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  2. [WDZ] Drunk Demo-Pimp Sour: hello!
  3. cloudthecat52: Hi
  4. [WDZ] Drunk Demo-Pimp Sour: How can I help you?
  5. cloudthecat52: hold on i chedk your tf2 outpost
  6. [WDZ] Drunk Demo-Pimp Sour: Sure
  7. cloudthecat52: you selling 2 spy things
  8. cloudthecat52: tie and shoes
  9. [WDZ] Drunk Demo-Pimp Sour: In a set...
  10. [WDZ] Drunk Demo-Pimp Sour: I could sell them to you for a bud if you wanted to though
  11. cloudthecat52: ohh
  12. cloudthecat52: iit's that much
  13. cloudthecat52: are you selling silver bot killer wrench?
  14. [WDZ] Drunk Demo-Pimp Sour: Yeah, like I said I'd either sell it for overpriced or in the set
  15. [WDZ] Drunk Demo-Pimp Sour: and um
  16. [WDZ] Drunk Demo-Pimp Sour: Maybe
  17. [WDZ] Drunk Demo-Pimp Sour: What's your offer?
  18. cloudthecat52: prive?
  19. cloudthecat52: price?
  20. cloudthecat52: wait
  21. cloudthecat52: may i ask you if you accept items for items?
  22. cloudthecat52: or just keys and metals?
  23. [WDZ] Drunk Demo-Pimp Sour: I prefer metal and keys
  24. cloudthecat52: ohh
  25. cloudthecat52: well then i can't buy or trade
  26. cloudthecat52: i only have items:/
  27. [WDZ] Drunk Demo-Pimp Sour: But Items can work too
  28. cloudthecat52: ahh
  29. cloudthecat52: i would liek tehse
  30. cloudthecat52: i will list them
  31. cloudthecat52: Genuine Quadwrangler
  32. The Koala Compact
  33. Scarcely Lethal Silver Botkiller Wrench
  34. [WDZ] Drunk Demo-Pimp Sour: Ok...
  35. [WDZ] Drunk Demo-Pimp Sour: Any offer on te wrench?
  36. [WDZ] Drunk Demo-Pimp Sour: the*
  37. cloudthecat52: teddy rosevelt if you have it
  38. cloudthecat52: umm
  39. cloudthecat52: can you just say the preices for them all?
  40. [WDZ] Drunk Demo-Pimp Sour: I do, sorry if I don't respond quickly, i've been having some Steam lag
  41. [WDZ] Drunk Demo-Pimp Sour: And I don't have a price set for the Wrench anyway
  42. cloudthecat52: okay
  43. cloudthecat52: screw the rench
  44. cloudthecat52: then the othes?
  45. [WDZ] Drunk Demo-Pimp Sour: If you can offer we can start there
  46. cloudthecat52: wrench
  47. [WDZ] Drunk Demo-Pimp Sour: All the others don't have set prices man. If you can offer on an item we can start from there and discuss
  48. cloudthecat52: well
  49. cloudthecat52: i can't offer
  50. cloudthecat52: i just do and pay
  51. cloudthecat52: :/
  52. [WDZ] Drunk Demo-Pimp Sour: Why not?
  53. cloudthecat52: seems like over paying
  54. cloudthecat52: if i offer
  55. cloudthecat52: and if ite's low yu will be like sorry
  56. [WDZ] Drunk Demo-Pimp Sour: If you offer we can start somewhere, and I am fine if it's low, I won't be offended
  57. cloudthecat52: you*
  58. cloudthecat52: you will be like "sorry it's low"
  59. cloudthecat52: or "no deal
  60. cloudthecat52: i just whant the price on the items and then i will pay and we can be over
  61. [WDZ] Drunk Demo-Pimp Sour: Any trader will say that man. What items do you have for sale/to offer anyway
  62. [WDZ] Drunk Demo-Pimp Sour: And np if an offer is low
  63. cloudthecat52: so tell me the price?
  64. [WDZ] Drunk Demo-Pimp Sour: On each?
  65. cloudthecat52: no
  66. cloudthecat52: all
  67. cloudthecat52: total
  68. [WDZ] Drunk Demo-Pimp Sour: Sure
  69. [WDZ] Drunk Demo-Pimp Sour: Which items again
  70. cloudthecat52: hold on
  71. cloudthecat52: i copy and past againm
  72. cloudthecat52: Teddy Roosebelt
  73. The Surgeon's Side Satchel
  74. The Koala Compact
  75. Genuine Quadwrangler
  76. cloudthecat52: and bot killer
  77. cloudthecat52: wrench
  78. [WDZ] Drunk Demo-Pimp Sour: These will all be priced in metal and keys ok?
  79. [WDZ] Drunk Demo-Pimp Sour: As I have no idea what you have
  80. cloudthecat52: may i pay in items worth that muchj?
  81. [WDZ] Drunk Demo-Pimp Sour: Depends on item for me mate
  82. cloudthecat52: botkilers?
  83. [WDZ] Drunk Demo-Pimp Sour: Let me list them
  84. cloudthecat52: say price on them all first?
  85. cloudthecat52: Teddy Roosebelt
  86. The Surgeon's Side Satchel
  87. The Koala Compact
  88. Genuine Quadwrangler
  89. cloudthecat52: and botkiller wrench
  90. [WDZ] Drunk Demo-Pimp Sour: Yeah
  91. [WDZ] Drunk Demo-Pimp Sour: Here
  92. [WDZ] Drunk Demo-Pimp Sour: Teddy: Key and a ref, Side Satchel: Not For Sale, Koala: Not For Sale, Quadwrangler: 5 Keys, Bot Killer Wrench: 1 Key
  93. cloudthecat52: haha
  94. cloudthecat52: quad is 5 keys
  95. cloudthecat52: i just take wrench
  96. cloudthecat52: and
  97. cloudthecat52: maiby teddy
  98. cloudthecat52: yes
  99. cloudthecat52: and teddy
  100. cloudthecat52 has accepted your request to trade.
  101. You cannot request a new trade while you are still in another trade session.
  102. You cannot request a new trade while you are still in another trade session.
  103. [WDZ] Drunk Demo-Pimp Sour: I am so confused
  104. [WDZ] Drunk Demo-Pimp Sour: Let's start from scratch
  105. cloudthecat52 has accepted your request to trade.
  106. cloudthecat52: hear me out
  107. cloudthecat52: one last thing
  108. cloudthecat52: I was never regestered to outpost
  109. cloudthecat52: so not my problem if iwill be banned or not
  110. cloudthecat52: foa a site i never regestered
  111. [WDZ] Drunk Demo-Pimp Sour: lol
  112. [WDZ] Drunk Demo-Pimp Sour: http://pastebin.com/X3z3sRgQ
  113. [WDZ] Drunk Demo-Pimp Sour: ;)
  114. cloudthecat52: ?
  115. cloudthecat52: wait
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