Feb 2nd, 2018
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  2. Dies Irae
  3. I’ve Seen The Future- +100 yeah this is annoying.
  4. Do You Remember Those Days- +200 very annoying.
  5. Permanent Penance- +300 I have all senses both possible and impossible at global range, losing a pair of them is nothing.
  6. Bear Their Sins On Your Back- +300 I have literally ludicrous pain tolerance and glands that produce opium
  7. Psycho Relic- +300 this ain't my first rodeo !
  8. Student
  9. rolling for age Roll(1d3)+15:3,+15 Total:18
  10. Die Ewigkeit- Free good thing we have methodologies for creating ethically sourced non-sapient artificial souls.
  11. Personal Faith chosen as free see below
  12. Convenient Woman chosen as free see below
  13. Yusa Have Some Fun chosen as free see below
  14. Soldiers Never Cease- chosen as free yeah these are some really good mental health perks
  15. Beast of Possibility-300 discount for student taking this anyway
  16. Golden Ending- 600 morally obligated to take this
  17. Ahnenerbe
  18. Third Tier: increase in number-300
  19. Import: every one of my personal weapons -200 I guess at this level that includes a lot of vehicles as well
  20. fusion -100 new way to manifest them and a new way to use them.
  21. Third tier Briah - 400 see below.
  22. JDO: inner circle:Monique,RJ,Tyrion outer circle: Leonardo da Vinci,Painwheel, Tina,tj,Pam, mother box,-300
  24. It seems that Reinhard is not the only man with a round table now. You’ve become the head of yourown version of the LDO, named and styled in whatever way you most desire. This organisation is made up of 12 members other than yourself. You may either create new companions or import existing ones into these roles. All members of this group gain the LDO origin for free, though the background is changed to be fitting for your new group instead, and gain the normal Ewigkeit, Relic and Briah freebies. Nine of this group will be junior members, gaining 600CP to spend on what theywant as well as starting at the Yetzirah stage of Ewigkeit. The other three members will be your senior commanders, gaining 800CP to spend and starting at the Briah stage of Ewigkeit. If all members of this group are newly created companions, you may treat them as a single slot companion all together. Otherwise they are separate slots
  25. Monique,RJ,Tyrion : Leonardo da Vinci,Painwheel, Tina,tj,Pam, mother box
  26. inner circle:Monique
  27. Die Ewigkeit- Free
  28. Lower Case god: evolution -600
  29. Den Mother free
  30. Oh Father free
  31. Evil Is What It Is free
  32. Shepherd of Sheep free
  33. first tier Ahnenerbe: her body free
  34. Second tier Briah:a knockoff of Rusalka Schwagerin only insect nest instead of torture castle - 200
  35. pocket friend free
  37. ,Tyrion
  38. Die Ewigkeit- Free
  39. Mephistopheles- 400
  40. Den Mother free
  41. Oh Father free
  42. Evil Is What It Is free
  43. Shepherd of Sheep free
  44. first tier Ahnenerbe: a hand and a half sword
  45. Third tier Briah: a knockoff of Malignant Tumor Apoptosis- 400
  46. tempered guns free
  48. mother box
  49. Die Ewigkeit- Free
  50. Witch- 200
  51. Age Old Witchery -200 discount for IDO
  52. first tier Ahnenerbe: a staff
  53. Third tier Briah: a knockoff of Malignant Tumor Apoptosis- 400 I think it's time you finally built that anti-multi-verse device we are probably going to need it here
  54. pocket friend free
  56. outer circle:
  57. Leonardo da Vinci
  58. Die Ewigkeit- Free
  59. Den Mother free
  60. Oh Father free
  61. Evil Is What It Is free
  62. Shepherd of Sheep free
  63. Relic of the Past- 600
  64. first tier Ahnenerbe: her body Free
  65. first tier Briah: metal bending- Free
  66. pocket friend free
  68. ,Painwheel
  69. Die Ewigkeit- Free
  70. Den Mother free
  71. Oh Father free
  72. Evil Is What It Is free
  73. Shepherd of Sheep free
  74. Ahnenerbe:Import: Buer Drive - 100
  75. Third tier Briah:a knockoff of Midgardr Völsunga Saga: (End of the Mortal Realm coming from her Buer Drive - 400
  76. pocket friend free
  78. , Tina
  79. Die Ewigkeit- Free
  80. Den Mother free
  81. Oh Father free
  82. Evil Is What It Is free
  83. Shepherd of Sheep free
  84. third tier Ahnenerbe: every gun used by the Allies -300
  85. second tier Briah: a knockoff of Muspellheimr Lævateinn: (Harrowing Sword of Inferno - 200
  86. pocket friend free
  88. ,tj
  89. Die Ewigkeit- Free
  90. Den Mother free
  91. Oh Father free
  92. Evil Is What It Is free
  93. Shepherd of Sheep free
  94. Ahnenerbe:Import: his sniper rifle- 100
  95. Third tier Briah: - 400
  96. pocket friend free
  98. ,Pam,
  99. Die Ewigkeit- Free
  100. Mephistopheles- 400
  101. Den Mother free
  102. Oh Father free
  103. Evil Is What It Is free
  104. Shepherd of Sheep free
  105. The White Beast-200 discount for IDO\
  106. Ahnenerbe:Import: her car- 100
  107. first tier Briah become fire free
  108. pocket friend free
  110. RJ
  111. Die Ewigkeit- Free
  112. Ahnenerbe:Import: his noble phantasm hammer- 100
  113. Third tier Briah: a copy of mine- 400
  114. pocket friend free
  115. The Little Hell-100 chosen discount
  116. the basic gist of the plan: only with more worthy opponents, the thing is when I fight serious I can stop time, no one here has time stop resistance judging by what I read and I can already overcome conceptual defenses and regeneration, and with the new weapon specifically designed to kill them
  117. my Third tier Briah
  118. 1.Hand shaped fields of energy automatically scale to crush the target
  119. 2. Energy fields Can be manipulated and used as easily and with the same stats as Jumper's actual hands.
  120. 3.Energy fields consist of enough energy to destroy the target,and are of the appropriate type that the target is weak to.
  121. 4.If opponent does not have any form of weakness or the ability to be destroyed it will apply it to them
  123. Rolling crafting check for anti-multi-verse device , -20 from having what are essentially later mid-game crafting and a late game magic spec jumpers assisting me
  124. Roll(1d100)-20: 16,-20 Total:1 modified critical yeah that'll do it. The tricky part will be injecting it into them but no one here seems to have time stop resistance. And Portal frags are a thing
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