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  1.     Link to bottom should appear here:
  2.     January 2016
  4.     ---
  5.     April 2014 (and sequels)
  7.     Meeting my reflection(and sequels):
  9.     I actually started this one a long time ago(a year or something), but was not really that interested because it contained an OC, when I finally read it I realised that the OC actually was a different Elsa, and that I really liked it. The fics are like 60% smut, and whilst reading you learn that the author realises that they should not be taken all too seriously. And that is good fun. Certainly worth a read. (8,5/10)
  12.     All I saw was you:
  14.     Confusing but fun at the start, actually fooled me for a bit, thinking that hans was going to be the good-guy, but the moment I realised he was the bad guy the story starts following a rather predictable line. The end makes you wait just a bit longer than you'd like, but with that also adds some extra Elsanna fluff that otherwise would not fit. (8/10)
  17.     Elsanna week:
  19.     Does what I says on the tin, Elsanna fluff. Nice writing, although sometimes confusing where the next days starts off. (8/10)
  22.     Wedding dress:
  24.     Really confusing, three(?) endings, Elsa actually breaks up a happy marriage in three(or two I think) of the endings, morally confusing, and I don't think there was an Elsanna ending. If there was it was set up really confusing. (5/10)
  27.     A gust of wind:
  29.     Couldn't spot any obvious mistakes, rather short. It's debatable if there actually is any Elsanna. Nevertheless a good read.(6/10)
  31.     Elsanna Olympics:
  33.     Missing story
  35.     Shore:
  36.     Wow, I think the author, athpluver, is still writing Elsanna to this date. Which I can say is only positive. The fic was great, fluffy, and some more fluffy, and a little bit of a scare in the middle to keep the excitement up. I loved it.(8,5/10)
  39.     For her hand:
  40.     Missing story
  42.     What if she says yes?:
  43.     Nice story, not a lot of Elsanna, a lot of doubt, some fluff, some angst, and NOT a happy ending. Writing was not too bad, some grammar mistakes but nothing major. (5,5/10)
  45.     White:
  46.     Vampires. I gotta be honest, I love myself a vampire story, any vampire story. Had some gore, no strong Elsanna, just the basic almost kiss. Nevertheless, if you got an hour to fill it ain't no mistake to read this story. (7/10)
  48.     When war comes knocking:
  49.     Well well, I'd dare say the only fault in this fix is that it's only 20k words. I really felt like the way the author made Elsa + Anna actually equal Elsanna was glorious, no long kissing scenes, no smut at all. Just pure and simple Elsanna, the good type. And I'd almost forget, the story was nicely set. And played out in a way I imagined it would. (9/10)
  51.     When the Knocking Starts it Never Stops:
  52.     Sequel to 'When war comes knocking'
  53.     A worthy sequel, somewhat longer then the original but I think it's a lot better. Elsa does some stupid shit, but only like you'd expect her to do. Kept me on the edge for the days I was reading it. (9/10)
  55.     I don't knock - I kick in the door down:
  56.     Sequel to 'When the knocking starts it never stops'
  57.     I really really did not want to read this, the author gave the storyline just about away in the second part of the series and fuck me where the angst and feels going to be real. I just wanted to skip it, I told myself the depressed feels would not be worth it. In the end I did read it, and it was worth it, the first chapter was really good. After that the normal story ends, the author explains his or her personal life did not leave enough time and space to write. So the next chapter is filled with the notes the author had for the story. This gave a nice view into the process that goes into writing, and makes the feels a bit less as the story would not be that long. In the end the author did write some of the scenes and put them into chapters which was a nice bonus. If the story had been written completely this would have been a nine.(7,5/10)
  59.     ---
  60.     May 2014
  62.     The switch:
  63.     The idea sounds really good, and the first chapter I literally was grinning all the way through. The rest of it was nice, but not spectacular. Some spelling mistakes. (6/10)
  65.     Open doors:
  66.     A lot of gore for a story based on a children's movie, but for everyone something to like I guess. Plot goes by really really fast, quite some mistakes, grammar and spelling. Also: where are the guards? Certain elements to the story and plot seem to only work when you don't really think about it. (5/10)
  68.     This is ice:
  69.     17k words over 81 chapters is not a good experience. My immersion was completely lost by pressing next chapter every tenth sentence. The story though was nice. Minimal elsanna, and certainly no elsanna end-game. But that would have not been appropriate based on the rest of the story. The story gets an eight. But because of the writing style the total goes down a bit. (6,5/10)
  71.     Touch choices:
  72.     Tough choices are tough. The story keeps you in the dark for most of the time over what makes Elsa so reluctant to be honest and talk to Anna. This was a nice part of the story. Ending was a let-down. Author promised a speech written by Anna for her graduation, but does not deliver. Epilogue chapter also is really fast. Includes a fight between the girls, but does not explain why good enough I think. (7/10)
