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  1. my friend's first message to preface this about his friend and IPE's conversations on discord:
  2. (IPE added one of my closest friends on Discord. He just randomly told her that she has a dominatrix personality type and that he wants to do roleplay with her. Pretty awkward.)
  4. (girl lies about having a boyfriend to push IPE away, but plays along because she wants to see what it's like to interact with MAL's creepy resident weirdo)
  6. [friend]Today at 3:38 PM
  7. i'm not sure i can do that, i'm sorry
  8. i have a bf
  9. you're super disappointed now
  10. aren't u
  12. EcchiToday at 3:39 PM
  13. not exactly
  14. i just thought it could be like a rly tight friends thing
  15. not sex, just like discipline
  16. for the hell of it
  18. [friend]Today at 3:40 PM
  19. no you wanted it to be sex, you're just saying that now
  20. hehe
  21. ;P
  23. EcchiToday at 3:41 PM
  24. i will honestly take whatever i can get
  25. if it could be done without sex i would take it
  27. EcchiToday at 3:41 PM
  28. anything that u would be willing to do that's not bf-gf level
  30. EcchiToday at 3:42 PM
  31. i just want a taste of what your style would be like
  33. (Some time goes by, he's obsessed with Myers Briggs for some reason so he constantly tries to force women to get into this myers briggs shit whenever he DMs them)
  35. EcchiToday at 3:27 PM
  36. yes, stereotypical ENTJ is a dominatrix for women
  38. [friend]Today at 3:27 PM
  39. hahahaha, you're just hoping i'm a dominatrix ;P
  41. EcchiToday at 3:28 PM
  42. well i'll be honest
  43. i was wondering if we could do a roleplay type thing here some time
  44. that's what all this was building up to
  46. (asks to do creepy roleplay)
  49. [her]Today at 3:42 PM
  50. omg you perv
  51. i know
  52. you'd get off to it though
  53. even if it wasn't lewd
  55. EcchiToday at 3:44 PM
  56. but if it's not lewd u couldn't say for sure, and it's technically not a wrong thing to do then
  57. if it's not rly intimate
  58. i've genuinely been curious what it would be like since i added u on MAL
  60. [her]Today at 3:45 PM
  61. but i know it would
  62. why else do u want me to act that way towards you
  63. do you ask this to every girl u add on mal? xD
  65. EcchiToday at 3:46 PM
  66. no i dont
  67. i really really like your personality, so i got acquainted with you
  68. i don't have feelings for you
  69. i just am super duper curious what this would be like
  70. if it's technically not "intimate" wouldn't it be okay
  72. [her]Today at 3:48 PM
  73. but it doesn't change the fact you'd take it sexually no matter what i do!
  75. EcchiToday at 3:49 PM
  76. couldn't you just be like "fuck it" and try it tho ;o
  77. these are DMs
  78. i don't want to do a sexual thing
  80. [her]Today at 3:49 PM
  81. i don't believe u
  82. silly
  84. EcchiToday at 3:50 PM
  85. are you telling me you want me to say i want lewd shit
  86. i want to do something, whatever somethnig you're comfortable with
  87. i will compromise
  89. [her]Today at 3:51 PM
  90. i'm saying, even if i compromise and it's not lewd. I feel like I know you'll be taking it in a lewd way, even if it isn't
  92. EcchiToday at 3:53 PM
  93. is that wrong? it's the same as acknowledging that your best bro has an attractive gf but not trying to actually come between the two
  94. because you know you shouldn't and can't
  96. [her]Today at 3:54 PM
  97. but do u think my bf would like me acting that way with you knowing that i'm doing it so that u get off to it?
  99. EcchiToday at 3:54 PM
  100. but i never said i would
  101. i'm being devil's advocate
  103. [her]Today at 3:54 PM
  104. what else would u get out of it then
  106. EcchiToday at 3:55 PM
  107. i told you i want to see the different styles of different people
  108. i mean that
  110. [her]Today at 3:55 PM
  111. so u can then apply that style to a sexual situation
  113. EcchiToday at 3:56 PM
  114. it's just data, it's not personal like that
  115. it's like when you buy a phone, and you choose to jailbreak it or not
  116. the manufacturer isn't responsible with what you privately do with your phone
  117. and doesn't condone it
  118. your argument is the same as saying that because apple gives you a phone, they are encouraging you to do malicious things with it
  119. what you do with it is your business, and they have their professional reputation
  121. [her]Today at 3:59 PM
  122. :/
  123. idk
  125. (spergs about being an incel)
  127. EcchiToday at 4:01 PM
  128. anything is personal IF you choose to take it that way
  129. like what if there was a girl on MAL who had a (he later changed it to "there's this prick") on MAL who calls me incel and that pisses me off because i am where i am entirely because i chose it
  130. i never seriously tried irl to get a gf, and if i did i would succeed
  131. i was never rejected, i rejected 2 of them, one directly and one indirectly by doing nothing
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