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Mar 24th, 2018
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  1. Before developing Roller Coaster Tycoon, Chris Sawyer made Transport Tycoon all the way back in '95. Extremely comfy, open ended gameplay that revolves around building a rail/road/air/sea network to transport freight and passengers and roll in /n/bux. Trains are the main draw here, and offer much more complexity to the other (viable) options.
  3. "But I've never heard of these, where do I start?"
  5. >OpenTTD (Windows, Linux, Mac, Android)
  6. Transport Tycoon Deluxe (stand alone expansion/sequel thing from '96) has been completely reverse engineered and rebuilt in a brand new engine complete with community-made assets which have the same feel as the original (you can import said assets from TTD). Extremely faithful to the spirit of the original, adding a huge amount of new features. Has a Multiplayer mode which supports both competitive and co-op play. The gameplay is much more fleshed out and satisfying than Locomotion, although it is more limited visually. Has an in-game browser for community made mods and content.
  8. >Locomotion (Steam and GoG) (Linux and Mac versions playable with OpenLoco)
  9. Sequel/Spiritual successor to the original Transport Tycoon Deluxe. Currently getting the OpenTTD and OpenRCT treatment in the form of OpenLoco, maybe by the ORCT devs. Still in it's infancy but completely playable and worth getting just for the new resolution options and modernisation. Locomotion has a similar artstyle to RCT2, and is made in the same engine. It has that same RCT feel and tone that makes it so addictive. The track building is incredibly versatile, allowing for really beautiful train networks. Unfortunately, it has very limited signal options and godawful pathfinding and competitor AI, making the gameplay significantly less satisfying than OpenTTD. OpenLoco looks promising however, and may some day fix all of Locomotion's shortcomings. Still a great game and worth trying out.
  11. >Transport Tycoon (Mobile) (Android, IOS)
  12. A really nice portable version of Locomotion. Definitely worth getting if you have the money. The UI looks a bit weird but the gameplay remains the same comfy experience as always.
  14. >Simutrans (Steam, ported to fucking everything)
  15. A freeware game in the same vein as Transport Tycoon. Embraces total conversion modding, you essentially download the engine, then choose a "pakset" which contains everything from the graphics to how the game functions, every pakset plays differently, and has their own quirks. In general, Simutrans focuses on much more complexand realistic industry chains and network design. OTTD is more accessible, can be modded in ways simutrans can't and has a larger, more active community. Simutrans is a good game though, it's just a bit hardcore and not a good starting point unless you're a trai/n/ e/n/thusiast.
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  19. >Transport Tycoon Forums (also for Locomotion and similar games)
  21. >OpenTTD Wiki (great for new players)
  23. >OTTDCoop (The OTTD equivelant to Community for high level, extremely complex and near game breaking play. Check out their wiki once you get the hang of the game)
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