AGDQ Pitches

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  1. Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition (PC)
  2. Vergil New Game Devil Hunter - 1:30:00
  4. Fan favorite Vergil returns in the SE release of DMC4. He's been retooled with new mechanics that let him tear through demons with ruthless efficiency and skip large portions of levels. The combat is insanely deep and flashy looking, which translates to a gorgeous speedrun with tons of recovery strats. A DMC hasn't had a showing at a GDQ in a long while and it's about time this series returned. Possible bid war between 3 and 4.
  6. JumpJet Rex (PC)
  7. Adventure Normal - 20:00
  9. Co-op Normal - 20:00
  10. No video but I’ve played co-op casually with a friend and it’s the same thing but with a partner to rely on for some stuff. Should be very easy to learn with Yoshipro.
  11. It's like Dustforce but with a dinosaur with rocket boots. You fly through levels at breakneck speeds, collecting rings and treasures.
  12. Yoshipro and I are submitting this game as a race or co-op run. We both have very similar times in RTA and share most of the IL world records between us.
  13. We've been in contact with the dev since Steam early access and he would love to be in a call as we break his game in half.
  15. System Shock: Enhanced Edition (PC)
  16. Default Difficulty - 40:00
  18. The game that gave birth to the FPS/RPG hybrid genre.
  19. Watch me skate through a space station using controls reminiscent of a helicopter flight simulator.
  20. The recent release adds mouselook, speeding up several areas in an already fast-paced run full of unexpected tricks and glitches. Perfectly deserving of a slot in a retro FPS block.
  22. No More Heroes Heroes' Paradise (PS3)
  23. NG Sweet - 3:45:00
  25. One of Suda51's most iconic games, this HD rerelease follows an otaku wrestler assassin with a beam katana as he climbs the ranks of the assassination league by eliminating higher-ranked killers. The run showcases the memorable boss battles and efficient dispatching of enemies. The HD version is used because of warps which speed up the run.
  26. Donation incentive to play with the Playstation Move controller, which is sure to make for a fun couch camera.
  28. Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition (PC)
  29. Dante NG Normal - 1:30:00
  30. (note that my run is pretty outdated because I haven’t had time to do a run with Radge and Glaedr’s new strats and route changes that all but guarantee a sub 1:20:00 time. Refer to his PB
  31. This run showcases why you should never have a counter and cancel available to the player at the same time. Lots of work has been put into optimizing this game over the past few months by Glaedr, Radge, and me. Veteran players will be amazed by some of the strats we do while casual viewers will appreciate the fast, flashy, and efficient combat. Possible bid war between 3 and 4.
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