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AEB Present 1.5 Log 58

DNA-zama Oct 24th, 2015 133 Never
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  2. Trulhammaren has connected.
  3. Kaorin Sakura has connected.
  4. Chloe has connected.
  5. Eclipse has connected.
  6. Avara has connected.
  7. Trulhammaren:   brb, gonna grab my bowl of soup and get a drank
  8. Trulhammaren:   is rayturned!
  9. Kaorin Sakura:  S'up.
  10. Kaorin Sakura:  I'm opening documents still.
  11. Kaorin Sakura:  Adobe is being a dick.
  12. Avara:  prepping self for the game.
  13. DNA:    Bookkeeping finished on my end.
  14. Kaorin Sakura:  Okay. Think I'm ready.
  15. Trulhammaren:   I's ready enough
  16. DNA:    I should be ready. I've had a lot of thoughts jump around my head today, but they appear to be slowing down now.
  17. Chloe:  gah, the chaos
  18. Chloe:  so much happened
  19. Kaorin Sakura:  Ouch. Paralyze doesn't go away either.
  20. Avara:  bookkeeping done
  21.         Mimsy:  "(I beg to differ~)"
  22. DNA:    Healer, right? I forgot if that's Scene or Daily
  23. Chloe:  auromatherapy, and encounter
  24. DNA:    AT 2gud
  25. Chloe:  waiting for a beginning, then i will Rollout
  26. Kaorin Sakura:  Anyone wanna recap?
  27. Chloe:  Last time! The battle began! Winter Lotus focused on defeating the male harpy known as Mom, while attempting to shut down the antics of her minions. But their efforts were inadequate, as the fox creature created a spell to send the injured Mom to a safe distance, before surrendering and ending the fight. This left the novice team that is Winter Lotus in a bit of a bind, not used to such situations.
  28. Chloe:  Miss anything anyone?
  29.         Fox Creature:   Fox Creature taps her staff onto the ground, "Ho hum." Fox Creature's ears flickers as she glances to the two Adult Sirens, "Quite a situation we've been put in..."
  30.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe sighed and waved to the Adult Siren 2 to come closer. "I can help you. Come here."
  31.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe released Mimsy.
  32.         Adult Siren 1:  Adult Siren 1 perched on the ceiling, "Nyaaaaaaaaaaah, I'm good here."
  33. Avara:  apparently there's another jen token somewhere?
  34.         Adult Siren 2:  Adult Siren 2 grits its fangs and shudders, brushing off the status conditions it had and perched on the floor.
  35.         Mimsy:  Mimsy used Aromathermapy! All allies within 1 meter are cured of one status condition of their choice.
  36.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...you...!" Combat 3d6+2 to grab the fox by the scruff of its neck angrily .
  37.         The Star Dazzler:       The Star Dazzler flexed her arms and kissed her biceps at the cleansing of her condition.
  38.         Mimsy:  Mimsy is recalled
  39.         Fox Creature:   Fox Creature accepts the grapple.
  40.         Fox Creature:   Fox Creature places you in control of this grapple, "Why hello. This is my personal bubble and you're within it."
  41.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Why did you let her escape!? You weren't on their side so why did you help them? Do you have any idea how many deaths might be on your head because of you?"
  42.         Saturn Rosewell:        Saturn is simultaneously frustrated and mad and trying very hard not to cry.
  43.         Fox Creature:   "I could attempt to comprehend the amount of deaths Mom will cause but that's never stopped me from my actions before. Things die. Its just the way of life." Fox Creature shrugged, "If I attempted to stop every action that could lead to ones death I'd be a statue."
  44.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Fine, but what about the first two questions?"
  45. DNA:    Dear whoever owns Spikes 5: Please send it to the back
  46. DNA:    Never mind, I got it
  47.         Fox Creature:   "I helped them because its what I was hired to do." Fox Creature shrugged again, "And who hired me certainly wants to kill Mom himself. I couldn't let her fall here."
  48.         Adult Siren 1:  "Y'know they can't beat Mom. Its why they aren't here to begin with."
  49.         Fox Creature:   Fox Creature shrugged again, "Not my problem."
  50.         Valerie Ylsef:  "They can get in line."
  51. Avara:  kaorin, could you please un-invis the Jennifer Attaway token? it has a more up-to-date state for her hp and songs per day
  52.         Saturn Rosewell:        "You helped the siren escape because you were hired - by people who want to kill the siren? That doesn't make any sense!"
  53. Avara:  danke
  54.         Chloe Blanchett:        "You can let go of her Saturn, please?"
  55.         Fox Creature:   "Makes perfect sense. You just aren't listening."
  56.         Chloe Blanchett:        "... So what has Mom done to make so many enemies? We've been lured here, but we've only arived for the middle of the story."
  57.         Saturn Rosewell:        "So you led this 'Mom' right into a trap - how can I know you're telling the truth?"
  58.         Fox Creature:   Fox Creature chuckled at Saturn, "You don't."
  59.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Then why should we believe anything you say?"
  60.         Jennifer Attaway:       Intuition, is Fox Creature a lying liar who lies?
  61.         Fox Creature:   "I dunno. Why are you asking me questions you won't believe the answers of?"
  62.         Chloe Blanchett:        "Please let go Saturn, it isn't going to help here..." Chloe said, still feeling a little timid.
  63.         Fox Creature:   "I imagine you don't know where you stand. Which is sensible, as it was placed here intentionally to be hidden."
  64.         Saturn Rosewell:        Saturn is reluctant. She would very much like to strangle this fox for being an inconsistent traitor, but that's not going to solve anything.
  65.         Jennifer Attaway:       "I'm less concerned with the fox's actions and more with how to deal with these two." She points to the two Adult Sirens.
  66.         Saturn Rosewell:        Nonetheless, she lets the fox go, letting it drop (float?) to the ground.
  67.         Adult Siren 1:  Adult Siren 1 blinks, a bead of sweat forming on her brow, "Hwah? What about me? I ain't done nothin'."
  68.         Fox Creature:   Fox Creature taps the ground gently with her staff.
  69.         Chloe Blanchett:        "I did ask what was going on here. Like you said, we don't know. We were investigating, lost conciousness, and woke up in the middle of this."
  70.         Chloe Blanchett:        "... and could I hold on to that staff?"
  71.         Fox Creature:   "You stand in the Assassin's Guild." Fox Creature ponders for a moment, "Or the Thieves Guild. Or both. Humans are odd creatures." Fox Creature shrugged, "But, this was a Human dwelling of dark beginnings. They would acquire missives for dark dealings and ensure events had specific outcomes."
  72.         Fox Creature:   Fox Creature looked to Chloe and shook her head, "You may not."
  73.         Chloe Blanchett:        "I'll give it back when we're done. But you've escaped someone before, I don't want it to happen again now."
