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Re:Zero Vol 3 Interlude Carriage One Act

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Oct 26th, 2016
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  1. TL: So now that the anime has ended, I will start translating from there. I will probably also continue from the beginning but at a slower pace. Yeah. Edit:just kidding,translationchicken is already doing that here so I’ll keep up with the beginning for completeness.
  3. The dragon carriage made a quiet rattling sound as it advanced down the road.
  5. It was under divine protection, so most signs of rattling or shaking couldn’t be felt at all. Subaru entrusted his body to this calmness. Thinking back on his experiences, it was probably the first time he had ridden in such a still carriage.
  7. If he was forced to choose, the time when they headed towards the Capital from the Roswall mansion was the best, but during that due to his own blunder he had changed it into a harsh ride and so there weren’t any moments to enjoy the passage. But in the end everything had turned out okay since then, so he couldn’t say that it was a bad experience.
  9. And after the second time he was stuck going to the Roswall territory from the Captial because of the entanglement with the Witch’s Cult, so he definitely wasn’t calm during that time. As a result, this was truly the first time that Subaru could ride a dragon carriage without straying thoughts or impatience.
  11. Well, that being said,
  13. “Um… Petra, aren’t you a little close?”
  15. “I don’t think so? Is there something wrong, Subaru?”
  17. Petra- the little girl who was looking up at Subaru with round eyes and reddish brown hair. She was sitting to his left, and ever since their departure she had been grabbing his hand and sticking close to him.
  19. At first he had thought it must have been because of fear, but up until now she had kept hold to his hand with a big smile.
  21. “I feel like a dad. My father’s intuition that I didn’t know I had is bubbling up..!”
  23. “Up until now onee-chan was being really sly. This is fine right. We still have plenty of time until we reach the capital.”
  25. “Petra. Up until now, was uh.. was different. See, um I had a reaallly important thing to talk about with Subaru. I wasn’t trying to keep him for myself or anything.”
  27. Petra’s statement made Emilia even more flustered. She didn’t understand the situation completely, but Petra didn’t look like she truly hated Emilia. It was most likely just an extension of their playful relationship, but to Emilia who was not used to dealing with children it was not a laughing matter.
  29. “Emilia-tan, don’t take it too seriously. It’s a child talking here. You have to turn it away with a smile or else..”
  31. “There’s no way I could cheat like that just because they are a child.”
  33. “Muu, you’re still making fun of me.”
  35. Emilia pressed together her lips in a dissatisfied pout, and Subaru laughed while lightly saying “Sorry, sorry.” Seeing this, Petra pulled on his sleeve in complaint, so he had to talk to her as well.
  37. Surrounded by cute girls on both sides, Subaru was blessed with a development that was rare for him. Well, one of them was deferring a confession from him, and from the other he could expect something in three years.
  39. –At the moment, Subaru and company were riding on a dragon carriage that was advancing down the Reefaus Highway, heading towards the capital.
  41. It was a different carriage than the one that had been set with magic ore explosives, and the driver was a man working for the young person’s association. Inside was Subaru, Emilia, and the kids.
  43. At first they had worried about the circumstances and tried to leave Subaru and Emilia alone, but in the end Petra had wedged herself in spiritedly.
  45. Since she was butting in on their time Subaru obviously had a complaint – well it was going to be like that, but in reality Petra’s cutting in was also helpful in a way.
  47. At any rate, it was after he had frequently declared those extremely embarrassing words. Trying to be cool he had told Emilia that he would wait for a reply to the confession, but Subaru’s flames of love were burning vigorously, and with a sense of accomplishment that came from leading everything to a close he was unable to apply the brakes.
  49. At the worst, he would ask for compensation more than the lap-pillow.
  51. “Wow, I was seriously in trouble. After going that far to show off there’s a limit to not choosing.” [tl:not sure about this sentence]
  53. “What–?”
  55. “I’m talking about Petra helping me out. Oh, speaking of which, you kept the promise not to leave Emilia-tan alone, didn’t you. Great, good job.”
  57. “Eheheh-”
  59. Tenderly patting the head of the little girl who was looking up at him, Subaru expressed his two-fold thanks to her.
  61. If she or the other kids had let go of Emilia’s hand, she would most likely have once again forced herself and ended up injured. That it didn’t end up like that, and that Subaru could see the fruits of his labor was thanks to nothing else but the kids and the other people that had helped him.
  63. He was really blessed with his surroundings. Too blessed.
  65. “Now that things have calmed down, it seems like I have to thank way too many people.”
  67. From the Crusch faction there was Crusch herself, and then Ferris, and of course Willhelm. From the Anastasia faction it was annoying but Julius and then everyone in the mercenary group. And in the background while it was easy to forget he had to speak to Russell, and he had also promised to give him the cell phone.
  69. It was regrettable that he would end up tricking Russell, but thinking of the fortune that was brought he would give it to him while pretending not to know. Sorry.
  71. “There’s so many things I have to think about.”
