Heat (Rarity)

Sep 6th, 2016
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  1. >Patience
  2. >A lady, above all else, in nearly all situations, must master this
  3. >When one can exercise their will in such a way so as to resist temptation, to restrain themselves whilst both their body and mind scream for release or need or want, then they show strength that so many others lack
  4. >A mare with enough patience can build empires, craft masterpieces never before seen, do things that others deem as impossible
  5. >But it is an admittedly difficult thing to master
  6. >It is not in a pony's nature to resist happiness or goodness or joyful things
  7. >Some go their whole lives learning the art of patience and most come out of the whole business with nothing more than a rudimentary understanding of it
  8. >Though I was still very much a student in the craft I liked to fancy myself an adept one
  9. >My will was not made up of the stuff of heros but I could control myself very, very well if the situation demanded it
  10. "Oh... Where is he? He should have been home an HOUR ago..."
  11. >For most of the afternoon I had been feeling the effects of the heat
  12. >It had hit me like a runaway cart, stealing my creativity and my will to ply my craft
  13. >It ravaged my body and mind, as it did every year, but wherein I had been able to stride through those first awful days with my head held high previously, this year felt like a whole different beast
  14. >I could feel the blood pumping throughout my being
  15. >I could feel the sweat across my brow
  16. >I could feel my lungs expanding and deflating with each breath that I took
  17. >I could feel the softness of my bedding as I grinded myself against it, hot and needy and ravenous
  18. >I could smell my need, that musky, sweet, overpowering smell that drowned out all else
  19. >I could feel the wetness on my sheets and my legs
  20. >But most of all I could feel that dreadful, painful ache
  21. >The ache to be held, to be loved, to be bred until there was a new life budding inside of me
  22. >I had been lying in my bed for most of the afternoon, but with each passing second it felt like an eternity
  24. "Oh darling, please come home soon. Please come through that door. Pleasepleasepleaseplease..."
  25. >A whimper escaped my throat as I nuzzled my chin deeper into my sheets
  26. >I could still smell him
  27. >His scent clung to the bedding, to my bedroom, to the very air itself
  28. >It was a potent scent, an alien, almost otherworldly smell, but it had an odd allure to it
  29. >It was the scent of a stallion; a stallion who's upbringing had led him to lead a life of hard work and labor, but a stallion still
  30. >It was a smell that I had grown accustomed to, a smell that I had grown to love as dearly as I love anything else
  31. >It was almost like he was sitting next to me, his hair teasing the fringes of his eyes and that smile on his face that put any gem to shame
  32. >My stallion...
  33. >My love...
  34. >Though I wanted nothing more than to let one of my hooves wander in between my legs to ease some of the ache I resisted
  35. >I had no right to do such a thing now
  36. >The ring upon my horn signified that it was my stallion's right to take away this ache if he was so willing
  37. >And he would be willing
  38. >He would take away this sickness on my body
  39. >He would hold me, love me, make me an even happier mare than he already has
  40. >Which is why I must control myself
  41. >I must wait for him, show him that I can control myself, show him that I am a lady worth his love
  42. >I whimpered again as my tail slapped against the bedding
  43. >I rubbed my back legs together, biting my lip as the sound of sodden wet fur rubbing together graced my ears
  44. >Patience...
  45. >Control...
  46. >My gaze was ever on the door to our bedroom
  47. >I could look at nothing else, and I most certainly couldn't close my eyes
  48. >If I dared do that then my mind might wander off to places where I did not wish for it to go
  49. >One of my hooves might sneak between my legs on its own accord
  50. >My breathing grew ragged as I grinded myself a little more firmly against my sheets
  52. >The white silk felt absolutely divine against my fur, against my belly, against my erect teats, against my swollen, puffy, soaked marehood
  53. >The fabric was so light that it felt as though nothing was there, and so soft that it nearly tickled the hooves as one touched it
  54. >When caressing my body as it was it felt as though I was being kissed my angels
  55. >A wet, meaty clap filled the air as I slapped my back legs together, squirming
  56. >If I was a weaker mare I might have imagined that it was my dear husband's hand that I was grinding against
  57. >I would have closed my eyes and pictured his well looked after nails brushing against my lips with each need buck
  58. >I would have pictured him teasing my sensitive nub with his thumb as his fingers pumped into me
  59. >I might have even moaned aloud as I imagined him doing this slowly, so as to draw out my pleasure until my only focus were his fingers and my screams
  60. >But I was better than that!
