No Regrets (Gilda)

Jan 22nd, 2014
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  1. >"The sound of the moniter thing beeping is keeping me up."
  2. >"Not that I could sleep after what I did"
  3. >"But its not my fault"
  4. >"How else could I react after what I saw?"
  5. >"That day after I left ponyville shamed I ran into him."
  6. >"He was such a nerd I couldn't stand first"
  7. >"He told me his name was Anon,that he didn't know how he got here"
  8. >"He was an outcast like me"
  9. >"We developed a friendship fast; even tho it mostly consisted of my bothering him while he was in the home/workshop on the outskirts of ponyville he built out of old wood and a few vines.
  10. >" I could tell her liked it tho, the little masochist"
  11. >"Then he did something that completely threw me through a loop."
  12. > " The dweeb managed to make himself a pair of wings.
  13. >"But when he told me parts of it were maid of my old malted feathers."
  14. >" After nearly strangling him to death I managed to explain that using a griffon's feathers meant that you was interested.
  15. > "Then he was he was actually"
  16. >"I I couldn't fly away fast enough to hide my blush"
  17. > "But him and his damn wings caught up with me.
  18. >" Hey followed me everywhere I could fly"
  19. >" The whole time he's screaming about how he wants us to go inter-species isnt weird"
  20. >"And as much as he was become annoyingly persistent"
  21. >" It felt nice being chased by someone that wanted you"
  22. > "Though his stamina left alot to be desired"
  23. >"Had to catch him before he plummeted into the ground.
  24. >" I start berating him but he just smiles the whole time"
  25. >"He's crazy I thought,insane.....amazing"
  26. >"Then he kissed me."
  27. >"I gave up at that point"
  28. >"No use fighting this anymore"
  29. >" But I warned him."
  30. >" A griffon's heart is a very dangerous thing to have, that we can get...very protective of what we consider OURS"
  31. >" What followed was 6 months of awesomeness. "
  32. > "It didn't take long before we became the talk of ponyville"
  33. > "He even got dash to talk to me again."
  34. >" I got my best friend back AND the dweeb or my dreams.
  35. >"Then she showed up"
  36. >" That fucking pink symbol of all my hate"
  37. >" She wanted to throw a parrty to congratulate us on our relationship.
  38. > "I wanted to rip her damn skull open"
  39. >"But Anon pulled me out of the fire before I did anything rash
  40. >"Once I explained he said he would decline go back into town and decline her offer"
  41. >"Its a ten minute walk and he came back an hour later"
  42. >"I should've it coming.
  43. >" I wish I had cut that pink fuck's throat when I had the chance."
  44. >" She and dash had convinced his to throw the party"
  45. >"If it wasn't for dash I Would've slugged him."
  46. >"But instead I made him sleep on the couch and didn't give him any kitty for the whole week leading up to the party"
  47. >"When the night of the party did come I could tell my mate was effectively blue-balled."
  48. >"I hinted that he might MIGHT get some play when we got home and he practically tried to mount me right then and there."
  49. >"It felt so good to be wanted so badly but he waited a week"
  50. >"Another two hours wasn't gonna kill him"
  51. >"When we got to the party it was in full swing"
  52. >"Dash an I branched off into the corner with a few other of her pegasai friends but I never took my eye off my prize."
  53. >"For the first half things were fine"
  54. >"Then I saw Anon go into the kitchen"
  55. > Not a moment later i saw Pinkie see this and follow behind him"
  56. > "I didn't want to jump to conclusions so i casually made my way over and cracked the door to the kitchen"
  57. >"SHE"
  58. >"WAS"
  59. >"ON"
  60. >"HIM!!!"
  61. >"Her face barely an inch for his
  62. >" I practically ripped the door its hinges "
  63. >"All I from that moment to the hospital was pulling her off him tossing her across the room.
  64. >"I thought heard something snap when she hit the wall but I didnt care."
  65. >"I was too busy screaming at anon and shaking him"
  66. >I was shaking him so hard"
  67. >I didn't realize his head was hitting the overhead cabinet.
  68. > "I didn't even notice the blood everywhere until he touch the side of my face with his hand.
  69. >" Oh God...What Have I Done"
  70. >"I over screams of everyone leaving I heard some some call for the guards.
  71. >I couldn't care less as I cradled Anon."
  72. >"Desperately apologizing and pleading for him to be ok"
  73. >"The guards came"
  74. >"They ripped Anon from my arms and placed me in shackles"
  75. >"I spent the next week in a dark lightless cell"
  76. > "The only sound coming from when the guard pushed a tray of food into the little slot at the bottom of the cell door"
  77. >"It was all veggies though"
  78. >"Could barely keep it down"
  79. >"No one came to visit me."
  80. >"Not Anon"
  81. >"Not Dash"
  82. >"No one"
  83. >"Eventually the A griffon diplomat got me out"
  84. >On the condition that I never return to ponyville or have contact with any of the mane 6"
  85. >"Celestia had placed a ban on me for what I did to pinkie."
  86. > "Something about her not being able to reproduce anymore"
  87. >"Whorse had it coming"
  88. >"When I asked about Anon he said he was still in a hospital in Canterlot since they have more advanced medicine.
  89. > "I couldn't fly fast enough"
  90. >"And this is where i've been since"
  91. >"Anon was waiting for me when I got there."
  92. >"I expected him to scream for me to get out"
  93. >"But he welcomed me with open arms"
  94. >"I never thought I'd see the day when i'd cry"
  95. >" He's going to be released soon"
  96. >"And we still have alot of life ahead of us"
  99. >"And I plan to make every day count
  101. 4/4
  102. END
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