Jan 1st, 2016
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  1. >Be a little filly.
  2. >It was just temporary though.
  3. >Pretty soon, Luna and Celestia would find a way to turn you back.
  4. >You were hiding in a laundry basket.
  5. >Underneath a pile of royal bedsheets.
  6. >This was kinda fun.
  7. >Neither Sunbutt nor Moonbutt could find you.
  8. >They'd been trying for one hour now.
  9. >"An- Little one! Where hast though gone?"
  10. >"Careful Luna, we can't use her original name anymore. Even if we are alone, it's too risky."
  11. >"I know that Sister, but she hasn't made it easy. All the names I try and bestow are rejected!"
  12. >"Well, I haven't heard them, lets try and make one up while we're looking."
  13. >They shuffled around the room with their magic. Looking under the bed and behind the paintings.
  14. >Must have been getting desperate.
  15. >"I suggested Annie. She said it was far too plain."
  16. >"Mhmm.
  17. >"Then I suggested a few others."
  18. >"Yes?"
  19. >You could hear heavy furniture being lifted up and down.
  20. >"You don't suppose he- she left the room?"
  21. >"Not a chance. What other names did you suggest?"
  22. >Moonbutt had given you a list of names that were either way too plain or way too edgy.
  23. >Like Green grass.
  24. >And Meadowfresh
  25. >And Malachite Wanderer.
  26. >You didn't even know what that last one was.
  27. >There was also Annabelle, and a couple other ones that were Anon themed.
  28. >"They were- Maybe I was putting to much thought into it."
  29. >"Well, what kind of themes did you try?"
  30. >"Themes, sister? Uh, Green themed, Anon themed, uh-"
  31. >"Oh? Last time you were trying night themed. What happened to that? Names like NightChild and DarkBlade?"
  32. >Oh god the edge.
  33. >"Wh- What? Sister, those ponies both grew up into the royal guard. They had a long family lineage of names like that! Besides- At least I don't tell ponies to name their children after sun themed things!"
  34. >"Whats wrong with Daybreak and Dawn and other such names?"
  35. >"They had darkened fur! They clearly should have been named things like Nightfall and- And- And Sheila!"
  36. >"Sheila?"
  37. >"He looked like a Sheila to me!"
  38. >"You come up with the oddest names Sister."
  39. >"Well, you have to be creative in the name business! How many Sunsets have you offered?"
  40. >"Only- Oh, uh. A few."
  41. >"And Twilights?"
  42. >"Luna, please. She's a touchy subject right now. Could we please go back to talking about names for Ano-Um, Her."
  44. >You wondered why Twilight was a touchy subject. Last you had heard after the whole 'transformation' thing was that she had left Canterlot shortly after talking to you.
  45. >Which was terrible.
  46. >She had promised she'd come back.
  47. >But whatever.
  48. >It was in the past.
  49. >No use thinking about it.
  50. >You didn't want to think about any of it.
  51. >You just wanted to have fun as a filly. Before they turned you back and everything went back to normal.
  52. >So you were playing hide and seek.
  53. >And you were kicking ass at it.
  55. >"Have you tried asking her what kind of name she wants?"
  56. >"She did'st not answer when I asked."
  57. >Of course not.
  58. >Why bother getting a new name?
  59. >You weren't going to be stuck like this for very long.
  61. >"It'd be easier if she had green eyes. We could'st have named her Emerald or something along those lines. Instead her eyes are blue! Do you think we could'st get away with naming her Sapphire?"
  63. =-=-=-==-=-=-==-=-=-==-=-=-==-=-=-==-=-=-==-=-=-==-=-=-==-=-=-==-=-=-=
  65. >Be Anon from just yesterday.
  66. >Standing on a balcony.
  67. >Staring at the sunset.
  68. "And you just do this everyday?"
  69. >"Of course! We find this to be a very relaxing way to start the day- Erm, night." Moonbutt said.
  70. "Relaxing? I thought the giant rock and giant ball of fire would be heavy."
  71. >"Oh, they are dreadfully heavy, Anon. But they're part of our very soul at this point. It's like connecting to a part of yourself, or coming home after a long day. There's a lot more to it than simply raising and lowering them." Celestia replied.
  72. >You were flanked on both sides by the princesses because they had nothing better to do and you were clearly the most interesting man in Equestria.
