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  1. [17:20] <05~TicTac|GM> 3The city of Baltimare, a thriving metropolis of trade, commerce, and a slew of different cultures before the war. During the war, the city was a major industrial sector for the Equestrian war machine, with the shipping docks being one of the main ports for the import and export of supplies for the war effort. Now after the war is done and over, nearly 220 years later, it's once more become a thriving center of trade, but not without conflict. The city is ruled primarily by five differnet gangs that control different aspects and areas of the sprawling urban center. In the middle of the city, centered around the buisness district and downtown, is the Smooth Trotter Company. They are a powerful banking organization, and to get started in Baltimare you almost always have to deal with them in some form or another. Conrolling the southern part of the city is the Crimson Leaf Shipping Company. They have control of the city's docks and trainyards, and control nearly all the trade that comes in and out of the city. Dealing with them can prove... deadly if you get on the wrong side of them though. To the north is a gang of griffons and pegasi calling themselves the Flyboys. Very militaristic, they have turned an old movie theater into a makeshift bunker and control most of the industrial plants. They produce much of the city's export market, and as such are in close league with the Crimson Leaves. Next, to the east, you have the Ruskin Mob. This is ehere most of the markets are, and the mob is known for extorting protection money from the various merchants that vend there. Lastly, to the west, is the Specters. The western portion of the city is mostly residential, and no pony is quite sure what exactly the Specters do, other than hide in the old shopping mall that they use as their base.
  2. [17:38] <05~TicTac|GM> 3Now, onto you, the party. Coming from various backrounds and with different goals, you all have found yourselves in the same location, a small bar along the river that's just west of where the Crimson Leaf territory starts, and sitting beneath the old overpass of I-95. The small bar is called The Flopping Fish, and has a large, plastic fish mounted above the door. The interior is made up entirely of a mix of new and old wooden boards. There's a grouping of tables in the middle of the bar, with booths lining two of the walls. The barcounter opens back directly to the kitchen, and on the far wall is a small wooden staged that's raised a couple of feet off the ground. Inside the actual bar is a sandy auburn griffon tom, a blue, purple, and green earth pony, an orange and brown pegasus mare, and grey batpony with a deep blue mane. There's also the bartender, an aging white maned stallion with a blue coat wearing a nice suit, and there's a chef in the back, that appears to be a chubby blue mare with a long red mane.
  3. [17:40] * Silent is sitting at the bar, the feminine batpony drinking from a stemmed glass with a cracked base and some kind of brightly coloured drink inside. Their dress - literally a dress - is that of a Ministry of Peace nurse, and their first-aid-box saddlebags reinforce that they might be a doctor!
  4. [17:43] * Sunny_Smiles is that blue, purple, and greenish earth pony stallion! His coat is a light blue and he has dark green eyes. His mane and tail make up the greenish colors and as well as the purple and while his hair is clean it clearly hasn't had a brush anywhere near it in... maybe ever. He's clad in a set of metal barding that's been reinforced here and there with bits and pieces of... basically
  5. [17:43] * Sunny_Smiles whatever could be found and has a helmet hanging off a hook on his back. Though he isn't trying to hide it, the knife he's got in a shoulder holster is rather inoccuous and not hard to miss amongst all the jagged edges and points of his armor. He's lounging in one of the booths off to the side and seems to be ponywatching the various other people in the room.
  6. [17:43] <Sunny_Smiles> (Sunny: http://i.imgur.com/XcTixsG.png)
  7. [17:51] <Skyfall> Sky sits at the bar drinking a frothy mug of ciderr, clad in a ramshackle armour made of leather and scrap metal. The light orange mare is unarmed, and and gives a drunken leer at Sunny, her short dark brown mane covering her eyes. She turns back to her drink and blushes, taking a heavy swig.
  8. [17:54] * Sunny_Smiles spots Skyfall's look, laughs, then grins at her and winks from across the bar.
  9. [17:55] * Silent looked up, noticing the two not far from them flirting. They grinned a little, caught in the "crossfire" between Sky and Sunny, before sipping their own drink.
  10. [17:59] <Skyfall> Sky's ears jump up at the the laugh, and she quickly glances back at Sunny. She turns back to her drink and grins before hopping off her barstool and trotting towards Sunny's booth.
  11. [18:01] * Sunny_Smiles grins at Silent for a moment as well before Skyfall makes her way over toward him. He lounges back in his booth and flicks his tail a little as the pegasus approaches.
  12. [18:04] <Skyfall> Sky jumps into the seat in front of Sunny, fluttering down and resting her cider on the table in one smooth motion. "So...What brings you to this fine establishment?"
  13. [18:05] * Gyr lifts his saddlebags from the ground as if they were full of bricks. As he lumbers on his paws and a squeaky wheel, he makes a pathetic show of slinging the bags over his back. The tired, old cripple lets out a grunt as the his back threatens to snap with the weight.