  74.         Fox Creature:   Fox Creature glanced to the Sirens, "And those creatures swooped in from the heavens and took this place by storm. Many of the Humans were unable to defend against their songs and ability to fly from this incredible height."
  75.         Fox Creature:   Fox Creature shook her head at Chloe, "If you mean to prevent my magics removing my staff will do no such thing." Fox Creature sighed, "You have very little to threaten me on or even with. I remain because I choose to, as I've proven."
  76.         Jennifer Attaway:       "It doesn't seem like this one's lying. So, these two and their 'Mom' raided the assassins and killed them, taking the guild hall as their new nest/"
  77.         Jennifer Attaway:       ?
  78.         The Star Dazzler:       "I'm pretty sure I could catch you before you slip away."
  79.         Alsine Kolstad:         Occult. How much is the Fox Creature's Claim nonsense?
  80.         Fox Creature:   Fox Creature shrugged, "And yet Mom escaped. And you did nothing." Fox Creature turned to Jennifer, "And thus I was here on that double mission. To find out why they targeted this hideout and the Humans specifically, as well as deliver Mom to their leader in my Grove."
  81.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Did your employer care what happened to the others?"
  82.         Fox Creature:   "No, whether or not he cared about his underlings didn't come up in business negotiations. That remains a mystery to me."
  83. Avara:  wording issues due to gender, is the His referring to assassin leader or siren leader?
  84. Fox Creature: (( Context: You asked about her employer. She answered about her employer. ))
  85. Avara:  'kay
  86.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Hm." She looks from siren to siren, then at the fox.
  87.         Saturn Rosewell:        "And did you actually find out anything from your 'double mission'?"
  88.         Chloe Blanchett:        "So the birds are new here. I thought they might be, it was very odd. Sudden predation means a change in the ecosystem, doesn't it"?
  89. * Jennifer Attaway is deep in thought.
  90.         Fox Creature:   "I was in the middle of that when you barged in here guns blazing." Fox Creature sighed, "Downright prevented any chance at conversation."
  91.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Well, you could question these two."
  92.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Bereft of Mom and surrounded by people who can and will destroy them if they resist, I think we'll find them fairly compliant."
  93.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Failing that... hrm." She considers. "Which do you think has more information to give?"
  94.         Fox Creature:   "And I'm not of your party and I have no idea why you're here outside of a song. What do you have to gain from this interrogation? Other than satisfying your curiousity?"
  95.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...Closure."
  96.         Fox Creature:   "Which is no different."
  97.         Jennifer Attaway:       "I'm offering you a chance to follow up on your job, as you were intending to. We need to know what to do with these two, which is... problematic."
  98.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I am not about to leave unanswered questions behind again."
  99.         Chloe Blanchett:        "We took a job in response to all the disapperances and strange music. We were investigating the edge of the wood before we were pulled into the center. We just need to stop people from vanishing to have our job done."
  100.         Chloe Blanchett:        "Whether Mom is alive or dead."
  101.         Fox Creature:   "Finally, someone with some intelligence." Fox Creature nods quite clearly in Chloe's direction past Stat Dazzler, "I can respect ones willingness to complete a given obligation."
  102.         Fox Creature:   Fox Creature turns to Adult Siren 1, "That one appears more Human than the other, so I'm liable to believe it has been told less information." Fox Creature turns to Adult Siren 2, "I'd start with that one. However, no Siren will part with anything without the promise of its safety. Make no promise to them and they'll be defiant out of spite."
  103.         Adult Siren 1:  "Hey! I'm told things!"
  104.         Fox Creature:   "And thus proves my point."
  105. DNA:    i lol'd
  106.         Adult Siren 1:  Adult Siren 1 harumphs and looks away from Fox Creature intentionally.
  107.         Alsine Kolstad:         "So they breed with humans?"
  108.         Fox Creature:   "I'd find that difficult to believe." Fox Creature rubbed its chin, "Though I can't give a definite answer to their appearance."
  109.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Hmm... which would be better...?" she ponders. She walks over to Siren 2 and her hand quickly darts out, trying to touch Adult Siren 2's wing. 0 vs Status.
  110. Avara:  gonna be one of those nights, i guess.
  111. * Jennifer Attaway loses 2 song uses.
  112.         Adult Siren 2:  Adult Siren 2's wing fluttered away unconsciously and Adult Siren 2 quickly ascends to the ceiling and perches.
  113.         Adult Siren 2:  Adult Siren 2 goes up 6 meter(s).
  114.         Adult Siren 1:  Adult Siren 1 goes up 3 meter(s).
  115.         Fox Creature:   Fox Creature studied Jennifer.
  116. Fox Creature whispers: You notice a flicker in Fox Creatures aura, same as Natasha's when she attempts to read aura.
  117.         Jennifer Attaway:       "... Option 2, then." She starts singing an entrancing melody. Charm vs Focus or Intuition targeting Adult Siren 2.
  118. * Saturn Rosewell looks towards the fox creature trying to focus, though it ends up being more of a weird glare.
  119. * Jennifer Attaway loses 1 song use.
  120. Avara:  fascinate
  121.         Chloe Blanchett:        ((can I help her with that?))
  122.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...And why are you staring at Jennifer?"
  123. Adult Siren 2: (( No. ))
  124.         Adult Siren 2:  Adult Siren 2 became fascinated with Jennifer's song.
  125.         Fox Creature:   "Studying her. Quite odd that one." Fox Creature rubs her chin, "It's almost as if she's using magics without magics."
  126.         Alsine Kolstad:         "Never underestimate the power of lyrics."
  127.         Saturn Rosewell:        "She's not odd. She's a singer."
  128.         Fox Creature:   "The fact she sings isn't odd. The fact her songs hold specific auras is."
  129.         Fox Creature:   Fox Creature turns to Alsine briefly and thought on her statement but quickly dismissed it.
  130. * Jennifer Attaway layers in the suggestion that "This fox has done everything they can to keep people from harming you so far. Maybe you should return the favor by answering those questions freely." (suggestion limit is "one or two sentences")
  131. * Jennifer Attaway loses 1 song use.
  132.         Chloe Blanchett:        "That explains why I get warm tingles when she sings. And why magicians have a hard time using magic around her."
  133.         Jennifer Attaway:       Charm vs Focus or Intuition targeting Adult Siren 2.
  134.         Adult Siren 2:  Adult Siren 2 pondered briefly Jennifer's suggestion.
  135.         Adult Siren 2:  "Will. Consider."
  136.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...You do? ...I wouldn't know; I always feel cold..."
  137. * Jennifer Attaway ends the Fascination song once the suggestion has time to take hold.
  138.         Adult Siren 2:  Adult Siren 2 blinks and glances around.
  139. * Jennifer Attaway motions for the Fox Creature to step forward.
