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For A Good Cause (fic for Rock Candy)

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Dec 26th, 2017
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  1. For a Good Cause
  2. By UrbanCritter
  3. Ellie furrowed her eyebrows, looking at her computer with confusion. With the holiday season, came the usual boost in charity- and Ellie, being the charitable, helpful person she was, was acquainted with the foundations that helped the unfortunate during that time, and volunteered in most of them.
  4. But she never really heard about the one that sent her an email.
  5. To Dr. des Chaton, it said.
  6. We in the BB Foundation would like to invite you to our annual Charity Event for a good cause. You will be sent proper clothing in the mail.
  7. We eagerly await your response,
  8. The BB Foundation.
  9. Below that there were the time and directions to the event.
  10. Ellie never heard of this foundation, nor she had any idea what it supported- a quick search online found nothing. Plus, the event was on Christmas Eve, and even she was hesitant on spending it away from her family and friends.
  11. But there was a nagging feeling in the back of her mind that maybe this wasn't a scam- maybe they were just a new charity that were trying to get started? Plus, they went through all the effort of contacting her directly, and mailing her a dress...
  12. She smiled, and started typing a reply.
  13. ---
  14. Christmas Eve came and Ellie had her suspicions again.
  15. “Oh dear.”
  16. The “dress” could barely be called one- it was more like a strapless tube of red velvet with a white fur lining. It seemed small, too- she had enough problem finding normal clothes to fit with her… egregious size, but this will be hell to put on.
  17. Still, it was too late to back off now- she already confirmed her arrival and if she won't show up
  18. with the dress she might offend them…
  19. Ellie sighed and unbuttoned her blouse, followed by the bra. She couldn't put it on this time, she thought wistfully as her full, curvy breasts jiggled free. She set the black bra on a nearby chair and sucked in a deep breath.
  20. Come on, Ellie. You can do this.
  21. With titanic effort, Ellie squeezed herself and her massive, fat tits inside that skimpy excuse for a dress.
  22. She managed. Barely- Ellie had to yank the much-too-short dress down until the tight fabric pressed her breasts to her chest. Even through the thick fur edge, her areolas peeked over her outfit. Trying to adjust it was useless, too- if she tried to pull it up she'd end up showing the whole world her panties. She'd have to go out like this, in a dress that barely covered anything other than her waist.
  23. She felt like a cheap whore.
  24. This better be worth it, she thought as she wrapped up in her coat and got into the car.
  25. ---
  26. The drive took her to a small manor at the outskirts of Granköping, causing another pang of suspicion. Why was it so far from downtown, where most events happened?
  27. Well, it was too late to back off now. Ellie took another deep breath and got out of the car, shivering from the cold as she ran inside.
  28. “Ah, Dr. des Chaton. So very glad you could join us!”
  29. A smiling, middle aged man in a suit stood at the foyer.
  30. “We were just about to begin. Your coat, please?”
  31. Ellie smiled hesitantly, reluctantly undoing her coat. She could see the greeter’s smile widening when he saw the over-glorified corset they bought her, but he said nothing, instead just looking at her body.
  32. “T-thank you, sir.” She said, before deciding to voice her suspicions. “I have to say that I never heard of this… BB Foundation before. Are you a new charity? What's your cause-?”
  33. “Miss des Chaton, I assure you everything will be answered in time. If you would be so kind as to take a seat…”
  34. He motioned to the door behind him, and Ellie smiled and nodded, walking deeper into the house. She could feel him ogling her ass as she walked into the main room.
  35. There were people gathered around a big, decorated table- maybe thirty or so- that turned their heads when Ellie walked in. She quickly realized there were only men beside the table- she was the only girl in the house.
  36. The looks she got made her cheeks redden up bright while she slowly walked to the last free seat, right by the head of the table, and sat down.
  37. The young man next to her- the host, probably- smiled widely and shook her hand when she offered it.
  38. “Miss des Chaton! I'm so glad you could make it!” He said in a cheery, warm tone that made Ellie think that maybe her suspicions were wrong after all.
  39. She relaxed in her seat, watching as the host stood up and tapped on his glass.
  40. “Everyone, everyone! I'm glad you could all show up! Welcome to the annual BB foundation charity gathering. Now, before I begin, I would like to thank our very special guest, Doctor Ellie des Chaton, for attending today.”
  41. Ellie perked up in her seat, smiling shyly and waving at the crowd. Maybe this wasn't going to be as bad as she thought!
  42. “Yes, we all had a long, productive year here, helping tame unruly bitches.”
