Kejourou Barber

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  1. >A few months ago a new barber shop that opened up which is run by a Kejourou
  2. >Alot of humans and Mamono got their hair cut here and the place became fairly lively
  3. >Supposedly the one group of customers she didn't have though were single human men
  4. >They were paranoid that in reality it was just ploy to get a husband so they stayed away
  5. >Not you though!
  6. >Today you made up your mind! You would go in alone and get your haircut and that would be that!
  7. >Your friends looked at you like you were the biggest idiot and said that you just handing yourself on a silver platter to her
  8. >But even so you went inside. When made eye contact with the Kejourou working there and stated that you want a hair cut she gives a brief look of surprise before smiling.
  9. >You moved over to sit on an empty chair for your haircut but apparently she has something else in mind since before your hand can touch the chair you find yourself engulfed in the Kejourou's hair
  10. >Ok maybe this wasn't the best idea. You try and tell the her that you suddenly remembered that you had some errands to run
  11. >"But I need to give you your haircut!" she protests
  12. >And so begins the haircut. In the mirror you can see your own troubled expression and her calm smile.
  13. >You heard that on some occasions she can use her own hair to hold extra tools to cut hair more quickly than usual
  14. >But in your case she seems content enough to do it meticiously with her own hands, even humming a bit of a tune while working.
  15. >As the haircut goes on you can feel more and more of her hair wrap itself around you which relaxes you a good deal.
  16. >"All done!" She declares while running a hand through your freshly cut hair. She seems pretty pleased with the results.
  17. >You like it as well and tell her so. She hugs you from behind and whispers a thank you as a reply.
  18. >She asks you if you would like something more, like a massage. When you tell her you were just here for a haircut she insists telling you she won't charge you extra for it.
  19. >You hestiantly agree which makes her quite happy. She walks over to the entrance (with you still in tow) and changes the open sign to closed, even locking the door which just makes you paranoid.
  20. >You try to break free from the hair but you're too relaxed to do much of anything
  21. >She giggles and takes you upstairs to a bedroom.
  23. >This isn't where you expecting to be taken for a massage. Come to think of it you never did hear her giving people a massage at all.
  24. >Oh boy
  25. >She takes off your shirt with her hair and ejects it from the cocoon of hair
  26. >Against your bare skin the hair feels even better
  27. >She lowers her hair that's around your shoulders thus exposing them. Then she puts an oil of some kind into her hands and starts massaging you.
  28. >Man that feels good. You practically melt in her touch.
  29. >"My, your shoulders are so stiff! I'll have to work out these knots." she says, then proceeding to hum a tune while continuing to work
  30. >You don't say or do anything to stop this from happening. The scent of her hair, the feeling of the hair against your bare skin and of course the massage. Put together it all put you into a state of bliss.
  31. >Some time had passed in this quiet room when suddenly
  32. >"I was working so hard to make you relaxed but there's still one part of you that's excited." She says with a giggle, not stopping her massage or even looking down.
  33. >But indeed you have an erection; the smell coming from her hair probably helped that along.
  34. >She moves her head close near your ear and whispers "Do you want some help with that?"
  35. >With her hair she slowly takes off your pants and ejects it like with your shirt.
  36. >You want to say something but all you manage is a nod
  37. >She doesn't say anything as acknowledgement but you can feel her hair removing your underwear.
  38. >Then she starts rubbing your member with it, First with a small amount of hair which deems fit to tease it at severeal different angles. Gradually more and more hair is added.
  39. >She stops her massage and her attack on you just as your on the very edge. She leans closer and rests her head on your shoulder and puts her arms underneath her own hair and wraps them around your chest in a hug.
  40. >Before you have time to wonder what's she's planning you suddenly feel your erection being completely enveloped in hair.
  41. >You can't stand it anymore and explode into her hair. You fall backwards on the bed with the kejourou still behind you
  42. >The both of you pant and it takes awhile for her to get her composure back but when she does she whipsers "Delicious.." into your ear.
  43. >>She repositions herself so that your head rests between her breasts.
  44. >You feel yourself falling asleep and hair covering the rest of your body, including your head. Then what you assume to be a blanket is draped over you as well
  45. >She whispers a "Goodnight" as you drift into slumber.
  47. >By the time you wake it's already in the middle of the night. You'd guess beyond the normal closing hours.
  48. >You notice you're not nearly as tangled up in the Kejourou's har now. It's a bit randomly and haphazard in where it's tied around. Some of is around your ear, your nose, a few fingers... It's a bit of a mess really.
  49. >A yawn is heard from behind you. The Kejourou wakes up from her apparent nap and looks at you with a half-awake smile
  50. >You tell her good evening and she reponds in kind. You get off the bed and put on your shirt and pants while her hair lets go of you sorts itself out.
  51. >"Are you hungry? I'm still pretty full." She says with a lewd smile that's cut off with another yawn.
  52. >You're past the usual time you have dinner so you say you are. She smiles a bit wider and gets to work.
  53. >While you wait for her you take to unwind and relax. The meal wasn't too complicated but it tasted great and filled you up.
  54. >After complimenting her on the meal you tell her you're going to go home.
  55. >"Come visit me from time to time, OK?"
  56. >You agree to that without much doubt in your mind which makes her happy.
  57. >And then it dawns on you that you never paid for the haircut
  58. >But she just winks and tells you its on the house.
  59. >So you leave and go home without much trouble.
  60. >The next day your friends are surprised to see you around and ask about your time at the barber shop.
  61. >All you told that was that you got your haircut which made them quite skeptical.
  62. >As promised though you made it a point to visit the Kejourou every couple of days. The routine once you were there was the hairjob of course but she got a bit more intimate with you on each visit.
  63. >At the end of one visit she gave you a lock of hair which you accepted.
  65. >Things were normal for awhile until one day you realized that thoughts of her were constant through out the day.
  66. >Eventually it became unbearable for you and you decide to drop whatever errands you thought to do for the day and visit her.
  67. >As it turns out she's already in the middle of cutting someone else's hair
  68. >So you sit down and wait. Uncomfortably.
  69. >The person leaves and now it's your turn
  70. >"Oh hello again. You don't look like you need a haircut again. Or was there something else..?"
  71. >Her smile was quite lewd as she approached you.
  72. >All it took was a bit of her hair moving near your face
  73. >You put your hands on her shoulder, causing to briefly look at you with curiosity
  74. >She starts to ask what you're doing but before she can get a chance to you push her to the ground
  75. >You waste no time taking off your pants and underwear and thrusting into her like a crazed animal
  76. >She makes absolutely no attempt to stop you and in face encourages you by whispering lewd things in your ear.
  77. >She also leg locks you and wraps her arms around you, thrusting her hips against yours.
  78. >You think you hear other customers or something come in but that doesn't matter.
  79. >All that matters is that you thrust yourself inside this Kejourou and give her your seed.
  80. >You release and collapse onto the Kejourou, exhausted. She closes her eyes with a content smile not saying anything.
  81. >You realize you hear lewd sounds behind you. You turn your head to see a few Mamono masturbating to the scene.
  82. >The Kejourou guides you to her bedroom for some more private time. The Mamono who were waiting for their haircut don't seem to notice or even care.
  83. >It seems you made quite the scene since your uh...attack made it into the newspaper the next day.
  84. >Apparently a Gandharva who works with a Siren are even making a song about it
  85. >Your new wife doesn't seem to mind as much and in fact wants to go and hear it when they finish it.
  86. >Your friends that you hung with visited. One of them gave you a "I told you so" look while the rest congratulate you on getting a wife.
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