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Yandere Crow Tengu (NSFW)

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Jan 19th, 2016
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  1. You work the night shift at a small public library run by a Crow Tengu in Zipangu. You don't understand why the library is open this late, as Zipangu's night life is too rowdy to read a book peacefully. Still, work is work, and as your boss makes her way out the door to head home, you begin restoring books from the return bin to their proper place.
  3. Halfway through your work, you accidentally bump into your boss's desk, and a drawer slides open. Within that drawer lies a book, bound in leather, tied shut with red lace. The Kanji for “diary” is scratched on the front. A morbid curiosity overwhelms you. You quickly finish up your duties, grab the diary, and position yourself comfortably in your boss's chair before untying and opening the rustic tome.
  5. [Investigation Day 1 – Monday]
  6. I met a cute boy today. He said he needed money, so I offered him a job at my library. He's very quiet. I like that.
  7. I saw him reading a book titled “Gilgamesh”. What a funny name! If I ever buy another Koi for my pond at home, I'll definitely name it that.
  8. [GOOD NIGHT!]
  10. Her handwriting is a lot cuter than you thought it'd be. She even dots her 'i's with hearts. Curious about what her “investigation” is about, you continue reading.
  12. [Investigation Day 2 – Tuesday]
  13. The boy is a very hard worker! He even cleaned up my cluttered desk. I'm so proud of him. As a reward for his hard work, I bought him dinner and drinks. He's not good with alcohol, but he's adorably talkative when he's tipsy. I hope I'm not speaking too soon when I say we get along well.
  14. I saw him reading a comic book. When I skimmed through it, it looked awfully girly. Is he a romantic?
  15. [GOOD NIGHT!]
  17. [Investigation Day 3 – Wednesday]
  18. When I stopped by the library tonight, I saw him talking to a human girl. He was blushing and smiling, too. I wish I could have known what they were talking about.
  19. I saw him reading a book on the stock market.
  20. [GOOD NIGHT!]
  22. [Investigation Day 4 – Thursday]
  23. That human girl came back tonight. I followed her around a bit. She spent a lot of money shopping for fancy clothes. She even lives in a mansion! 
  24. Then, she made a call on her cell phone. A limousine came out, and picked her up. She went to a love hotel and met up with him. I put my ear against the window and heard some very mean words come out of her mouth. I wouldn't dare recite them.
  25. He didn't pick up a book today. He looked really worn out. Just who is that girl?
  26. [GOOD NIGHT!]
  28. [Investigation Day 5 – Friday]
  29. I couldn't sleep last night. I was furious. Why didn't he tell me about this girl?
  30. I confronted him about it. He cried a lot. Apparently that human girl has his family tied around her little finger with all sorts of financial trouble. They couldn't make a payment on their debt today, so...
  31. What an awful, awful woman. Despicable. I have to save him, no matter what.
  32. [GOOD NIGHT!]
  34. [Investigation Day 6 – Saturday]
  35. He seemed a lot happier today. I like seeing his smile. I want him to smile forever. I love him.
  36. That evil woman is gone. You're safe now. I'll protect you.
  37. [GOOD NIGHT!]
  39. [Investigation Day 7 – Sunday]
  40. I've been watching him very closely. He seems so relaxed. I'm so happy.
  41. It's mating season. I know who I want to propose to, but I don't know how. I wonder how he feels about me?
  42. He's a little shy, so I'll have to be the assertive one. Since he always sits at my desk when he reads during his shift, I'll carve an entangling rune into my chair. All he has to do is take a seat, and he'll be completely at my mercy.
  43. I saw him reading my diary.
  44. [ GOOD NIGHT! ]
  46. Shimmering tendrils anchor your ankles and wrists to the chair.
  48. “What are you reading?” The tengu giggles. You turn your head, and are met with a grin sharp enough to pierce steel. A nervous bead of sweat rolls down your cheek. In one quick motion, the tengu spins you around to face her. Holding your head between her wings, she interrogates you. “Do you like me?”
  50. You tense up. The beat of your heart becomes painfully audible. The tengu goes in for the kill. Soft lips meet your own. You instinctively jerk your head back, and open your mouth, ready to scold her, but she presses on. Her tongue wriggles it's way through your teeth. Your toes curl from pleasure as she violates you in your helpless state. She pulls away, a thick trail of saliva connecting her to the scene of the crime.
  52. “Do you love me? Say it.” She straddles you. Only now, in this half-dazed state of arousal, she reveals her completely exposed body. Pale, slender thighs surrounding a soft groin, leading up to a round tummy and two small breasts. “We can't continue if you don't accept.”
  54. Impure thoughts begin to surface from the thick haze of your aroused mind. I...., you begin, but quickly snap out of it. Is this really what you want?
  56. “What was that?” She pants, grinding against you. Your lap becomes uncomfortably wet. You tug against your restraints.
  58. She stops. “Do you want me to let you go? Are you uncomfortable?”
  60. You nod. The roots dissipate into a fine, glittering mist. She slowly removes herself from you, looking dejected. You make your way to the door. You reach for the doorknob, and-tzzzcht! Something strange jolts up your arm. You freeze.
  62. Hot, moist air rolls down your neck. “Useless.” She whispers. “The doors, the windows, even some of the books. They're all trapped.” She reaches around your waist, and bolts the door shut. “Turn around.”
  64. Your body is forcefully turned toward her, and her painfully cocksure grin. She walks over to her desk, and sits on top of it, spreading her legs wide apart to reveal her soaked crotch. She waves a beckoning wing. “Come here.”
  66. Like a robot, you march toward her, stopping only a few inches away. She commands you to undress, and you do away with your clothes. Standing before her, completely bare, she issues her next command.
  68. “Stroke yourself.” You reach down and begin to stroke your flaccid self. She watches as you swell up, rubbing herself in anticipation. Faster, she says, and you obey. Your eyes can't help but bear witness to your shameless act. But, it feels good. You want more. Faster, she sings, and you're unable to resist. You soon find yourself falling to the white haze of an incoming orgasm. Stop, she barks, but you're at your limit. Your muscles feel as though they're fighting a current, but you push your way toward her, grabbing her shoulders, and slamming her back against the desk. “W-wait!” she stammers, before taking your cock to the hilt. She screams in ecstasy, and her eyes roll back into her head. “I love you! I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you love love love love LOVE LOVE!” You mercilessly bury your cock inside her flesh as she endlessly chirps her words of desire. She screams, and screams, but you relentlessly stir her insides. Frothy spit flows from both corners of her mouth. Love, love, love, she repeats, helplessly begging you to repeat. With one final thrust, you impregnate the beast, pumping spurt after spurt of thick semen into her throbbing womb. You collapse on top of her, and her twitching pussy milks the last of your orgasm from your now sensitive penis.
  70. Thoroughly worn-down, she falls asleep, still muttering, love, love, love, zzzz....
  72. You give her a quick kiss on her warm cheek. “I love you, too.”
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