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  1. The Assorted Random Stories of Sad Symphony
  3. [ctrl+f for NONLEWD]
  5. [LEWD]
  7.     >nopony even knew she existed
  8.     >it was just as well, you didn't want the world to know she existed, and neither did she
  9.     >Sad Symphony was a pale blue in body color, her hair alternating shades of sky and pond scum green
  10.     >while you cut wood with Burnt Oak, hauled baskets of apples with the Apple clan, she stayed at home, perfecting her art, though nobody would hear her wondrous one pony symphonies but you
  11.     >while your back broke, your limbs burned, while every piece of you strained and wanted to quit, you couldn't. You had to do it....for her
  14.     >killing yourself in the human world had been the best decision you'd ever made
  15.     >or at least, what your brain told you was the best decision it'd ever made while the DMT and other chemicals rushed to it
  16.     >But this seemed real. as real as anything you'd ever felt before
  17.     >her pelt was soft as satin and silk and cotton, her mane like a tangle of spun sugar, wrapping over her long, elegant neck, parted at her horn and forehead so she could manipulate the strings of her violin without interruption
  18.     >her house, which you'd landed in, was a single story affair, just enough room for two ponies, though before you, it'd only been one
  19.     >"Symph, what's for dinner?" you asked, kicking off your boots at the door and heading inside in your socks
  20.     >it wasn't the most extravagent of places, but she welcomed you with a clingy hug, both her front limbs wrapped around your waist while you clutched her neck back, holding her against you, both of you inhaling deep lungfuls of one another's scent
  21.     >"D'aw....I missed you too Symph~"
  24.     >two things about Symph kept her from the outside world
  25.     >she was mute and spoke only through song, and her parents had wrangled her up and kept her a secret
  26.     >she still lived in that same house with the ghosts of her parents haunting her dreams and waking hours
  27.     >but now she had you to cling to instead
  28.     >you knelt, to be more in reach of her wrapping limbs, hugging her tight and planting soft smooch against the join of her horn and forehead, kissing completely around it
  29.     >"Yes Symph, I really DID miss you, stop that." she could pass simple emotions through her horn magic, but mostly it was her body language that told you all you needed to know
  30.     >your dull nails scraped through her mane, stroking her rhythmically while left arm rested overtop of her back, clutching her close and sweet and tight
  31.     >despite the fact she never left the house, she smelled like mints and fresh grass
  32.     >you didn't bother trying to convince her to perform anymore, that only earned you silence for at least a week
  33.     >"Did your practice go well?"
  34.     >she replied with a smile, and a flourish of whispy, ethereal sounding notes on her instrumet, looking awful damn proud of herself.
  35.     >"Good girl," you said, patting her head and ruffling her ears.
  37.     >huff sounded from her nostrils and mouth while you molested her ears, taking each one between your thumb and forefinger, stroking in small circles upon the heated inner and fuzz covered outer portions
  38.     >rest of your palms were cupped against her jawbone and sides of scruff
  39.     >you dipped your head down, planting soft kisses over and over and over upon her nostrils, fuzzy lips, and the sensitive join of horn and forehead, attacking all of her sensitive spots at once
  40.     >deep squeal rumbled from her throat, and she 'hugged' you tighter, squishing your chest against hers, the pony rising up to eye level with you, peppering your lips and cheeks with affections
  41.     >your arms and hands mirrored hers, wrapping her upper neck and over shoulder blades, clutching her tight, sweetly pecking and leaving tiny hickies beneat the horrse's pelt
  42.     >"Whoa now, what's got into you Symph?" you asked, though she looked up at you pathetically and used her blunt, heavy horseteeth to bite your bottom lip, suckling back'n dragging down
  43.     >as you touched her, even your dull human sense could feel the change in her temperature now
  44.     >"Damn long?"
  45.     >she struck the ground twice with her hoof, her violin striking up a worried sounding tune
  46.     >"It's alright...I'll take care of you.." you huffed, laying an affectionate slap on her right flank.
