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  2. A Dio for fun.Today at 6:16 AM
  3. everything? on top of him being defensive of an app i told him was already just about to be denied, he just kept it on that level.
  4. RaptopToday at 6:16 AM
  5. he argued about his character and where it stands
  6. if that's reasons for kicking.. alright
  7. A Dio for fun.Today at 6:17 AM
  8. yes, and that's his choice. it wasn't the debating that got him kicked.
  9. RaptopToday at 6:17 AM
  10. and what was?
  11. A Dio for fun.Today at 6:17 AM
  12. it's the attitude.
  13. RaptopToday at 6:17 AM
  14. I saw everything he wrote
  15. you disliked what he said so you kicked him
  16. A Dio for fun.Today at 6:17 AM
  17. mhm? and you don't think any of that had attitude to it?
  18. RaptopToday at 6:17 AM
  19. yes, because yours didn't
  20. A Dio for fun.Today at 6:18 AM
  21. yeah, but attitude is my default. i mean, if any nerd or admin were to want to kick/demote me for attitude, they'd be free to.
  22. RaptopToday at 6:18 AM
  23. lol fucking hell
  24. "oh i can do it because its my default"
  25. boneggToday at 6:18 AM
  26. bye sharuji
  27. RaptopToday at 6:18 AM
  28. "but anyone else doing it and im kicking them"
  29. wowserzzzzzToday at 6:18 AM
  30. so u consciously do the same thing because u think ur special :thinking:
  31. A Dio for fun.Today at 6:18 AM
  32. i didn't say i could do it with no consequence. tbf, motho could kick me any time they wanted.
  33. RaptopToday at 6:19 AM
  34. they could and they should if you randomly use your power to kick someone because you dislike what they say
  35. A Dio for fun.Today at 6:20 AM
  36. i mean, if they want to demote me for kicking him, that's their decision, but i stand by my decision.
  37. DeageonToday at 6:20 AM
  38. Raptop more like
  39. braaaaaptop
  40. wowserzzzzzToday at 6:20 AM
  41. heuhauheuhauheuh huehugeuheuh
  42. A Dio for fun.Today at 6:20 AM
  43. qwerty only makes characters -- especially monks -- for the express purpose of fighting other characters.
  44. he literally looks at other apps, combines the strongpoints from all of them, and just throws an app out there.
  45. RaptopToday at 6:21 AM
  46. If you didn't put the strongpoints at such a high level on yours, he couldn't refer to your apps as an excuse tbh
  47. wowserzzzzzToday at 6:21 AM
  48. isnt the first thing u did when u made that weird orc thing try to kill ppl for entering ur sacred woods channel
  49. DeageonToday at 6:21 AM
  50. who
  51. A Dio for fun.Today at 6:21 AM
  52. the orc thing was there to scare people off, yes.
  53. RaptopToday at 6:21 AM
  54. was there to scare people off
  55. A Dio for fun.Today at 6:21 AM
  56. oni, not orc.
  57. RaptopToday at 6:21 AM
  58. alright
  59. okay
  60. alright
  61. wowserzzzzzToday at 6:22 AM
  62. onii channn
  63. DeageonToday at 6:22 AM
  64. oni pussy got me like
  65. Uguu~
  66. A Dio for fun.Today at 6:22 AM
  67. correct, to scare people away from the woods.
  68. RaptopToday at 6:22 AM
  69. You wanted to do that, he likes antagonistic characters
  70. wowserzzzzzToday at 6:22 AM
  71. u attacked like 3 ppl
  72. RaptopToday at 6:22 AM
  73. whats the problem?
  74. A Dio for fun.Today at 6:22 AM
  75. yes, all of those people were talked to in pms first.
  76. RaptopToday at 6:22 AM
  77. he gets his ass handed to him in almost any scenario
  78. wowserzzzzzToday at 6:23 AM
  79. yez i pm u now it is ok 2 pk u
  80. RaptopToday at 6:23 AM
  81. And I don't remember last time qwerty attacked someone out of the blue. If you could freshen up my memory.
  82. A Dio for fun.Today at 6:23 AM
  83. yes, and every time he gets his ass handed to him, he continued to make problematic, increasingly powerful characters. i make characters that sound interesting to me.
