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  1. Fren has joined the chat
  2. Fren: Hello welcome :)
  3. Hymn: Hi, thank you! How are you?
  4. Fren: Im doing good thanks n you?
  5. Hymn: I'm okay today, thank you ^^
  6. Fren: here we can come sit upstairs
  7. Hymn: Sure!
  8. Fren: So this is the office for now
  9. Fren: I wanted to show you it bc i was thinking of trying to match the colors and the vibes the same as the room
  10. Hymn: It looks quite nice already. So black and white vibes
  11. Fren: yeah with accents of pinks and reds
  12. Fren: I just need a group page image and then an image for this chatroom
  13. Fren: is that something you would wanna do?
  14. Hymn: Absolutely! I can whip up the chat room image today actually. The group page I can have done for you most likely within 2 days.
  15. Fren: okay awesome. Are you fimiliar with grims gp poto looked like?
  16. Fren: photo*
  17. Fren:
  18. Fren: obviously very differnt vibe, but i like how its just the name and has some accents to it and looks very professional
  19. Fren: doesnt have to animate obviously but just to give you kind of an idea
  20. Hymn: For sure! I used to work on IMVU homepages so I'm familiar with that type of style.
  21. Fren: yay
  22. Hymn: I could do something with like a lipstick, a kiss mark, etc.
  23. Hymn: Fashionable/Girly but still sophisticated and sexy
  24. Fren: oh thats another thing...I was weondering even though it is rather girly if you could still try to make it somewhat gender neutral just in case guys wanna apply
  25. Hymn: Okay, got it!
  26. Fren: i also had a question
  27. Hymn: Sure thing
  28. Fren: idk if you know the answer to this but now that tinypic is dead im having trouble uploading an image to the soapbox and group image. I didnt know if you knew of another website or what syntaxi have to put in
  29. Hymn: Hmmm, I don't know. I don't use groups all that often anymore and even then, I never managed one, was only just in them.
  30. Hymn: I wish I could be more helpful in that way, I'm sorry
  31. Hymn: If I find out from someone though, I will def run it past you!
  32. Fren: no worries!
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