  14. [18:05] * Silent happened to spot that and, because they like to help, trotted over immediately to help with Gyr's saddlebags.
  15. [18:08] * Sunny_Smiles shrugs at Sky and swishes his tail a little more. "Checking things out. Maybe have a drink. See if anyone interesting shows up." He grins. "Only two to go now."
  16. [18:10] * Gyr smirks for a fraction of a second as the cool coloured Pony trots over. "Oh, thank you kindly." Gyr says as he immediately throws his bags to the Pony. "Is there a latrine somewhere around here, barkeep?" He asks the aging stallion.
  17. [18:10] * Silent lets out a slightly surprised "skree" as the bags land on them and they struggle to get them back >off<, looking at Gyr with a look that said "Hey, the /fuck/?"
  18. [18:11] <05~TicTac|GM> 9The bartender picks up a glass and begins to clean it as he watches the collection of 4 people with mild interest. He idly cleans a few glasses as the mare that was back in the kitchen moves around rather slowly, perpping various things. The elderly pegasus stallion perks up his hears and looks over at the tom. "Yeah, through the swinging door back there." He says to Gyr with a gesture of a wing towards a set of swinging doors set against the wall next to the small stage.
  19. [18:18] <Gyr> "No time, dear. My bladder is an impatient creature." Gyr says to the cool coloured one as he lurches towards the swinging door.
  20. [18:18] * Silent blinks, waits until Gyr has vanished into the shitter, and then the batpone immediate starts rummaging through the saddlebags for revenge.
  21. [18:19] <Skyfall> Sky looks over at the surpised bat pony and raises an eyebrow, before turning her gaze towards the armoured pony in front of her. "Umm...wow. That's not a common sight!" She pauses. "Are you from around here? Ever seen a pony like that before?"
  22. [18:21] * Sunny_Smiles would immediately assume Silent is a stallion going by how the batpone appears effeminate yet is described with gender neutral pronouns, but he doesn't have Wild Wasteland so he can't ready the metatext. He follows Skyfall's gaze over to Silent, shrugs, then turns back to the pegasus. "Yeah, they're around. I mean, you're one. Just with feathers instead'a leather." He chuckles and
  23. [18:21] * Sunny_Smiles holds a hoof out toward the mare. "Sunny Smiles."
  24. [18:23] * Silent blehs and leaves the saddlebags where they are, in the middle of the bar floor, open and with some shit falling out of it, and heads to the bar to continue their drinking, shaking their head the whole time.
  25. [18:24] <05~TicTac|GM> K3The bartender looks at Silent. "Another drink madame?"
  26. [18:24] * Silent nodnods and points to the glass they had, with its bright, fruity cocktail.
  27. [18:25] <05~TicTac|GM> 3The barender nods and pulls out a various mix of drinks to make up the cocktail that Silent had been drinking, before sliding them another one. "There you ma'am." He says with a nod.
  28. [18:26] * Silent gives a happy skree as a thanks.
  29. [18:29] <Skyfall> Sky reaches out for Sunny's outstretched hoof. "Sky" She looks at the Batpony now sitting at the bar, "Still, super creepy." She takes another sip of her cider.
  30. [18:30] * Silent misunderstands at, at the words "super creepy", slowly turns their head to stare at Sky with an indignant skree.
  31. [18:31] * Sunny_Smiles shakes Skyfall's hoof, smirks at the mare for a moment, then shrugs. "I've seen worse." He looks at the skreeing Silent with a raised brow and laughs. "I think she heard you."
  32. [18:32] <05~TicTac|GM> 3There's a small chuckle from the barkeep at that.
  33. [18:35] <Skyfall> "Fuck" Sky quickly averts her gaze. "Creep ears too." she whispers. "So...uhh..." she looks down at her drink. "Where'd you get the armour? It's pretty extravgant!"
  34. [18:39] * Sunny_Smiles snickers at Skyfall. "Need another drink? Wash out the taste of hoof?" The blue coated stallion laughs and swishes his tail, then thumps a hoof into his chest. "I found it sitting on a shelf. It looked nice, but this other guy wouldn't let me take it until I gave him a bunch of caps. It was /weird/." He smirks.
  35. [18:39] <Gyr> "Out with the old," says Gyr as he shambles to the bar, "and in with the new." He knocks twice on the countertop. "Barkeep. Something cheap, weak, and fermented."
  36. [18:40] * Silent blinks at Gyr, who seems unconcerned by their saddlebags being strewn on the floor, and gets up to scoot a few seats down the bar and sit casually next to Skyfall, sipping their drink.
  37. [18:42] <Skyfall> Sky, her conversation quickly forgotten, gulps and scoots as far as she can away from the batwinged intruder.
  38. [18:42] * Silent smiles innocently and waves at both Sky and Sunny.
