(FR) Writer Anon skips out on work (B-)

Nov 18th, 2012
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  1. >you are wish-you-were-a-writer Anon once again
  2. "Once again? Bitch, I'm always wishing I was a real writer."
  3. >fine have it your way faggot geez
  4. >ignoring that you just heard that in your head you're torn between what to do today
  5. >Dash invited you out for some games in the park, but you wanted to get some writing done for the paper
  6. "Fuck it, the paper can wait. To glory!" you shout as you head out the door on your way to meet Dash
  7. >she might try to rape you on occasion, but beyond that she has been pretty bro the rest of the time
  8. >"Hey b-Anon... hehe sorry, forgot you wanted me to stop calling you that after last weeks incident." she says looking a little sad
  9. >you took away her right to call you "bro" after she tried to rape you, but you did give her the chance to prove herself and earn it again
  10. >her loyalty is both a blessing and a curse as she seems focused on proving to you she has that right
  11. "Don't worry about it Dash, keep at it and you'll regain my trust yet. Now let's have some fun alright?" you say trying to cheer her up
  12. >you really want to get off that topic and have some fun today and Dash seems just as eager as she cheers up instantly
  13. >"Awww yeah, let's do this! I was thinking some hoofball for today, how bout it?"
  14. "Sounds great let's get to it."
  15. >a few hours pass by and you're having a great time
  16. >you're chasing Dash to stop her now and you take a dive, which is a bit easier since she handicapped herself without wings out of fairness
  17. >you two roll along the grass for a moment before coming to a complete stop
  18. >you're on top of her... and in the worst position
  19. >she immediately turns red and begins breathing heavily
  20. >oh fuck, you forgot estrus was today
  21. >today you got raped by Rapebow Dash because you shirked work for games
  22. >Fucking Rainbow Dash
  24. WN: I really liked writing this one, but it didn't get any responses. That's why it gets a B-.
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