  75.     Somewhere in time:
  76.     Eight story Startings and then eight story endings. The stories are tied together by certain objects, but I wont tell what objects. I disliked how you first had the eight starts, and then the eight endings instead of them begin each other. It made it hard to realise what you were reading in some stories.(7/10)
  78.     Adoring Anna:
  79.     The name of this fic couldn't have been chosen better. Adorable and Anna, and that is just what this fic is. God I loved it, none of that silly realism, just fluffy fluff, and then some. I loved it.(8,5/10)
  82.     Elsa's Door:
  83.     Cute fluff, they love each other, no obvious grammar or spelling mistakes. A nice spin on the regular post-movie fic though in that spin makes some things in the movie very hard to believe. (6,5/10)
  85.     Lessons from the ice queen:
  86.     Missing story
  88.     Be strong my girl:
  89.     Confusing writing, little to no elsanna, non-elsanna ending. Weird storyline. No spelling or grammar mistakes spotted though. (5/10)
  92.     Winter girl:
  93.     Nice story idea, not really worked out that  well, I feel like it had a lot more potential. And it could have used that, the story was smut-focused what in and of itself not a problem is, but the storyline really did suffer. Some, but not many spelling and grammar mistakes. Disappointing ending, as it suddenly skipped a lot of time in a a coule of sentences till the end. (6/10)
  96.     Ice witch:
  97.     In the first half of the story there is a little lack of elsanna, but it doesn't hurt the rest of the story a lot. Good storyline, good touch of realism. The ending does seem a bit rushed. The fighting scene with Elsa in the end is nicely built up and does not feature Elsa as an impenetrable goddess of power and ice which is nice. Little to no mistakes. (8,5/10)
  100.     Battle of the frozen hearts:
  101.     Good story idea, loved the fact that Elsa's powers did not beat everything. Nice to see that hans had at least part of a brain here. Good bit of fluff, but also some realism and thoughts. (7.5/10)
  103.     Belonging:
  104.     I liked the concept that kristoff was not  the endless third wheel with a crush on Anna here. I really liked the way the heaven scene was written and the way it showed the struggle of a coma. I really don't know if it's in any way shape or form realistic, but I liked it. The ending seemed a bit fast, but not majorly so. (6/10)
  106.     Love in Loncoln:
  107.     Story missing
  109.     Modern Knight:
  110.     Felt rushed in the story parts. But the story parts where good, had some mayor unrealistic decisions which broke the immersion a bit. Also the scene breaks that literally wrote "scene cut", did not help. (6/10)
  112.     Modern knight-invasion:
  113.     Sequel to modern knight:
  114.     The definition of a big budget sequel gone wrong, had high hopes for the story, and it actually starts out good, but the story ends at chapter 4. would it have been finished to it's potential it would have easily been an 8.5 (4/10)
  116.     A case of selective obliviousness:
  117.     Cute, really cute. The author really makes it obvious that that is what he/she is going for. I liked the idea, and the writing was almost without mistakes, but the realism was far away to find, but since that is not really the idea of the story that is not really a problem here. (8/10)
  120.     Tag, you're it.
  121.     Missing story.
  123.     Don't shut me out.
  124.     Missing story.
  126.     June 2014: (and sequels)
  127.     The nighthawks:
  128.     "
  129.     I'd rather die than let another girl in to count the years of my life by.
  130.     "
  131.     Now, I do like some angst, but I really hope no one actually thinks this. First chapter was really good, other four relatively bad. (6/10)
  133.     Trees and treasure:
  134.     The author explained this was his/her first story, but it was not really visible on the spelling or grammar. Not a lot of mistakes found. Story was good, and it was cute. (7/10)
  136.     A perfect diamond world:
  137.     Pretty confusing writing style and conversations, names and roles not really explained well for the multiple OC characters. Little to litterally no Elsanna in this story, I hope that add's up in the future fics. (4/10)
  139.     A Broken Mirror World:
  140.     Sequel to: 'a perfect diamond world':
  141.     Same writing style as the prequel, story is starting to shape up, I feel like this should just be one story with 4 chapters though. Still no Elsanna. (5/10)
  143.     The Infinite Prison:
  144.     Sequel to: 'A Broken Mirror World':
  145.     This one picks up the story some more, it even contains some Elsanna, still not happy about it being in 4 stories instead of 4 chapters. (6/10)
  147.     The Ravens of Asgard:
  148.     Sequel to: 'The Infinite Prison':
  149.     I feel like this is a pretty good ending to a story that I was really salty about because of the splitting of one story into 4. I was a lot less confused about the characters. Still not a lot of elsanna, and questionable if the ending should actually be called Elsanna at all.