  73. >Okay, part of that was true.
  74. >You were the most interesting man in Equestria.
  75. >But that was because you were exclusively the only human in Equestria.
  77. >You were standing on a Canterlot balcony watching the princesses lower the sun/raise the moon because-
  78. >"Isn't this such a great learning experience?"
  79. >Because princess SparkleButt said you needed to 'embrace the Equestrian culture' more.
  80. >And because staying in your room and stealing from the kitchens and wine cellars wasn't acceptable behavior.
  81. >So Twilight, as your temporary care taker, punished you with the worst fate of all.
  82. >Fucking social interaction.
  83. >It was inhumane.
  85. >Fortunately, you only had to spend a few hours with the princesses.
  86. >And after a big tour of the castle and all the surrounding shit, it was finally almost over.
  87. >You could go back to your room, and forget all your worries with a tall dark and handsome bottle.
  88. >Horse alcohol was rarely more than 12% at the strongest, but that wasn't too bad.
  89. >You were patient.
  91. >The last flecks of light slipped underneath the horizon, and the clouds were bathed in a beautiful red and pink.
  92. >It made you feel like painting it.
  93. >Too bad you were a lazy shit who didn't want to put in the effort and time.
  94. >You were too busy...
  95. >Uh...
  96. >Whatever, you'd figure your life out one day or another.
  98. "Okay, well that was pretty. What's next on the list of things I have to suffer through?"
  99. >"Do- Do you wanna enjoy the moment? Maybe feel joy or something?"
  100. "Nah. Maybe later Sparkle Butt."
  101. >Celestia snickered quietly at her protege's nickname.
  102. >Twilight rubbed her hoof against her face in exasperation.
  103. >"Okay, well the next and final thing on the list of 'things Anonymous is going to be forced to enjoy' is a refreshing cup of tea.
  104. "That doesn't sound so bad-"
  105. >"At a table."
  106. "Okay, that's to be expected-"
  107. >"With other ponies."
  108. "Getting into uncomfortable territory, but maybe I can manage-"
  109. >"The entire tea tasting gentlemare's club. There's like, fifty upperclass mares and stallions waiting to see the polite and well adjusted human they've heard so much about."
  110. "Twi. I'm going to die. I will walk in there, have a heart attack, make it through maybe one sip of tea, and then fall on the floor and let myself enter the sweet embrace of death."
  111. >"Twilight, mayhaps we can let the Human go, we cans't-"
  112. >"Anon! There is no backing out of this. You're gonna get in there, you're gonna talk to ponies, you're gonna drink some tasty herbal teas, and you're gonna like it!"
  113. "But-"
  114. >"Twilight, I don't know if it's really necessary to-"
  115. >"No buts! Let's go!"
  116. >Twilight spun around and marched straight through the doorway, levitating you along in a field of magic.
  117. >You turned with sadness in your eyes to the other Princesses, but it was too late.
  118. >You saw them sharing a nervous glance, and knew there was nothing they could do to help you now.
  120. >You floated down the hallways angrily for a few minutes, before Twilight finally set you down in front of a massive oak door.
  121. >"Okay, Anon. You're wearing your suit and tie, I made you study etiquette at one point- I think, or was that Spike? I'm sure it'll be fine. Just get on in there and suffer- I mean, have a good time!"
  122. >She turned to walk away.
  123. "What, seriously? You're not even going in with me?"
  124. >"I have a couple of other things to do. Don't worry Anon, I'll be back to pick you up in a half an hour!"
  125. "You promise?"
  126. >"Yeah, of course. Whatever."
  127. >She left you standing at the doorway for a while, until the other two Princesses finally caught up to you.
  128. >And to think you almost picked her as your Waifu.
  129. >Turns out she was really bitchy towards you.
  130. >Or maybe you were just hard to deal with.
  131. >Didn't matter now.
  132. >What mattered now is that she hadn't forced you into the door before she left.
  133. >She was just expecting you to be responsible and do it all by yourself.
  134. >"There you are Anon." Sunbutt finally got within earshot.
  135. >"You know, It's not entirely necessary that we go in there. You could just go back to your room now."
  136. "No, I think I'll just give it a try."
  137. >"But you coulds't return to thine chambers, isn't that your desire?"