  39. [18:42] <05~TicTac|GM> 3The bartender nods and grabs a glass, turning back to one of the taps labeled 'Buckwiser'. He pours Gyr out a glass and then slides it over to him with a nod. "Here you are sir." He says. "Also, you may want to collect your saddlebags before any more unsavory parties enter." He says.
  40. [18:44] <Skyfall> "So...uh...Can you talk?" Sky says, glaring at her new companions leathery wings.
  41. [18:44] * Sunny_Smiles blinks when Skyfall runs off at Silent's approach, cants his head, then shrugs. "Have a good night, then." He leans back in his booth, then waves back to the batmare.
  42. [18:45] * Sunny_Smiles redacts.
  43. [18:45] * Silent shook their head, giving Sky a warm smile that was significantly less warm by the existence of fangs in their smile.
  44. [18:46] * Sunny_Smiles smirks at Silent and waves back. "Well, aren't I just the popular one tonight?" He chuckles, then smirks at Skyfall. "Oh come on, relax. I don't think she's going to bite." He glances at the batpone's fangs. "...at least I hope she's not."
  45. [18:46] * Gyr Gyr puffs his feathers and asks, "Any /more/ unsavory parties?" He glances at Silent then around the room and, finally, at his bags on the floor.
  46. [18:46] <Skyfall> "Ugh"...Sky shivers and looks back at Sunny.
  47. [18:47] <Skyfall> "Don't you need to get back to guarding those bag?"
  48. [18:47] * Silent shook their head at Sunny_Smiles, giving a visible shudder at the idea of actually drinking somepony's blood, before looking at Skyfall with a look that read "Bitch, please."
  49. [18:48] <05~TicTac|GM> 3The bartender chuckles and nods to Gyr. "Why yes, I assume you know that the Crimson Leaves often frequent this establishment? They can be more than unplesant sometimes." He explains.
  50. [18:49] * Sunny_Smiles crosses his forelegs behind his head and leans back in his seat with a smirk to watch Silent and Skyfall.
  51. [18:49] <Skyfall> Sky sighs. "Umm... so are you from around here?" Sky says looking back at Silent's wings.
  52. [18:50] <Skyfall> She hoovers closer reaching across the table to take her cider and returns to the edge of the booth.
  53. [18:50] * Silent shook their head again, then tapped at their head, motioned around the place,a nd shrugged - clearly not quite sure /how/ they got here, just that they were here.
  54. [18:51] * Gyr walks over to and pounces on his bags. He gathers the loose items with his one set of talons. He pauses for a full second, and then growls.
  55. [18:52] <Skyfall> "So, no then." Sky takes a long drink from her cider, then points at Silent's wings. "Can you even fly with those things?"
  56. [18:53] * Silent flared out their wings and hovered over the table before settling back in and sipping their drink as casual as could be.
  57. [18:53] * Sunny_Smiles snerks at Skyfall. "Wow... just wow. You normally like this or are you just drunk?"
  58. [18:55] <Skyfall> Sky blushes. "Argh! I just can't help it, it's just so creepy! It's like a mutant pegasus or something." She looks back at her drink. "No offense."
  59. [18:56] * Silent glares at Skyfall, motioning to /their/ wings! Feathers! Who's the /real/ mutant here? they sipped their drink and shrugged, looking at Sunny_Smiles and motioning at Skyfall, as if asking "You know them?"
  60. [18:58] <Skyfall> Sky turns up her nose. "Well clearly you are, I've never heard of a Pegasus with bat wings before."
  61. [18:58] * Gyr slings the bags over his back then stomps as best he can over to Silent. "Where is it?" he asks.
  62. [18:59] * Sunny_Smiles seems to find Skyfall's response quite amusing and bursts out laughing. "No offense? You called her an "it" and "creepy", but saying no offense totally makes it okay. That's how that works."
  63. [18:59] * Silent motioned to Sunny_Smiles with a vigorous nod, agreeing entirely, before looking at Gyr and shrugging. Shouldn't've tossed their bags on the tiniest soon-to-be-party member.
  64. [19:01] <05~TicTac|GM> There is nothing missing out of Gyr's bags in reality, but he probably believes there to be.
  65. [19:01] * Sunny_Smiles chuckles at Silent and nods, then looks between her and Gyr with a raised brow.
  66. [19:05] <Gyr> "I'm gonna hold out my talons and count to three," Gyr says in a raised voice. "If my talons are still empty by then, I'm gonna get /real/ mad."
  67. [19:05] <Skyfall> Sky lets out an exasperated sigh, and looks between the three ponies now sitting in the booth. "This is ridiculous, I'll go fuck the bartender instead." Sky downs the rest of her cider and shoots out of the booth and back towards the bar.
