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Jul 14th, 2021
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  1. swords 15% dmg nerf
  2. 120s 1h2b
  3. trials: new armour (snake aesthetic), 2 brand new guns (energy 120, solar caster frame sword), 1 returning (the messenger, can roll DESPERADO AND RAPID HIT), new ship + sparrow
  4. ritual weapon is breach GL based off a cut mountaintop ornament
  5. IB overhaul at some point (including some mods and fun perks), reprised weps next season are timeworn spire and multimax smg
  6. adept icarus mod includes intrinsic range buff
  7. zavala + osiris cutscene is next season (cabal season introducing calus' daughter, calus planned return in future)
  8. GM specific perks at some point
  9. rare bow + lmg coming
  10. 6 seasonal weps next season
  11. calus' daughter having her own faction "blue legion" phasing out red legion, ALL RED LEGION replaced by witch queen
  12. she is more reasonable than calus, talking to vanguard for peace, zavala tells her to fuck off but still wants to talk
  13. bright dust changes (?) no more bounties, incorporated into challenges
  14. guardian games unchanged for the most part, but potentially class specific crucible days
  15. exotic bow is a "multi targeting solar bow" hip fire = EoT tracking to 3 targets, ADS = explosive rounds, akin to firefly "mowed through VoG with it"
  16. new stasis aspect + 4 fragments EVERY season up to witch queen
  17. new nessus strike replaces inverted spire in GM rotation
  18. hawkmoon shit is week 11 this season (mw, ship etc)
  19. season 15 starts end of august
  20. new dungeon this year at some point
  21. WQ RAID SPOILERS: Savathun not final boss, nor Xivu Arath, nor Quria
  22. Eramis returning at some point "soon"
  23. raid team agrees DSC was "too easy" because we are "too strong" due to cells and other things they "can't really nerf"
  24. atraks hp regen bug will be fixed soon
  25. MAJOR FUCKING WQ AND Y4 STORY SPOILERS SERIOUSLY DON'T READ IF YOU DON'T WANT: Osiris was replaced by Savathun, she is behind most of the events this year, we find out in S15, she will give the real Osiris back if we rid her of her worm, when we do that, the Traveler gives her the fucking Light and the Hive have Ghosts, NEW HIVE CALLED LUCIENT LIEUTENANTS GET LIGHT ATTACKS AND ARE NOT FRIENDLIES.
  26. S15 Spoilers: Season of the Lost, Mara comes back, DC gets its conclusion, Taken & Scorn
  27. S14 Spoilers: Fallen Splicers (NOT SIVA, just techbois), Mithrax present, we learn Fallen tech
  28. Bungie 30th Anniversary: Buyable pack between 15 and 16, Bungie want the Halo CE Magnum in this pack, Dungeon (unique exotic), Unvaulting D1 content, MANY exotic quests, weapons, armours celebrating Bungie, so Halo & Marathon tie-ins
  29. Updates to Stasis Crystals to make them easy to break
  30. 5th Element: Opposite system, "Vapour" Element, DoT type beat think Thorn
  31. On cutting supers: never even discussed inhouse, pulled out of Luke Smith's ass, reality is subclasses 3.0 where all perks are aspects & fragments
  32. Triumphs granting XP (more than bounties) and Bright Dust (lowest tier 75, mid 150, high 300)
  33. Weekly challenges give 300
  34. plan for backlash is increasing gains from triumphs and repeatables
  35. S15 they want to put ToN weapons into Proph w/ random rolls
  36. S15 DC weapons getting new perks and refresh
  37. S15 PoH getting Altar weapons reprised
  38. Guardian Games gives Heir Apparent catalyst
  39. No plans to end the franchise
  40. Old Tower courtyard area has no current plans, getting a "seasonal hub" in a hangar there instead for now
  41. 3 years post Lightfall DLC codename "Sunspot"
  42. Anticheat not next season but DEFINITELY this year
  43. Vex get a new environment colour palette change, so no more boring greys, more vibrant colours
  44. Starting this season, new Conq and Flawless seals aren't rereleased, instead we get gilded versions for them and Dredgen (no triumph score associated with it)
  45. VoG: Wyverns confirmed, Gorgons have 12x HP because of how much more powerful we are, no more autostarting for encounters, manual triggers now, new ship, no timebreaker sparrow, no chatterwhite, mythoclast confirmed + 6 weapons, FULL day one treatment, contest, jacket and emblem, unsure about race yet, relic is basically a reskinned sword
  46. Thresh broken in PvP will be fixed
  47. S14: IB Warmind HC and Sniper reprised
  48. S14: Solstice armour is clean not cracked