  84. and i never pk'd anyone on the oni aside from like
  85. the already dead mining droid.
  86. RaptopToday at 6:23 AM
  87. Yes, he makes characters that sound interesting to him. Now tell me who he has killed/attacked out fo the blue recently
  88. wowserzzzzzToday at 6:23 AM
  89. everyone makes chars that r interesting 2 them dumbdumb bubblegum
  90. RaptopToday at 6:23 AM
  91. You must have examples for all the accusations you throw around, right?
  92. Or is it just some dislike for him because he was a dumb big gay some years back on sathos
  93. A Dio for fun.Today at 6:24 AM
  94. his lykos character.
  95. wowserzzzzzToday at 6:24 AM
  96. being gay is ok :sunglasses:
  97. RaptopToday at 6:24 AM
  98. okay
  99. what about him?
  100. Which fights did he engage in?
  101. A Dio for fun.Today at 6:25 AM
  102. he literally picked random fights?????? and i have a horrible long term memory. thats like asking me to remember who i pk'd on ethereal.
  103. i could maybe name one.
  104. and thats just because its still a meme.
  105. RaptopToday at 6:25 AM
  106. The only fight he had
  107. was agianst your Oni
  108. the fight you started
  109. without Pming us
  110. wowserzzzzzToday at 6:25 AM
  111. ^
  112. RaptopToday at 6:26 AM
  113. unless you PM'd him or something
  114. wowserzzzzzToday at 6:26 AM
  115. dab
  116. A Dio for fun.Today at 6:26 AM
  117. yes. with you there. a fight he picked by sitting there antagonizing aforementioned oni.
  118. RaptopToday at 6:26 AM
  119. Yes, because you told us to get out or you'll murder us
  120. and you tried to murder us
  121. you tried to go for a killing hit against us
  122. A Dio for fun.Today at 6:26 AM
  123. gee i wonder how i told you to leave or id murder you
  124. RaptopToday at 6:26 AM
  125. and you dare accuse him of picking fights?
  126. A Dio for fun.Today at 6:26 AM
  127. if the oni
  128. does not
  129. speak english
  130. RaptopToday at 6:26 AM
  131. jfc i don't know if you're delusional or something
  132. My mage could speak other languages
  133. A Dio for fun.Today at 6:27 AM
  134. as i said. horrible short term memory.
  135. RaptopToday at 6:27 AM
  136. And even then, not speaking another language means you can go and kill people?
  137. Look, did I say anything about your Oni attacking us? No
  138. wowserzzzzzToday at 6:27 AM
  139. hmm i h8 chars tha t r made just 2 fite ppl but i can make an onni channn thats sole purpose is to sit in a forest waiting for someone 2 defy him for ez killz :thinking: '
  140. RaptopToday at 6:27 AM
  141. You want to play antagonist character, I respect that
  142. A Dio for fun.Today at 6:27 AM
  143. oh, you didnt
  144. does this not
  145. ring any bells
  146. RaptopToday at 10:25 PM
  147. The only fight he had
  148. was agianst your Oni
  149. the fight you started
  150. without Pming us
  151. not at all?
  152. RaptopToday at 6:28 AM
  153. Yes, because you're calling him out on starting fights when you do
  154. Which is a baseless accusation
  155. A Dio for fun.Today at 6:28 AM
  156. yes i do start fights, but i also play other characters that don't.
  157. RaptopToday at 6:28 AM
  158. Yes, and he plays characters that don't either.
  159. As he hasn't picked a fight on ANY of his chars recently
  160. A Dio for fun.Today at 6:28 AM
  161. whereas the wide majority of his characters and his ooc attitude is antagonistic.
