scrape it off with the hard parts at the bottom.
  133. >But that can’t be true!
  134. “I'm not a fucking horse!”
  135. >You go for broke and bring your arm to your mouth, taking a bite.
  136. >Your scream pierces the night around you as your teeth sink into your arm much easier than they have any right to.
  137. >…
  138. >Here are the facts as you understand them.
  139. >One: you are hopelessly lost in the woods of which you have a sinking feeling that you may actually recognize them.
  140. >Two: you are a greentext green filly with a black mane and tail.
  141. >Your cutie mark is a question mark.
  142. >Because of the threads you used to browse you would have been happy but you caught your reflection in some debris which brings you to the next fact.
  143. >Three: You woke up in a bloodstain in the grass.
  144. >That bloodstain was in some kind of geometric circle dug into the ground and the only thing that comes to your head to describe it is witchcraft but you know that's not correct.
  145. >You aren't sure what this is.
  146. >You can't be sure what you are.
  147. >You look like a filly.
  148. >Hell, you don’t even know how you know that you look like a filly.
  149. >Filly implies that you look like a young horse thing or something.
  150. >You definitely aren’t a horse.
  151. >Vaguely, you remember horses and that’s not what you are.
  152. >Even then, there's something in your eye that makes you doubt that you are… normal.
  153. >Or whatever constitutes as normal for a not horse child anyways.
  154. >It's like a tattoo is where the iris is supposed to be on your left eye and it's unsettling to say the least.
  155. >That and a few other things that you've noticed like the super healing bullshit but these are lesser concerns at the moment.
  156. >Four: you are losing your memory at an alarming rate.
  157. >You know your name and that you worked retail but the name of where you worked and who you worked with escapes you.
  158. >You can't remember how many siblings you have if you had any at all nor what any look like.
  159. >Who the hell are your parents even?
  160. >But for some stupid fucking reason you can remember the lyrics to Bohemian Rhapsody and not what you looked like at all?!
  161. >You break through a treeline and stop.
  162. >Five: Is that a town?
  163. >…
  164. >”Emoli, Fridath!”
  165. >You have no idea what this guy is saying but you hate the shit out of him and his stupid sing song voice already.
  166. >This guy wasn't like the other ones in armor.
  167. >He didn't have any but his uniform resembled it with its gold and white colors and its sun emblems.
  168. >For whatever reason you bare your little pony teeth at him.
  169. >Why did you do that?
  170. >Instinct?
  171. >Doesn’t matter.
  172. “Fuck you!”
  173. >You feel your tail press into your ass as you back into the back wall of the alley.
  174. >Another unpleasant reminder of your missing wang.
  175. >“Entala hetlunima? Davees wilt raa drag grat kavim hetleer evanin xaeno jemca velensolvth.”
  176. >Shit.
  177. >Your head shoots around looking for a way out.
  178. >No such luck though.
  179. >He’s fucking got you cornered.
  180. >His smug look slides off his face when someone casts a shadow over his form.
  181. >…
  182. >Fuck!
  183. >Last time when you woke up you were dead.
  184. >The next time you woke up you were a fucking pony.
  185. >But even worse…
  186. >Do Homunculi dream?
  187. >Will you see the other side again?
  188. “I don’t wanna go to sleep!”
  189. >Shit.
  190. >That wasn’t supposed to come out like that.
  191. >The way you said it made you sound like an actual child.
  192. >You feel your ears lay flat against your head when you notice Greed, Pride and Gluttony sitting next to the fire.
  193. >Both of them are staring at you like you have autism.
  194. >It should be fine.
  195. >You can’t be sure if they understood you.
  196. >You know Lust can but…
  197. >From the looks that you're getting, Pride knows english as well.
  198. >…and now he’s speaking in that stupid horse language to Greed.
  199. >And now they’re both laughing.
  200. >You bare your teeth.
  201. “S-shut up!”
  202. >They laugh harder.