  138. "It is, but I've come this far. And if I quit now that means that Twilight wins."
  139. >"If that is your wish Anonymous."
  141. >You take a breath, then push open the heavy doors-
  142. >They don't move.
  143. >You push harder leaning your full weight into them.
  144. >"I believe these doors were meant to be pulled."
  145. "I knew that, I was just- Preparing myself. By leaning against the door."
  146. >Nailed it. Even convinced yourself.
  148. >You pulled the doors open, and your eyes level with a giant crowd of-
  149. >Oh shit
  150. >That's like, two or three hundred ponies.
  151. >Guess the tea club was popular.
  152. >There's a live orchestra playing quiet atmospheric music.
  153. >There's rows upon rows of ponies and tables.
  154. >You saw a buffet table, but all they served was vast quantities of tea.
  156. >You took a second breath, and forced yourself into the room.
  157. >"We'll follow you in a few minutes, these ponies love to make a big deal about our entrance.
  158. >A few ponies took note of you, but other than a few hushed whispers there wasn't much reaction.
  159. >Wow, rude.
  160. >Although not actually, because you didn't want a reaction.
  161. >You just wanted to get this over with.
  162. >You recognized some of the castle staff as you walked in, and tried to remember to give a polite nod towards them.
  163. >Most of the ponies here had already seen you before when you'd wandered the castle over the past month or so. So the whole 'What is that strange bipedal creature' phase was over and done with.
  164. >You walked towards a table near the back of the room away from everyone else.
  165. >There was a plain white name label that said: Anonymous the hyooman.
  166. >You took a seat quickly and tried to relax.
  167. >The seat was pony sized and was just small enough to be horribly uncomfortable.
  168. >Fan-fucking-tastic.
  169. >Only 29 more minutes of this to go.
  171. >Celestia and Luna entered the room, as it erupted into cheers and shouts.
  172. >Must be nice to have everyone worship your presence like that.
  174. >"Good evening Anonymous."
  175. >Oh, you recognized that snobby tone.
  176. >It was your old pal Blueblood.
  177. "They made you go to this one too?"
  178. >"I can choose to enjoy some tea if I wish Mr. Ape. What are you doing in a place like this?"
  179. "Wouldn't you know it, I was just minding my own business, sitting in a chair one size too small, when all of a sudden a bunch of ponies broke in and set up a giant tea party right in front of me."
  180. >"Ha! Ever the joker, Mr. Ape. Would you like me to flag down an attendant to serve you?"
  181. "Might as well. Thank you very much Mr.Prince."
  183. >Despite all rational logic, you and Blueblood actually got along just fine.
  184. >Or at least, you thought you did. He seemed to not mind your presence, so you must not have offended him yet.
  185. >And while he was definitely an upper-class prude, he was at least polite at all times.
  186. >At least towards you anyway.
  187. >It probably helped that you could totally blackmail him at anytime after you caught him banging one of the servant mares.
  188. >"You there! Fetch this human a cup! Chop chop!"
  189. >A young mare skittered away towards the tea tables in fear. "Yes! Right away! I'm sorry!"
  190. >"Some ponies, Am I right?"
  191. "Quite."
  192. >"Ah. Glad to be of service Mr. Ape, but unfortunately I must go greet the Royal Sisters. Do enjoy a glass for me. Farewell."
  193. >Some ponies indeed.
  194. >The little unicorn mare skittered back with a silver platter levitating precariously.
  195. >She served it expertly though, without spilling a single drop.
  196. >"Th-Thank you sir. Might I go?"
  197. "Uh, yeah. Sure? Whatever."
  198. >She bowed, then skittered off.
  199. >She had some serious skittering skills.
  201. >You took a look at your glass, which was a simple china mug with your name on it.
  202. >It looked like it was written with a literal magic marker, seeing as it was glowing a nice green.
  203. >Weird that they had a hot cup of tea all waiting for you when you had just arrived though.
  204. >Someone who was serving the tea was probably expecting you.
  205. >It sure smelled nice though.
  206. >sort of chamomile smelling, but with hints of fruit.
  207. >You blew on it to try and cool it down.
  209. >You looked up around the room.
  210. >Nopony was looking at you, nopony really cared.
  211. >Which was fine with you.