  140.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Ask your questions."
  141.         Adult Siren 1:  Adult Siren 1 grins at Jennifer's songs and Fox Creatures explanations, "So it is possible to sing with power?"
  142. * Jennifer Attaway looks to Adult Siren 2, tilting her head. She doesn't say anything.
  143.         Fox Creature:   "You already do that to a degree, child. The fact you hadn't thought to take it further shows lack of ambition." Fox Creature scoffs before looking at Adult Siren 2.
  144. Adult Siren 1: (( one sec ))
  145.         Adult Siren 1:  "I am no child!"
  146.         Fox Creature:   Fox Creature ignores Adult Siren 1 and speaks to Adult Siren 2, "What brought you under the care of Mom and why has she chosen this place as her nest when it was already occupied?"
  147.         Adult Siren 2:  "Clutch Mother. Hatred." Adult Siren 2 coughed out the first word, "Exile." Adult Siren 2 paused as she thought about the second question, "Easy take. Easy food. Perfect nest."
  148.         Adult Siren 2:  "Convenient." Adult Siren 2 grinned with her last statement.
  149.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe listens, mouthing words back to herself as she mulls them over.
  150.         Fox Creature:   "Simple in many approaches, are we?" Fox Creature shrugged, "No matter. Gets the job done." Fox Creature turns to Saturn, "Provide any closure for you? Or are those questions of yours still unanswered?"
  151.         Chloe Blanchett:        "Where were you from?" Chloe asked, "Before finding this forest? Was it nice there?"
  152.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Closure is not 'sating inquiries'. Closure is resolving a situation. Mom is still free. This is far from resolved."
  153.         Chloe Blanchett:        "Mom wont solve much, if they all live here now."
  154.         Adult Siren 2:  Adult Siren 2 nodded, "Full. Life. Fun." Adult Siren 2 looked up at the ceiling, reminescent, "Petrified. Forest."
  155.         Fox Creature:   "Perhaps not. Are you the children of Mom or the children of Clutch Mother."
  156.         Adult Siren 2:  "We? No. Hatchlings? Yes."
  157.         Chloe Blanchett:        "The ones downstairs were children of the Clutch Mother. They fear Mom more than anything, that's all that keeps them in line."
  158.         Fox Creature:   "Ah, I see. You're Mom's females. Unable to return to Petrified Forest? Clutch Mother won't let you?"
  159.         Adult Siren 2:  Adult Siren 2 paused and looked grim.
  160.         Fox Creature:   "I suppose that is a no. Quite the issue."
  161.         Jennifer Attaway:       "If left free, will you attempt to do as Mom did? As she hunted, as she treated the hatchlings?"
  162.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...did you just say Petrified Forest?"
  163.         Fox Creature:   "Indeed."
  164.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...What is that place like, do you know?"
  165.         Adult Siren 2:  Adult Siren 2 looked at Jennifer, bewildered.
  166.         Fox Creature:   "Its a forest of trees, frozen in stone. Petrified, as the name indicates."
  167.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe spoke to Jennifer in Oblivia "(I think you spoke too big)"
  168.         Fox Creature:   "Many of the inhabitants are also frozen in stone, locked in whatever act they were in the middle of during its petrification. The cause is unknown, but plants began to grow again there, on the stone and creatures resumed life there."
  169. Avara:  jen doesn't know oblivia, according to her page.
  170.         Chloe Blanchett:        (drat, thought she did)
  171.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Wait...did this stoning happen a long time ago, or is it happening recently as well?"
  172.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Do you plan to use song to hunt from now on?"
  173.         Fox Creature:   "Same year as the great wake. During the Calamity I believe."
  174.         Adult Siren 2:  "Yes. How we hunt. All we know."
  175.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Do you plan to force young sirens to follow you like Mom did?"
  176.         Adult Siren 2:  "Young obey old. All obey clutch leader. Other way?"
  177.         Chloe Blanchett:        "We're not going to stop the hunting, but we can stop it from spreading outside of this ecosystem. That was the big problem." Chloe said. It was a moral compromise for her, but one she had to made to avoid taking on an impossible or even more vicious task.
  178.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Other ways exist."
  179.         Adult Siren 2:  Adult Siren 2 thought hard about it but came up with nothing.
  180.         Adult Siren 2:  Adult Siren 2 turned to Adult Siren 1, "Tell Dhyloinne other way."
  181.         Dhyloinne:      "Oh, tell them all about me why don't you?"
  182.         Chloe Blanchett:        "What's wrong?" Chloe asked Dhyloinne.
  183. * Jennifer Attaway sighs, thinking about things. She doesn't really feel like dealing with political discussion right now.
  184.         Dhyloinne:      Dhyloinne blinked and looked away from Chloe, "Oh. Nothing. Fine. Fine."
  185.         Valerie Ylsef:  "All follow the most intelligent, all follow the most powerful, all decisions are made via concensus. For example."
  186.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Letting people leave to form their own nests, if they don't find your rule agreeable. You either learn to rule well or you stop having followers."
  187.         The Star Dazzler:       "The power." The Star Dazzler nods.
  188.         Fox Creature:   "Leadership through power for this lot?" Fox Creature rubbed her chin, "As long as they don't invade my grove that sounds promising."
  189.         Chloe Blanchett:        "That sounds like that was the problem though. Oh! The job mentioned a magical harp that might be found here. Have you seen anything like that around here?" Chloe asked just about everyone in the room.
  190.         Chloe Blanchett:        "It is one of the leads we had..."
  191.         Adult Siren 2:  Adult Siren 2 nods and motions to the northern room.
  192.         Chloe Blanchett:        "What does it do?"
  193.         Alsine Kolstad:         Alsine goes to look
  194.         Alsine Kolstad:         Any enemies seen in the next room?
  195.         Saturn Rosewell:        Saturn senses the northen room, 6d6+2 .
  196.         Chronicler:     This curved room is about 4-meters wide and 7-meters long, and is accessed by a single door. It is bare except for a single ironbound, oaken chest sitting in the center of the room.
  197. DNA:    You got the Big Key! duhnuhnuhnuh
  198.         Alsine Kolstad:         "There is a chest in the next room. Master Chloe, would you like to have a look?"
  199.         Adult Siren 2:  Adult Siren 2 shakes her head, "Harpies cannot play harps."
  200.         Ura:    "I may be of assistance, if the Chest is locked or trapped."
  201.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe was a bit surprised at the sudden title. None the less she followed Alsine into the next room and looked over the chest. Searching for any traps or tricks around it. Perception
  202.         Jennifer Attaway:       "How far out from the nest does your song need to carry to support those staying here?"
  203. * Ura follows Chloe.
