Warrant 4

Mar 23rd, 2012
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  1. forum:
  2.    # Want to use information from a custom profile field instead of the user's forum username?
  3.     multitable: true
  4.     # Want to use a comma seperated list of additional groups to assign your member?
  5.     use-additional-groups: false
  6.     # If we're using phpBB3 or a forum system like it, then it's a pain in the arse to find a user's group! Are we using phpBB3?
  7.     use-group-table: false
  8.     # If you'd like, Warrant can look at if the member's "banned-field" is true or false and keep 'em out if it's true
  9.     use-boolean-ban: false
  10.     # Bung in the info on where to look for the member data
  11.     usertable:
  12.        # Name of the member data table
  13.         name: smf_members
  14.         # Field to find the group id to match those set in the "groups" section of this file
  15.         group-field: id_group
  16.         # If we're not using multitable mode, then which field should we look for the member's minecraft username in?
  17.         username-field: member_name
  18.         # And if "use-additional-groups" is enabled... where is the comma seperated list of additional groups?
  19.         additional-groups-field: additional_groups
  20.         # Has a player been banned? If "use-boolean-ban" is true, this field will be used to determine if the user can come in or not. OVERRIDES WHITELIST!
  21.         banned-field:
  22.        # If "use-additional-groups" is on, then we're going to need a way to link this user to their extra profile fields
  23.         key-field: id_member
  24.     # This part ONLY counts if you've used 'multitable'. Make sure to match the key-fields up!
  25.     profiletable:
  26.        # Name of the custom profile fields table
  27.         name: smf_custom_fields
  28.         # If we're going to match up the custom fields to the user's member data, then we're going to need this to match the "key-field" in the other table for each member
  29.         key-field: id_member
  30.         # Since we're in multitable mode, we can have a look in this table for their minecraft name instead. Clever isn't it?
  31.         minecraft-name-field:
  32.    # This ONLY applies if you want to use a phpBB3 style group table
  33.     grouptable:
  34.         name: phpbb_user_group
  35.         key-field: user_id
  36.         group-field: group_id
  38. # Stick your database info here
  39. database:
  40.     host: '*******'
  41.     port: '*********'
  42.     db: '************'
  43.     user: '**************'
  44.     pass: '*************'
  45. # Which worlds on your server should Warrant affect the permissions for?
  46. worlds:
  47.    - MWP10Gold
  48.     - MWP10Gold_nether
  49.     - MWP10Gold_the_end
  50.     - MWP123Gold
  51. # What you gonna tell peeps that aren't whitelisted? (PS, telling them to go and register on the forum would be a good idea. Telling them to #"@! off, would not)
  52. kick-message: 'Please register on the forums at for access!'
  53. # What you gonna tell peeps that are banned by your forum? (Telling these guys to #"@! off may actually be a good idea lol)
  54. banned-message: 'Sorry, you have been banned from Mr.Whoopee"s Paradise!'
  55. # Tell players that they've been assigned ranks when they login, or just do it silently in the background?
  56. notify-group-on-login: true
  57. # Keep out those who aren't in any group stated below (false), or shall we let them in and assign them to their default permissions group (true)?
  58. whitelist-default: false
  59. # Stick all the mappings here for any groups you wish tp be auto-ranked
  60. # Make sure to surround the number in single quotes (''), else it may just self-destruct and noone wants that
  61. # If "whitelisted" is false, then you may ommit the rank, as there will be no need to assign a rank to disallowed players
  62. # You must give a default group that can be assigned to those players that have been demoted from a higher rank to prevent them from keeping permissions they no longer have access to
  63. default-group: Member
  64. groups:
  65.    # Here, normal registered members can go ahead and just join in as normal members
  66.    '4':
  67.        rank: Member
  68.        whitelisted: true
  69.    '6':
  70.        rank: Donator
  71.        whitelisted: true
  72.    '5':
  73.        rank: MWP VIP Member
  74.        whitelisted: true
  75.    '3':
  76.        rank: Moderator
  77.        whitelisted: true
  78.    '2':
  79.        rank: Global Moderator
  80.        whitelisted: true
  81.    '1':
  82.        rank: Administrator
  83.        whitelisted: true
  84.    # Let's say this group is banned for example. We can forget about the rank because they don't deserve one :)
  85.    '6':
  86.        whitelisted: false
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