RicardoFeud-PT-Rank Eval

Domena100 May 22nd, 2019 92 Never
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  1. OiT: RicardoFeud
  2. OCG Rank: OCG III
  3. Event Type: PT Rank Evaluation
  4. Start(CET): 13:20
  5. Greeting: A greeting was done by the host. It was correct with proper grammar.
  6. Rules: Host didnt state the rules. -1 point.
  7. Jacks: Jacks were explained to the trainees. JJs were done. GJs were done.
  8. HJs were done properly too.
  9. Formations: They were done well.
  10. March: Marched to the obbies. Marching rules were stated. The march was good.
  11. Obby(short): Was done quickly and properly.
  12. Obby(long): Obby rules were stated.
  13. Side notes: Trainee ages were checked by the host.
  14. End(CET): 14:06
  16. RATING:
  18. Crowd control: Greeting-March: One trainee broke the PTS rule before the
  19. jacks a couple of times and the host didnt notice that. One trainee wore a
  20. beret as a Private and the host didnt notice that at all(-1 Point). A trainee
  21. wasnt speaking using grammar but the host corrected them. Obbies: Sparsh
  22. still broke some basic rules but was silenced by the host. Other than that
  23. trainees were silent and didnt cause trouble.
  25. Pacing: Greeting-March: This part was done in about 19 minutes which is
  26. very fast. Obbies: Long obby took a bit longer than it should. Short obby
  27. went well.
  29. Hosting procedure: A correct greeting was told. Rules werent stated. JJs were
  30. done correctly. GJs were done correctly. HJs were done well too. Formations
  31. were done well. A march was conducted. Obbies were done well.
  33. Conduct: Greeting-March: The host behaved like a host should and didnt cause
  34. any trouble/did stupid things. Obbies: Host behaved well and didnt do anything
  35. stupid/immature.
  37. SCORE:
  38. Crowd control: 4/5
  39. Pacing: 5/5
  40. Hosting procedure: 4/5
  41. Conduct: 5/5
  42. Result: 18/20 (90%) FAILED! NEEDS 92% TO PASS!
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