  204. * Ura will also keep a weary eye out for any traps. Perception
  205. Avara:  weary is tired
  206. Avara:  wary is cautious
  207.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe tries to disable the trap of the chest! Stealth
  208.         Adult Siren 2:  Adult Siren 2 shrugs, "The forest?"
  209.         Chronicler:     Chloe triggers the trap and becomes Stuck!
  210. 8 vs. DEF Eva!
  211. 20 vs. DEF Eva!
  212. 7 vs. DEF Eva!
  213.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe uses Skill Stunt!
  214.         Chloe Blanchett:        Er
  215.         Chloe Blanchett:        Skill Expert!
  216.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe tries to disable the trap of the chest! Stealth
  217. Chronicler: (( Go ahead! ))
  218.         Chronicler:     Realizing she may have triggered something, Chloe quickly acts, frantically finding an "off" switch or latch. She manages to disable the trap before the poison-tipped needles were flung into her eyes.
  219.         Chloe Blanchett:        "I like my eyes." Chloe nodded.
  220.         Chloe Blanchett:        Is it bypassed, disabled or completely removed?
  221.         Ura:    "Hmm, that was close."
  222.         Chronicler:     Disabled.
  223.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe attempts to open the chest.
  224.         Chloe Blanchett:        "I've got a knack for these things."
  225.         Chloe Blanchett:        Despite the near disaster, Chloe was beaming with a sense of success.
  226.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Is there a way for you to sing that will bring in prey without affecting the nearby human settlements, and still get all the food you need?"
  227.         Ura:    "Very well, if you wish for my assistance, you only need ask. I am very well versed in the skulldudgery arts."
  228. Chronicler: (( Should I announce finds publicly or? ))
  229.         Chloe Blanchett:        Sure, I don't mind.
  230. * Raijin growls a bit, ear twitching as he looks at the fight he missed. Then he's recalled before he can do anything.
  231.         Chronicler:     Hellynne Harp
  232. As a Standard Action, the user can play the Harp and cause a creature within 8-meters to become Stuck or Paralyzed for 5 rounds. The user can use the Move Double Team EX once a day.
  233. DNA:    nice
  234. Avara:  nin-harp!
  235.         Chloe Blanchett:        friendly on that burst?
  236. DNA:    What burst?
  237.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe takes the harp for now. She searches the room for any other hidden treasures. Perception.
  238.         Chronicler:     Zephyphe Lyre
  239. Whenever the user uses a Performance Song, all allies within 3-meters recover 5 Hit Points at the start of their turns for the duration of any Performance Song effects they benefit from. Additionally, the user may attempt to use the Perfomance Song countersong on an existing magical effect.
  240. Avara:  it's 1T
  241. * DNA waits for Avara's reaction
  242. Avara:  "Performance Song". songstress?
  243. Chronicler: (( Oops, the standard action for that stuck or paralyze is Daily x2 ))
  244.         Ura:    ((likely, Kao just got it ba=ckwards))
  245. Avara:  that harp is so good. regen!
  246. Chronicler: (( And the Zephyphe Lyre, the hit point recovery is Daily and the countersong is also Daily. Using separate Daily. ))
  247. Avara:  sorry, lyre
  248. Avara:  that lyre
  249. Avara:  zomg that lyre
  250. Avara:  even if it's restricted to daily, boss fight regen while singing.
  251. Avara:  i could maintain Countersong with that.
  252.         Chronicler:     Very Small Ruby x10.
  253. Counts as a Crystal, worth 250 each.
  254.         Chronicler:     Potion x6
  255.         Chronicler:     Nothing else is in the chest.
  256. Chloe:  Yay gems! I just want to eat them up!
  257. Chloe:  What about the rest of the room? Roll is above
  258. Avara:  question for zephyr lyre. does it have to be an existing magical effect that is reliant on sound?
  259.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe and Alsine return to the room.
  260. Chronicler: (( Checking! ))
  261. Chronicler: (( Nope, it just says "Existing magical effect". So an enchantment or spell effect. ))
  262. Avara:  yay~!
  263. Chronicler: (( So, its restricted in a different way. ))
  264. Avara:  it is
  265. Avara:  but it makes me happy anyawy
  266. Avara:  *anyway
  267. Chronicler: (( Check out these non-DLI magic items! ))
  268. Avara:  does the regen activation only last for one song?
  269. Chronicler: (( Yes. And its daily. ))
  270. Avara:  good to know~
  271.         Chloe Blanchett:        (( So you can use it for battle, or we can gather around and listen to you sing a song after a battle to fully recover once a day ))
  272. Avara:  koombayah
  273.         Adult Siren 2:  Adult Siren 2 tilts her head, "Settlement?"
  274.         Jennifer Attaway:       "The reason that you were able to catch as many humans as you did after taking the nest is that there's a human village near the forest. I'm not sure if they need people to come into the forest or not for their own survival."
  275.         Chloe Blanchett:        "It's not the village that has problems, its the trade routes. It only became a problem worthy of hiring someone when that Fruitcake Seabury posted the job."
  276.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Ahh."
  277.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Then it might just be good to have them reroute their trading."
  278.         Fox Creature:   "Ah, it was Mister Seabury?" Levitate speed
  279.         Fox Creature:   Fox Creature chuckled, "This is beginning to come together."
  280. DNA:    It was Mister Seabury, levitate speed!
  281. Fox Creature: (( ignore levitate speed ))
  282.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Is Seabury the name of your employer?"
  283. DNA:    TOO LATE
  284.         Fox Creature:   "Indeed. And it is he who should be dealing with Mom."
  285.         Jennifer Attaway:       "So Seabury hired you to deal with mom, then hired other people to deal with the problem too, effectively?"
  286.         Jennifer Attaway:       "How much are you getting paid?"
  287.         Chloe Blanchett:        "It was. And I didn't drop the name by accident." Chloe smiled. "I was wondering if I could see you twitch, but you did a bit more than that. So~ Why did he want us to come here with no informaiton?"
  288.         Fox Creature:   "In the event I failed, I suppose. Regarding vengeance he would still want this place I assume."
  289.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...Vengeance?"
  290.         Chloe Blanchett:        "Well his plans just colided. And here we are with both objectives dashed."
  291.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Is he part of this guild that was chased out of here, then?"
  292.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Seabury is the assassin leader, if all told so far is true."
  293. * Jennifer Attaway looks to the sirens. "You may want to find a new nest. If there's someone paying to claim this tree, they'll eventually find someone more bloodthirsty than us and probably at least as powerful."
  294.         Chloe Blanchett:        "We were told he was involved in unpleasant things. But not much else, other than being assured that we could trust him when it comes to posting a job that's for the good of the community."
  295.         Fox Creature:   "Indeed."
  296.         Chloe Blanchett:        "But that makes me wonder if he was responsible for the disapperances, to set people like us against the harpies."