  212. >Maybe Twilight was right, this was sort of nice. Almost relaxing.
  213. >You took a sip of tea.
  214. >It tasted wonderful, kind of like-
  216. --
  217. ---
  218. --
  220. >Um.
  221. >Well that was weird.
  222. >You couldn't quite describe the flavor.
  223. >You could describe what happened next though.
  224. >You slumped over and fell on the floor behind the table.
  225. >No one could see you, as you were behind a table cloth.
  226. >And everything was numb.
  227. >Very numb. Numb and also dark.
  228. >Someone was calling your name, but you didn't know who.
  229. >"Anon? ANON?!"
  230. >Couldn't they see that you were trying to enjoy a nice relaxing face plant on the floor?
  231. >You felt kind of cold.
  232. >There were more voices, but they were fading out.
  234. >Was this death?
  235. >OH MY GOD
  236. >Did you actually just take one sip of tea and die like you said you would?
  237. >Twilight was going to be pissed!
  238. >Hell, you were pissed!
  239. >How dare your body give up on you.
  240. >Didn't it know who you were?
  242. >There was a strange sensation as your entire body shivered for a second.
  243. >Hey! That was teleportation, where were you going?
  244. >Who was taking you there?
  245. >"Fear not Anon! We shall resuscitate you!"
  246. >Okay, so Moonbutt was there.
  247. >Sunbutt was probably here too.
  248. >Someone flicked open your eye to check your vision, or if your pupils were dilating or whatever.
  249. >All you saw was white blobs.
  250. >That was good right? At least you were still seeing things.
  251. >You hadn't died yet.
  253. >What went wrong?
  254. >Was the tea poisoned?
  255. >Had you just been assassinated?
  256. >Who was even responsible?
  257. >Blueblood? Some other Noble? Skittery mare?
  259. >"Heartbeat is beating at a terrfying rate."
  260. >"Anon, you're in a hospital room. We need you need to calm your body.
  261. >What? You were half-conscious, how much calmer could you get?
  262. >"Princess, look!"
  263. >"His- His ears? and- Oh. Oh my."
  264. >What? What about your ears?
  265. >What happened to your ears?
  266. >Thinking about it, they did feel kind of weird right now.
  267. >Kinda loose, and higher up.
  268. >You were getting all kinds of mixed signals.
  270. >Did someone drop acid in your tea? Or injected it with a marijuana? Was this the beginning of a drug trip?
  271. >You had never taken drugs before.
  273. >"Anon, We are going to inform you straight away. Somepony hast slipped you a transformation spell into thine tea."
  274. >...
  275. >"We don't know who or why, but we shall find out with the utmost haste."
  276. >You heard hoofsteps as Luna presumably left the room.
  278. >Uhh...
  279. >Transformation...
  280. >What?
  281. >Why?
  282. >Seriously why?!
  283. >Who wanted you to be someone you weren't?
  284. >Although you were awkward as fuck, none of the Castle staff really minded you.
  285. >Aside from Blueblood, the Royals and upperclass horses might have something against you, but they also barely knew you existed.
  286. >And this was obviously something that was planned out.
  287. >Who did you know that liked planning and wanted you to change your ways-
  289. >Holy shit.
  290. >Twilight goddamn Sparkle?
  291. >She set you up!
  292. >You knew she always thought you didn't appreciate Equestria at all.
  293. >And she was kind of right.
  294. >You were always an ungrateful little shit.
  295. >But what right did she have to turn you into-
  296. >Wait what were you becoming anyway?
  297. >You tried moving your mouth to speak.
  298. "Wahhthttttefffffffffghhhhh"
  299. >"Oh no! Anon needs water! He's choking on something! Doctor, what can I do to help! What do we-"
  300. >"Princess, we might need to perform an emergency surgery. Drinking any fluids is out of the question. Please put down the glass of water."
  301. >Emergency surgery?
  302. >It was drastic and sweeping changes then.
  303. >You certainly hoped it was reversible.
  305. >It was weird though, you couldn't really feel anything.
  306. >Everything was still super numb.
  307. >And kind of fuzzy too.
  308. >Really fuzzy.
  309. >You wanted to-
  310. >Just-
  311. >...
  313. --
  314. ---
  315. --
  317. >You jolted back awake
  318. >There were still sounds and words, but you could barely make them out anymore.