  48.     >you essentially had a stay-at-home wife, despite the fact you weren't married, or were even sure she was a girlfriend or just a woman you lived with who relied on you
  49.     >it amounted to the same thing in your opinion
  50.     >you couldn't quite get hers on the matter, but it seemed she at least liked having you around
  51.     >from her body language, you gathered she got lonely a lot, at least, though you had much to learn about tiny horses
  52.     >your hand slipped under her chin, tilting her head upward, the perfect angle for a deep, hungry, loving liplock, her much larger tongue dipping into your mouth, twirling and writhing upon one another like a nest of mating serpents
  53.     >you stroked over her back with all of your fingers, scraping deep furrows into the flesh along her shoulderblades, spine, and the muscles to either side of it, right on down to her tail
  54.     >gave that tail a tug, and that ass a loving slap, growling into her mouth, the vibration of it rolling along your tongue and deep into her own mouth muscle
  55.     >Symph pushed forward, rolling you onto your ass and partway on your elbows
  56.     >the magic that manipulated her violin's bow so well manipulated your pants, tugging them down around your thighs
  59.     >the same magic formed a seagreen hue around your semi-hard penis, and through unicorn magic, riled it up to full mast in a matter of seconds
  60.     >it was a tingle, like your leg had fallen asleep, combined with a rush of blood and pulsation, increasing your heart beat and pressure, making for a fully unique experience as the unicorn played a tune on your prick, sawing across the heavy vein like the basic strings of an instrument
  61.     >C, D, and G, that was all you were, the basic shit and easily manipulated, yet the girl strummed hard on your very human cock, plucking and tugging the secondary and tertiary veins and artieries, feeling like her violin bow was sawing across you
  62.     >you leaned back, propped on your elbows while Symph nearly caused your dick to burn from the friction of her magic
  63.     >to cool it, she cast her long, wide tongue from balls to tip, giving slurpy kiss while she cooled your loins, turning attention from cock to lips, kissing you, to forehead, nuzzling you
  64.     >"I'm not an instrument, Symph~" you complained with a grin, headbutting her lightly, scooping her forelimbs up over your shoulders, the silent pony squeaking surprise on her violin.
  65.     >"Don't worry, I still love you." you assured, her musical question broken in half when you hugged her tight and squashed your prick against her tummy
  67.     >your arms lashed out, cutting under her digigrade back limbs, planting her flank into your groin, while you rolled her onto her back, planting all of your weight on top of her
  68.     >she flailed for a moment, not knowing what to do, her instinctual fear hitting her for a moment until she realised it was -you- who had done this, her cheeks flushed
  69.     >your balls rested against her slit, your cock atop of her belly, showing her just how deep you'd be getting once it began, and began to saw that prick against her abdomens, making her flex and twist, her cheeks flushed, your little Symphony still shy
  70.     >both hands clapped her flanks, digging fingers deep into her rump while you forced another hungry kiss into her mouth
  71.     >tiny human mouth muscle slithered past her fuzzy lips and began to twirl with her own, the much larger equine one coiling you like a fat pink python, squeezing
  72.     >you grunted hard, wrapping arms underneath her back, crushing her prodigious chest against yours, humping against her soft underbelly pelt, nuts slapping against her slit
  73.     >she was made for massive stallion cock, so you slid into her easily
  74.     >that slippery, hot, juicy cunt crushed you, pulsations rippling from base to tip as if it was trying to milk you
  75.     >didn't even have to move and that pony twat did all the work for you
  76.     >choking back whimpers, you pulled back, slamming into her, letting her milk you, again and again, the same tug, the same slam, the same squeezing, crushing pressure of her sticky mare pussy
  78.     >you never lasted long
  79.     >burying your dick to the balls, you let her pussy suckle your rod while you kissed her lips deep, hard and hungry
  80.     >each twitch of your loin brought you closer, each squeeze of her twat drew it out of you
  81.     >you couldn't even pummel her guts, she was built for much larger than you had to offer, yet you felt the mouth of her cervix kissing and suckling at your cockhead
  82.     >without warning you blew the biggest, fattest, nastiest wad you had to date up into her belly, collapsing on top of her as she drained your nuts, pullng every wad, slip, and spit of cum into her
  83.     >"Not fair..." you huffed, still atop of her, unable to pull out from the sheer pressure she placed upon you, forcing you to be face to face with her, kiss her, and suckle her neck
  84.     >she made the world's saddest violin noise above your ear
  85.     >"Yeah, fuck you too." you grinned, planting a quick smooch on her fuzzy lips.