  151.     You are:
  152.     I read this one when I went on a skiing vacation for about a week, I planned to read three fics, this one and two others, when I finished the two others I went on to this one. This was so angsty, it hurt a lot. It did even now, I still don't  realy like the parts with hans, but I guess that is more about how they are and act instead of about the storytelling. I really liked and at the same time hated it. (7.5/10)
  154.     The cure:
  155.     Missing Story
  157.     Her Sister's Statue:
  158.     Story idea is a bit weird, but I guess that never stopped anyone, something bad happens to the real Anna, but I didn't really feel for it. That was a bit annoying. The rest of the story was really good, a bit of a war with hand, and and a bit of cutesie elsanna. Can recommend. (8/10)
  160.     --
  161.     July 2014
  163.     The Good and the Bad of Falling in Love with Your Sister:
  164.     (this is part of an eleven part work which will not be getting a review per piece, as they are all below 10K words exept this one.)
  165.     Pretty cute story, nice take on the incest thing. Anna also falls in love with Kristoff, so I really hope this does not turn into a kristanna story, as I will stop reading it if it does.
  168.     Living Together:
  169.     (This is part eleven from the "we make it work" series. This is a review for the complete thing.)
  170.     If you're only interested In Elsanna this is not the fic for you, it mostly focuses on working it out between kristanna and Elsanna, Elsa in this fic didn't care about a thing and was completely selfless resulting in a grande old lack of Elsanna to my tastes. Total story is fun, but calling this Elsanna is a stretch tbh. (5/10)
  172.     Café Liégeois:
  173.     Really nice story idea, blind Elsa was a first for me, and was really enjoyable, but the last chapter/epilogue was about anna buying a dog without elsa wanting a dog, with elsa being openly against the idea of getting a dog. And I don't know why, but that sounds really unfair. That kinda shat on the story for me. (6/10)
  175.     Extracurricular Activities:
  176.     G!P elsa, good but little story, a bit of smut. And overall a lovely story. (6/10)
  178.     In the Service of the Queen:
  179.     Read this one already, do as last one?
  181.     Kick Off Your Sunday Shoes:
  182.     Nice story, this is the first story that deals with religion, so it'll get of the hook, but once more and more stories use religion as a plot their rankings will go down as I start to enjoy them less and less. (7/10)
  184.     Freaky Frozen:
  185.     Good story idea, seems a bit too fast overall, but at 12K words you can't really do a lot. Horrible ending, Elsa ends up with hans of all people, and anna seems to fall in love with, kristoff. And here I was saying 'elsanna, romantically' was going to mean anything. (3/10) would be much higher without the Helsa and kristanna.
  187.     Seven days:
  188.     Another one originally written for Elsanna week 2014, nice story, not completely in chronological order, and it's not always clear beforehand what needs to be where, but after every chapter it at least feels like it makes sense. Really cute, and a lotttt of fluff. (8,5/10)
  190.     r9kElsa Is Suffering:
  191.     Read this one already, do as last one?
  193.     A Very Good, Good Morning (Now Continued!):
  194.     Nice idea, plot is not worked out that well, but the idea is all right. (5/10)
  196.     In a Different Light:
  197.     Elsa has had a rough childhood, and is now raising olaf, her brother. (5/10)
  199.     A three way Delight:
  200.     Smut. It wasn't bad, but not the best. (5/10)
  202.     Did You Want a Hot Chocolate?:
  203.     Not actually finished. (3/10)
  205.     You are my sunshine:
  206.     Not written too well, a lot of logical mistakes and double negatives, speech does not flow well. Story idea is pretty good though. (4/10)
  208.     Frozen: Dawnguard an erotic novel (yes it contains elements of Skyrim):
  209.     Missing story
  212.     --
  213.     August 2014
  215.     Frost Killing Hour (Elsanna):
  216.     Forgot to read, read later.
  218.     Once in love, Always in love:
  219.     Story is a horrible romantisation of having to deal with cancer. The author makes it seem like its just a common cold, and openly stands behind a 'natural' 'cure' in which Elsa eats healthily, and it fucking works. I kinda liked the story, but having lost a nephew of age 16 when I was 12 to cancer I just cant believe this. Also right at the end there is a mayor character death without any warning. Writing and conversations not too bad. (3/10) (mostly for the cancer 'cure')