  68. [19:06] * Silent puffed up as if to say "fight me", patting down their dress to show they had nothing hidden there, and then unclasping their saddlebag box to show a couple gem packs for their gun, and some food and medical supplies. They then shut the bag and stared at Gyr.
  69. [19:06] <05~TicTac|GM> 3Skyfall is met with a raised eyebrow by the eldery bartender. "May I get you another cider ma'am?" He asks her.
  70. [19:06] <Gyr> "One."
  71. [19:07] * Silent hisses and reveals their fangs.
  72. [19:07] <05~TicTac|GM> 3"Also, sir, fighting is frowned upon in this establishment. If you need to rip guts out of bodies, please remove yourself and your victim to the rear of the premisis." The barkeep says to Gyr,
  73. [19:07] * Sunny_Smiles blinks at Skyfall. "Hey, hey, hey. No need to run off! Especially if that's what you're after. You could've just said so." He laughs, then looks at Gyr and Silent, rolls his eyes, then reaches into his bags and pulls out a container of Cram and drops it into the griffon's claws. "There, it's not empty, now go away. You're cockblocking me here!"
  74. [19:09] * Gyr pockets the Cram and holds out the talons again, "My watch is worth seven hundred caps. Two."
  75. [19:10] * Silent blinks and once again pats themself down, then shows off the contents of their saddlebags. About the only place that watch could be is up Silent's ass, and about the only pony who'd know what's up their is likely soon tobe Sunny_Smiles.
  76. [19:11] * Sunny_Smiles scowls at Gyr. "Hey, cranky doodle, you don't get to take my shit and keep counting. Fuck off or get fucked up."
  77. [19:12] <Skyfall> Sky trotts back towards the table and sips her new cider. Enamoured in the affairs going on in front of her.
  78. [19:14] * Gyr ignores the stallion and says to Silent, "Three. I don't care if you stole it, stashed it or let it fall between a floorboard. You're paying for it." Gyr turns round and walks to bar. "Barkeep, put all my drinks on the bats tabs. Unless they say differently of course."
  79. [19:14] * Silent lets out a confused skree.
  80. [19:15] <Skyfall> "Oh mine too!"
  81. [19:15] * Silent lets out an even /more/ confused skree!
  82. [19:15] <05~TicTac|GM> 3The barkeep sighs and shakes his head. "I am afraid that is not possible without agreement from all parties."
  83. [19:17] <Skyfall> Sky sighs dejectedly.
  84. [19:18] * Sunny_Smiles watches Gyr trots off with a glare, sighs, then shakes his head. "Who the fuck would want a watch? And what watch is worth that damn much? Senile old coot." He shrugs and glances at Silent with a smirk. "You're lucky this place isn't /too/ shady."
  85. [19:19] * Silent blinks and ruffles their wings before looking over at Sunny_Smiles with a shrug, sipping their drink. They offered a hoof to the stallion with a smile of thanks.
  86. [19:19] * Gyr turns and points a talon at Silent. "Mark my words," he says. "I've never failed to collect a debt. And I charge interest."
  87. [19:20] * Silent ruffles their wings and skrees indignantly at Gyr in another "eat my entire ass" gesture.
  88. [19:21] * Sunny_Smiles shakes Silent's hoof and nods, flashes her a smile, then looks at Skyfall and grins. "So... things didn't pan out with the barkeep, huh?"
  89. [19:22] <05~TicTac|GM> 3The door to the bar opens and a pair of stallions enter into the bar. One is quite yellow in color with a green and white streaked mane, and the other is brown with a deep purple mane. They are both wearing combat armor that is a deep crimson red in color, with a picture of a forest green leaf on the shoulder pads. Both are armed with smgs. They are also both earth ponies. They takea  look around the bar and chuckle, before making their way towards the bar.
  90. [19:22] <Skyfall> "I though he looked younger." Sky says indignately.
  91. [19:24] * Sunny_Smiles glances at the newcomers with a raised brow, then laughs at Skyfall. "Beer goggled you, huh? Heh. Well, I'm only twenty three. Just saying." He winks at the pegasus mare.
  92. [19:24] * Silent grinned a bit at that, looking over at the newcomers with narrowed eyes.
  93. [19:25] <05~TicTac|GM> 3The barkeeper chuckles softly and then looks at the newcomers. "Ahh, good afternoon gentlemen, may I inte-" One stallion cuts the bartender off with a wave of his hoof. "You're late on your fuckin' payments Blue."
  94. [19:26] <Skyfall> "Hmm...thought you were older." Sky says, ignoring the newcomers. She trotts back into the booth, sitting next to the armoured earth pony.
  95. [19:27] <Skyfall> She glares over at the bar. "But maybe we should take this outside..."
  96. [19:28] * Silent ruffles a little at the shakedown going on at the bar.