  87. [NONLEWD]
  89. [For her]
  91.     >For Her; that was what you told yourself, but you knew it was a lie
  92.     >you liked having someone depend on you, someone who gave your life some semblance of meaning in a world you didn't completely understand and probably didn't belong in
  93.     >Sad Symphony was your golden ticket, your magic pass to something resembling a semi-functional relationship
  94.     >a couple of co-dependents using each other as emotional crutches and supports, duct taping and stitching each others wounded hearts back together even though you knew they fragmented and tore just as often as you could patch them
  95.     >you were both hurt and broken inside
  96.     >she tried to hide it from you, but every now and then her mask would slip and you would be greeted with the blank mask of a woman who had lost hope, both in her future and in her present, the only thing likely keeping her from doing what you did back on earth was your presence
  97.     >the only thing that kept you from doing the same thing again in this alien world you knew nothing of, was getting to hear the rhythmic heartbeat of the pony sprawled out next to you on the thick mattress, her body heat making covers unnecessary
  99.     >as was customary, you were the big spoon, and kept your face buried in her mane while you lay awake, a few hours before dawn, dreading the day to come
  100.     >if you didn't have to buy food you'd likely be just as much of a shut-in as she was
  101.     >you didn't speak to many people, only as much as necessary to ask if things needed doing, whether it was hefting an axe and delivering firewood, hauling baskets of apples, or doing whatever other odd job around town required your assistance
  102.     >you were usually paid in food and small amounts of coin, the latter of which you tucked away under a floorboard beneath the bed you shared, savings for a rainy day, and as much firewood as you could chop and haul back here
  103.     >since her bodyheat was much higher than yours, it generally wasn't necessary, since she liked the physical affection you gave and sprawled atop of you often enough that you jokingly called her a self heating blanket
  104.     >the first time had earned you a swat with her bow, but eventually she took it as it was intended, an affectionate joke
  105.     >it was in these dark hours before the sun rose that you dreaded the most, that this was a dream, that you'd find yourself back home or in a hospital bed with doctors standing over you with disappointed looks on their faces either at the fact you hadn't succeeded or that you'd even tried in the first place
  106.     >you placed your left arm under hers, pressing your palm to her chest, the heavy, rhythmic thud of her heartbeat comforting you and stemming off the wave of panic that was about to overcome you
  107.     >you hadn't let her see that part of you, and hopefully she'd never find out about the dread in your heart and the crushing vice of anxieties that threatened to turn it to pulp with every passing day
  108.     >if this was some sort of coma dream, you never wanted to wake up
  109.     >you inhaled the deep, mint and grass smell of her, and at some point you'd managed to fall asleep again
  111.     >the dawnlight was a cruel way to wake up, and she'd opened every window in your shared room to let in some fresh air, and with it, the sun
  112.     >you could smell breakfast cooking, and you finally lumbered out of bed to greet her in the small kitchen
  113.     >she was swaying to some tune she was humming silently to herself, her unicorn magic covering things in a visible aura while she fried eggs in a skillet and prepared a breakfast salad of fruit, able to manipulate half a dozen things at once, from knife and bowl and various fruit to skillet and spatula
  114.     >couldn't utter a sound, but her hearing was just fine, and it twitched at your approach, swiveling atop her head to pinpoint your location as you approached
  115.     >ash she finished scrambling the eggs you leaned down and kissed her in that favorite spot right at the base of her horn and tussled the side of her head with your fingers while you were at it
  116.     >she blushed furiously and stamped the ground twice and swatted you with the spatula, what you took to be an indication to sit and eat with her
  117.     >you did, happily, and even hand-fed her little pieces of apple, pear, pineapple, and a few other things you couldn't name readily while you ate your own and prepared for the day
  118.     >she seemed to enjoy you hand-feeding her, and not for the first time you realized you had no idea how old she actually was