  319. >It didn't feel like you were properly awake.
  320. >It felt like one of those dreams where you thought you woke up, and then you wake up again.
  321. >But really you're still asleep.
  322. >Everything was off, but you didn't really notice.
  323. >You could try and stand up to get a drink.
  324. >And you would almost taste the cold of the water.
  325. >But your throat was still dry as shit.
  326. >Maybe you could just sleep a little bit more.
  327. >Just for a minu-
  329. >Time was flowing kind of weirdly.
  330. >You were sure hours had gone by.
  331. >You managed to focus your eyes on a blurry clock by your bedside.
  332. >It had been about five minutes since you took a sip of tea.
  333. "bleeeeeeeeh"
  334. >"Anon! You're awake! Thank goodness!"
  335. "I am? Oh, I am."
  336. >You didn't sound any different.
  337. >You felt really strange though.
  338. >"We had to put you under before we could be sure the changes had stopped. They might have been too painful to bear otherwise. There's just one teensy problem Mr.Anonymous."
  339. >You didn't know the voice. It was probably the doctor treating you.
  341. "Give it to me straight Doc. What did I turn into? Did my dick survive?"
  342. >"Yes."
  343. "Fuck yeah!"
  344. >Doing better than 90% of other Anon's in these types of stories!
  345. >"You probably won't be able to keep it though. Not your human one anyway."
  346. "Say what!?"
  347. >You opened your eyes and looked around.
  348. >The light stung a bit.
  349. >Looking at you with concern was Celestia, a pale-coated doctor, and Luna, who had apparently returned.
  350. >"There was a complication with the transformation spell. Normally we would bring in a specialist, but Princess Luna was already present."
  351. "Well, what the fuck?"
  352. >"I am known as a specialist as I pioneered the form of transformative magics mineself. Twas quite the challenge back in the day."
  353. "No, not that. What complication? What's wrong!"
  354. >"Anon. Thine spell did'st not complete. You must finish yonder cup."
  355. >She levitated the offending tea cup towards you.
  356. >No way you were drinking that shit.
  357. "I'm not drinking that shit! I don't want to turn into whatever that cup has in store for me!"
  358. >"As I understand it, partial transformations are much harder to reverse. You are still in a semi-fluid form for now, but if you wait much longer permanent damage could be done, Mr. Anonymous."
  359. "Well, how bad could whatever I am now be worse than finishing the cup? I mean it's not like I've lost too much humanity. I still feel somewhat-"
  360. >The doctor pulled back your bedsheets, and you shut your whore mouth.
  361. >One of your legs was perfectly fine and normal.
  362. >It was covered with your normal skin, and had the usual number of toes.
  363. >One of them.
  365. >The other was.
  366. >Oh god.
  367. >The flesh had melted together near the end, leaving you with only two digits.
  368. >Above the ankle but below the thigh was covered in patchy green fur.
  369. >The entire leg had also shortened considerably.
  370. >You couldn't feel it or move it right now, but if you could you also would have noticed the location of your joints had shifted quite a lot.
  372. >"You feel somewhat normal because Princess Celestia has put a magic block on the majority of your nerves. You would never walk properly again if we allowed this transformation to remain incomplete."
  373. >"I know you don't like it Anon, but you need to finish your tea. No matter how bad it tastes."
  374. "I- Well, actually the tea itself tastes fine. Fruity, kinda lavender scented. I just-"
  375. >"Lav-Lavendar?! Sister, do you know what this means?"
  376. >"What- It couldn't possibly be! She- She wouldn't-"
  377. "It was definitely Twilight."
  378. >"What? My own student would- Sabotage her friend like this? I- I can't-"
  379. "Sunbutt, we can yell at Twilight later. After we fix this whole stupid mess."
  380. >"But- We... We can't just assume it's Twilight because of- Because of lavender! Even if that is the signatures of her magic, some other pony might still be responsible!"
  381. >Instant denial.
  382. >You could understand that.
  383. >Until today you never thought Twilight would betray you like this.
  384. "Whatever then. I don't want to be stuck a cripple. Hurry and pass me that tea.
  385. >"But- I looked into the type of tea. It's usually quite foul tasting apparently. Something called 'Hetochromis edibileia', It's only recommended for veteran tea drinkers. Are you sure you wouldn't like more sugar before you finish it?"