  61. >I was Rarity, fashionista extraordinaire!
  62. >I was ABOVE such things
  63. >I was...
  64. >I was...
  65. >...
  66. >Oh sweet Celestia I hope that he comes home soon...
  67. CLICK!
  68. >I started as I heard the front door click
  69. >My nostrils flared and my ears perked up
  70. >Though my bedroom door was closed and I was on the second floor I could smell him already
  71. >The smell sweat and exhaustion was overpowering
  72. >It must have been a long, hot day in the fields
  73. >He would likely be shirtless, his muscles slick and shining, and his eyes would be half lidded
  74. >Heavy footsteps echoed throughout the silent house as my love stepped inside and closed the door behind him
  75. >I listened intently as he made his way into our kitchen and helped himself to a glass of water
  76. >Even though Applejack made sure that all of her workers were properly hydrated throughout the day I knew from first-hoof experience that applebucking was thirsty work
  77. >No doubt that he had walked the whole way home positively parched, his lips cracked and his throat as dry as a desert
  79. >My eyes slipped closed as I imagined him bringing a glass to those lovely, shapely lips of his
  80. >Water would spill down his chin as he gulped large mouthfuls of water, his thick, powerful neck bulging each time he swallowed
  81. "Hurry. Please. Celestia please~"
  82. >The faucet in our kitchen was turned off and on three times as my darling, my love, my gem helped himself to two more glasses of water in quick succession
  83. >There was silence for a few moments before I heard those boots of his making their way through our house
  84. >He was coming
  85. >He was making his way to me
  86. >I wiggled deeper into the covers as I heard his footsteps traveling up our stairs
  87. >With each step it felt as though a lightning bolt raced through my body
  88. >My stallion was close
  89. >This heat, this ache, would soon leave me
  90. >I could smell him; his sweat, his musk, the dirt and dust from his work on the farm, the unique scent of clothing after a hard day's work; every little thing that made him him
  91. >I whined under my breath, grinding myself into my the silk bedding with breathless eagerness
  92. >He was just outside the door
  93. >I burrowed myself even further into the sheets, waiting with bated breath as I heard the doorknob turn
  94. >More than anything I wanted to leap off of my bed
  95. >I wanted to rush over to the door, throw it open, climb stand up onto my back legs, and pull my love into a kiss, but I resisted the urge
  96. >Patience...
  97. >A lady must know and practice patience
  98. >The door opened, revealing my shining gem
  99. >The poor dear looked exhausted
  100. >His hair and face were marred by sweat and dust
  101. >His bare chest was black with dirt and other grim, as were his pants and work boots
  102. >He held his shirt, which was as equally as filthy as the rest of him, in one hand, and in the other a tin lunch box
  103. >I small frown came to my face when I saw the state that he was in
  104. >It was beyond me why he was so insistent on working with Applejack
  105. >Work at the Apple farm was long, hard, and dirty
  107. >Such work did not befit a stallion, and doubly so since for us the money that he brought home was not needed
  108. >I made far more than enough to support the two of us
  109. >He did not need to work himself so, to come home with a vacant stare that came only from exhaustion and dirt under his fingernails
  110. >If he would but ask he would never have to lift a finger again
  111. >If he would just say the word I would stop at nothing until all of his needs, all of his wants, all of his desires were met
  112. >As my love stepped into our bedroom I couldn't help but quietly huff, though there was a small, knowing smile on my face
  113. >He knew just as well as I that he did no need to work, as I had told him on NUMEROUS occasions, but my husband was somewhat of an oddity
  114. >It wasn't about the money; it was something deeper, something that he himself could not truly explain to me
  115. >To him there was no greater joy than to work out in the open sky
  116. >He enjoyed toiling the earth, working under those apple trees, seeing after animals and digging and moving things about
  117. >It was his pleasure to come home, dirty and exhausted, and while I did not necessarily agree with him working himself so I did not have the heart to deny him the joy that the farm work brought him
  118. >I heard him sigh as he shuffled toward, muddying the carpet with his boot as he dragged them across the floor
  119. >His gaze was hopeful as he stared at the bed
  120. >No doubt he wanted to take a rest before he went off to take a shower, and what better place to lie down than on the bed?
