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raw changelog for RC18

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Sep 21st, 2020
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  1. Game
  2. - Fixed problem with selecting loadout while the text box to enter the player name is active
  3. - Minor LTTZ quest item fix (Monolith shard)
  4. - Updated Arszi's psy health system
  5. - Fixed wrong aim offset for Sig550 Arrow + Acog
  6. - Tweaked controller damage and efficiency of meds for psy healing
  7. - Fixed potential debug spawner crash
  8. - RU: translation updates
  9. - Changed some hardcoded text in scripts to use translations instead
  10. - Fixed inventory opening when trying to grab a body with Shift+F
  11. - Removed "stop at end" from a LOT of aim animations, zoom-in transition should be smoother now
  12. - Fixed drug making kit not available at the vice after giving it to a medic
  13. - Free vice access should work more reliably now
  14. - Added missing gasmask effect to "Hero of Freedom" armor
  15. - Fixed binoculars not appearing in trader inventories
  16. - Allow mask wipe and headlamp switch for zoomed in pistols
  17. - Added options for enemy weapon dispersion to the gameplay difficulty settings
  19. Engine
  20. - Left/Right click outside of a text edit box will simulate pressing enter on that box
  21. - [R3/R4] Attempt to fix sun cascade problems
  22. - "Silent" (script) console commands no longer reset the console
  23. - Don't auto zoom out weapons when a script animation is played
  24. - Renamed "dev_param_[1-8]" to "shader_param_[1-8] and made them available outside of debug mode
  25. - Improved handling of errors during game object spawning
  26. - Added "time_continual" export, for timer based scripts while the game is paused
  27. - Better way to disable the ladder for the actor, also disabled ladders for mutants
  28. - More errors reported in log and gracefully handled instead of crashing
  29. - Changed build configuration for VerifiedDX11 (this exe is for debugging only)
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