  119.     >going by the average size of the other tiny horses in town, she was a bit on the small side, her limbs a bit thin, though she'd gotten slightly less scrawny since you started bringing in regular food supply
  120.     >she wasn't a filly, perhaps a young adult that was just a bit undernourished and stunted? you weren't a horse doctor, and couldn't tell by her teeth, no matter how often you stuffed your tongue in her face
  121.     >in the end it didn't matter really, she wasn't a blip on anyone's radar, and you tried to keep it that way; as far as most folks in town knew, you lived here alone
  123.     >your days passed in relative peace, there didn't seem to be much conflict or worry in the everyday life of a tiny horse, the hardest decision they had to make for the most part was what to eat that day or who to hang out with
  124.     >it was a literal paradise and yet you couldn't help but feel apprehensive, nervous, and sometimes nauseous to the point you vomited in the orchard, and sometimes the Apples didn't even see you do it
  125.     >deciding that Symph deserved a treat for putting up with your needy bullshit, you decided to spend a few of your coins at the local bakery, where a hyperactive pink pony was usually manning the counter
  126.     >she'd probably said her name at least forty times, but you couldn't bring yourself to remember it, no more than you'd remember the name of any other cashier at a grocery store back home
  127.     >picking up a few apple fritters from the bakery and some peanut butter, honey, and milk from the general store, you headed home, treats in tow, and feeling....pretty good, all things considered.
  128.     >you heard the soft violin music on the doorstep, and did your best to enter quietly so as not to disrupt her playing while you prepped the treats in the kitchen
  129.     >you didn't get more than three steps into the house before you were rushed, tackled, hugged, and finally, face-violated with her fuzzy, ticklish lips
  130.     >you took the full force of it, not wanting to smash any of your goodies, landing hard on your ass and your back against the door, cracking your skull against the hardwood while she bombarded you with affection
  131.     >aside from the fact a good portion of you felt bruised, you returned the smooches as best you could, "Easy doll, I got fragile treats here," he tilted your head, indicating the small bags you were holding to either side of you
  132.     >looking horrified she backed up, summoning her violin and giving a quick, worried riff that sounded as if it ended in a question, an upward tick in the tone
  134.     >"Yes yes, I'm alright. You could help with these though. Got you a little treat. Still warm from the bakery, so you better hurry before they-"
  135.     >Pulled the packages from your grip and set them on the table, using her powers to quickly unwrap, unscrew, uncork, and ready the treats, slathering the fritters with the peanutbutter and honey and pouring two thick mugs of milk, killing the whole jar at once
  136.     >she looked rather pleased while you ate, sitting there on the floor with her, kissing the crumbs away from her mouth and savoring the mixture of her own sweet flavor and the baked goods still mingling with her saliva
  137.     >tossing an arm around her, you pulled her against you, scritching her mane and ears and enjoying the sound of her satisfied breathing while she relaxed, scooting up into your lap and laying belly-down on you
  138.     >"So...I should probably tell you. Under one of the floorboards under our bed is a little nest egg I've been saving. It's not much but....if anything happens to me, I just want you to know where it is, ok?"
  139.     >her head whipped around so fast you thought her head was going to fall off
  140.     >the pony's violin was a jumbled mess of notes and tunes, like a hundred questions being asked at once
  141.     >"Shhh, shhh, calm down Symph," you cooed in her ear, kissing her horn and hugging her tight, "I'm just saying. I literally dropped into your life and I don't know if i'm going to drop out of it again. I don't know how it works, how I got here, why I got here, and if i'm going to be sent away again. I've been stashing money away in case I do, so you can take care of yourself in the worst case scenario," your forehead ground with hers while the scramble of notes continued, the pony obviously distressed
  142.     >"No, I don't think i'll be going anywhere, but it never hurts to be prepared for the worst, right? I don't -want- to go anywhere, but I don't make the rules of magic or whatever. I'm sorry, this wasn't the best time to bring it up."
  144.     >"Look, there was never going to be a good time to bring it up, and I've been thinking about it awhile. It's a just in case thing, nothing more."