  386. "What? I told you, it tasted fine."
  387. >"Oh, so you're ready then?"
  388. "Yes."
  389. >She looked at you directly in the eyes. Her gaze was quite intense.
  390. >"This is going to- Be a bit weird. You are going to be something different, and there's no going back once you drink that. It's also going to hurt you, Anon. I'll try and keep your pain sedated, but I can't promise it'll work."
  391. >So it would be extremely painful?
  392. >Just for you though.
  393. >That was okay.
  394. >You were a big guy.
  396. >You reached out, snatched the tea cup, and downed it all in a single gulp.
  397. >It still tasted wonderful, almost like-
  400. Crack
  401. Crick
  402. Snap
  403. >Your back snapped backwards.
  404. >Kinda, it wasn't actually backwards in the traditional sense. It was more of a 'Your neck is lengthening and your spine doesn't know what the hell to do.
  405. >That cup was clearly only meant to be drunk slowly, like a regular cup of tea.
  406. >You watched through teary eyes as the layer of fur on your leg began to spread to the rest of your body.
  407. >Your leg joints also migrated upwards, leaving you with a totally different leg shape.
  409. >Celestia's horn lit up in a panic. "Anon! I'm sorry!"
  410. >Immediately everything numbed, and you almost passed out again.
  411. >You put a hoof out in front of your face.
  412. >Yep. Hoof. No more hand.
  413. >I mean, it was kinda obvious Twilight would turn you into a horse.
  414. >What the hell else would she turn you into?
  415. >A griffon or something?
  416. >Anon griffon would would pretty badass.
  417. >Maybe he could have-
  419. >How did you forget about it?
  421. >You watched with morbid curiosity as your one remaining hand melted in form.
  422. >The digits merged together, and the fingernail substance flowed into a hardened hoof.
  423. >Green fur flowed up, claiming your new hoof.
  424. >You felt your ears pressed flat against your head.
  425. >Oh god that was weird.
  426. >You lifted your new hoof to poke them, and bumped your nose.
  427. Pop
  428. >Your nose responded by flattening out as your entire jaw leapt forwards.
  429. >Not very far though.
  430. >You had a bad case of mare muzzle.
  431. >Fucking seriously Purple? A mare?
  433. >You could kind of feel something weird going on downstairs, but the supermagic morphine spell Sunbutt was using prevented you from feeling it distinctly.
  434. >You attempted to pry off the covers so you could get one last look at your manhood before it left you forever.
  435. >But you couldn't grab the covers with your non-existant fingers.
  436. >Eventually you managed to hook your hoof around the edge, and pulled it away.
  437. >You were still wearing your boxers, but you could see the outline of a pony cameltoe.
  438. >Well fuck.
  439. >Just past that you could see a blackened tail you somehow failed to notice had sprouted out of your rear.
  440. >Double fuck.
  441. >Your boxers were also really loose on you, almost as if you had shrunken a great deal-
  442. >TRIPLE FUCK.
  443. >While this was all going on, you had failed to notice just how big everything was getting.
  444. >But looking around now you could see the small hospital bed was starting to dwarf you.
  445. >You weren't just a goddamn mare.
  446. >You were a goddamn filly!
  449. >You shut your eyes, as you felt the last few pops and snaps of your joints and bones re-acquainting themselves with your new body.
  450. >After what seemed like an eternity and a half, everything stopped.
  451. >The room was silent.
  452. >"Well. That could'st have been more subtle. Sister, we must speak to your student about her transformation spells. It looked purposely sloppy and slow, as if to torment the victim. Oh, perhaps she- Anonymous, did Twilight ever carry a grudge upon you?"
  453. >You tried to respond, but all you could do right now was just breathe.
  454. >Celestia snapped out of a daze she had apparently been stuck in. "Doctor, you are not to reveal what happened in this room to anypony. Ever."
  455. >"Very well, I don't think I really want to tell anyone, or remember it at all. Transformation is decidedly gross."
  456. >"Excuse me! Tis very beautiful when done right. That was just a poor example."
  457. >"Tis true- Sorry- That's very true. Doctor, you are permitted to leave. We shall handle this situation," Celestia announced.