  49. S13: Hunters: double smokes (dmg resistance + melee) Titan: GREATLY increases Thundercrash dmg and overshield Warlock: Kills with elemental weapon match charge super faster
  50. S14: EV set is "streetwear" themed
  51. Rocket - 30% dmg buff, exotics scaled differently, no mag buff due to it being actually busted if they did that
  52. 60% more sniper flinch
  53. exotics now keep perks on ghost pull
  54. duality buff = 1.5m range buff
  57. original vog armour set confirmed in, AoT set is confirmed not in
  58. mythoclast has sniper alt fire, catalyst and sol divisive ornament, undecided whether RNG or Quest
  59. new nessus strike next season
  60. WQ raid takes place on a broken down pyramid in Savathun's Throne World
  61. 1k ornament is LW weapon themed
  62. Anarchy ornament is SIVA themed
  63. Thundercrash exotic dmg boost is Nighthawk tier
  64. PC optimisation fixes
  65. Crafting system is to create + upgrade dual wielding weapons
  66. hunters get double crossbows, titan has a sword and shield
  67. Darkness is behind everything, including Savathun
  68. We get a face for the Darkness
  70. trials hc has "great perks"
  71. one of the GM mods is called "adept big ones" basically better Vorpal Weapon/Boss Spec
  72. cloudstrike and div is currently bugged storm procs 2x, being fixed in 2w
  73. deep stone sparrow encounter bug and cripwalk being fixed in the same patch
  74. gambit - hc/fusion, strikes - pulse/rocket, crucible - sidearm/sniper
  75. ritual wep (energy GL) - Salvager's Salvo - hard launch, spike grenades, ambitious/demo, vorpal/chain reaction
  76. DSC - A lot of oobs being fixed
  77. Aksis is Aksor the Archon Priest (just random tidbit)
  78. Anticheat is wanted by Q2 2021
  79. Only Crucible tokens are going away in S13, no idea when the rest are
  80. Crossplay is early S15, VoG still slated for S14
  81. Nessus and EDZ still going away, new strike was made for next season's narrative
  82. On new Gambit stuff - "probably more stuff later"
  84. S13 Artifact (Bell of Conquests):
  85. overload bow/unstop pulse/barrier scout/unstop hc/overload smg
  86. enhanced sniper tagreting/enhanced scout loader/enhanced bow ready/enhanced sniper ready/sidearm ready (all 1 energy)
  87. unlinching scout/sniper scav/bow loader/unflinching sniper/smg loader (all 1 energy)
  88. arc nade overload/solar melee unstop/barrier sniper/overload sword/passive guard
  89. light abilites deal more damage to slow or frozen targets/stasis super kills refund super energy when super runs out/rapid precision hits on distant targets plant a debuff on said target that grants increased precision damage/volatile conduction/gain stasis ability energy when you or fireteam stuns a champion
  91. S14 Artifact 1st Column: overload smg, anti pulse, untop scout, overload hc, anti auto
  92. Mithrax speaks and has an English voice actor
  93. linear fusion and 2 round energy sidearm from the season pass in S13
  94. rl, bow, sniper, smg from battlegrounds
  95. shadowprice & palindrome are energy
  96. pali can get overflow rampage
  97. subsistence loses the less reserves in 14
  98. S13 GMs are: Arms Dealer, Devils Lair, Proving Grounds, Warden of Nothing, Fallen S.A.B.E.R., Insight Terminus
  99. playlist weps are brand new (no reprised weapons), but use blue and green wep models from guns that barely got any use to begin with
  100. transmog you can use silver, if not then the way to get it is "complicated", apparently requires a pretty big time investment for alt route
  101. a D1 raid reprise in Y5 depends on the success of VoG's reception
  102. a few vog dev stories: gatekeepers apparently eclipses atheon rn, wanting to increase the size of the atheon model to about protheon level, times vengeance keeps bugging out and being more powerful than it should be (they are quite frustrated about this one lol)
  103. Next week we get a master difficulty version of the hawkmoon mission. The first completion will grant the catalyst, and every completion for the week will grant a pinnacle and a random rolled hawkmoon, as well as progress towards the ship. You gain more progress towards the ship by killing a unique miniboss every week (think outbreak catalyst, 3 weeks doing everything). The ship is Crow's ship, but with a hawkmoon shader.
  104. Hawkmoon catalyst is: increased handling, range and stability for every stack of paracausal shot and +1 to mag size
  106. hunter stasis changes next week?
