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  1. Subject: As an IT entrepreneur, how do you manage healthcare?
  2. Message: Hello Michael and Chris!  I love your show and have been an IT "jack of all trades" since the mid 90's.  I have been giving serious thought about going into an IT business for myself (I can offer Monitoring/NOC building - SysAdmin for hire, light C/C++ developing but hopefully more software developing in the future)...
  4. But the one thing that worries me is dealing with healthcare.
  6. As you are both self employed, can you please give me some advice on how you deal with getting health care coverage?
  8. I have a family and my Wife and I are in our late 40's so having healthcare while self-employed is a major hurdle I need to overcome if I am to start my own business.  I'm sorry this is not a "programming" question but hope it's still relevant since it involves starting a company that will include some programming in the beginning and progress from there.
  10. Thank you in advance for your much needed advice.
  12. -- Paul.
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