  221.     Anna Summers, PA: Already read this one, read last?
  223.     Burning Cold Love:
  224.     Absolutely fantastic story, a tiny bit of smut, and a lot of fluff, highly recommend. (9/10)
  226.     We can Build A House Of Love:
  227.     Missing Story.
  229.     Dream Girl:
  230.     Not bad, but does not stand out much. Writing and conversations are Nice. (6/10)
  232.     Silence:
  233.     Great idea, mute anna was a first for me, conversations are good, but the writing does feel a bit awkward. (6,5/10)
  235.     Sound: (sequel to Siilence)
  236.     Felt like a big budget sequel, production quality was a lot better, but the story felt cut off and too fast. (6,5/10)
  238.     Voiceless:
  239.     Missing Story.
  241.     Make Her Smile:
  242.     Anna with a penis, elsa is het stepsister, great smut, nice story. And even though the shortness of the story it does not feel rushed or sped up in any way shape or form. Really enjoyed this one.(8/10)
  244.     First Times and Forever:
  245.     The summary for this one is horrible, the story is so much more than it makes it out to be. Its really good, the elsanna is a bit lacking at the start, but as they get more close as sisters it's just plain good, the length of this, is also nice, 180K is really worth it. There was a short kinda background funny thing with a real life elsa and anna at the and of every chapter that I did not really like, but it wasn't a problem. Only a bit distracting. There where a lot of nods to the song For the First Time in Forever in this fic that made me smile. I really recommend you read this one. (9,5/10)
  247.     Stole Ice:
  248.     Already read this one. Maybe read last?
  250.     Stolen ice: Epilogue:
  251.     Extension to stole ice.
  253.     Pillow talk:
  254.     Extension to stolen ice.
  256.     --
  257.     September 2014
  259.     The Northern Lights' Colors:
  260.     Sad and Dark, three quarters of the story is directly about the death of one of the girls. It hurt. They have a happy ending, but not what I wanted. Writing was good. Little elsanna. (6/10)
  262.     How I Met Your Mother:
  263.     Missing Story.
  265.     The Sound of Winter:
  266.     Nice storytelling, although bit short, I do feel like it has been cut short, as it has not real place where the author says 'end' of 'fin'. But the story ends nicely. (6/10)
  268.      Ce Que Je Cherche:
  269.     Missing story, prequel of:
  271.     Everybody Knows Everybody Sees (That This Is The Thing You Do To Me):
  272.     Missing story.
  274.     Coffee and arrest:
  275.     Missing story.
  277.     We've Got Tonight:
  278.     Missing Story.
  280.     Golden Snowflake:
  281.     Absolutely glorious, ruined my philosophy mark for a period, and quite possibly was also the reason I blew my chemistry test, but it was all completely worth it. The writing was amazing, the story was excellent, the  conversations terrific, and the fluff and angst had the absolute best contrast I have yet to read again. The ending was a bit sad, but only because I wanted more. Can't recommend this one enough. One little thing though, at the start it might be a bit confusing as to what is happening, as the author has a little unusual way of grouping the scenes. First solid 10 (10/10)
  283.     Untouchable:
  284.     Missing Story.
  286.     Streetlight walls:
  287.     Missing Story.
  289.     ---
  290.     October 2014:
  291.     --
  293.     Locked away:
  294.     Really cute, well written smuff, and a good although a bit short story. (7/10)
  296.     Behind Closed Doors:
  297.     This story features the one thing I hate when people do mAU elsanna, the people hate them. I have not enjoyed a single story that did this, and I also did not enjoy this one. The chapters are sickenly short, and the story moved incredibly fast. (4/10)
  299.     ARENDELLE:
  300.     (Allied Restricted Envirosphere Norwegian Disease Eradication Laboratory Latest Envirosphere.)
  301.     Very good story idea, but annoyingly short chapters, story moves incredibly fast, and the conversations are quite akward. Three endings. Confusing. But the story idea is great. (6/10)
  303.     Another Time, Another Life:
  304.     Not great, but not bad, cut rather short. Conversations where good. (6/10)
  306.     Masterpiece:
  307.     Missing Story.
  309.     Help:
  310.     Quite akward writing and conversations. Story goes bloody fast. (4/10)
  312.     Doesn't Make It Wrong:
  313.     Wew, Elsa and Anna are really really cute in this, the author does this weird thing where it's kirstoff instead of kristoff, but that isn't too big of a problem. Writing is really good, the paragraphs could be a bit shorter, but if that's what I'm complaining about, the rest must be really good. (8.5/10)