  107. updating Pit & Throne loot pools next season (4 weapons each)
  108. behemoth super nerf incoming soon
  109. S13 title is "Chosen"
  110. S14 pass exotic is a stasis sidearm that functions like devil's ruin
  111. twab will have patch preview for tuesday
  113. S13 Exotic Ornaments: Heir Apparent, Divinity, Hard Light, 4th Horseman, Stormdancers Brace, Skullfort Warmind/SIVA themed ornament, Trinity Ghoul, Izanagi's, new scout, new bow, Liars Handshake gold and white theme, Anarchy SIVA theme, 1k Last Wish weapon theme
  114. S14 Exotic Ornaments: Xenophage Tex Mechanica theme, Eyes of Tomorrow, Jotunn Last Wish weapon theme, Whisper dragon scale theme, Duality, Witherhoard, Ruininous Effigy, Travelers Chosen, Erianas, Mythoclast Sol Divisive theme
  115. S14 Weapons:
  116. 2 brand new Iron Banner weapons - LMG & Kinetic Shotgun (both new models)
  117. 2 reprised Iron Banner weapons - Multimach CCX SMG & Occluded Finality Sniper
  118. 1 new weapon for each ritual playlist - Handcannon, SMG & GL
  119. 3 D1 repsials for Nightfalls (+Adept versions) - Hung Jury, Eirene & PLUG ONE.1
  120. 1 new Trials weapon - an SMG (+Adept version)
  121. 6 Seasonal weapons
  122. 6 VoG weapons
  123. RNG rolls for 5 FWC weapons - Sidearm (The Vision), GL (Memory Interdict), SMG (Stochastic Variable), Scout (Pleiades Corrector) & Shotgun (The Deicide)
  124. All 3 class swords reprised (Quickfang, Crown-Splitter & Eternity's Edge)
  125. Solstice Shotgun
  126. 1 Ritual Weapon - a Fusion (no info on perks yet)
  127. Aeon Rework: You can switch between 3 "colours" on each exotic, which changes what they do (This bit is pretty meaty and kinda confusing)
  128. Red: the perk is rapid hit and weapons swap speed, stun a champ or defeat boss fireteam members with the same colour get energy for grenade & melee. If they don't have the same colour, they get super energy ontop of grenade & melee energy.
  129. Blue: crit kills drop orbs for fireteam, using a finisher on an elite generates special ammo for fireteam, boss or miniboss you generate heavy & any neaby teammates using a different colour get a temporary weapon damage buff.
  130. Green: gain class ability energy as allies die, gain full ability energy when you revive allies, when casting your super, nearby allies get burst of healing, those using a different colour get an overshield.
  131. New perk in S13: bonus charge and damage after sliding after spritning (Fusion-Specific perk)
  132. New perks in S14: nade kills give weapon damage & nade ticks reload weapon, killing an enemy increases vertical recoil and accuracy, faster charge or draw trime while surrounded by enemies
  133. S14 Exotic Sidearm perk: works like devils ruin, charged shots sends forth a "beach ball" of stasis energy that freezes weker and slows stronger, hit from core of ball insta freezes. Ball bounces.
  135. Lucent Lieutenants have full subclasses e.g. Knights get Sentinel, so supressor nades, barricades, etc.
  136. Hive having Ghosts will factor into gameplay
  137. Mythoclast - 35 rounds in the mag, Rampage-esque stacks to 3, at 3 stacks, the alt fire mode can be engaged to fire the line rifle shot.
  138. S13 catalysts - Heir Apparent, New Scout, New Bow
  140. VoG *will* be getting shaders: white/reflective (think Chatterwhite Premium), weapon default (probably flawless reward) is a gold with white accents and red lights (think D1 mythoclast), there will be an armour default but not yet known or figured out as the models aren't in yet
  141. New IB armour is in development: Hunter set based on a Yak (No idea on other 2)
  142. IB overhaul seems to be set for S15, which is when that armour would come out
  143. IB mods have been approved and will be in the overhaul (spitballed idea was an overshield for capping all 3 zones etc etc)
  144. Plan on standby to make the Trials reward system comparable to DSC's system
  145. Champion overhaul is being talked about (no idea what this entails yet)
  146. Next TWAB will be on Bright Dust and Sandbox changes, also NO worldline patch next season
  147. S14 Ritual Fusion has the Loaded Question perk as a selectable option
  148. Savathun's Hive brood have a whiteish-grey colour palatte with a dark blue accent for the eyes (apparently very mothlike)
  149. In addition to the Lieutenants and Ghost mechanic, they will have SIVA Splicer-esque quirks (think the no headshots thingy)
  150. S14 Narrative Spoilers: Misraaks calls upon the Splicers for help to fight the Vex. The Vex trap the Last City in time, causing an endless night. The Splicers allow us to hack into the Vex Network and take the fight to them. We learn that Quria is co-ordinating the attack. "lo-fi" Vex environment where you fight and kill Quria at the end of the season, activity is akin to Menagerie. Aftermath is Fallen living in the City, in the old SotP area (apparently we see Fallen babies??). "Osiristhun" is just vibing throughout this whole thing. Whole thing leads into the DC season.