  145.     >you could feel her heart hammering in her chest, heard the violin fall to the floor, and the pony buried her face against your chest, taking care that her horn was angled off to the side so as not to hurt you
  146.     >"It's alright...I'm not going anywhere, I promise." you wrapped your arms around her shoulders and squashed her tight, your mouth close enough to kiss her, but you didn't, just letting your warm, honey-flavored breath wash over the top of her head and ears, something you knew she enjoyed when feeling down or depressed, basically an emotional-patch-all for her.
  147.     >You said nothing more after that, simply enjoyed her physical contact while she shivvered against you, trying her best not to cry as she thought of the worst thing that would happen to her since her parents died. For once, you were almost glad she couldn't speak.
  150. [Shy Gets Drunk]
  152.     >you stayed awake again, staring at the starlit sky, the darkness between the holes
  153.     >you kept cuddling her even after she'd finally shaken herself to sleep with your arms over and under her, your steady breathing against her ears
  154.     >you faked it all
  155.     >but at least she didn't know the difference enough to snore
  156.     >you were up late as usual, well past midnight, probably closer to three or four, huddled up next to her as you usually did
  157.     >she needed the contact, you, not so much, but you enjoyed it all the same
  159.     >each day was a mix of bliss and hell, each day was agony, not knowing if you'd wake up back there, wake up not at all, or some other version of hell you couldn't quite contemplate
  160.     >you took these days one at a time, taking them for what they were worth, for what could be summoned and salvaged
  161.     >so far your only saving grace was your time spent with Symph, whether in the throes of mating passion or the simple pleasure of running your fingers through her mane and and along her neck.
  162.     >turned out your fingers in this world were good for something at least, and you molested her neck and back and ribs with equal measures of teasing, cuddling, and lewdness
  163.     >the other was waking up next to her, usually with all four of her limbs latched onto you like a pastel colored spider, squeezing you tight til either of you woke.
  164.     >you suspected she did as you did, staying awake long into the night just to hear her breathe, feel her heartbeat, inhale her scen
  166.     >applejack's cider could easily be turned to liquor given two additional ingredients
  167.     >baker's yeast and sugar
  168.     >both of which you could get from pink baker horse
  169.     >a barrel of which was two months brewing in your room
  170.     >from cider to hardcore liquor, you dipped two mugs of it and drew it out, one for you, and one for you again, if she didn't take it
  171.     >it was at least 150proof, one thing the horses didn't know about, but you shared only with Symph
  172.     >A fat stein of it was enough to catch a buzz, another was enough to get you almost stumblinng
  173.     >you didn't check her progress, a half stein enough to get her fall-on-torso drunk
  174.     >decided to imbibe this evening, draining your first in a single quaff while she sipped hers and became slowly more intoxicated
  175.     >"Hey," you said, reaching over to gently clasp her left ear, making the girl squeak in surprise and lean in, unable to resist as you tugged her this way and that, ending against your chest so she could hear the beat of your heart
  177.     >you cuddled one another like it was your last days on equestria, and given what you'd last said to her, for her, it may as well have been gospel
  178.     >you drank and she drank, getting hammered without even realizing it, the cider aspect of the booze like a serpent, silent and slow until you were both too intoxicated to move
  179.     >except for you, who could manage to stumble over to the cider barrel and refill your mugs
  180.     >"So tell me ssomething about you I don't know."