  297. * Jennifer Attaway looks to the answerful Siren. "How many humans did your song snare?"
  298.         Dhyloinne:      "We don't exactly keep track of that."
  299.         Jennifer Attaway:       "A lot, then?"
  300.         Dhyloinne:      Dhyloinne scoffed, "Do you keep track of all you eat day in and out?"
  301.         Jennifer Attaway:       "... Actually, yes."
  302.         Chloe Blanchett:        "It keeps you pretty."
  303. Avara:  rationing. it's a thing.
  304.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Diet logs aren't uncommon practice, really."
  305. DNA:    ...not what i was thinking of, but well played
  306.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Beyond those things, rationing is necessary for any traveller."
  307.         Dhyloinne:      "Tch. Well we aren't exactly travellers."
  308.         Chloe Blanchett:        "And they have a whole nest to feed. I can understand why they wouldn't." Chloe looked to the fox, "Now how about you, is this something Seabury would do?"
  309.         Adult Siren 2:  "New nest. Can do." Adult Siren 2 glanced around, "New forest? Don't want to."
  310.         Fox Creature:   "No, I didn't exactly spend a good deal of time getting to know the tendencies of my employer." Fox Creature shrugged, "And I'm being paid with karma rather than material wealth."
  311.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Anyway... it sounds like Seabury wouldn't need to fake any disappearances."
  312.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Was there anything specific he wanted us to do with the harp?"
  313.         Chloe Blanchett:        "The harp was just a rumor. Possibly the cause of the vanishing. I'm surprised it was here, from how scattered and poorly written the job was. But then, he must have done that on purpose."
  314.         Jennifer Attaway:       "A decent answer for this would be to have the nest move away from this guild hall, warn the settlement against entering the forest, and make sure that Seabury doesn't feel like he needs to kill us to keep his hall secret."
  315.         Fox Creature:   "Except they ate members of this guild through use of their song."
  316.         Fox Creature:   "So, the guild members, if they returned here, would just be more prey."
  317.         Fox Creature:   "Even if the Harpies agreed to not eat them, they'd still be affected by the song of hunt."
  318.         Jennifer Attaway:       "They could invest in training to be proofed against sonic attacks. It's not that hard."
  319.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Or maybe they can get equipment for the same purpose."
  320.         Fox Creature:   "That's definitely a forced coexistence. I don't think this guild would allow such annoyances without eventually dealing with it for their own comfort."
  321.         Fox Creature:   "This is me making assumptions on the collective temperment of a guild built on theft and murder."
  322.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Maybe so. It seems like something they should be doing anyway, just for the sake of their job, but you're right."
  323.         Chloe Blanchett:        "The harpies are going to hunt everyone who decides to live in the same area. And.. I don't like that idea but it's fair. As long as the boundaries are clear, people who choose to live here are going to be hunted."
  324.         Fox Creature:   "You can't prepare for everything."
  325.         Jennifer Attaway:       "So... the interests of the nest and the guild are directly conflicting."
  326.         Jennifer Attaway:       "It would help if we could contact Seabury to make sure whether or not he actually cares about the guild hall or if he wants to find somewhere new."
  327.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Do you have a means of such contact?"
  328.         Fox Creature:   "I completed my mission. All that's left for me to do is to return to Mister Seabury and relay the information for why they chose this place."
  329.         Fox Creature:   "Of course I do. I return to my Grove."
  330.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Which precludes getting the answer to us."
  331.         Fox Creature:   "You can follow me to my Grove if you like. But you will not stay there."
  332.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Where is your Grove?"
  333. Fox Creature: (( Checking! ))
  334. Fox Creature: (( Huh. I thought it was way closer. ))
  335.         Fox Creature:   "The Viridian Forest."
  336. * DNA shudders internally
  337. Jennifer Attaway:       "That's too far... do you have a means of getting us anywhere else from that Grove without it being something like 'walk out'?"
  338.         Fox Creature:   "Though, if you are so inclined to allow the Harpies to remain here, I do not disagree with that decision."
  339.         Fox Creature:   "And that is part of your job. Solving the issue, which that does."
  340.         Fox Creature:   "So, if you're worried about Mister Seabury not paying you for a good work done, I will ensure he understands that it is in his best interest to pay you for your work."
  341.         Chloe Blanchett:        "This job was given with vital information missing, and may have been a set up from the beginning. I don't feel bad for our employer if we don't do what he wants."
  342.         Fox Creature:   "With him being in my Grove, I believe he will understand the circumstances."
  343.         Jennifer Attaway:       "I'm looking for a long-term solution, rather than small. Persuading Seabury to set his guild up elsewhere is ideal."
  344.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Could you manage such?"
  345.         Fox Creature:   "You have never been to a Grove, before I take it. Possibly for the best."
  346.         Jennifer Attaway:       "I've never, no."
  347.         Fox Creature:   "I am at my most deadliest within my Grove. I am able to command all within it and become one with it."
  348.         Chloe Blanchett:        "Me either. But it is a lovely sounding name."
  349. Avara:  hahaha self-flattery lilea grove
  350. DNA:    BE THE CRANE
  351.         Fox Creature:   "Its a fools errand to try to assault a Grove's owner within their Grove. Mister Seabury should know that by now."
  352.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Alright. Thank you. Could we get your name, before you leave?"
  353.         Fox Creature:   "So, I think he will be much more agreeable during our meeting."
  354.         Fox Creature:   "No, thank you." Fox Creature shakes her head to Jennifer, "Perhaps should we meet again under better circumstances I will tell you my name."
  355.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Alright."
  356. * Jennifer Attaway looks to Dhyloinne.
  357.         Dhyloinne:      "What I do?" Dhyloinne felt eyes upon her.
  358.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Singing has power just by virtue of being music. How to wield that power is something you have to learn on your own."
  359.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Eventually, if you master it, you can harmonize yourself to someone else's soul for a short time."
  360.         Dhyloinne:      Dhyloinne grinned, "I will wield power with voice before long."
  361.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Wield the power responsibly. We'll find out before long if you end up like Mom did."
  362. * Jennifer Attaway is done warning Dhyloinne.
  363.         Fox Creature:   "Most excellent. So, I am free to return to my Grove and complete this task?" Fox Creature tilted her head.
  364.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Does anyone else want to say anything before that?"
  365.         Chloe Blanchett:        "I'm really sorry for harming you, and for harming the harpies here. But that's what our conflict came to, I hope we can meet again on better terms in the future.
  366. Avara:  anyone else?
  367.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...I don't think there's anything I can say. We came here to stop the siren song spreading beyond the forest, and that's taken care of for now, but there's no guarantee that Mom is slain. All we know is that someone else somewhere is allegedly fighting her. And the Petrified Forest is coming up too much and it's giving me a bad omen."