  151. Mythoclast perk changed again: After the 3 rampage stacks, instead of a line rifle shot, the alt fire now turns the gun into Pocket Infinity, converting the remaining mag into far more powerful shots.
  152. S13 Stasis Aspects: Hunter one basically the current Titan melee gen one, Warlock one is overcharge a nade, throw at a location and creates a Stasis "turret" akin to arc soul, Titan one is like midtree arcstrider, slide and melee to spawn a crystal and AoE freeze
  153. S14 Stasis Aspects: Warlock one is basically the stasis version of Chaos Reach tracers but they generate on freeze, Hunter one basically changes a Duskfield grenade into a mini-Ward of Dawn when you step into it that you can shoot out of but it only has 40HP, Titan one spawns a "Stasis Javelin" on shattering a frozen opponent, functions identically to the Warmind Javelin but icy
  154. New Social Space (S13): The H.E.L.M. - Seasonal Hub, Where old vendors will be, plus the new Recaster shown off in the twab. Confirmed an area in the Old Tower that will grow over time.
  155. S14 has new Ghost mods that will boost stat distrubition on armour pieces
  156. Things currently being discussed in-house that could *potentially* happen by Witch Queen if greenlit: Eliminating Power Levels, Reducing Sunsetting, Hard Mode Raids making a return.
  157. Triumphs will not be getting the bright dust and XP rewards, idea scrapped for a new one: "Seasonal Challenges" - Basically the milestones of yesteryear that reward dust, whole levels worth of XP (75 pass levels if all are completed over the season), infusion materials, etc, instead of loot rewards
  158. Confirmed Mythoclast & Sidearm catalysts coming in S14, no idea on any older weapons tho.
  159. Crow & Osiristhun will be having ongoing stories building up in the background throughout the year, culminating in S15 (Crow interacting with Mara, Osiristhun exposed)
  160. Dev described Beyond Light as the "reset for Destiny" and S13 as "the first pillar to get the game to where they want it"
  161. Will have confirmation on Halo stuff in the 30th Pack pretty soon as S15 development is beginning to kick off
  162. Luke Smith reportedly loves the new Gatekeepers encounter
  163. Strike modifiers could *potentially* return with Witch Queen
  164. Studio is now openly discussing setting up a "Rituals Team" for Strikes, Crucible and Gambit to keep them updated throughout each year seperate from the 2 rotating Seasonal Teams
  166. Iron Banner Rework Approved
  167. Details:
  168. -Brand new armour set for each class, Hunter set is inspired by a yak
  169. -There will be 2 brand new IB weapons, a kinetic shotgun and a LMG.
  170. -Each season will get 2 new OR reissued weapons, with the 2 oldest getting removed
  171. -Aim is to reinvigorate interest in the iron banner playlist by overhauling loot structure and match rulesets.
  172. -Vendor will be overhauled to be like crucible/strikes, no more tokens
  173. - At the start of an IB week, all player rank with saladin will get reset and begin anew
  174. -Rank up by playing matches, earn +10% rank for each IB armour piece worn, up to 50% (you cannot use a general ornament on the armour, it must be ib armour or an ib ornament)
  175. -Any IB emblem will count as +10% so you can run an exotic armour piece
  176. -At Rank 6, you can reset your vendor rank to earn the emblem + shader, and earn better loot for each new level
  177. -4 weekly bounties will remain and will each give a Superior Iron Engram, plus rank up progress
  178. - 2 dailies and repeatables added, gives rank up progress
  179. -Iron banner matches will give iron engrams, or superior iron engrams, NO BLUES OR WORLD DROPS HALLELUYAH
  180. -Superior engrams give weapons with exclusive IB perks, and armour with high stats and 2 categories with 16+ stats.
  181. -New armour sets will have an IB mod socket with mods specifically for ib, granting anything from more super to weapon damage bonuses.
  182. -The match rulesets will be tuned so things like the hunt grants the team a weapon damage bonus, but the other team a super energy generation bonus. It's meant to play like a custom version of mayhem so the matches are short, fun, and easy to engage with.
  183. -New title, IRON LORD. Guildable, and meant to be as hard as flawless/conqueror to earn.
  184. -Eververse IB stuff to act as a “tip jar” like the zero hour mission ornaments. Finishers, emotes, exotic ornaments, etc.