  162. because he's not even active LOL
  163. RaptopToday at 6:28 AM
  164. And yet he hasn't attacked anyone
  165. A Dio for fun.Today at 6:28 AM
  166. because
  167. he
  168. never
  169. RaptopToday at 6:28 AM
  170. Not on this server, nor the previous ones
  171. A Dio for fun.Today at 6:28 AM
  172. plays
  173. RaptopToday at 6:29 AM
  174. The recent previous ones, I mean.
  175. A Dio for fun.Today at 6:29 AM
  176. wrong. cof. he picked fights on there that got him frequently killed.
  177. RaptopToday at 6:29 AM
  178. Yes, and he talked to me beforehand
  179. As most of the fights were against me.
  180. A Dio for fun.Today at 6:29 AM
  181. yes, im sure he did.
  182. RaptopToday at 6:29 AM
  183. Yes, he did.
  184. A Dio for fun.Today at 6:29 AM
  185. and no, there were others.
  186. wowserzzzzzToday at 6:29 AM
  187. i dont understand what the problem is if a player wants 2 play a char a certain way just let them do it
  188. if it gets them killed every time then dab
  189. A Dio for fun.Today at 6:30 AM
  190. yes, and he's free to, but i won't auth him a character on that level when he uses them for that sole intent.
  191. power levels are a matter of trust.
  192. RaptopToday at 6:30 AM
  193. He didn't even fight anyone
  194. Yeah, because you're the epitome of trust.
  195. A Dio for fun.Today at 6:30 AM
  196. never said i was?
  197. RaptopToday at 6:30 AM
  198. Yet you have the strongest characters.
  199. A Dio for fun.Today at 6:30 AM
  200. ive played some dumbass characters
  201. wowserzzzzzToday at 6:30 AM
  202. i wouldnt have a problem with ur weird oni if u werent like trying 2 purge all the other strong bad guys
  203. A Dio for fun.Today at 6:30 AM
  204. and i always trade them out if i feel theyre not a long game concept.
  205. RaptopToday at 6:30 AM
  206. He wanted a character that was close but still below the power of yours.
  207. So that's unreasonable because you dislike him?
  208. A Dio for fun.Today at 6:31 AM
  209. the oni legit just scared people off half the time. thats what he did.
  210. RaptopToday at 6:31 AM
  211. Yet he attacked us and was antagonistic.
  212. wowserzzzzzToday at 6:31 AM
  213. yea and tried 2 kill them other times
  214. A Dio for fun.Today at 6:31 AM
  215. his character, at the level it was at
  216. could kill ANY character on the server
  217. DeageonToday at 6:31 AM
  218. qwerty is a cringe normie
  219. A Dio for fun.Today at 6:31 AM
  220. even if most of them teamed up.
  221. DeageonToday at 6:31 AM
  222. that is dinal
  223. RaptopToday at 6:31 AM
  224. Yes, as most people can kill others
  225. DeageonToday at 6:31 AM
  226. *final
  227. RaptopToday at 6:31 AM
  228. Anyone with a good gun can kill someone else
  229. wowserzzzzzToday at 6:31 AM
  230. deageon has hemarroids
  231. DeageonToday at 6:31 AM
  232. Nigga moment cringe normie alert
  233. No I don't cunt boy
  234. A Dio for fun.Today at 6:31 AM
  235. mm no
  236. RaptopToday at 6:31 AM
  237. Just as anyone with a good gun could kill him
  238. Yes.
  239. wowserzzzzzToday at 6:31 AM
  240. prove it
  241. A Dio for fun.Today at 6:32 AM
  242. incorrect
  243. RaptopToday at 6:32 AM
  244. Well, everyone with a 7.62 can kill most others except your spiderman character
  245. because he can dodge bullets
  246. DeageonToday at 6:32 AM
  247. 4k 1080p picture of my ass
  248. RaptopToday at 6:32 AM
  249. 800-900 m/s bullets
  250. wowserzzzzzToday at 6:32 AM
  251. yez
  252. A Dio for fun.Today at 6:32 AM
  253. he dodged bullets by jumping
  254. RaptopToday at 6:32 AM
  255. No one can possibly match that
  256. A Dio for fun.Today at 6:32 AM
  257. because damn its almost like automatic fire is a thing
  258. astartes can
  259. spartans can because he can't just punch through titanium alloy
  260. magic users can. no resistance to magic.