  315.     With you:
  316.     Read already, do last?
  318.     After Dark:
  319.     Story is rather fast but pretty nice, writing is rather good. Conversations are written rather well. (6/10)
  321.     Your Red Is My Type:
  322.     Missing Story.
  324.     Dystopian Utopia:
  325.     Extraordinary writing, great conversations and a nice story. And the is only part one of three. (9/10)
  327.     The proletariat's champion:
  328.     Part two of the dystopian Utopia series, and really worth the read. (9/10)
  330.     For the future and the past:
  331.     Part three of the Dystopian Utopia series:
  333.     I only read this when it was done about half a year after reading the other two, and It's just as good maybe even better then the others, exquisite writing, amazing scenes and great setup combined with a completely thought out story that never disappoints allows this piece of art to stop before I like most fics to end, being just after the tension ends, but still be one of the best. (10/10)
  335.     All I Want For Solstice Is You:
  336.     Extension to dystopian utopia.
  337.     Cute story, loved it. Writing was very good, conversations were nice as well.(8/10)
  339.     A never ending note:
  340.     Nice story, the social anxiety is laid on a bit thick at the start but that falls away fastly. Kinda quick. (6/10)
  342.     My sweet sister:
  343.     Missing story.
  345.     Helping Hands (Tales of sisterly bonding):
  346.     Great writing, good smut, and Anna teaching Elsa how to masturbate and really, really cute. (9/10)
  348.     --
  349.     --November 2014:
  350.     --
  351.     ANNA 772 & ELSA 35:
  352.     Good writing, but soms double negatives. Conversations are a bit awkward, but the story makes up for it in a big way. (9/10)
  354.     I will never let you go:
  355.     Awkward writing and conversations. Story overall not too bad. (5/10)
  357.     My Sister's Mistress:
  358.     I'm not really good with sad endings, and this fic has a bittersweet one, Elsa and Anna live, but it's rather sad. I did enjoy it though. Nice conversations, and certainly a good plot even if it isn't that memorable. (6/10)
  360.     A Frozen Wasteland:
  361.     Good writing, very nice conversations, and the new take on the post movie plot is rather nice. Really enjoyed it. (8.5/10)
  363.     Frozen hearts & burning love: Sequel to a frozen wasteland:
  364.     Not finished, story idea is good, and the writing is again great, but it's not done yet. (4/10)
  366.     Meeting Anna:
  367.     Nice story, it went really fast, but that was also what made it fun. Nice writing not obvious mistakes (6/10)
  369.     For what it's worth:
  370.     I just can't. If I know from the start that it's not going to go well, (both Elsa and Anna die.) I won't read it. I can't handle that. (No rating as not read/10)
  372.     The Foxwife:
  373.     Nice story, good writing, very sweet fluff. Loved it. The fox thing was funny, but not taken too far to make it uncomfortable. (7/10)
  375.     Pirate Prince whitebeard:
  376.     12K words, goes by really fast. The pirate speech is rather hard to understand and makes it difficult to follow the first bit of the story. (7/10)
  378.     Swing My Heart Across the Line:
  379.     Missing story.
  381.     --
  382.     --December 2014:
  383.     --
  385.     Frozen Hearts:
  386.     Very, very, very good story. Do recommend. Its about the war for Arrendelle, and we see all our favourite characters from frozen and some more. Ending felt a bit rushed.  Good conversations, and quality writing. (9/10)
  388.     And Hysterical Situation:
  389.     Hmm, so it's not endgame elsanna at least, the last three sentences not, but It's so short that hardly matters. Lovely writing. Also It's forkanna weird levels. (7/10)
  391.     Not The Marrying Kinds:
  392.     Missing Story.
  394.     Three Wishes:
  395.     Cute story, weird premise but fun. Quality writing and rather nice conversations. (7/10)
  397.     The legend of Elsa:
  398.     Already read, read last?
  400.     The company:
  401.     Missing story.
  403.     All I want for Christmas:
  404.     Cute elsanna week story, 7 really short stories in one. Sweet writing and good conversations (6/10)
  406.     Storms inside:
  407.     Worth the read, nice story although a but fast sometimes. (7/10)
  409.     ---
  410.     January 2015
  411.     ---
  413.     Making amends:
  415.     Starts really fucking weird, Elsa is just about a predator at the start. There are soms logically broken parts about the conversations, but not too much. Writing was good.(6/10)
  417.     Hold it against me:
  418.     A bit confusing with who is meant in conversations at the start, but not too bad, short but sweet. (6/10)
  420.     Chivalry:
  421.     Definitely one of the sweetest things, fantastically well written, and a nice story. Do recommend a lot. (9/10)
  423.     Avanti:
  424.     Damn, This is one big chunk of smut, not a lot of real story or anything of that kind here, but amazing nonetheless.  (8/10)
  426.     A snowball's chance in hell:
  427.     Normally open endings dont really make me happy, I mostly live on the imagination of the author to write out some parts of their life after the story. Preferably skipping death and despair. This story has a partly open ending, but I still enjoyed it extremely much. Second solid 10 (10/10)