  458. >The doctor bowed and quickly left the room.
  460. "Umm. So."
  461. >Voice was all weird. You decided you'd just have to take up heavy smoking or something until you could get your deep voice back.
  462. >"So you're a filly now. In case you hadn't noticed."
  463. >She held up a mirror. A scared green little foal looked back.
  464. >Black mane and greentext green coat.
  465. >Bright blue eyes though.
  466. >Was that you?
  467. >She was kind of cute.
  468. >You were still going to get your body back as soon as possible.
  469. "So how are we going to punish Twilight?"
  470. >"We won't."
  471. "What? Sunbutt, I know she's your student, but she did this to me. I could prove it if-"
  472. >"No no. I believe you Anon. It hurts me, but I know my Twilight did this. I'll talk to her about it when the time comes, but that won't be for quite a while."
  473. "Huh? So what are we... Going to do? If we don't talk to Twilight, won't it be difficult to know what spell she used, or whatever?"
  474. >"Why dos't that matter?"
  475. "We need to know the spell, so that we can turn me back, right?"
  476. >Silence.
  477. "Uhh. We are going to turn me back right?"
  478. >More silence, Sunbutt and Luna shared an uneasy glance. Then Celestia gave her a nod.
  479. >"Well, I can'st say for sure just yet. But we will try, have no doubt Anonymous!"
  480. "O-Okay."
  481. >Why did it sound like they didn't know if it was possible?
  482. >That was fucked up.
  483. >Twilight was just pulling like, a prank, right?
  484. >She wouldn't make you a filly permanently?
  485. >She wouldn't do that to you.
  486. >She was still a friend.
  487. >Right?
  488. >She- She wouldn't.
  490. >"Anon, we're going to- We're going to hide this. Make it seem like you didn't survive. It's a royal protocol used when someone important is targeted for assassination or harm, we call it psuedocide. If it is Twilight who has done this, we will make her grieve and apologize. You will have your vengeance. That- That is what you want right?"
  491. >Vengeance?
  492. "Sure."
  493. >You weren't really feeling it.
  494. >You wanted to be angry or something.
  495. >You kinda just felt tired and empty.
  496. >"If tis' not Twilight who targeted you, then you will be safe from further attacks. As the attacker will think thou ist' vanquished."
  497. "Uh, thanks but- I-"
  498. >What did you really want?
  499. >Nothing was really sinking in right now.
  500. "What do I do? I don't really- Understand. Any of this. Just, why?"
  502. >Celestia put her hoof upon your cheek, caressing it softly.
  503. >"You poor thing. Don't worry. We'll protect you and look after you. We'll try and help you understand Anon. We'll try and help."
  504. >What was-
  505. >Why
  506. >Twilight wouldn't-
  507. >Why?
  509. =-=-=-==-=-=-==-=-=-==-=-=-==-=-=-==-=-=-==-=-=-==-=-=-==-=-=-==-=-=-=
  511. >After that, Sunbutt had teleported you to her chambers.
  512. >You were still a little tired, so you had ended up curling up and falling asleep.
  513. >Curling up was strangely comfortable. Pony spines were weird as fuck.
  514. >You hadn't woken up for what felt like a full week.
  515. >You asked Luna what was wrong with you, and she said it was just magic fatigue. Apparently transformation spells sometimes draw from the internal energy of the transformee.
  516. >But you were human, so you didn't have much internal energy to work with.
  517. >You wondered if that's why your first sip of tea had knocked you out.
  519. >"Child! We give up! Please come out if you are still here."
  520. >Luna was surrendering?
  521. >Yes! You were so good at this game.
  522. >You spilled your laundry basket over, and uncovered yourself.
  523. "AhA! I win!"
  524. >"Yes, you hast defeated me."
  525. >You felt a white furred hoof boop your nose.
  526. >"Not me though. Luna was the only one who gave up."
  527. "EH? But she said 'We give up- Oh. It's Luna and her stupid royal 'we'. Whatever, I didn't wanna play anymore anyway."
  528. >"What? Do mine ears betray me? You doth not like mine 'royal we'? We'st feelst most hurteh by thine wordetheses Anonymoussss."
  529. "Okay, now you're just trying too hard."
  531. "We've got you smiling though. Which was our goal from the beginning."
