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  1. so with frost theres 2 main builds you can play.  i wont count standard frost cause going that is trolling at best.  the first being 'no ice lance' which, as you can guess, means you dont press ice lance.  the core difference of this from frost is that your ice lance is so shit that its just not worth pressing and instead you build for glacial spike & icicle damage.  so you need 3x flash freeze, 1x tunnel of ice would be good, frigid grasp isnt bad, loyal to the end is good, tradewinds is good.  for this you build mastery>haste>vers>crit.  crit doesnt matter much cause you will be shattering your glacial spikes.  im going to assume you don't know what that means so dont be offended if you do and the next sentence is wasted words.  to shatter anything, you need to use flurry, and it will have the debuff that 'next ice lance will do extra damage.'  this applies to ANY next spell, most notably glacial spike.  to do this, you need to have the 'brain freeze' proc and then you cast glacial spike > flurry immediately after and ONLY with the 'brain freeze' proc.  in normal frost, you would then ice lance but in NoIL or no ice lance, you dont.  you go right back into frostbolting.  you can ice lance on 2 targets and ONLY with the 'fingers of frost' proc.  not after a glacial spike or after a brain freeze proc.  the idea is that your icicles and glacial spikes get so phat that creates your 'burst.'  its a very flat damage build so no worries if you fuck up once or twice unlike fire.
  3. the other build is more intuitive and requires more thinking and NoIL or standard frost, its called 'packed ice' or 'frozen orb' build.  this turns frozen orb into a massive dps cd by getting 3x packed ice trait.  this trait makes your ice lances against targets recently damaged by frozen orb to get increased by like 1100 or something.  for each trait.  so this plus rune of power, chain reaction, and lonely winter make your ice lances hit like trucks.  i was doing like 160k per ice lance yesterday with this.  this builds crit = haste (maybe im not too sure) > vers >>>> mastery.  mastery is very bad with this build.  you want 3x packed ice, 1x flash freeze for icicle damage and chance for extra icicles, 1x whiteout for orb cd reduction, and maybe tunnel but i doubt, frigid grasp can be good with visions.  the hardest part about this is knowing that blizzard should be on cd at all times, even on ST.  make sure your frozen orb is always on cd if it isnt.  use rop with every orb.  do whatever you need to do to have your tanks keep shit in the frozen orb.  if mobs are moved out of it or away you can kiss your dps good fuckin bye.
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