  185. New Anniversary Pack Details:
  186. -4 Maps new to D2 (2 brand new 2 D1)
  187. -New PvP mode (No Abilities, Weapons Only)
  188. -4 Halo Weapons (Possibly spread between Legendary and Exotic) Plan is for players to be able to have a full Halo themed loadout
  189. -Luke Smith in talks with Bonnie Ross (Halo Luke Smith) about the Halo crossover stuff soon
  190. -Matador and Eyasluna could return here
  191. VoG Snippets:
  192. -VoG Specials are Kinetics, Primaries are Energies (special Firefly version is still happening, just gonna be Ace of Spades Firefly but on energies)
  193. -Found Verdict 2nd perk column: Vorpal Weapon, One-Two Punch, Demolitionist, Feeding Frenzy, Opening Shot
  194. -Hezen Vengeance has an 8 rocket reserve by default, Cluster Bombs and Lasting Impressions is apparently a fucking broken DPS combo on it
  195. -Discussions about adding a 2nd "Adept" mode that would have contest enabled and reward Adept VoG Weapons (This is in very early days and may not happen by the S14 release, if at all)
  196. -Currently smoothing out the experience up to and including Templar, with Gatekeeper encounter redone (again) and complete, Atheon is the last encounter they have to rework
  197. New Perks Throughout the Year:
  198. -Lasting Impression: “Rockets attach on impact and detonate after a delay. Increases blast radius and damage. (Rocket launchers only)
  199. -Grenade Buckler: “Grenade kills reload this weapons magazine and grant bonus damage for a short duration”
  200. -Firefly: “precision kills with this weapon increase reload speed and cause the target to explode, dealing solar damage to nearby enemies.”
  201. -Frenzy: “being in combat for an extended time increases damage, handling, and reload for this weapon until you are out of combat”
  202. -Who’s Next?: “Reloading after a kill greatly increases target aquisition and ADS speed for a short duration”
  203. -Self-Extracting Rounds: “When this weapon’s magazine is empty, refills from reserves based on the number of kills”
  204. Final Mythoclast perkset:
  205. -Overcharge “Multikills with this weapon enable overcharge. Long Press reload to enter overcharge mode”
  206. -Timeless Mythoclast “While Overcharge is active, hold the trigger to charge up and fire a more powerful burst”
  207. -Catalyst “Damaging enemies with this weapon reloads the mag from reserves. Damage against bosses increases the duration of Timeless Mythoclast”
  208. New Combat Style Mods being introduced lightly in S13, and expanded on in S14:
  209. -Focused around Ability Power and Regeneration
  210. -Synergises well with CwL mods
  211. A Few S14 mods for the flavour of the system:
  212. -Arc mod that spawns two arc wells on finishing an enemy
  213. -Breaking a combatant shield spawns an elemental well of the shield type that was broken
  214. -Picking up an arc elemental well causes your next melee to deal increased damage
  215. New Title for S14:
  216. -"Weapons Master"
  217. -Requires all weapon kill triumphs and is gildable
  218. -Not sure whether triumphs are retroactive or not (leaning yes)
  219. Exotic Mission for S13 is Scorn
  220. Battlegrounds:
  221. -4 Maps, 2 Nessus, 1 Cosmo, 1 Europa
  222. -Described as "Mini-strikes", progress through multiple areas
  223. -Just a bit below Sundial in terms of content length
  224. S14 Activity:
  225. -Loot loop described as a "more interesting/engaging reckoning synth system"
  226. -3 Locations (+ 1 Additional Map for the Quria fight)
  227. Witch Queen:
  228. -Plan in Discussions to Expand Savathun's Dreadnaught over the course of the year and have it up to the size of Oryx's Dreadnaught by the end of the year
  229. -D1 Tower makes its return at some point during Y5
  231. Subclass 3.0
  232. -1 Element per season
  233. -S16: Void
  234. -Includes reworks not just conversion
  235. -We would have all elements revamped by S18
  236. Transmog
  237. -Passively gain currency whilst playing
  238. -Purchase bounties with that currency to earn tokens
  239. -VERY grindy
  240. -Time to accumulate enough for 1 set is ~25 hours for playtime
  241. -System dictated by the Business Department :eldritch:
  242. -Each character gets 2 sets pretty much for free right off the bat
  243. -Eververse comes pre-transmogged
  244. DeeJ was asked to leave Bungie (shithead views)
  245. Class Sword Reprise
  246. -Warlock sword gets the Guillotine perk
  247. Season 15:
  248. Strikes
  249. -Strikes have rep with difficulties