  73. First, there was an inevitable questioning from Roswall from the uproar that happened this time. On top of that, he would need to talk with Anastasia and Crusch about how much to report of the White Whale Subjugation and Sloth Subjugation. Especially with the White Whale, if he was to believe Crushe’s words then Subaru would also get some achievements from this.
  75. He wasn’t lusting after honor and prestige, but if Subaru’s reputation would go up even by a little but it would definitely help Emilia and the Emilia faction. Even if he was perceived as shameless, he wanted to assertively aim for that.
  77. As he continued to realize many things, there was the protection and clean-up of the village. The future seemed full of difficulties. —Also, before that, there was another mountain that Subaru had to climb.
  79. “Ahh, umm, Emilia-tan… I have a really important thing to talk to you about, but..”
  81. “Yes, what is it?”
  83. Emilia had put one finger in her silver hair, and she slowly turned her neck to face Subaru. Her bluish purple eyes were full of trust, and seeing them Subaru was able to feel that his actions had been worth it. However, he was still scared when he thought of how those eyes would react to what he would say next.
  85. Subaru had a problem that he could not avoid that he needed to tell Emilia– that was naturally, about Rem.
  87. If you were speaking of people he needed to thank, in this time’s loop there was not a single existence who had so wholeheartedly helped him than Rem.
  89. Thanks to her deep love and dedication Subaru she had kindly healed his heart that was once broken, and she had called back to him a resolve to stand back up and fight against fate.
  91. If there hadn’t been that moment, Subaru would not have been standing here right now, were it not for her existence he would never have been able to escape from the hell of giving up.
  93. Rem had stayed by his side and continued to support him during his most bitter and painful moment.
  95. Towards her, who had done all of this for him, Subaru held the deepest affection and wonder.
  97. Up until now, Subaru had believed that his thoughts were earnestly focused on only one person. In reality, to Subaru the person on his mind was also Emilia and no one else.
  99. However, the existence of Rem, while leaving his affection towards Emilia unchanging, had become just as large to him and remained in his heart.
  101. And so Subaru made a clear choice. It may be unsightly to become serious all of a sudden, but since he was unable to give up on his thoughts towards either party,
  103. –He decided to take both Emilia and Rem.
  105. Also, he had already received permission from Rem for this insolent idea. All that was left with this problem was persuading Emilia, and he had been told by Rem to talk to her together, but,
  107. “If I depended on Rem up until that point, I’d be the worst of the worst.”
  109. Even if he had created the chance for Rem to also join in on the conversation, it was Subaru’s responsibility to begin speaking about it. He was scheming to receive the love of two girls, so it was a hurdle that he had to overcome.
  111. Taking a breath, he chose his words while feeling his heart throbbing quickly. His forced his line of sight that was swimming around to face forward, and looked at Emilia. She was staring back at him. Super cute.
  113. “It’s something that is really hard to talk about, but I would like you to hear me out. Of course, I think that I’ll need to report this to her sister eventually as well, but… First, I wanted to tell you.”
  115. “….Yes?”
  117. In hesitation, Subaru had made an unnecessary introduction, confusing Emilia. Agonizing over his weakness of putting it off like this, Subaru desperately racked his brains for words.
  119. His head was put into full gear, the fastest it had been during these past few days. He worked his synapse so hard it seemed like sparks would come out, and tried to find the best response – !
  121. “Actually, it’s about Rem. Rem is, uh, she.. to me… Uhh, you know? And so, by that confession I was really acting for myself but..”
  123. Sweat slowly spread over his forehead as Subaru started to speak. It seemed like he was already trying for some sort of excuse, but he thought that Emilia, who was good at guessing would understand with him saying just this much.
  125. In front of Subaru who was covered in sweat, Emilia raised her hand and said “wait.”
  127. “Subaru, calm down. I lost track of what you were trying to say. I understand that you are trying your best to explain it. You’re a good kid, so slow down.”
  129. “Saying it’s because I’m a good kid, it feels like my rating went down.. No, I’m not being manly. Ahh, I’ll say it cleanly. Um, so… actually Rem also said that she loved me, so since Emilia-tan also likes me… uh, you’ll both be mine, uh how should I put it..?”
  131. Entrusting himself to the momentum he made a two-timing declaration.
  133. Thinking back to his statement just now, he drew back considerably. Of course, Emilia’s response would be similar to his own, or she would probably look at him with eyes of disappointment and scorn. After imagining such a pessimistic situation, Subaru nervously looked at her, and
  135. “ ——-”
  137. Emilia’s response was completely different from Subaru’s imagination.
  139. She frowned at his words, and stayed quiet while putting a finger to her lips in deep thought. Scrutinizing his declaration, she was thinking of a proper punishment to give to him – it wasn’t a light atmosphere like that.
  141. “Subaru.”
  143. “Yes.”
  145. After his name was called, Subaru turned to face Emilia directly.
  147. She also faced directly towards his gaze filled with resolution. However, her eyes were full of bewilderment, and Subaru was unable to understand her reaction.
  149. And then, the following words completely went beyond Subaru’s comprehension.
  151. “–Who is Rem?”
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