  203. >You flare your tiny wings and launch yourself from the countertop only to be stopped by lust who catches your scruff with that stupid power she has.
  204. >They’re not laughing anymore.
  205. >You hardly cared though.
  206. >As much as you would have liked to tear that piece of shit’s throat out, it wasn’t what you were aiming for.
  207. >The shadows in the room have grown larger.
  208. >You smile.
  209. “What’s that? Scared of a little girl like me, Pride?”
  210. >Lust turns with you in her force/voodoo/magic grasp thingy so she is between either of you.
  211. >She just gives you a patient smile.
  212. >…
  213. “Emoli, g-gano hetlun oom Anon.”
  214. >Shit son!
  215. >You think you got it!
  216. >”Close but not quite.”
  217. “Oh come the fuck on! What did I get wrong this time?!”
  218. >You growl at the sound of your own voice.
  219. >You’ll never get used to sounding like a little girl.
  220. >”Your name isn’t Anon.”
  221. >You look up at Lust.
  222. “The fuck it isn’t.”
  223. >You would have said more but holy hell.
  224. >Every time you look at her it's hard not to get lost.
  225. >If only you had a dick…
  226. >Despite all of you getting some shitty meme green color she somehow just… something…
  227. >You don’t know how she manages to make herself look this good.
  228. >She apparently can’t shapeshift but still looks like a goddess.
  229. >Her hair…
  230. >Her eyes…
  231. >Her voice…
  232. >”Then you’ll get killed and we’ll lose another Wrath. Ponies don’t like things that are different and will be suspicious of you. Gano helunti oom, Agayan Falasti.”
  233. >And your moment of ogling her passes like a fart in the wind.
  234. “Fuck you, fuck these horses and fuck this.”
  235. >Green Hornet is such a stupid fucking name.
  236. >…
  237. “What do you mean I’ll never grow up?”
  238. >Lust says nothing.
  239. >She just looks at you with a stupid pitying expression on her stupid sexy horse face.
  240. “Well?”
  241. >Your chest gets heavy.
  242. “Say something!”
  243. >What the actual fuck?
  244. >Why won’t she stop looking at you like that?!
  245. >All it does is pisses you off.
  246. >She opens her mouth and you prepare to tear her stupid fucking throat out for whatever bullshit comes out of her mouth.
  247. >Your body is coiled like a spring and fuck you didn’t want to do this.
  248. >To think you fucking liked her to-
  249. >”I’m sorry…”
  250. >…
  251. >Shitshitshitshitshitshitshit
  252. >You run as fast as you can which is pretty fucking fast despite your legs being so tiny.
  253. >Behind you in the distance, a plume of smoke rises into the sky.
  254. >The fuckers set fire to your hideout.
  255. >Sloth, the big, burly fuck…
  256. >They nailed him to the floor.
  257. >You want to say he’d survive that but…
  258. >Fuck…
  259. >Just…
  260. >Fuck.
  261. >You just want to be normal for five minutes without something happening.
  262. >No mages, no wizards.
  263. >No Pride or his stupid powers or his stupid fucking chink ass smug face.
  264. >No orders to do stupid shit that’ll get you killed from (((him.)))
  265. >You turn down an alley and use your wings to propel yourself faster.
  266. >Just as the reach the end of the alley the fucking ground explodes underneath you and sends you careening into a wall.
  267. >You find yourself lying on your back with your upside down gaze falling on a pony in blue robes covered in sigils of the moon.
  268. >You spy a horn glowing under that hood and the bastard lets his hood fall revealing a triumphant smile and an annoyingly familiar purple mane.
  269. >Artemis Belle Mon.
  270. >The fucker is knocked off his hooves by a swift buck from a pair of orange legs before he can get a spell off though.
  271. >The mare adjusts her hat as a few other mares move in from various walkways and alleys surrounding you.
  272. >You've been played.
  273. >Somehow.
  274. >You feel a sense of dawning horror come over you as you see the lavender one trotting towards you looking sure of herself.
  275. >…
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