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  1.  bites
  2. Exton  moans
  3. Nourvu: noahs on a roll tonight holy shit
  4. Leduz  cums
  5. Etyrna: Hoes will be hoes.
  6. Exton: ^
  7. Exton: Yes
  8. Leduz: but she's my personal hoe
  9. Exton: LOL.
  10. Etyrna: shes not just yours, mate :x
  11. Humblement: <,
  12. Exton: oh love...
  13. Nourvu: LMFAOOO
  14. Humblement: YEaaaah
  15. Leduz: and if anyone would touch here i'd track their ip-
  16. Nourvu: if onlyyyyy
  17. Etyrna: She's poly.
  18. Humblement: Damn dude
  19. Exton: OH JESUS
  20. Etyrna: You know that right?
  21. Nourvu: lmfaooo
  22. Exton: ANOTHER MATT
  23. Nourvu: abort mission
  24. Nourvu: abort mission
  25. Humblement: Thats like 45000 IPS
  26. Humblement: Abort
  27. Nourvu: LMFAO
  28. Exton: lmfaoooo
  29. Leduz: T_T
  30. Clytoria  Screams in spanish
  31. Nourvu: oof
  32. Humblement: Mission Failed well get them on the next one
  33. Leduz  cries in swedish  
  34. Exton: LOL.
  35. Exton: Hot.
  36. Exton: leme hear those tears
  37. Etyrna: megan you should really rell your new fuck buddies that your poly so they're not disappointed when you fuck other dudes.
  38. Etyrna: tell*
  39. Leduz: z
  40. Leduz: wait
  41. Leduz: fr
  42. Nourvu: LMFAO
  43. Humblement: No man
  44. Humblement: Were kidding
  45. Clytoria  Laughs in sadism
  46. Humblement: Why in the fuck would we be lying.
  47. Nourvu: NOAH
  48. Etyrna: yeah...
  49. Nourvu: disc
  50. Humblement: This is why yall got invaded so easily in the 40s
  51. Nourvu: rn
  52. Exton: I'm poly yes... but if i do really like you and shit i would fuck off anyone else
  53. Etyrna: kidding...
  54. Etyrna: :x
  55. Exton: true
  56. Entomb: Yeah, I'm strictly Mono myself.
  57. Humblement: Same
  58. Leduz: im 0% poly
  59. Humblement: Im mono asf
  60. Humblement: Its okahy
  61. Etyrna: I'm technically Poly.
  62. Cerinix: I guess i'm considered poly
  63. Humblement: Meg will make up the 100 percent for you
  64. Exton: zz
  65. Etyrna: LOL
  66. Exton: im not like
  67. Nourvu  ooooof
  68. Etyrna: NOAHHH
  69. Exton: "oo ima fuck everyone"
  70. Nourvu: true
  71. Etyrna: megan
  72. Nourvu: you are
  73. Etyrna: every guy that has come in here
  74. Etyrna: youve tried to fuck
  75. Exton: LOL no
  76. Etyrna: LOL YES
  77. Exton: im jjust nice
  78. Exton: and they get too attached
  79. Etyrna: nice enough to give them a nice lil lick.
  80. Etyrna: uh huhhhh
  81. Humblement: After or before you fuck
  82. Cerinix: Exton
  83. Etyrna: #Matt
  84. Cerinix: I'm attatched
  85. Exton: i flirt yea just a little
  86. Etyrna: and then you spread em
  87. Humblement: And "Technically poly?"
  88. Exton: LOL.
  89. Leduz: u take other dudes snapchats too
  90. Exton: na
  91. Exton: actually no
  92. Exton: only a few
  93. Leduz: so yes
  94. Etyrna: she gives her snap out tho
  95. Exton: Matt, ryan
  96. Exton: you
  97. Exton: LOL.
  98. Exton: which i needa delete ryan
  99. Exton: zz
  100. Etyrna: LMAO
  101. Etyrna: yes, remove your husband from snap
  102. Nourvu: oop
  103. Exton: yes
  104. Exton: filth
  105. Exton  eats chocolate
  106. Leduz: im uncomfortable now
  107. Etyrna: it takes filth to know filth
  108. Etyrna: ;o
  109. Exton  cries
  110. Exton: jedi
  111. Nourvu  wheezes
  112. Exton: see
  113. Exton: i dont get em all
  114. Exton: LOL.
  115. Etyrna: yeah cause
  116. Etyrna: you failed to mention
  117. Leduz: bruh >-> u couldve just told me
  118. Etyrna: you were poly
  119. Leduz: ^
  120. Exton: nah
  121. Exton: idk what i am, im confuse
  122. Exton: confused
  123. Exton: only people ive actually really talked to was matt, and ryan for a day but truly talk to was matt
  124. Exton: im just a flirt
  125. Leduz: just a flirt
  126. Cerinix: Jakkieeee
  127. Exton: yes
  128. Leduz: u dissappoint people
  129. Leduz: ukno
  130. Exton: o
  131. Etyrna: Quannnn
  132. Exton: <_<
  133. Exton: zz
  134. Exton  continues eating
  135. Leduz: u told me u dnt talk to ppl bc they b fake and then i gave out my snap and u just shined like
  136. Leduz: its manipulative
  137. Exton: fake?
  138. Leduz: lemme scroll
  139. Leduz: holup
  140. Humblement: Bro
  141. Exton: i was talking about daddies
  142. Humblement: To be fair
  143. Exton: zzz
  144. Humblement: You immediately gave out your snap to some girl you just met
  145. Humblement: Without asking anything about
  146. Humblement: Maybe youre just easy as she is
  147. Nourvu: oop
  148. Etyrna: OOF
  149. Exton: zzz
  150. Leduz: ye im easy
  151. Exton: ;-;
  152. Nourvu: well
  153. Nourvu: at least he admits it
  154. Humblement: I hope that big ass avatar can contain all the disappointment youre feeling.
  155. Exton: zzz
  156. Leduz: not all that much anymore
  157. Leduz: kinda over it
  158. Humblement: See quick and easy
  159. Humblement: Like all of megans other guys
  160. Exton: i thought we were like flirting and joking didnt know u were serious
  161. Etyrna: z
  162. Exton: i needa be careful
  164. Etyrna: OMGGGG
  165. Exton: ;-;
  166. Exton: no more flirting
  167. Exton: watch guys
  168. Exton: you'll be proud of me
  169. Exton: :0
  170. Nourvu: sooo
  171. Etyrna: I'll believe it when I see it.
  172. Exton: okieeee
  173. Exton: bet
  174. Nourvu: is that for the rest of the day?? the rest of the hour???
  175. Etyrna: z
  176. Humblement: Nah
  177. Exton: rest of whenever i get a man
  178. Humblement: For about 45 more seconds.
  179. Exton: zzz
  180. Nourvu: LMFAO
  181. Nourvu: guess we will find out then
  182. Exton: m h m
  183. Exton: <,<
  184. Exton: >.>
  185. Nourvu: noah
  186. Humblement: I mean
  187. Entomb: No more flirting eh
  188. Etyrna: if you behave, i'll give you a reward megan
  189. Humblement: Its cool for you to fuck around
  190. Entomb: That's a hard one.
  191. Nourvu: ill give you 5 bucks if she lasts longer than 2 days
  192. Humblement: But dont go sittign in a chat with someone
  193. Humblement: And message their boy after they get off
  194. Exton: bet
  195. Humblement: Anyways
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