lol my halp command

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  1. else if (command === 'help') {
  2.         var helptext = ''
  3.         const term = args[0]
  4.         if (!term) {
  5.             message.reply('Please give me a help term. Provided terms are: Utility, Fun, Nsfw, Moderation, Admin and Other')
  6.             return;
  7.         }
  8.         switch (term.toLowerCase()) {
  9.             case 'utility':
  10.                 helptext = 'Help - The help message\nAvatar (user) - The users avatar\nImage (search term) - Looks up a image search term\nGoogle (search term) - Googles for the search term\nWeather (city) - Looks up weather for the provided region\nForecast (city) - Looks up the forecast for the provided region\nPing - Looks up the current internet delay\nDblinfo (bot mention // id) - Looks up info on the discord bot list servers to this bot\nUserinfo (user) - Looks up userinfo for the user\nScanweb (URL) - Looks up on multiple drivers if the provided URL could be malicious\nQr (text // URL) - Makes a QR code for provided text\n'
  11.                 break;
  12.             case 'fun':
  13.                 helptext = 'Slap (user) - Slaps a user for you\nSay (message) [-del] [-e] - Says the said message with additional flags\nRollthedice - 50 - 50 chanche you win\nSlap (user) - Slaps a user for you\nOwOify (sentence) - OwOifies the sentence you provided, If you dont know what that means try it out!\n8ball (question) - Asks the allmighty 8ball about your question\n'
  14.                 break;
  15.             case 'nsfw':
  16.                 helptext = 'Google (search term) - Googles any image you want and bypasses the filter made for it in non nsfw channels\nNsfwavatar - Looks up a random NSFW-releated avatar on the web\nHentai - Sends a random Hentai image in the chat\nPorn (search term) - Looks up a random porn gif on PornHub'
  17.                 break;
  18.             case 'other':
  19.                 helptext = 'Checkblacklist (user) - Looks if the user mentioned is blacklisted\nServercount - Looks up in how many servers i am in (not the names and ids just the count)\nInvites - All important invites for the bot such as the bot himself, the testing server and so on\nReport (problem) - (also accessable in dms with "! problem") Reports a issue about the bot to the owner (me)'
  20.                 break;
  21.             case 'admin':
  22.                 helptext = 'Setprefix (new prefix) - Sets the prefix in your guild to the provided word / sentence\nWelcomechannel (channelmention) - Sets the channel for welcome and Bye messages\nCommandlock (command without prefix for example "porn") - Locks the use of a command\nCommandunlock (command without prefix for example "porn") - Unlocks the lock ^\nKick (user) [reason] - Kicks the user with additional reason'
  23.                 break;
  24.             default:
  25.       'This isnt a search term for the help command!')
  26.                 return;
  27.         }
  28.         const embed = new Discord.MessageEmbed()
  29.             .setColor('#0FFFFF')
  30.             .setTitle(`Helptext from bot ${client.user.tag}!`)
  31.             .setDescription(helptext)
  32.             .setAuthor(,
  34.     }
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