  532. >You blinked, before lifting a hoof and confirming your grin.
  533. >You felt kind of happy, just ignoring your troubles and playing with the rulers of the kingdom.
  534. >You forced yourself into a scrunchy frown.
  535. >"What? Oh come on, your smile is so cute though!"
  536. >You tried to look away.
  537. "I'm not cute..."
  538. >Oh god you've gone full tsundere.
  539. >You didn't want to be a tsundere little filly.
  540. >You wanted to remain the kuudere human you'd always been.
  542. >Isn't being happy like this what Twilight wanted?
  543. >You stop smiling for real.
  544. >"So what would you like to do now little miss Anon?"
  545. "Ugh, don't call me miss. Or little."
  546. >"Sister! Aren't we supposed to avoid using that name?"
  547. >"Oh no!" Celestia covered her mouth with her hooves. "We really do need to think of a new name for you, this isn't going to work."
  548. >Ugh, fine. If they really needed one.
  549. "Whatever. Just something not too plain, not too edgy, and not too similar to my old name either."
  550. >"Very well... How about-"
  551. >"Our names are not 'edgy'!"
  552. >"From what I understand of the definition Sister, you are literally edgy."
  553. >"We are not 'edgy'!!!"
  554. >"If we were to name you after your eyes, you might end up as royal blue."
  555. >Ugh, too not-name sounding.
  556. >You weren't about to get named after a ball point pen.
  557. "Not a chance. That falls under too plain."
  558. >"Okay, well how about blue like a watery-name?"
  559. >"Oh! Sapphire flow! Sapphire wash! Sapphire rinse! Sapphire-"
  560. >"I don't think she wants the name Sapphire Luna."
  561. >"Blue Wave! Water wave! Sapphi- Wait no, Virdian tides! Something else tides. Your expression says I am going the wrong direction with this!"
  562. "Where did Virdian even come from?"
  563. >"It's a shade of blue, dear."
  564. "Hm, name some more shades of blue, we'll see how I feel."
  565. >"Sky blue! Princess blue! Luna blue! Midnight Moon blue! Ocean blue! Baby blue!"
  566. >"Perhaps something more elegant sounding, Persian blue! Phthalo blue! International Klien blue!"
  567. >"Powder blue! Cyan! That blue when the moon has just risen exactly an hour ago!"
  568. "This is going to take a while."
  570. >The princesses continued listing off various shades of blue.
  571. >Celestia listing obscure ones with impossible names, and Luna listing subjective ones or simple ones.
  572. >It got worse when they reached the horse pun catergory.
  573. >What the fuck was feather blue?
  574. >Or Palomino blue?
  575. >Weren't Palomino horses usually splotchy?
  576. >You missed when Luna was suggesting different types of water.
  577. >Maybe you should just end it and go with Sapphire?
  578. >It still wasn't as good as Emerald.
  579. >Green was just an objectively better color.
  580. >Your colorfu a shit.
  581. >Could you mix emerald and sapphire?
  582. >Emphire.
  583. >sappherald.
  584. >This was a total waste of time.
  586. >The sisters were still calling out color suggestions.
  587. >They weren't actually telling them to you anymore.
  588. >Just kinda trading them back and forth.
  589. "Couldn't you just change my eye color or something?"
  590. >They weren't even listening.
  591. >"We thought for sure Volcanic blue was a real color."
  592. >"Sister, please. Volcanoes are the least blue thing possible.
  593. >"Well what about earthquake blue? You said that was a thing."
  594. >"It is an officially recognized color!"
  595. >You walked over to a mirror, and stared deep into your reflection.
  596. >If you had to live in this body for a while-
  597. >Which you didn't, everything would be back to normal soon-
  598. >What would you call yourself?
  600. >The near-black hair
  601. >The soft leaf-green coat
  602. >and piercing blue eyes.
  603. >they really did look like sapphires.
  604. >Maybe you could just settle for that.
  605. >Or a silly name.
  606. >It didn't matter.
  607. >Something ponylike.
  608. >Blue raspberry, or something.
  609. "Nah, Sapphire is fine."
  611. >"Wait, really!?"
  612. >"What? After all those other suggestions?"
  613. >"I think it's lovely! Now we just need to think of a last name for her."
  616. >You fled the room, heading into the hall.
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