  368.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...So no...there's nothing else for me to add."
  369.         Fox Creature:   "If Mom is not dealt with, I will notify you via Sylph or Dryad."
  370. * Valerie Ylsef shrugs, before removing the Door of Woe from its path blocking position.
  371.         Saturn Rosewell:        "How do you plan to find us?"
  372.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Will you need any identification for that?"
  373.         Chloe Blanchett:        "Awwe~ I've always wanted to meet one of those!"
  374.         Fox Creature:   "I know you all by aura. That alone is enough." Fox Creature nods, "And as long as you remain by plant-life, I will find you."
  375.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...I thought that was what you were doing."
  376.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Alright."
  377.         Fox Creature:   Fox Creature gave a brief smile to Saturn, "I could tell you knew what I was doing. I assumed you were a Frost Mage, but you and I may be closer than just through use of abilities." Fox Creature glanced to Jennifer, "Which is not so surprising considering present company."
  378. * Jennifer Attaway gives a stage bow to the Fox Creature.
  379.         Chloe Blanchett:        "What does that mean...?" Chloe asked her party as much as she asked the fox.
  380.         Fox Creature:   Fox Creature blinked before studying Saturn. She reaches out and gently pats Saturn.
  381.         Saturn Rosewell:        Saturn twitched and pulled herself away.
  382.         Fox Creature:   Fox Creature turns back to Chloe, "Nothing. A mystery of magics or perhaps I misjudged ones aura? Only this young lady can honestly say." Fox Creature chuckled, "But if naught else is amiss? I shall take my leave."
  383.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...don't touch me."
  384. Avara:  Intuition. What DOES that mean?
  385.         Saturn Rosewell:        ^same: because I also have no idea.
  386.         Fox Creature:   "Oho? So you can invade my personal space but I cannot yours? So odd you Humans can be. Tsk, tsk, tsk."
  387. Fox Creature whispers: You are completely unsure of the true meaning of her words.
  388. Avara:  and Knowledge on the fox, with keywords Grove, Portal, Sylphs, Dryads. What is this Fox Creature?
  389.         Saturn Rosewell:        "You're not my friend. If anything you're my enemy."
  390.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe actually giggled at the fox's words.
  391.         Fox Creature:   Fox Creature frowned, "I do not believe that. But if you do, you should hope that I truly am not."
  392.         Chloe Blanchett:        "I would love to be friends, but this isn't the best scene for that."
  393.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Allegiances or otherwise I still don't trust you - but I know it's not prudent to fight you."
  394.         Chloe Blanchett:        "Trust... I agree. Trust is hard to earn on opposites side of a battlefield. But I think we're done...?" She turned to her allies to confirm.
  395. * Valerie Ylsef leaves the room, borrowed gear in tow.
  396.         Saturn Rosewell:        Saturn sighed, then stood up again. "...I'm done."
  397.         Chloe Blanchett:        "At the very least we put the fear of humans into them." She glanced at Saturn, Star Dazzler and Jennifer. "... humanoid individuals."
  398. * Saturn Rosewell unsummoned Torren, then prepared to leave.
  399.         Fox Creature:   Fox Creature nodded and turned "I should go." then left out of the room.
  400.         Jennifer Attaway:       "... Ah. Interesting. So this is what a Drox is like."
  401.         Alsine Kolstad:         "Come, Master Chloe." Alsine lifted Chloe in her arms (who eeped in surprise) before lifting off of the ground.
  402. DNA:    I may or may not be seeing where this is going
  403.         Jennifer Attaway:       "We should all be going, now. Hopefully this nest will find somewhere good to move and won't cause any more trouble."
  404. * Valerie Ylsef will return the gear borrowed to the two harpies earlier, and wait for the others where they came up the tree, unless something stops her.
  405.         Alsine Kolstad:         Alsine begins to leave with Chloe in her arms, making use of her wings to fly over or down any area safely. Attempting to leave to the base of the tree as well.
  406. * Jennifer Attaway will depart as well.
  407. * Saturn Rosewell leaves with the others.
  408. Avara:  yay, we're all going to leave the tree~!
  409. * Ura drags behind the group with Ulang.
  410.         Chronicler:     Where are you heading/
  411.         Ura:    ((Val is heading to where we climbed up))
  412. Avara:  ^
  413.         Alsine Kolstad:         Alsine is following
  414. DNA:    ^
  415. Avara:  basically to the exit
  416.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe doesn't know what to think about being carried. Doesn't argue.
  417.         Ura:    "Is our leader usually like this after a battle?"
  418.         Ülang:         "No, I have not seen her in such a mood before."
  419. * Ura nods and catches up to the others, as she has the rope.
  420. Avara:  do we need to do checks to safely climb down the tree?
  421.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...we have a leader?"
  422.         Chronicler:     Well, you won't be stopped from the here to the exit.
  423.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Or did you just mean your leader, Valerie?"
  424.         Ura:    "...you heard. I mean my leader."
  425.         Chloe Blanchett:        "How do we leave the forest...?
  426.         Alsine Kolstad:         "Maybe you can follow your own tracks."
  427.         Chloe Blanchett:        "R-right. You'll need to set me down for that..."
  428. Avara:  we were aware while we were walked over here, i believe. so we should have a general idea of where we came from?
  429.         Chronicler:     Pikachu can also lead you out.
  430. * Jennifer Attaway lets Raijin out to lead the way.
  431.         Alsine Kolstad:         "... indeed." Alsine set Chloe on the wet floor of the forest.
  432.         Jennifer Attaway:       "So... we didn't find any signs of Inbee's vehicle, but we did find the magic harps and have a decent situation solution. Shall we head back to town for our report?"
  433.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...do we want to stick around and look for the hovercar more, or will it not be worth it?"
  434.         The Star Dazzler:       "Could just be more north."
  435.         The Star Dazzler:       "There's also those weird suits you guys got if you wanted to study those a bit." The Star Dazzler paused, "...Though if any of these thieves or assassins escaped this place perhaps it was them that stole my hover?"
  436. Chloe Blanchett:        "We should leave to the north. I think we're close to Cerulean. And Fairview. And Esterhedge."
  437. * Jennifer Attaway will be ready to Countersong at the first hint of siren song to avoid us getting caught again.
  438.         Chloe Blanchett:        "It might ahve been, Star."
  439.         Saturn Rosewell:        "If we leave to the north, where will we give our report at? Isn't it Snowmeadow that's concerned? Or can we just communicate with them from the city?"
  440.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Do we need to report for our quest completion at the same place we got it at?"
  441.         Chloe Blanchett:        "No."
  442.         Jennifer Attaway:       gen ed to that effect
  443.         Ura:    ((we already know that answer))
  444. Avara:  jen didn't, and i didn't remember.
  445.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Alright. Let's go more north."
