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Aug 26th, 2019
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  1. Que Puta La Zenge esa Man Buen Video Más Nuevo Sub
  3. Buen video!
  4. ❤❤
  5. JAJAJA gg
  6. directo de miedo?? please
  7. Juega eagle xd
  9. you made a power faction raidable?
  11. What is MPR??
  12. Bueno video,
  13. Gg
  14. Buen video crack!
  15. why dont you do living in a spleef trap iMakeMcVids i dont think none done
  16. noti gang love your videos man much love and support from me! <3
  17. Llegue tarde para la bendición número 18? Xd
  18. Subes muy rápido de subs etc patrox llegarás muy lejos ae encantan tus videos
  19. Amo c9mo jugas y como relatas xd
  20. Amo tus vídeos ❤❤❤❤
  21. nice <3
  22. Like, mi cora
  23. xd
  24. F in the chat boys
  25. next SOTW living in the smallest skybridge
  26. you can pot on crafting tables, so switch to furnaces
  27. Next SOTW living on a skyblock
  28. Do more than one video for each map pls
  29. you should do living in a beacon
  30. Next sotw living in a tree
  31. #notigang
  32. 1
  33. FIrst
  34. NOTI
  35. 1st
  36. ???
  37. Wait he can't just walk out?
  38. give link texturpack pls
  39. RP?
  40. fan power faction
  41. spanish server?
  42. premium?
  43. whats the ip?
  44. can i join your faction please
  45. CAN LEARN YOU SPANISH (sorry google translate)
  46. f in chat
  47. Is this the overwach pro kenzoo Sarcasm*
  48. i want the pack of the other video
  49. Notification things
  50. you die to much...
  51. want to join my faction?
  52. Are You Spanish?
  53. Love the vid!
  54. B E A N O S
  55. Oooo i think issa diamond
  56. Who have link of that texture
  57. Techno blade has join the game
  58. need premium on this server?
  59. Love ur vids
  60. PACK?
  61. texturpack?
  62. I want your texture pack
  63. much love bro ❤️
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