doctors orders

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  1. doctors orders
  4. once again the girl snapped awake, feverishly checking her phone to make sure she didn't miss anything as she slowly rose up.
  5. her brain feeling like a shotgun splatter against the inside of her skull as she walked into her kitchen.
  6. the thoughts of her favorite person began to play in her head, the idea of a life as a cherished roommate being one of the only few things that kept her going during her days.
  8. as of lately the poor girl has been under extreme pressure, the slightest thing setting her into these blind rages to where all she could crave is revenge and justice for an unfair playing field that was conjured up by the same brain telling her that the only answer to it was violence. she stumbled into her bathroom, quickly flinging open the bottom left drawer in her sink and pulling the razor blade out, needing a desperate pressure release before hearing her favorite persons' voice in her head. 'calm down for me, please?' was all that was said as it began to repeat over and over, putting her in a sort of a lull before putting the blade back into the drawer.
  10. the girl was so damaged that the only thing she could do was slowly drag herself out of the bathroom and into her chair, holding her head in her hands as her favorite persons' plea repeated over and over. once again it was another bodily-saving attempt that she'd keep to herself, not wanting to embarrass herself because of the fact the only thing that brought her back to earth was their voice. she really did love them, and this was just another moment where she felt at one again. at least for now.
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