  121. >I held my breath, staying completely still and utterly silent
  122. >I was expecting this, and had laid here in wait for this exact moment
  123. >I knew that he would sit lay on our bed before cleaning himself, as he did every day
  124. >While this would irritate me to no end today it would work to my benefit
  125. >The snow white covers would render me mostly invisible
  126. >I could only pray that he did not notice my mane or tail before he sat down
  128. >My nostrils flared again as he drew closer and closer to me
  129. >A shiver ran down my spine
  130. >His scent was overpowering, tantalizing, exquisitely mouth-watering in every way imaginable
  131. >The urge came to pounce at him, to take him, to rip those bothersome pants off and reveal the treasure underneath, but here was when patience stood as the keystone to my wavering will
  132. >For hours I had waited for this moment; I could easily wait for a few more moments
  133. >My love let out a groan as he sat down with his back to me, completely ignorant to my presence
  134. >"Good lord," I heard him murmur, dropping his lunch box to the floor below as I began to silently crawl toward him. "What a day... What a day..."
  135. >My movements were careful and precise
  136. >I did not wish to make any unnecessary noise to alert him to my presence
  137. >My love began to pull off his boots just as I came within hoove's length
  138. >At this distance I could see the muscles on his back ripple with each breath
  139. >I could see the beads of sweat sliding down his body
  140. >My nostrils flared, and with one last whine I gave into temptation
  141. >I lunged forward, wrapping my hooves around his neck and pulling him onto the bed
  142. >My love grunted in surprise, his hands reaching behind him even as I rolled the two of us around on our bed with a happy mewl
  143. >I could feel his dirt and sweat dirtying my fur, dirtying our sheets, but found that I could not give a single horse apple at that moment
  144. >He was here!
  145. >He was going to take this horrid ache away!
  146. "It's me, darling," I playfully growled. "It is your Rarity~"
  147. >Within a few moments my husband relaxed, allowing me to move the two of us where I will, playfully touching and kissing as I playfully touched and kissed
  148. >I soon found myself looming over him, absolutely filthy and panting but grinning like a mad mare
  149. >My love was looking up at me, his green eyes shining
  150. >His hands were on my hips, his fingers tracing my cutiemarks
  151. >I whined at the feeling, my hips bucking in need
  153. "My love...," I murmured, looking into his eyes even as he looked into mine
  154. >The two of us said nothing for a few moments, but there was nothing that needed to be said
  155. >I could see the love in his eyes, the joy that outshone even his exhaustion
  156. >My horn glowed, and with a spell those bothersome pants of his were gone
  157. "My darling..."
  158. >I bit my lip as I felt his fingers digging into my fur
  159. >The love in his eyes morphed into something else
  160. >Something wilder and hungrier and all the more wonderful
  161. >I knew that he could smell my need
  162. >I knew what it did to him; how it excited him to see me in such a state
  163. >And I loved it
  164. >Breathless and shaking, I leaned down as he leaned up
  165. "My gem..."
  166. >As the two of us kissed I could not help but smile
  167. >Though the art of patience was difficult to master there was always something that made the wait all that better~
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