Quasar Black's d40 Perks

Jun 16th, 2015
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  1. >MGCYOA d40 perk list
  3. 1-20) Use the original perks.
  5. 21) Hammerspace handbag - get an extra dimensional storage space the size of a medium purse.
  7. 22) Wings. Your costume or transformation come with wings that let you glide. If you are a vampire or fallen angel your flight speed and agility vastly improves.
  9. 23) Fated, +1 luck. You will always stumble into monsters/monster girls. Constant combat is guaranteed.
  11. 24) Informant, +1 any. You know a friendly girl from the other side of the monster/magical line.
  13. 25) Jill of all trades. You don't know why you do what you do, but you can at least try your hand at anything and not screw it up. Usually.
  15. 26) Soul Jar. Your soul is separate from your body, kept in a small, handheld container of some type. You can't be defeated unless your soul container is destroyed. If it is destroyed, you die immediately. (Doesn't permanently kill you unless you have A Way Out.)
  17. 27) Disguise Artifact. You have a small handheld artifact that can bestow a perfect disguise on you. IDs generated by the disguise look real but won't show up in databases.
  19. 28) Healing artifact. You gain a small artifact that can heal people, monsters and animals. It isn't powerful, but can usually fully heal someone after a fight.
  21. 29) Purification artifact. You have an artifact that can keep an area free of chaotic or monstrous influence so long as it is kept charged. You charge it with your own magic.
  23. 30) Improved outfit. The bonus provided by your outfit increases by +1. Your outfit is tougher than normal.
  25. 31) Improved weapon. Increase one of the stats provided by your weapon by +1. Your weapon hits harder.
  27. 32) Mystic artifact. You possess an artifact that sometimes shows you glimpses of the future.
  29. 33) Monstrous trophy. You have a significant token from a powerful monster, showing either that you have killed it or have it's favor. Opponents fear you, while allies will have great respect for you. Don't let them find out this is just a trinket.
  31. 34) Blood magic. You may use your VIT in the place of MAG if you choose. Don't redline, this can kill you (not permanently unless you have A Way Out).
  33. 35) Insomnia. You don't need to sleep any more. Never get fatigued from lack of rest.
  35. 36) Fuelled by Magic. You don't need to eat anymore. Keep hydrated though.
  37. 37) Hyperintellect. Learn everything easier from here on out. Try not to get obsessed.
  39. 38) Hyperawareness. You notice everything now. If you've also got Hyperintellect, you are now Sherlock Holmes.
  41. 39) Improved Magic Sense. Now you can tell an approximate distance and type when sensing magic, instead of your default vague 'over that way' sense.
  43. 40) Fake parents. You have a lovely pair of people who think they are your parents. This is both helpful as they have lots of documents to show that, and even ID for you. They also care about you and can't know about your magical girling.
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