  43. Wait, what? Were they a charity dedicated to dogs or something?
  44. “We all know that it's our job to take little sluts everywhere and break them until they're good, subservient cocksocks! And just as a treat for you all today-”
  45. Before Ellie could say something, she felt his hand gripping at her hair, the other fumbling with his pants before undoing the zipper…
  46. “We got you all a round with this prime kitty-bitch right here, on behalf of the Bitch Breaking Foundation!”
  47. His cock sprung out, fully erect and absolutely massive, in front of Ellie's face.
  48. “OH MY STA-MMMFF-!”
  49. She couldn't even finish talking before he thrust into her mouth, filling it with the hot, sweaty musk of his cock.
  50. ---
  51. Almost immediately, the host started hammering his hips, shoving that monstrous thing in and out of the catgirl’s mouth while she struggled to try and push him away. It was no use- he was stronger than her, and all her fighting got her was her hands being grabbed and pinned down, leaving her helpless while his cock started hitting harder and harder against the entrance to her throat. Ellie's eyes closed shut in pain while tears started flowing, ruining her careful make-up.
  52. For some reason, that made her mad the most.
  53. She gagged loudly when her assaulter finally managed to slide into her throat, letting a pleasured little groan while she tried her hardest to pull away. A sudden spank on her right ass cheek made her squeak and spring forward, her lips pressing against the host's groin while another pair of hand yanked at her dress. Her tits spilled out, jiggling in the air while the crowd that gathered around her laughed.
  54. “Haha, holy shit! She didn't even wear a bra!”
  55. She squeaked again after another spank hit her round behind, followed by a pair of hands groping at her chest and squeezing it painfully.
  56. “What a slut! Where'd you even find this bimbo bitch, boss?” one of the men behind her asked, followed by the sound of pants unzipping.
  57. “Pf- she works at the hospital.” The man violating her mouth said, while Ellie felt hands everywhere- painfully yanking on her tail, tugging hard on her panties, lifting one of her legs and kicking the chair she sat on away…
  58. “Slut wouldn't give me the time of day last month because I looked at her fat cow tits,” he said with a snicker, thrusting harder into her full, pouty kisser. “Bet you're regretting that, aren't you, bitch?”
  59. Ellie was too busy being shocked at this scene to try and remember that specific incident, what with the massive dick plowing her throat and hands treating her like a piece of meat and all. It was only when her panties gave up, tearing off of her shapely behind, that she snapped back into reality, making apologetic little whimpers while she felt her ass being spread and something- something hot and hard and way-too-big pressing against her tight pucker. She braced herself, but nothing could prepare her to the pain of another oversized shaft claim her, this time slamming deep into her ass and starting to thrust. She cried around the cock in her mouth-
  60. Only to feel it convulse and erupt, shooting its payload of thick, backed up semen down her throat and into her mouth. The taste was revolting- she thought she was gonna be sick- but the host finally pulled away, letting her cough and breath for a brief moment before another shaft thrust itself into her mouth.
  61. “Merry Christmas, bitch! Hope you enjoy your present!” The host said, laughing and sitting down to admire Ellie's violation.
  62. She closed her eyes again, her thighs shivering as the man in her ass erupted as well, only to pull out and coat her ass with his smelly cum. Another one took his spot, and to her horror, she felt a second dick poke at her pussy, prodding hard against her slit.
  63. Please, just let this end-OH MY STARS! Ellie cried loudly in her thoughts as all three cocks rammed into her, claiming her virginity and making her mind black out for a moment.
  64. ---
  65. A few hours later
  66. Ellie's eyes rolled up as another orgasm took her, moaning loudly while her juices overflowed over the (thirtieth? Fortieth? She lost count and at this point she didn't even care anymore) cock ramming her poor, abused cunny. The cock in her mouth muffled her squeals of climax, rewarding her with what felt like the hundredth shot of cum in her mouth.
  67. Poor Ellie was a mess- her pale skin was covered almost entirely in the cum of the generous patrons of the charity event, and even more dribbled out of every hole. The few patches of skin that remained clean were written on- with words like “Slut” and “Kitty-Bitch” and “Fuck me!” scribbled all over, tally marks that betrayed exactly how many cocks ruined her tonight, little drawings of cocks aimed at her ass and pussy and mouth…
  68. She didn't really care. Ellie was right where she used to be- helping all these poor, unfortunate, pent up gentlemen. And that's what charity was all about.
  69. The man in her ass pulled out, offering her his cum-covered cock.
  70. “Hey, kitty-bitch. Clean me up already. I ain't got all day.”
  71. Ellie's eyes lit up while her tongue lapped at his head, the taste of cum making her toes curl in delight before she started sucking on it. Yes, this was a great charity event. She was so glad she agreed to come!
  73. [Bad End]
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