  181.     >She scowled, but she was not up to using her violin to display her feelings, a quick scribblescratch of notes, then it dropped to the floor, the girl shaking, but not from anxiety, only from laughter
  182.     >"Ahahahahaha.....write it with your mouth or whatever. Just....tell me something. We barely know each other." you said, even as you leaned sideways and planted a smooch on the corner of her mouth
  184.     >it was true. aside from physical contact and the few times you got her to stamp her hoof or smack you with her bow, you really -didn't- know each other
  185.     >she sat silent and contemplative using her horn magic to drink the liquored cider
  186.     >you did the same, in no hurry to rush her, though you were by now on your fourth mug and getting quite ripped
  187.     >she eventually just shook her head, tilting her face into your chest, her horn at optimal angle for molesting
  188.     >you were too drunk to consider otherwise and wrapped fingers around it, squeezing, releasing, squeezing along the spirals
  189.     >for her it was like a limb, a very sensitive limb
  190.     >for you it was like jacking your own cock, only much more stiff
  191.     >she achieved satisfaction from this, though you didn't know how, nor did you care to know, only that it made her whimper until she fell asleep and passed out
  192.     >you finished your booze and finished hers as well, curling over her to squeeze the mare squishy body
  193.     >it was easy to pass out against her, both of you snoring in each others' faces, and for the first time in a long while you actually got a full night's rest
  196. [Shy Takes a Bath]
  198.     >Shy was a messy bitch
  199.     >you did your best to ignore it, you did your best to clean up when you got home, but you often let it rot just as much as she did
  200.     >still, you had to be presentable, you had to at least look like you gave a shit about the Apple farm or the wood chopping or any of the other odd jobs you took around town to make her life easier
  201.     >a messy pony was something you couldn't stand anymore
  202.     >It'd been weeks since she took a bath, brushed her mane or hair or even brushed her horn
  203.     >thankfully it was one of your days off, thankfully, shit was about to get...clean
  206.     >due to your recent habits, you woke long before she did, the pony sleeping long past noon and almost well into the evening most days until you came home, where you fornicated, drank, and then went to sleep again, repeating the process because it was comfortable and delicious
  207.     >still, her minty, grassy scent had begun to ripen into...something more awful, and while your nostrils weren't as astute as hers, even you began to smell her after a few weeks
  208.     >you made sure she got extra drunk the night before, partying on a saturday night, or the equestrian version of it as far as you could tell
  209.     >stage one was complete, and stage two involved dropping her ass in the soapy bathtub
  210.     >it was really just a big cauldron you'd gotten from Zakura when she replaced her own. The Swamp Witch was pretty chill really, and you lit a fire under it an hour ago to heat it up
  211.     >you dropped her straight into it, diving in after her, clothed and all, so she wouldn't drown
  212.     >"Shhhh, shhhh.....this is ok.........we're just taking a bath." you said while she flailed and attempted to escape couldn't even think of an adequate similarity. It was like a tiny dog trying to claw its way out of a bathtub, yet this one had powers, and her horn glowed with it
  213.     >a nimbus of energy surrounded it and she slapped you with everything within reach, the woman far more capable with her magic than she ever let on.
  214.     >"NO, GODDAMN IT, WE'RE HAVING A BATH NOW STOP IT," even as her violin's bow slapped you in the face, hand mirrors battered your head, and just about every comb in the place was prodding you
  216.     >you dunked her, soaking her her, her mane, all of her
  217.     >she shoved you under the water, enwrapping you in a nimbus of power and holding you there while she pouted
  218.     >you didn't even get to grab a breath beforehand, and it was in less than a minute you began to claw at her thighs and belly, not wanting to drown during a unicorn's temper tantrum
  219.     >she let you up......slowly
  220.     >her hair was damp and parted, revealing much of her face to you now
  221.     >she looked sad, and not in the cute way, the painful memory haunted way
  222.     >her eyes were deep and green as swamp pits, as crushing to your soul as quicksand
  223.     >"You stunk, ok? So we're taking a goddamn bath together. Hit me if you want, but I wanted to do this -with- you, not -to- you." you could furrow your brow and scowl with the best of them, matching her hateful gaze for hateful gaze
  226.     >she halfheartedly struck you with another object, this time ou didn't even care what, as she lowered her head and looked defeated
  227.     >"You need to take better care of yourself. You're worth it." you slung forward and took her in your arms, hugging her. Hard.