  250. -Regular = 10, GM = 35
  251. Infamy has been tuned to be quicker
  252. -Roughly 10 hours for a full reset
  253. Look to change how Glory works
  254. -Add it to Rumble
  255. Trials rework
  256. -Described as "more complicated version of the Crypt loot system"
  257. Festival of the Lost
  258. -Community vote on choice for armour
  259. S15 Exotic Ornaments
  260. -Cloudstrike, Warbeast Bakris, Corsair Necrotic Grips, Citan, Queen's Guard Chap, Sleeper Lament & More
  261. Seasonal Armour set is QG THemed
  262. Eververse Set is FL Themed
  263. Anniversary Pack:
  264. -"Season" Pass armour is Oni themed
  265. Raids:
  266. -Grandmaster VoG is in the works (much more rewards)
  267. -VoG is gonna be *difficult*
  268. General
  269. -Someone in the research team made a portal gun
  270. -Anticheat (BattleEye) April at the earliest, June at the latest
  271. -Hammer of Proving works like the Chalice/Lure
  273. Anni Pack:
  274. Halo Themed Armour for each class:
  275. - Hunter: ODST
  276. - Titan: Reach Spartan
  277. - Warlock: The Arbiter
  278. 2 Secret missions (both Halo themed)
  279. 1 of the 2 seasonal teams working on the pack, apparently $75 value, gonna sell for about $20
  280. Apparently gonna be a 30% off Eververse sale on around the time it drops
  281. Slight chance of one of the secret missions featuring a 3 player vehicle, as they were toying around with this concept in RnD earlier in the year but ran into netcode issues
  283. "Sparrow 2.0" potentially for Witch Queen (whatever that means, I have no details yet)
  284. S14 Activity is closer to Menagerie than Sundial, i.e. rotating bosses (1 of which is a Wyvern), rotating arenas
  285. Each of the 4 Locations has a different flavor of Vex:
  286. - Tangled Shore: Precursors
  287. - Last City: Virgo Prohibitive
  288. - Europa: Sol Progeny
  289. - Moon: Sol Divisive
  290. S15 Narrative: Savathun is killed in S15 when we help rid her of her worm, so she can be rezzed by a Ghost (fulfilling that whole devotion/bravery/sacrifice thing). They didn't want her to "steal" the Light, so as to keep the Traveler and Black Fleet morally grey.
  291. S14 Character Roster: Ikora has new lines, Lakshmi returns, Saint-14 taking over the Saladin role with Crow, Holliday and Osiris still featuring.
  293. State of Destiny
  294. WQ, LF & Beyond:
  295. -February 2022
  296. -Talk about last chapter for current saga
  297. -Narrative for WQ onwards
  298. -Will conclude the Light/Darkness saga
  299. -What does Destiny mean?
  300. -Talk about the delay
  301. Rewards that matter:
  302. -Starting in S14, No gear will have a sunset cap, unless it has already been sunset
  303. -Arrivals onwards gear will be staying
  304. -Sunsetting talk (basically a post-mortem for the idea)
  305. Power Play:
  306. -in S14, Power Level will only increase by 10 points
  307. -Temporary fix until "World without Power"
  308. PvP
  309. -3peeking fixed for S15
  310. -Stasis and Light balancing over next few seasons
  311. -S15 universal Stasis changes
  312. -S15 Light buffs
  313. -Doubling their security/bans team
  314. -Anticheat still on the way (no specific news in SoD)
  315. -Trials Overhaul (Loot and Matchmaking
  316. -Solo player stuff for Trials
  317. -Iron Banner
  318. VoG:
  319. -Day 1, belt included
  320. -Talking about what the Day 1 means
  321. -Master VoG by the end of the year
  322. -All future raids and dungeons to have Adept gear
  323. Transmog:
  324. -Armor synthesis
  325. -200 silver per token
  326. -Shaders perma unlock
  327. -Starting supply of tokens
  328. Combined Fire:
  329. -Talking about Bungie
  330. -Crossplay will debut in S14 for testing, full launch in S15
  331. -Opt-in matchmaking for PvP
  332. Assorted:
  333. -In S14, stage 2 of gilding will come out, showing the pips
  334. -Multiplying Bungie's potential for the years to come
  335. -Early concepts for WQ armour (think trenchcoats/other western styles)
  336. -Gif of a Stasis Legendary weapon
  337. -Stage 2 gilding pics
  338. -Transmog previews
  339. -VoG Jacket and Ring previews
  340. -Crossplay preview
  342. Weapons are at their memory limit right now, solely due to masterworks genning orbs, so they are removing this aspect of masterworking for Witch Queen and are gonna be making Armor mods that fulfil the same purpose (this means that un-mwed guns will be able to gen orbs)
  344. Anniversary Pack Updates:
  345. -PoE no longer planned, only content looks to be New Dungeon, 2 Secret Missions and the PvP content