  97. [19:28] * Sunny_Smiles raises a brow at the barkeep and the thugs who are probably Crimson Leaf members, shrugs, then smirks at Skyfall. "You're not very good at guessing age, are you?" He chuckles, then nods in agreement. "Yeaaah... this might get messy and I'm no janitor."
  98. [19:30] <05~TicTac|GM> 3The bartender, Blue, holds his hooves up, flaring his wings a bit. "I do apologize sirs... I-" The yellow one snorts. "No, none of your shit this time. You're late for the last time old timer." He then leaps over the counter and punches the bartender right in the guts.
  99. [19:31] <05~TicTac|GM> 3There's a shriek in the back from the cook.
  100. [19:31] * Silent skrees and gets up out of their chair, fumbling for their MEP, giving both Sunny_Smiles and Skyfall signifcant looks as if to say "Who's with me?"
  101. [19:32] <Skyfall> "Shit!" Sky hops from her seat and flys out the door.
  102. [19:33] <Gyr> "I'm just gonna serve myself and pay these rogues, Barkeep," says Gyr as he grabs the nearest bottle. "So you're Crimson Leaves, right? I came to this town specifically to do business with you."
  103. [19:33] * Sunny_Smiles looks over at the fight starting at the bar, then raises a foreleg up so he can look at his fetlock as if it held a watch... which it doesn't. "Oh hey, look at that. It's time to fuck off!" He laughs and waves to Silent before getting up and heading after Skyfall. "Good luck with that," he comments to the bat mare.
  104. [19:34] * Silent blinks, blinks again, blinks a /third/ time, and debates what to do now that they have an MEP, two angry stallions, and no back up. They sloooooowly put their pistol away with a grumpy skree.
  105. [19:36] <05~TicTac|GM> 3As Skyfall bursts out the bar, her and Sunny_Smiles encounter a group of 4 more Crimson Leaf members. They are standing in a loose group around a fifth stallion that's a crimson colored unicorn, wearing a very nice suit. He has a leaf green mane, and his cutie mark is the leaf that's on the armors of the other ponies. The all turn towards the two party members as they exit the bar.
  106. [19:37] <05~TicTac|GM> 3The stallion that's not standing over the groaning barkeeper turns to look at Gyr and Silent, drawing his SMG. "You two, clear the fuck out unless you want trouble."
  107. [19:38] * Silent ruffles and debates their options. None of them are good, so they down their cocktail and make for the door.
  108. [19:38] <Skyfall> Sky obliges, taking her Battlesaddle from the roof before flying as fast as she can towards her father's carriage.
  109. [19:39] * Sunny_Smiles gives the quartet of Crimson Leaves a friendly wave and warm smile as he moves to trot around and past them. "Good evening. We're just heading out. Have a good night!" He watches Skyfall fly up to the roof and zip off, scowls, then just keeps on trotting.
  110. [19:41] <05~TicTac|GM> 3There is a large griffon waiting for Skyfall on the roof, who was idly inspecting her battle saddle. He was also in Crimson Leaf armor, and grins at Skyfall as she lands. "Why, hello there miss, looking for something?" Meanwhile, on the ground, the unicorn stallion steps out in front of Sunny_Smiles, smiling. "Ahh, good evening sir, actually, if you could wait around a moment..." He says with a grin, adjusting his suit. He was only armed with a nicely engraved pistol.
  111. [19:42] * Silent trots out of the bar, only to find the others still there and more gangsters. Well, shit.
  112. [19:43] * Gyr 's eye and brow twitch at the introduction of the SMG. "Can't stand someone looking over your shoulder while you work?" Gyr asks as he starts lumbering towards the door. "Or maybe you're afraid of a old cripple? Either way, I know the feeling. Another time then."
  113. [19:44] * Sunny_Smiles comes to a stop and cants his head at the unicorn. "Just a moment? I can spare that, sure. What's up?"
  114. [19:44] <Skyfall> Sky slides towards the griffin. "I was just leaving. Now I'll just be taking that and..."
  115. [19:44] <05~TicTac|GM> 3The stallion grunts. "You deal with the old bastard Kenny, I've got the bitch in the kitchen." He says as Silent and Gyr clear out.
  116. [19:48] * Gyr exits the Flopping Fish with a heavy sigh and wide eyes. He smiles at the sight before him. "Hello there," he says as he takes an appropriate amount of steps forward. "Crimson Leaf I assume?"
  117. [19:48] <05~TicTac|GM> 3The griffon smiles at Skyfall. "Just leaving? Well I'm afraid I can't quite allow that." He says, picking up her battle saddle. "Now, if you would follow me..." He says, before leaping off the roof and landing next to the unicorn that was standing in front of Sunny_Smiles. The unicorn smiles at Sunny_Smiles, nodding his head to him. "Well, my name is Crimson Leaf, and I'm very sorry to inconvenience you, but I'm afraid we can't allow you all to leave quite yet with our little... operation happening." He says as the other four ponies move to surround the front of the bar in a loose semi circle.