  228.     >while the water roasted beneath you, grime came spilling off of your ponypal
  229.     >"Oh shit it's the soap monster, here he comes~" you lunged at her with a bar of pearly white horse soap. you had no idea what it would do to your skin, but it was apparently good enough for horses to be endorsed by Rarity herself, and so you vigorously scrubbed her
  230.     >she whimpered and moaned while you kept her pinned against the side of the cauldron, tearing into her pelt with the sudsy bar that quickly filled the big alchemical pot with soap
  231.     >you dug it into her hide, you clawed it into her scalp and mane, she fought you at almost every turn of the process, but no matter how hard she hit you with hooves and horn fueled objects, the azure pony relented somewhat, deep down knowing this was good for her, or at least, knowing that you thought it was good for her
  233.     >like a wet cat, she eventually just....gave up
  234.     >you scrubbed her, combed her, used a brush upon that sensitive join of horn and flesh until you scrubbied all the spirals til it was fucking gleaming
  235.     >the bath water was nearly toxic by the time you finished with her a few hours later, but thankfully the plumbing in the house allowed for a drain in the middle of the floor
  236.     >you weren't done with her yet, and while she huddled and shivered in the emptying cauldron you plucked her out of it, making ou feel like a big strong man
  237.     >towel monsters attacked her now, one in each hand of yours, and she whimpered under the assault again, squirming like a worm in the sun, writhing like a beast
  238.     >under her armpits, over her belly, attacking ears and mane, you practically had to pin yourself atop of her to keep her still enough to scrub and dry her much as she'd allow anyway. there was only so much you could do to dry her
  240.     >once given half a chance she sprung into action, ripping away from you and bolting into your shared room
  241.     >she was damp and clean and shoved herself against the door so you couldn't get in
  242.     >you could hear her moving furniture against the door, so you couldn't burst your way through it either
  243.     >"Goddamn it Shy, we need to talk about this." you yelled.......immediately regretting your word choice as she SLAMMED another thing in front of it
  244.     >"This isn't over. You ain't the only clever one around here."
  245.     >But she was. She made breakfast for god's sake.
  248.    >you ended up throwing a loose brick through the bedroom window
  249.     >you had no clothes, you had no dignity, and you were pretty sure the neighbors were watching
  250.     >didn't matter, you had to gain ingress into your fucking home
  251.     >"IF I CUT MY DICK OFF IT'S YOUR FAULT, REMEMBER THAT." you shouted so everyone could hear while you climbed through the window after breaking all the glass surrounding he entry point
  252.     >in all her fervor to barricade the door, she forgot the bedroom windows, which had a usual blackout curtain motif around them, making them easy to forget
  253.     >you flopped naked and only partially cut up into the room, landing on your back, huffing from the effort
  254.     >a sea-green nimbus of energy encircled you
  255.     >"!" she began directing you back out the way you came until you clamped your hands and feet on the windowsill, your bare ass out for all the world to see
  256.     >"GODDAMN IT STOP. IN THE NAME OF FUCKING CELESTIA STOP!" you screamed at her while she threatened to break your limbs in order to get you out of the room
  257.     >invoking the name of Celestia was a thing here. And she paused long enough that her cloud of unicorn energy dissipated, though the sour expression on her face didn't
  260.     >you dropped to the floor, hard, while she looked down on you with contempt, though for once you could see her eyes through the haze of unkempt hair
  261.     >it was all the opening you needed
  262.     >she was springy, but all the labor you did for her made you quite springy too, your muscles coiled hard enough to launch you thorugh the space between you
  263.     >from wence the brush came, nobody knew, but it was there in your hand as you held her down, the unicorn fighting you all the while
  264.     >she whimpered and beat you with everything in the room that wasn't nailed down, but brushy brushy time wouldn't be stopped
  265.     >first her mane, parting it around her horn and then down her back
  266.     >then her pelt
  267.     >down her neck and across her body, down her squishy middle, over her legs
  268.     >she was crying and you didn't even know why, but you'd set out on this path and you didn't intend to stop
  269.     >the last thing you were slapped with was a picture
  270.     >a picture of her, and her mother
  271.     >a picture of her, and her mother, brushing her mane while presumably her dad took it
  272.     >she looked so happy, just a little filly and her mother who looked just like her brushing her hair
  273.     >It was a simple act
  274.     >but it made her cry silently while you forced it upon her
  275.     >you'd come this far, you couldn't quit now
  276.     >you brushed her, from nose to flank while she sobbed, giving up writhing and fighting, giving up anything but crying
  277.     >once you were done you rose off of her, and put the brush, and the picture, on the nightstand beside her bed.
  278.     >"she'd want you to be clean. Don't be a dirty pony just because she's gone." you left her in the room then, exiting back out the window you'd come in from
  279.     >something told you to leave her alone tonight, but sadly you didn't bring anything to get drunk on
  280.     >It was going to be a long, lonely night
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