  429.     The forbidden:
  430.     Story goes really fast, writing is not the best, but I did enjoy it. (6/10)
  432.     Anything her heart desires:
  433.     Already read, read last?
  435.     Tempest:
  436.     Missing story
  438.     --
  439.     February 2015
  440.     --
  442.     Arrendelle Airlines:
  443.     Great story, soms mistakes but not too much. A bit of angst at the end which makes it scary. (9/10)
  445.     Elsanna's Summer:
  446.     I think I read part of this back when it was called Elsa's summer, but I'm not sure. The read was glorious, the buildup was so incredibly long it was sickening. But overall I enjoyed it an incredible amount, not that a fan of the ending, but I'm kind off a wimp with endings. (9.5/10)
  448.     Succumbre:
  449.     This was a slow mess of feels for me, I did enjoy it for the sake of the smut, but for some reason I could not get into the story. There were little to no mistakes, and the conversations and thoughts where laid out well. (7/10)
  451.     Anna the Matchmaker:
  452.     Missing Story
  454.     By Moonlight:
  455.     Nice writing, good storytelling, but the plot was not that amazing, didn't love it didn't hate it. (6/10)
  457.     Anna's high treason:
  458.     Hmm, it goes on the edge of rape at the start, but they both consent within a minute or two of starting. Past that the piece is a rather good read, and I quite enjoyed it. (7/10)
  460.     Mystery girl:
  461.     Pretty cute, quite fast at moments, and the writing was not the best, but overall very enjoyable. (6/10)
  463.     Frostbitten and Lovestruck:
  464.     Sweet writing, lovely story. Gets really angsty towards the end, but there is a sequel.(8/10)
  466.     Once frostbitten, now twice as shy:
  467.     (Sequel to frostbitten and lovestruck)
  468.     A lot of fun, but not finished. Story gets expanded a lot, but not a lot of closing. (6/10)
  470.     Dreamfall:
  471.     Very good story and almost problem free writing. Ending goes extremely fast, which was not the best. (8/10)
  473.     Cool:
  474.     Story feels like it has a lot of untapped potential, and I didn't really like the second half because of that, but the total story was not too bad. (6/10)
  476.     In Sickness and In Health (Elsanna Week):
  477.      wew, more sickness then health in this one, seven chapters, and a lot of scary but realistic relationship things that make the ending just that bit more rewarding. (7.5/10)
  479.     ---
  480.     --March 2015
  481.     ---
  483.     Scheherazade:
  484.     Awwww, super cute Christmassy date fic, some rather good written angst towards the end. (10/10)
  486.     Sultan:
  487.     (sequel to Scheherazade)
  488.     More of this cute relationship is all the best, again some angst, but after that also a lot more to love.(9/10)(one thing though, whilst you could make your own cpu, it wont be able to run any modern games, as building your own is wayyy too complex, what you meant was custom computer, or pc.)
  490.     The kingdom:
  491.     (sequel to Sultan)
  492.     Installment three of four in this series once again does not disappoint. More fluff and a bit if a scare. (9/10)
  494.     One Thousand and One:
  495.     (sequel to The Kingdom)
  496.     This is kinda unfair, as its hard to see this piece apart from the rest of the stories, but since the marks are also based on enjoyment and not on objective measurement here we go: This felt like a masterpiece, skillfully crafter and exactly executed speed in the story compared to the reading time for the pieces. Nice and balanced fluff to scare (80/20) which I like a lot. This is a tenner. (10/10)
  498.     Don't let them know:
  499.     Damn, This is apparently a quality month, yet another really good piece of writing. Thoroughly enjoyed it and I really only have one thing that annoyed me, and that was the time it took to get to the real elsanna. But in the end it was worth it. (10/10)
  501.     Don't let them know - one shot 1:
  502.     (sequel to don't let them know)
  503.     Author once again makes little to no mistakes, but this part is not inspiring, goes waaayy too fast.(6/10)
  505.     Scarf:
  506.     This was a pickle, the smut was absolutely great, but the bittersweet ending was bittersweet, and I'm not too good with those. (8/10)
  508.     Arendelle goes west: An Elsanna story:
  509.     The writing quality was somewhat poor, but the story was fun.(5/10)
  511.     The white shadow:
  512.     The start of this story is written rather poorly, without any words like he or she the names (Elsa did and Elsa thought that) got used a lot. During the story the author improves a lot, going from far from immersive to being able to write the scenes way better. And a lot more immersive. Start is hard to read, but it gets a lot better. Story is good too, although the ending is not for the light-hearted. (7/10)
  514.     Black: The color of despair:
  515.     Vamp-ires are the best ires??? Does that work? I doubt it. What does work is this story, whilst a bit rusty at the start, the writing improves a lot towards the end. Especially Anna and Elsa's relationship is good fun to read.(9/10)
  517.     Glass Ice:
  518.     It's short, but it ends happy. It starts sad, but there is some sweetness. Writing is good, conversations a bit awkward sometimes.(7/10)
  520.     The blizzard badge:
  521.     I'll be honest, I have never played a Pokemon game past about  one hour of play time. I just never could get into it. But this story makes it sound so good, the world really does seem to be filled to the brim with opportunities. And it seems like people are happy. Sadly the story is really short. It follows just the basics, and whilst Elsa and Anna get together in the end, the only reason we know is because of an offhand comment by a bystander. I felt pretty sad about that. Story is good though. And I really did enjoy it. (9/10)
  523.     Into the sun:
  524.     Story moves really fast. But since it covers three books in about 19K words that was to be expected. The author chooses the only include elsanna type scenes, and that also speeds up the story. Ending is unsatisfactory. But not bad. (7/10)