  118. [19:49] * Silent lets out an indignant skree as they realize they've now walked out into another group of thugs. Cockblocked by violence. This day sucks, and not in the way Silent wanted.
  119. [19:51] <Skyfall> Sky shuts her mouth and follows the griffin towards the well dressed Unicorn. Her face a mask of fear.
  120. [19:52] * Sunny_Smiles gives Crimson Leaf a confused look. "Operation? I've got no idea what you're talking about. As far as I see, you fine people are just looking for a drink. You're certainly in the right place for it!" He chuckles.
  121. [19:58] <05~TicTac|GM> 3Crimson nods to Sunny_Smiles. "You certainly know how to handle yourself in this city." He says as a single gunshot rings out from inside the bar. "But, I am afraid things are a bit more complicated than that, as I simply cannot let you go without knowing that one of you isn't going to rat this out to one of the other gangs." He says. "And as such, to ensure that you'll keep your mouthes shut, I have a proposition for you." He says, looking over at the door as the body of the bartender is dragged out and dumped unceremoniusly on the ground next to the party, a single bullet hole in his head. Then there's another shriek as the cook was forced out after that by the other stallion. The slightly pudgy mare was wearing a flower apron and a chef's hat, and had a deformed left hindleg that caused her to limp, and fall over into the dirt as she was shoved out next to her dead coworker.
  122. [19:59] * Silent lets out a surprised skree at the sound of a gunshot. They look wildly from the chubby mare to the daed body to the thugs to the boss then back to the body, really wishing the others had gone for their guns at this point.
  123. [20:01] <Skyfall> Sky cringes as the corpse is unceremoniously dropped on the ground, ruffling her wings in indignation.
  124. [20:02] * Sunny_Smiles flinches at the gunshot but doesn't look back. He keeps his attention on Crimson Leaf. "An offer we can't refuse? I thought that was the Ruskin's thing." He chuckles again. "Still, there's really no need. The griffon's senile or something, the bat mare can't tell anyone anything, and me and the pegasus were just heading off spend some time together. Something I'd prefer to get back
  125. [20:02] * Sunny_Smiles to, you know?" He grins.
  126. [20:03] * Gyr 's smile fades after a glance at the scene behind him. "I don't mean to tell you how to work," he says to Crimson, "but, in my experience, corpses don't make caps. Well, at least not more than once."
  127. [20:04] <Skyfall> Sky looks at Sunny and tries to contort her face into a smile. It comes out as a grimace. She tares back at the mercenaries, examining them and searching for a way out.
  128. [20:06] <05~TicTac|GM> 3Crimson Leaf smiles at Sunny_Smiles. "I don't think you quite understand what I mean, sir." He says, his horn lighting up. "It's either you four accept this offer of a job I need done, or you all die, right here, right now." He says. "Now, have I made myself clear? Or do I need to clean out your ears with a bullet?" He asks, still smiling as he looks around at Silent, Skyfall, and Gyr as well.
  129. [20:08] * Sunny_Smiles frowns at Crimson Leaf and flicks his tail. "The offer we can't refuse it is, then." He snorts softly.
  130. [20:10] <Gyr> "No, you don't understand," Gyr says. "My name is Gyr, and I am here to make you a proposition. But if you want to reverse roles then lets get to business already. "
  131. [20:10] <Sunny_Smiles> "See? Senile."
  132. [20:10] * Silent facehooves at Gyr's words.
  133. [20:13] <Skyfall> Sky swears under her breath. Her gaze shifts between the mercenaries guns and the dead bodies of the bartender and cook crumpled on the ground. "Well what choice do we have?" she looks at the unicorn, and then back at the corpses. "I accept."
  134. [20:14] * Silent skrees in agreement, though they ain't happy about it.
  135. [20:16] <05~TicTac|GM> 3Crimson smiles and nods to Sunny_Smiles. "A wise choice." He say, shooting a look at Gyr, but he continues. "Now the job I need done. There is a warehouse that's situated between EQ-40, I-895, and the border of the Ruskin's territory. "We've wanted to claim it for a while now, but the Ruskins are also wanting to stake a claim in it. What I want you to do is to clear it out for us. I would send my own ponies, but as soon as the Ruskins see Crimson Leaf uniforms over there all hell would break loose, and I can't have that." He says. "All you have to do is to gather the supplies inside of it, and then bring them back to us at our warehouse." He explains.
  136. [20:16] * BroadestPeak (BroadestPea@Pony-l6g4r6.pools.spcsdns.net) has joined #Baltimare
  137. [20:19] <05~TicTac|GM> 7Contested Warehouse has been added to the map.
