Green Glaes Talons from GemStoneIV for Goat

Apr 29th, 2018
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  2. The first thing that strikes you about the talons is their weight, which is about 1 pound. You also feel they're rather valuable.
  4. An aura of magic surrounds the talons as if they contain considerable power. You also sense that their abilities were not crafted into them during their creation, rather the abilities resulted from prolonged use by one person and were imprinted upon that individual's violent death.
  6. A vision slowly forms before your eyes...
  7. Three hooded figures converse on a windswept headland under a lowering sky; clad head to foot in closely fitted leathers and matching cloaks, one wears green, another yellow, and the third red. Below them, a caravel lies quietly at anchor within a natural bay, despite the heavy seas farther out. The three raise taloned hands to gesture towards the vessel and peer down at it over a large outcropping.
  8. The vision slowly fades...
  11. A vision slowly forms before your eyes...
  12. Surrounded by the whitewashed planks and overhead timbers of a ship's bulkheads and decking, the trio of witchhunters are ranged about a shadow-wrapped form within a circle of pale blue rime. All three crouch with talons splayed and poised, awaiting the moment when the figure will either act or the circle fall. Quiet laughter drifts from their quarry, and the ship's gentle motion shifts the lantern light to glint off a link of silver chain set into the decking. As the perspective shifts, the embedded chain becomes visible, forming a web that stretches from the figure to underlie each of the taloned hunters.
  13. The vision slowly fades...
  16. Festooned with patches of seaweed, three sun-dappled granite statues stand askew, knee-deep amidst the jagged rocks of the sea bottom. Shooing away an inquisitive grouper, a diver taps persistently at one of the statues' stone digits with a small hammer. Unexpectedly, the finger's green glaes talon breaks free into his hand, and the world is filled with a flash of intense pain, a vision of two cloaked figures leeching grey from their edges to their centers, and in front of them looms a pillar of softly laughing shadow as everything loses color, and darkness closes in.
  18. (which is when I went down....)
  20. And only the last verse:
  22. A blending of overlaid green-, yellow-, and red-clad figures fills your mind, but you learn nothing further.
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