  526.     A Little Outside of Nature's Laws:
  527.     Pretty weird, moves really fast, focuses on other generations, not really that memorable.(5/10)
  529.     Ace of Hearts:
  530.     Missing story.
  532.     Hail to the Queen:
  533.     Quite possibly the worst reading experience ever, I had no idea what was going on every other sentence, and because of that did not feel any connection to the girls. Luckily the writing was good. (3/10)
  535.     The Ultimate Headcanon, and other stories:
  536.     Not finished by design(?).
  538.     --
  539.     --April 2015
  540.     --
  542.     Let's take a chance now(we could fall in love):
  543.     Very nice story a bit of an unsatisfactory ending, but not too bad. (7/10)
  545.     Creative writing:
  546.     Sometimes I'd hope is was more about the destination and less about the journey. I really enjoyed this fic, but most of it was the journey towards elsanna, and it sometimes saddens me that the elsanna is so short. At least its very sweet. Loved the fic.(9/10)
  548.     Frozen-a vixens curse:
  549.     A fox(?) au with little to no world building, and rather bad conversations. Goes wayy to fast.(3/10)
  551.     The story of us:
  552.     This piece just barely makes 10k words, but I'm glad it did. The story is a bit confusing towards the end, but because it's mostly smut(and very good smut) that doesn't matter too much. (9/10)
  554.     You make me want to live:
  555.     The story starts of a bit cringe-y, and I didn't really like the writing style. But the storyline was not too bad.(5/10)
  557.     The Girl in black:
  558.     Some extreme angst and drama, don't read if you have too light a heart. Writing style is rather different to the 'regular' fics, but I really enjoyed reading.(10/10)  
  560.     Thawing, Dripping, Melting:
  561.     A lot of sexual tension and fluff at the start. I really enjoyed that part, but later the fic got a bit of a weird storyline with a lot of aggression that I feel like doesn't really have a place in this fic. (6/10)
  563.     A shared secret:
  564.     A really innocent and cute 'I love you' 'I love you too' fic with a nice piece of smut at the end, writing style is a bit awkward, but I can't put my finger on exactly what it is. (7/10)
  566.     A crown amongst peasants:
  567.     This story started like a leisurely stroll at the local pond and ended like a run past a busy ocean. That disappointed a bit, I was really hoping it would chill down after just about every event. There was just so much happening, it felt overwhelming sometimes. But at the same time I enjoyed it. I read a bit slower compared to normally, and I took a couple pauses to study for my exams, but the pauses really enhanced my enjoyment. Story is awesome, and the writing is very good to. (9/10)
  569.     Ice Roses:
  570.     Very sentimental, I've always felt like depressed Anna would never work, as Anna just doesn't feel that way, but the way banana-viking writes her makes it feel like it really is Anna, pretty amazing of you ask me. The story contained very little noticeable grammar mistakes and the conversations are really smooth, their emotions are worked out rather nicely, that helps the immersion quite a large bit. (10/10)
  572.     -- ------------- --
  573.     -- May 2015 --
  574.     -- ------------- --
  576.     A Summer To Remember:
  577.     Quite well written, I didn't really like a certain thing that happens in the end, and it contradicts things said by the characters before, but it isn't anything mayor. The story and plot could have used some more attention, but the nicely flowing conversations made that all up. (8/10)
  579.     All for the love of you:
  580.     Cutesy fic that is in the canon time but has an electric oven to bake a cake-_- overall fun and lovely(6/10)
  582.     A planet of isolation:
  583.     Kinda different story, kristoff is quite the fuck up but it doesn't seem to have any consequences which kind of annoyed me.(7/10)
  585.     Alluring secret:
  586.     Very confusing story, quite confusing characters. (3/10)
  588.     Seven dates:
  589.     Lovely plot, written very nice. I really liked it.(7/10)
  591.     The Day the Curtain Falls:
  592.     Another heaven/angels fic, was there an elsanna week entry for heaven/angels around this time? I did enjoy it, but the ending is unsatisfactory.(6/10)
  594.     Six Ways to Sunday:
  595.     I don't really like short stories, but since its essentially the same girls every time I quite liked these.(7/10)
  597.     We Fall Down Inside:
  598.     Another couple of elsanna week au stories. I liked these more then six ways to Sunday, but I don't really know why. Especially the last story from this couple is great. (8/10)
  600.     -- -------------- --
  601.     -- June 2015 --
  602.     -- -------------- --
  604.     Anna the sorceress:
  605.     Absolute masterpiece of smut and surprisingly solid story. Loved it a lot. Little to no mistakes and the writing, and the conversations and smut flows really well.(10/10)