  138. [20:19] * Sunny_Smiles blinks a few times at Crimson Leaf, raises a hoof, lowers it, then snorts. "You don't waste time on the extortion, do you? I'm going to assume you're not a complete idiot here, so... how're you keeping track of us so we don't just disappear into the city ten minutes from now?"
  139. [20:20] * Silent facehooves again, clearly not intent on getting ganked outside a bar.
  140. [20:21] <05~TicTac|GM> 3Crimson smiles at Sunny. "Oh, my Lieutenant Grydos here will be keeping track of you." He says, gesturing to the griffon standing next to him. "And my grunts will be keeping track of you as you move through out territory." He says.
  141. [20:25] * Sunny_Smiles eyes the griffon for a moment, nods, then holds a hoof out toward Crimson Leaf. "Alright then. One raided warehouse, payment to be received as an antidote to lead poisoning. Fine, sure. And I'm guessing you need this done right here, right now. Because anything else would just be far to convenient for us."
  142. [20:26] * Silent gave Sunny_Smiles a look, rather slowly, that said he wasn't going to get any booty if he keeps antagonizing the dangerous gangster.
  143. [20:27] <Gyr> "Let's get going then," Gyr says to Grydos. "We all have business to see to and I'm not exactly the fastest Gryphon on three legs, you know."
  144. [20:28] <Skyfall> "Er...Can I have saddle back now?" she looks over at Gyr and cocks her head. "Wait, can't you just fly?"
  145. [20:30] * Sunny_Smiles ignores Silent's look. He figures he's not getting any regardless and that has him a bit annoyed. That plus the whole being forced to do some risky job that will probably get him shot by Ruskins. He'll agree to Crimson Leaf's demands but that doesn't mean he has to like them.
  146. [20:31] <Silent> Oh, Sunny could get some, provided they survive all this. They bleh a bit, and then get ready to follow the team.
  147. [20:34] <05~TicTac|GM> 3Grydos unceremoniously tosses Skyfall's saddle back to her, and then takes to the air, spiraling up up and out of sight. Crimson meanwhile nods to Sunny_Smiles and co and smile, stepping back. "I'll let you be on your way. You have 48 hours to complete this mission." He says.
  148. [20:37] <Sunny_Smiles> "Right. Well, hope you don't mind a little leeway there." He holds up his forelegs. "I've got no watch and the senile old coot back there lost his, apparently. But hey, I guess that's all the more reason to get moving now, huh? Time is money. Or blood, in this case." He flicks his tail. "But uh... any other way to identify the place? Where there's one warehouse there's usually a bunch and
  149. [20:37] <Sunny_Smiles> it'd /suck/ if we got it mixed up."
  150. [20:37] <Skyfall> Sky scrambles for the saddle, deftly catching it before it reaches he muddy ground. She wipes away some of the remaining mud and glares at the griffin.
  151. [20:40] <Skyfall> She looks at Sunny, and then back at the griffin. "Lead on."
  152. [20:40] * Gyr smiles and waves until the Crimson Leaves are out of earshot. He looks at Skyfall and says, "Can't you just shut up?" Gyr starts shambling along the street, glancing up every few seconds.
  153. [20:41] <05~TicTac|GM> 3Crimson Leaf is about to turn away when Sunny_Smiles asks that question. "Well, it will have both a large Crimson Leaf symbol and a large Ruskin symbol on it I'd guess... And I've also marked it on this map for you." He says, pulling it out of the suit's pocket and floating it Sunny_Smiles. "Don't loose that, otherwise you might get lost in Ruskin territory and we don't want that do we now~?" He chimes.
  154. [20:42] * Sunny_Smiles snags the map out of the air and snorts at Crimson Leaf. "Probably wouldn't be the best plan." He glances briefly at the map, flicks his tail, then starts off in the general direction of the warehouse without another word.
  155. [20:42] * Silent follows quietly along, not happy with this plan at all.
  156. [20:43] <05~TicTac|GM> 7Baltimare Area Map added to inventory
  157. [20:44] <Skyfall> "Hey, what did I do? You looked like you were doing your utmost to piss them off back there!" She says as she slots her saddle onto her back. "I just want live through this."
  158. [20:45] <05~TicTac|GM> 3The Crimson Leaves pick up the body of the dead bartender, and one of them picks up the trembling cook that has her hooves over her head. She eeps and looks back at the party as she is carried away, eyes seeming to plead for help as they gang heads out down the street.
  159. [20:46] <Skyfall> "I just don't want to end up like them..."
  160. [20:46] * Silent looks back at the cook and skrees gently, then looks at the team.
  161. [20:47] * Sunny_Smiles has more or less forgotten about the cook. Not that he'd be in any position to help her if he hadn't. Once they've gone a short distance from the Leaves, he sighs, turns around, and looks between Gyr, Silent, and Skyfall. "Well today is going a lot shittier than I imagined when I woke up this morning."
  162. [20:48] * Silent skrees in agreement.