  446.         Chloe Blanchett:        "We may as well see something new on the way out. I don't know which city we want to visit first. Cerulean will help us set up pokemon storage systems, but it's the furthest from our goal."
  447. Jennifer Attaway:       "Our goal is the Forest of Fate, isn't it?"
  448.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I thought our goal was the ...void forest."
  449. * Saturn Rosewell paused, awkwardly.
  450.         Valerie Ylsef :         "..What she said."
  451.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Petrified Forest is the goal after that."
  452.         Chronicler:     Leaving directly north?
  453. Avara:  yes
  454. Chloe Blanchett:        Yes. We're in the center and the northmost point is not far off from either goal.
  455. DNA:    Indeed!
  456. Avara:  autobots, transform and rollout
  457. DNA:    So after we head north, what happens next?
  458. Avara:  we wait
  459. Avara:  because a heated discussion is happening in skype
  460. DNA:    ...which I'm trying to break up by diverting attention back to the game
  461. Chronicler:     So you're at L36...
  462. Avara:  random encounter roll?
  463. DNA:    36 is the average high mon level? Seriously?
  464. Avara:  coordinates, DNA
  465. Avara:  on the region map
  466. Avara:  it's more L35 to my eyes, but GM's call
  467. DNA:    oh. ah. I was thinking L meant Level; I wasn't even thinking about the map...
  468. Chronicler:     Hmm, nope. You're good here.
  469. Chronicler:     Where to from here?
  470. Chronicler:     I'm looking at the Region Map.
  471. Chronicler:     You guys have a few ways you can go, depending on where or what you wanna do.
  472. Chloe Blanchett:        "What do we need more... pokemon storage or to get to the forest... No matter when or where we are, the storage will always be inconvenient."
  473. Avara:  sounds like cerulean, keeping an eye out for hovercar signs along the way?
  474. Trulhammaren:   fairview and onward is the most direct way that puts us at a place we can rest and craft and stuff
  475. Chronicler:     Cerulean is northeast.
  476. Avara:  every city is 5 squares away
  477. Avara:  as the bird flies
  478. Trulhammaren:   however we might be able to pick up a quick delivery job in cerulean and faster transport along the road
  479. Avara:  easterhedge, fairview, cerulean, snowmeadow
  480. Avara:  all are 5 squares away
  481. DNA:    If that's the case, I'm thinking Fairview, then, if we're already out in the middle of nowhere
  482. DNA:    We can take paths on the way back if we have to. We'll probably be doing so anyway.
  483. Avara:  alright.
  484. Chronicler:     To Fairview then? Just to make sure.
  485. Chronicler:     That's a 32 hour hike.
  486. Chronicler:     Erm, 30
  487. Chloe Blanchett:        Why fairview?
  488. Chloe Blanchett:        Over Esterhedge?
  489. Chloe Blanchett:        Between those two I prefer Esterhedge.
  490. Avara:  i have no idea. >>
  491. Avara:  i was thinking ester too, but i'm more just wanting to get going i guess
  492. Chloe Blanchett:        To see how they're recovering and to avoid the three sisters (Alsine request)
  493. Chloe Blanchett:        We'll have to hit a city soon. Chloe has 6 pokemon.
  494. Avara:  esterhedge is how many hours away?
  495. Chronicler:     Esterhedge is 24 hours away.
  496. Avara:  esterhedge wins my vote.
  497. Chronicler:     But lack many lovable town resources.
  498. Chronicler:     Like an inn.
  499. Chronicler:     Or technology.
  500. Avara:  ... true.
  501. Avara:  bluh.
  502. Avara:  ... i forfeit my vote. chloe and saturn can decide. >>
  503. Chloe Blanchett:        I like Cerulean just to get that out of the way.
  504. Chloe Blanchett:        and we can get pokedexes.
  505. Trulhammaren:   Val is angry and just wants to get going in a direction, Fairview would be the direction she would head, its more direct to the sisters and the forest
  506. DNA:    It may be worth it to snag valuable resources now so we don't go in blind, yeah
  507. Avara:  cerulean is how many hours away?
  508. DNA:    Trul, that's why I voted Fairview
  509. Chloe Blanchett:        maybe fairview has a system. We can go there. But we HAVE to get to a city after this job.
  510. Trulhammaren:   which may be a long damn while
  511. Trulhammaren:   cause who knows
  512. Chronicler:     Cerulean is also 24
  513. Avara:  everyone, take a moment and look at your ration count. i don't really know how making rations for our fuckhuge number of mouths to feed would work, so i want to get wherever we're going without running out of rations
  514. Avara:  i can go to any place that we can reach within two days
  515. Chloe Blanchett:        Right! It was vertwyvern that had the illness. I revoke my vote for Esterhedge. No reason to go there for me
  516. Trulhammaren:   Cerulean is fine with me, it also gives a potential chance to pick up a quick delivery gig or something
  517. Avara:  iirc ester was the place that allegedly had bad feels for pokemorphs
  518. Avara:  and pokemon
  519. DNA:    It was, yes.
  520. Trulhammaren:   I have 3 days worth of rations, without needing to forage
  521. Avara:  northeast kanto is becoming our viridian city.
  522. DNA:    I have...more than 3
  523. Trulhammaren:   Targkon is the big issue on my team
  524. Trulhammaren:   but if we get in a random encounter he'll just eat whatever we beatup
  525. Avara:  chloe?
  526. Chloe Blanchett:        Hm?
  527. Avara:  food for your team
  528. Avara:  how long?
  529. Trulhammaren:   and Val would like the opportunity to craft a necklace or two anyway
  530. Chloe Blanchett:        It has changed up a lot
  531. Avara:  which is why i'm asking
  532. Chloe Blanchett:        How many days since we bought them?
  533. Avara:  especially since you have the largest number of pokemon to feed, iirc.
  534. Chronicler:     I think you guys only rested once since you left Snowmeadow.
  535. Chloe Blanchett:        so I have four days
  536. Avara:  okay.
  537. Avara:  cerulean gets the votes, looks like
  538. Chronicler:     Okay, gimme a sec.
  539. Chloe Blanchett:        Because I'm feeding my former pokemon too, the ones I did give to other people
  540. Avara:  we can get delicious resources and hopefully transport to get to our destination quickly
  541. Chronicler:     Okay so, it will take, minimum, 24 hours for you to reach Cerulean City.
  542. DNA:    So there's 24hr for Cerulean, 24hr for Esterhedge, and 30hr for Fairview
  543. Chronicler:     Are you guys gonna try and rough it the whole 24 if you don't encounter anything?
  544. DNA:    Not sure we would have much else of a choice.
  545. Chronicler:     You could sleep.
  546. Avara:  basically kao's asking if we want a nap between
  547. Chloe Blanchett:        I say one rest, at least.
  548. Chloe Blanchett:        Oh
  549. Avara:  we'll have been up for much more than 24 hours if we don't, so i vote a nap somewhere midway if we can find shelter
  550. Chloe Blanchett:        what speed?
  551. Chloe Blanchett:        and what time is it?
  552. Chloe Blanchett:        We can travel for 8 hours. Then rest. Then travel for 16 hours. Then probably rest again in Cerulean.