  261. RaptopToday at 6:33 AM
  262. nigga cna lift more than an astartes
  263. Twice as much almost
  264. cannot kill spartans?
  265. what?
  266. A Dio for fun.Today at 6:33 AM
  267. yes, and astartes are also powered by servos.
  268. DeageonToday at 6:33 AM
  269. can we just agree that Qwerty just kinda sucks dick at rping and is gringe
  270. RaptopToday at 6:33 AM
  271. yeah
  272. which puts them to 3 ton range
  273. at best
  274. DeageonToday at 6:33 AM
  275. look at the shit he did in the tavern
  276. RaptopToday at 6:33 AM
  277. deadlift
  278. not 3.5 overhead
  279. DeageonToday at 6:33 AM
  280. le old man gets beaten up
  281. RaptopToday at 6:33 AM
  282. Idc if the roleplayer is someone from HL2RP
  283. DeageonToday at 6:33 AM
  284. His retarded shit with lolsorandom character NPCs is annoying
  285. RaptopToday at 6:34 AM
  286. I dislike this show of power to kick someone because you dislike what they say
  287. wowserzzzzzToday at 6:34 AM
  288. yea
  289. RaptopToday at 6:34 AM
  290. It shows corruption to hell and back
  291. wowserzzzzzToday at 6:34 AM
  292. rights for gamerrzzz zzz xdd
  293. A Dio for fun.Today at 6:34 AM
  294. corruption
  295. on a discord server
  296. wowserzzzzzToday at 6:34 AM
  297. down with the adminges
  298. RaptopToday at 6:34 AM
  299. Yes, you abuse your powers.
  300. wowserzzzzzToday at 6:34 AM
  301. no but that was really messed up
  302. A Dio for fun.Today at 6:34 AM
  303. because he's an undesirable character who makes extremely powerful characters only to go inactive and never use them?
  304. RaptopToday at 6:35 AM
  305. And why do you care what he does with them?
  306. A Dio for fun.Today at 6:35 AM
  307. you're making it sound like i shot his dog.
  308. because it impacts the quality of the roleplay to have some rarted guy who's only around to pick bar fights and fights with characters
  309. RaptopToday at 6:35 AM
  310. Oh, I don't like this guy's character, he doesn't RP as much as others
  311. he didn't fight anyone tho
  312. A Dio for fun.Today at 6:35 AM
  313. who then disappears into the ether until the next fight
  314. he did
  315. RaptopToday at 6:35 AM
  316. When?
  317. A Dio for fun.Today at 6:35 AM
  318. on avii's. picked fights on lykos.
  319. and yes, you can consider it a shitty example, but all the time on sathos.
  320. RaptopToday at 6:36 AM
  321. With whom?
  322. Elise Minette / Tur'el / SofiaToday at 6:36 AM
  323. I would suggest not giving him that character then if that character was an issue.
  324. RaptopToday at 6:36 AM
  325. It is a shitty example as Sathos was a long time ago.
  326. It's more about the fact that he got kicked because he was debating it.
  327. A Dio for fun.Today at 6:36 AM
  328. that was what i intended to do. then he started acting like a child because it was getting denied.
  329. RaptopToday at 6:37 AM
  330. Anyway, I personally do not see you as capable of being unbiased as you are.
  331. A Dio for fun.Today at 6:37 AM
  332. and you're entitled to that opinion.
  333. honestly just feels like you two are trying to stir shit up because he got kicked for being stupid over a character app.
  334. wowserzzzzzToday at 6:38 AM
  335. again u shouldnt kick players from the server because theyre discussing their char app
  336. A Dio for fun.Today at 6:38 AM
  337. if they act like children while discussing it, yes. i will kick them.
  338. RaptopToday at 6:38 AM
  339. So yeah, on Avii's he didn't start any fights. He only fought NPC's and your Onii
  340. Where did he act like children?
  341. What do you qualify acting as children?
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