  346. -Claymore from Myth
  347. -GL from Paths and Darkness
  348. -Shotgun from Marathon
  349. -Sniper from Halo (will be in the Heavy slot, and be Exotic)
  350. -Gravity Hammer from Halo
  351. -Battle Rifle from Halo
  352. -Magnum from Halo
  353. -Halo weapons will have a new recoil frame, increasing their hipfire and in-air accuracy
  354. Witch Queen as a standalone will have 34 weapons, with the season adding more on top
  356. Season 14:
  357. Artifact designed with VoG in mind, and to contribute to the "last hurrah" for Warmind Cells, with a big nerf planned for S15
  358. S14 Seasonal Weapons are:
  359. -LMG (900RPM)
  360. -SG (Solar Slug)
  361. -AR (Kinetic 720RPM)
  362. -GL (Lightweight Breach-Loaded)
  363. -Sidearm (Lightweight Kinetic)
  364. -Pulse (Void 540RPM)
  365. Solstice Shotgun (Solar Lightweight Frame)
  366. Ritual Fusion Rifle (Void Rapid Fire Frame)
  367. 2 New Banner Weapons:
  368. -SG (Kinetic Rapid Fire Frame)
  369. -LMG (Solar High Impact Frame)
  370. Hung Jury SR4 (Kinetic 180RPM)
  371. New Ghost mods inbound for S14, aloowing to focus your armor farms, guaranteeing 10 points in a particular stat, with a great chance of the stat rolling higher than that
  372. Ada-1 will return to her original room, but it's been massively revamped visually
  373. Fallen will be in the Tower, focused around the Hangar
  375. Season 15:
  376. Savathun killed at the end of the season
  377. She won't be revealed straight away
  378. Will be revived in the Witch Queen (more on this in that section)
  379. New Matchmade Activity - The Shattered Realm (similar to Hack the Network)
  380. Trials Reward Rework - Based on how any games played on a card, you gain an amount of tokens back when its reset. With those tokens, you can buy engrams as well as specific loot for random rolls. Playing on 7 wins gives high chances for high stat armor as well as +16 stat distribution
  381. S15 Weapons:
  382. 2 New Exotics:
  383. -Heavy Stasis Trace Rifle that consumes your super to use
  384. -Energy LFR with a "Bounty Hunter" gimmick, 1st perk is a negative, 2nd perk provides a bonus on killing your "bounty"
  385. Traveler's Chosen Catalyst (Osmosis + Full Auto)
  386. 2 New Banner weapons:
  387. -Stasis Sidearm
  388. -Solar Adaptive Pulse
  389. 2 Trials Weapon ideas:
  390. -Stasis LFR
  391. -Stasis Fusion
  392. Playlist Weapons:
  393. -Rapid Fire Scout
  394. -Solar Suros Sidearm
  395. -Arc Slug Shotgun
  396. Ritual Weapon is an Arc Aggressive frame RL with Explosive Light
  397. Prophecy Weapon Refresh (All can roll with Osmosis and Demolitionist):
  398. -Swift Verdict (Void)
  399. -Judgement
  400. -Last Breath
  401. -A Sudden Death
  402. -Long Walk (Solar)
  403. -Darkest Before (Arc)
  405. 30th Anniversary Pack:
  406. Release Date - 21st December 2021
  407. Gun-only PvP mode is called "Hardware"
  408. Private Bubble in "The Plains of the Nine" acting as a Scavenger Hunt for Strange Coins, when you've accumulated 23 you can go to Xur and buy Gjallarhorn(s)
  409. Will ship with a full cosmetic spread i.e. Emblems, Shaders, Ghosts, Sparrows, Ships
  410. Master Chief was not the choice for the Titan armor set because it would be far too "on the nose" for a crossover, Carter set is much more of a Sci-Fi mishmash
  411. Dungeon:
  412. -Thorn-themed Armor set
  413. -D1 Weapons (Eyasluna, Matador, etc.)
  414. Weapons:
  415. Halo:
  416. -Sniper (Heavy Exotic)
  417. -Gravity Hammer (Heavy Exotic)
  418. -Battle Rifle (Legendary)
  419. -CE Magnum (Legendary)
  420. Marathon:
  421. -Shotgun
  422. Myth:
  423. -Claymore
  424. Paths and Darkness:
  425. -Grenade Launcher
  426. Oni:
  427. -Not sure yet
  429. The Witch Queen:
  430. Release Date - 22nd February 2022
  431. Story:
  432. -Themes for WQ are "southern gothic" and "detective"
  433. -We are piecing things together
  434. -Twin Peaks vibe
  435. -Internal tagline of "Survive the Truth"
  436. -1st Mission overview: You go to Mars, it's stuck in a past(grassy)/present/future(taken) rift, come up to the peak of a hill where you see the Dreadnaught for the first time, with Caiatl's Cabal Fleet fighting the Hive in the skybox (very Phobos mission-y). Working with Ikora Rey, you launch yourself with a man-cannon onto the ship, this is where you fight a Hive Guardian for the first time, then you find the portal to Savathun's Throne World on board, you go through, find Savathun who sends you straight back to Mars.