  553. Trulhammaren:   it should be mid to late evening I think
  554. Trulhammaren:   I don't remember exactly when we got to the forest
  555. Chloe Blanchett:        That's the best division of hours we can do. So that's my recommends.
  556. DNA:    Oh, that's what you meant.
  557. Chronicler:     Found it!
  558. Chronicler:     Date: Friday, February 20th 1549. 1815 Hours.
  559. Chronicler:     Didn't drop the date the past 4 sessions.
  560. DNA:    So that is the date, right now, at this moment?
  561. Chronicler:     Yes.
  562. Avara:  need to fix that i guess
  563. * DNA checks something
  564. Avara:  so it's 6pm
  565. Avara:  8 hours then sleep would put us sleeping at 2 AM.
  566. Chloe Blanchett:        So. eight hours will take us to 2 AM. Then we sleep until 8. Then travel until midnight the next night. I like this plan!
  567. Avara:  looooots of walking
  568. Trulhammaren:   whatevas, it'll still probably be dark by 8
  569. DNA:    I like this plan too
  570. Chloe Blanchett:        dat febs
  571. Avara:  *thumbs up*
  572. DNA:    And we do have a nightlight so we don't get lost!
  573. * Chloe Blanchett hugs Natasha!
  574.         Natasha:        Hehehe~
  575. Trulhammaren:   we have a couple of nightlites
  576. Chronicler:     Its February. Its dark now.
  577. Avara:  yup
  578.         Natasha:        It's getting dark at 6.45pm over here now
  579. Trulhammaren:   thats weird
  580. Avara:  so, time to go to bluesville
  581.         Natasha:        It's glorious. It always gets dark at 6pm before DST starts
  582. Trulhammaren:   it still isn't getting dark till 8
  583. Chronicler:     No one likes you Texas. In Japan.
  584. DNA:    Trul, that's because you're further north than me
  585. DNA:    Increased latitude means sunset is later. (I forget if it also means that sunrise is earlier. I think it does.)
  586. Chronicler:     So, move one square. Sleep. Move 3 squares?
  587. Trulhammaren:   yah
  588. DNA:    Sounds about right.
  589. Chloe Blanchett:        8 hours then 16
  590. * DNA deducts rations accordingly. Only 3 of them! Haha!
  591. Chloe Blanchett:        so we're dividing it into thirds. Doing one third, then two thirds. However you divide the grid
  592. Trulhammaren:   I don't remember it getting that dark that early in texas either
  593. Avara:  as good as we can get for it.
  594. Chronicler:     HAH! Encounter!
  595. DNA:    h8 u lots
  596. * Chronicler squees not-so-secretly.
  597. Avara:  oh. our map luck isn't as good as usula
  598. Avara:  *usual
  599. DNA:    Is this encounter at night, or at the following morning/day?
  600. Chronicler:     I'm following what I jus tasked.
  601. Chronicler:     Move, sleep, move, move, move
  602. Chronicler:     Encounter on first move.
  603. DNA:    I know. I'm asking where the encounter i-
  604. DNA:    thank you.
  605. * Trulhammaren doesn't bother subtracting some of th erations, as Targkon will likely get his fill here.
  607. Trulhammaren:   I wish
  608. Chloe Blanchett:        olivia jelly
  609. Trulhammaren:   I will figure out how to get that on him eventually
  610. Chronicler:     Oh, awesome. I have an image already for this thing.
  611. DNA:    I forgot what the size requirements are for swallowing whole. Let me check...
  612. Chloe Blanchett:        none. Just requirements for the target
  613. Trulhammaren:   he can
  614. Trulhammaren:   he could eat mediums I believe
  615. DNA:    Target must be 2 or more sizes smaller than you.
  616.         Torren:         Delicious.
  617. Trulhammaren:   so yah mediums
  618. Trulhammaren:   to bad he doesn't get it
  619. Trulhammaren:   unless kao says he does >.>
  620. Chronicler:     Along the way through the slow fall of snow, you encounter a swarm of miniscule creatures.
  621.         Holiday:        ("my brethren?")
  622. Chronicler:     The creatures flit about in the snow, swarming around a central mound of snow. They move defensively, almost like a Combee around a hive.
  623. Chronicler:     Upon closer look...
  624. The minuscule creatures flits about on wings that beat like a hummingbird’s. Its tiny face vaguely resembles a human’s, and its tail ends in a sharp stinger.
  625. DNA:    Now I'm kinda curious about what they are.
  626. Trulhammaren:   sounds like a specific kind of Stirge
  627. Trulhammaren:   maybe
  628. Avara is disconnected.
  629.         Miniscule Creature:     Handout (click this)
  630. Kaorin Sakura:  Region Map
  631. Trulhammaren:   interesting
  632.         Chloe:  Is avoiding them an option?
  633. Kaorin Sakura:  Yes. They aren't pursuing you.
  634. Eclipse:        Shouldn't we wait for Avara?
  635.         Chloe:  I missed us having to wait for someone
  636. Eclipse:        Avara disconnected. Unknowing if that's for the night or an internet blip, I don't want to act until I know.
  637. Trulhammaren:   internet blip
  638. Trulhammaren:   or her pc shut off very suddenly
  639. Kaorin Sakura:  I'm gonna pre-emptive a few things then.
  640. Trulhammaren:   simply based on the timing of the maptools dc and her skype change
  641. DNA:    All right, Avara's just said that she doesn't know when the internet will go back up, so we can either continue or call it here. I vote for calling it here.
  642. Kaorin Sakura:  I'm fine with that.
  643.         Chloe:  Same
  644. Kaorin Sakura:  I gave Harpy XP last time, right?
  645.         Chloe:  we made progress
  646. DNA:    i think so? Let me check.
  647. Chloe is disconnected.
  648. Trulhammaren:   ((192 xp?))
  649. Trulhammaren:   that would be the last thing I have I think
  650. DNA:    It was some 3-digit number
  651. Kaorin Sakura:  TXP: 2
  652. Kaorin Sakura:  PKMN XP: 66
  653. Trulhammaren:   19.5?
  654. Eclipse:        19.5, yes.
  655. Trulhammaren is disconnected.
  656. Eclipse is disconnected.
  657. Kaorin Sakura is disconnected.
  658. You have disconnected.
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