  163. [20:48] * Gyr stops in his tracks then shuffles in place for a few seconds. "Are you going to share that map? Or just keep whining?"
  164. [20:48] <Skyfall> "I'm not in the mood for sex if that's what you're asking."
  165. [20:53] * Sunny_Smiles snorts at Gyr. "You know what, old timer? I've had enough of your shit. If it wasn't for your senile ass me and Sky would've been out of there before they showed up. And you look like you're going to be about as useful as a hole in the head, so go be an ass to someone else." He looks at Skyfall and raises a brow. "Yeah, I figured. That mood's kind of long gone. So... you've got a
  166. [20:53] * Sunny_Smiles battle saddle. You any good with it?" He looks at Silent. "And what about you?"
  167. [20:55] * Silent looked at Sunny_Smiles and tapped the saddlebags they were wearing. They were made out of old, large aluminum first aid kit boxes, emblazoned with the MoP logo - the same style as their dress, too. They've also got their MEP holstered to one of the boxes. So, clearly the medic, with a gun too.
  168. [20:56] <Gyr> "Whining it is," Gyr says. "You can just meet me there when you're done crying."
  169. [20:58] * Gyr takes to the air and starts toward Ruskin territory, scanning the ground for shady dens and dives.
  170. [20:58] <Skyfall> "Damn good." She states with an almost smug grin. "Built myself when I was 14. I built the guns too" she says, indicating the cobbled together shotguns on her side. "Plus I'm the fastest Pegasus in the wasteland," she says, beginning to her hooveer into the air. She drops to the ground. "Um...What about you?"
  171. [21:02] <05~TicTac|GM> 3As Gyr starts his flight out towards the Ruskin territory he crosses over into the area conrolled by the Crimson Leaves... and the entire dock area appears pretty shady. There's lots of back alleys and darkened streets with sketchy looking buildings on them directly to the west of the Flopping Fish.
  172. [21:04] * Sunny_Smiles laughs at Gyr. "Sure, we'll see you there." He waves to the griffon, then looks at Silent. "Alright... well, let's hope we don't need you." He flicks his tail, then turns to Skyfall. "Alright... well, good to know." He looks between both the mares. "So, me, well, I wouldn't call myself a pacifist, but I definitely prefer talking through shit than shooting through it. I like to think
  173. [21:04] * Sunny_Smiles I'm pretty good at it." He smirks, then taps the knife at his shoulder. "Failing that, the Sunny Sunset here'll take care of anything my tongue can't." He draws the blade, revealing it to be a rather fancy combat knife with a serrated blade that glows with its own soft, white light.
  174. [21:05] * Gyr studies each of these areas for traffic, and flies to the most populated of them.
  175. [21:05] * Silent looked over at Sunny_Smiles and raised their eyebrow when the stallion pulled out a named combat knife, causing her to let out a breathy, almost soundless giggle.
  176. [21:06] <Skyfall> "Hehe you named the knife after yourself." Sky stares at the clouds above her for a second. "Wait, is Sunny even your real name?"
  177. [21:07] <05~TicTac|GM> 3Gyr spots only a couple of trafficked areas, and they're not being very heavily used ar the moment.
  178. [21:09] * Sunny_Smiles smirks at Silent and Skyfall. "Yeah, it's silly. I know and I don't care. I like it." He focuses on Sky and raises a brow. "Why wouldn't it be?"
  179. [21:10] <Skyfall> "The knife. I figured you might use some kind of special mercenary name." Sky shrugs her wings. "I guess I've just read too many comics."
  180. [21:14] * Gyr lands silently on the sidewalk and breathes in sea air. "He glances over the docks then begins scanning the street corners and alleyways for his kind of people.
  181. [21:15] * Sunny_Smiles chuckles at Skyfall. "Nah, my name's Sunny. Sunny Smiles. Got the butt stamp to prove it too if you want to see it another time." He smirks at her, then reaches into his bags and pulls out the map. "So... here's what I'm thinking right now. Lets head toward the warehouse. I can ask around about the place in the surrounding neighborhoods. Maybe find out why the Leaves and Ruskins are
  182. [21:15] * Sunny_Smiles fighting over it. Honestly, I'd rather just convince the Ruskins to give it to the Leaves than fight them for it."
  183. [21:16] * Silent nodded at that. Fighting wasn't something they really wanted to get into. They bumped into Sunny_Smiles and tapped their hoof as if tapping a watch to remind them they only had 48 hours.
  184. [21:19] <Skyfall> "If we survive this, I'll take you up on that." Sky smiles, "Guess it gives me something else to live for!"
  185. [21:19] <05~TicTac|GM> 3---END SESSION 1---
  186. [21:19] <05~TicTac|GM> 3+100 XP
  187. [21:20] <05~TicTac|GM> 3Congradulations you didn't die
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