  437. -Savathun tricks us into giving her memories back to her using "Deep Sight", as when she was revived by her Ghost she lost them all
  438. -She tries to trick the Traveler into her Throne World, attempting to cut off the outside Universe from its Light using a "big bowl", said "bowl" is also where the Strike will be
  439. -After defeating Savathun in the Campaign, she tells you "The Witness is coming". The Traveler then takes her body and her Ghost escapes. The Witness reveals itself "I have seen enough, I am coming"
  440. -At the end of the campaign, the Pyramid ship will activate, starting the road to the Raid
  441. -Pick your difficulty:
  442. Normal - regular story experience
  443. Legendary - solo presage difficulty, will also have bonus collectibles and bungie rewards items
  444. Raid:
  445. -Hive or Taken as main enemies
  446. -Final Boss will be Darkness-based (likely the "Envoy of The Witness")
  447. -Still being pushed as "the most ambitious raid yet"
  448. Destinations:
  449. -Revamped D1 Mars (corrupted by the Taken & Hive)
  450. -Savathun's Dreadnaught (integrated into Mars bubble)
  451. -Savathun's Throne World (2x the size of Oryx's Dreadnaught, 3 Lost Sectors)
  452. -EDZ and Nessus being vaulted
  453. General:
  454. -Campaign will be 8 missions long, 5 will be of Presage quality or higher
  455. -WQ will have TTK levels of secrets
  456. -Ultimate Ornaments (think snazzier Exotic ornaments)
  457. -Forsaken goes F2P (to be vaulted with Lightfall)
  458. -Sparrow 2.0 planned but not final
  459. -New tincture-esque mechanic called "Deep Sight" learnt during the campaign used to root out Savathun's memories within her Throne World as well as tying into weapon crafting
  460. -New weapon type "Glaives" (will be the second 3rd person melee weapon type, have class-based mechanics and only available through weapon crafting)
  461. -9 Player PvE "The Foothold" has been downgraded to 6 Player because matchmaking and PvE netcode for 9 Players is not not up to par
  462. -34 new weapons vs the 14 in Beyond Light
  463. -Public LFG in the Tower at some point in Y5
  464. -Eververse Gifting in Y5
  466. Vault of Glass:
  467. -Adept Weapons will roll with 2 options in every slot
  468. -Raid Exclusive Perks: Ace Firefly (reload + boom) & Sel-Extracting Rounds (refunds mag based on number of hits)
  469. -Titan Mark is properly and fully animated for D2
  470. Weapons (+Perks I have seen on rolls):
  471. -Found Verdict (Aggressive Kinetic SG) (Perks: Frenzy (Column 2))
  472. -Praedyth's Revenge (Rapid Fire Kinetic Sniper) (Perks: Moving Target (Column 1), Grenade Buckler (Column 2))
  473. -Fatebringer (140RPM Arc Handcannon) (Perks: Self-Extracting Rounds (Column 1), Firefly (Column 2), Tunnel Vision (Column 1), Explosive Rounds (Column 1), Kill Clip (Column 2))
  474. -Vision of Confluence (180RPM Solar Scout) (Perks: Who's Next? (Column 1), Firefly (Column 2), Self-Extracting Rounds (Column 2), Zen Moment (Column 1), Disruption Break (Column 2))
  475. -Hezen Vengeance (Aggressive Solar Rocket) (Perks: Overflow (Column 1), Lasting Impressions (Column 2), Cluster Bombs (Column 1), Surplus (Column 1), Ambitious Assassin (Column 2), Thresh (Column 2))
  476. -Corrective Measure (Adaptive Void LMG) (Perks: Dynamic Sway Reduction (Column 1), Self-Extracting Rounds (Column 1), Grenade Buckler (Column 2))
  478. General:
  479. Devs chanting on twitter was right after they showed a "The Year to come" feature in the meeting:
  480. -included an overview of S13, an S14 promo cutscene of Osiris watching Saint-14 and Mithrax (looks baller) fighting Vex together
  481. -traversing the environment for S14's activity (looks VERY good apparently)
  482. -also showed all the concept art we have
  483. Bungie Earnings:
  484. Monthly Active Users:
  485. 2019 - 3.8 million
  486. 2020 - 4.3 million
  487. New Players:
  488. 2019 - 9.2 million
  489. 2020 - 11 million
  490. MTX Earnings:
  491. 2019 - $84 million
  492. 2020 - $124 million
  493. This year described as building momentum for Witch Queen
  494. In the meeting, one of the devs was shit-talking other games, joking about how all these "destiny-killers" die off in about a month of launching
  495. Pete Parsons was apparently grinning very wide throughout his whole segment
  496. Bungie are very confident about where they are headed and about the state of the franchise right now
  498. S15 Exotic Armor (All will be changing but still have similar concepts): Nothing Manacles, Radiant Dance Machines, No Backup Planns
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