Mabinogi Mainline/Human TF Guide

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  1. Mabinogi has a fucking confusing mainline. You're probably already confused. But it's simpler than you think.
  2. Let's just get right into this shit, Mabinogi's mainline is split up into three or four different chapters with their own storyline and rewards for completion. Some are shit, others are shit but you should do them anyways.
  3. Within the chapters, there are 'generations' that mark content updates and a different story/questline. These are usually just abbreviated to 'Gx' where x is the chapter itself (Generation 1 being 'G1') It's important to note what generation you're on when you call people to help you with quests.
  5. Here's a brief summary of the chapters:
  6. Chapter 1 (Humans only) - G1-G3, G1 gives a really good title and G2-G3 are concerned with human transformation skills.
  8. Chapter 2 - G4-6 are content patches, G7-8 are mainline. G7 doesn't actually give anything, and G8 is retarded and doesn't really need to be completed if you don't want to.
  10. Chapter 3 - G9-12 concern themselves with Alchemist skills and Demigod transformation skills. This is also notable for being the first chapter where the difficulty is scaled to your level (i.e. doing it earlier makes it easier because you're weaker) although you don't need to rigidly hurry and complete the questline if you don't want to.
  12. Chapter 4 - The server is only up to G13, which has to do with the Hamlet questline. Yes it's just as retarded as you think it is, but hey it's piss easy if you do it early on.
  14. Shamala - Custom content based on the Shamala questline from the live server. Gives some stuff. There's guides on the forums and shit, it's not really that important to do this right away.
  16. You don't have to wait to be done with your early game windmill grind to do the quests and I'd actually recommend against that since transformation skills will gain skill exp when you level up and getting them earlier means getting more exp for them earlier, although some have waited until way later to even bother starting with them. It's really your choice, but there's no downsides to getting them.
  17. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  18. Tiny G1 guide:
  19. (Wiki guide:
  20. Complete this one, it gives you a good title that increases two important skills (Will and luck). For some reason, this one happens to be really fucking retarded and deviates from the wiki guide a bit. Here's some notable cases:
  22. Land of Eternity, Tir na Nog - Aeria will take A FUCKING ETERNITY (heh) to get the book to you. Some people have reported it takes a week. This seems to be because you haven't bugged her with the keyword enough, so just keep trying and she might give you the book. Pay attention to see if her nip text changes between keyword uses and be patient. It took me a day to get the book and she delivered it pretty quickly after use of the keyword went through.
  24. Goro's Ring - You need to get a Ciar Basic pass yourself, Goro doesn't give one to you like the wiki says he does. Ciar basic passes happen to drop from Ciar Normal (which you get to by dropping a generic item). You need to do it solo.
  26. Here's some things people just happen to be confused about:
  27. Bind Magic - Any race can do this quest, talk to the guy in TNN and he'll deliver it eventually. You have to kill 50 zombies and you don't get any potions for it.
  29. The Seal Breaker of Another World - If you're a smart cookie, you probably know people can go to and fro TNN without the retarded seal-breaker dungeon. You need to do this AT LEAST once on Saturday and get to TNN via this method so you can get the title it gives you. Without the title, you won't be able to receive credit for completing G1's Black Orb dungeon. You don't need to equip the title, just have it.
  30. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  31. Tiny G2 guide:
  32. Skip it nigger. Coming from someone who actually did it, it is so fucking boring holy shit. Unless you really liked G1's story, you'll notice how quickly G2 becomes a fucking snooze. This is very notable with the 'Ideal Looks' quest, where you go about trying to find out what makes NPCs get erections or wet vaginas, and MANY of the NPCs ideal looks require you to completely butcher your character. One even requires you to not log into the game for 30 fucking weeks.
  33. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  34. (Human) Transformation Shit:
  35. In case you did skip G2, there are guides on still getting the Paladin TF and Paladin Standers.
  38. If you don't want to be a Paladin and instead want to be a Dark Knigger, get paladin TF anyways so you can build up skill points for your DK TF. Basic skill assigning guide, assuming you go from Paladin to DK:
  39. Spirit of Order --> Soul of Chaos (Basic Trans skill, gives a few goodies)
  40. Power of Order --> Body of Chaos (Raises STR and Will/Raises STR and balance)
  41. Eye of Order --> Hands of Chaos (Raises DEX and balance/Raises Dex and Wound)
  42. Sword of Order --> Mind of Chaos (Raises Damage and Wound/Raises INT and Crit)
  43. P. Stander --> D. Stander (You know how monsters sometimes glow and deflect your attacks? This is the equivalent of that.)
  44. Control of Darkness does not have an equivalent (its shit anyways)
  46. DK questline is on the wiki and is given after you complete/skip G3. It can be completed at any time if you want to go DK at a way later point.
  49. A quick primer on what you should pick:
  50. Paladins - Get reliable strength and damage and also a lot of stamina. Very good for warriortypes and archertypes. No INT whatsoever. RNG rolls on standers.
  51. Dark Knights - RNG rolls for stats upon transformation. 2/3 of the time you'll be worse than paladin of equal rank, 1/3 of the time you'll be better. Standers always activate. Dark Knights get INT but don't get any will.
  52. That's a really bare bones and essential summary of the transformations, if you're curious on the specifics of the stats you can check the wiki or Mabipro guide.
  54. If you have any questions bug the thread, the guild, or the wiki.
  55. inb4 >reddit spacing gb2 cuckchan
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