  607.     Automatic love:
  608.     Nicole the dragon rider.
  610.     Sentience:
  611.     Maybe of you've read, listened to, viewed, or heard kingdom hearts this is good, but without any backstory I didn't like this.(3/10)
  614.     Feverous feelings:
  615.     Missing story.
  617.     Storm:
  618.     Mostly smut, mostly amazing smut, one chapter that retells the story of frozen in a way that includes some elsanna and Anna's penis in this. Absolutely loved it.(10/10)
  620.     Storm sequel:
  621.     Might be in the archive.
  623.     Catharsis:
  624.     Cute prequel, but not a lot of story. Some writing mistakes, and the sentences don't flow too good. (6/10)
  626.     Mimesis:
  627.     Sequel to: Catharsis:
  628.     Cute story, not too long, bit weird, sentences don't flow that well.(6/10)
  630.     -- ------------ --
  631.     -- July 2015 --
  632.     -- ------------ --
  633.     Unwavering affection:
  634.     Really really really really weird story idea,but worked out well very good writing and nicely flowing conversations. (9/10)
  636.     Crazy little something:
  637.     Nice story idea, but the execution is less good. Ending is unsatisfactory.(7/10)
  639.     A breath of fresh air:
  640.     Literally wat the fuck on the story here, not sure if the story was sad or good. Writing wasn't too bad.(5/10)
  642.     Winter-Wolf:
  643.     Story feels like it's not done yet, sentences feel a bit awkward, and the story feels really fast too.(4/10)
  645.     Long board signals:
  646.     Writing is not too good, sentences are awkward and conversations don't flow well.(4/10)
  648.     No amount of love:
  649.     You'd be hard pressed to call this elsanna. There is nothing wrong with it , but i didn't enjoy this.(4/10)
  651.     Grave digger:
  652.     Missing story
  654.     The brotherhood of Arrendelle high:
  655.     The sentences in this try to include too much information which makes the story a bit hard to read. The story idea is good, but it suffers from what most computer games also suffer from; the protagonist being the new one in the team, but doing everything. (5/10)
  657.     Love on the eastern front:
  658.     Do you like war crime? Then you'll enjoy this surprisingly accurate(in the larger movement) fic in which soldiers get killed. Story was not bad, but the sentences where a bit awkward.(6/10)
  660.     Captain and Queen:
  661.     Great story, very good writing and little to no mistakes that I could spot. Ending could have been a bit more though. (10/10)
  663.     -- ----------------- --
  664.     -- August 2015 --
  665.     -- ----------------- --
  667.     A state of grace:
  668.     Very different story telling technique, but I like it a lot.(9/10)
  670.     Where we are:
  671.     Sequel to: A state of grace:
  672.     More normalish story technique, same people, lovely but short.(8/10)
  674.     Still of the night:
  675.     Cute story, ending could use some more work, but the story was adorable. (8/10)
  677.     All Mine:
  678.     Nice story, good writing very enjoyable to read. (10/10)
  680.     The Queen and the Hive:
  681.     Wow, this was amazing, great storytelling, very little mistakes, the only ones that bothered me was he being replaced with ne sometimes.  The story feels like it's not completely done though, as even towards the ending there are new things introduced, but I really loved the read. (10/10)
  683.     Where the Frost Rose Withers:
  684.     Story idea is good, but the writing doesn't flow well. (5/10)
  686.     Burning Low:
  687.     Great story, starts out a bit un-planned, but I enjoyed it a lot. There were some discrepancies, but they where not story breaking or anything mayor.(9/10)
  689.     -- ----------------------- --
  690.     -- September 2015   --
  691.     -- ----------------------- --
  693.     Zombies in Arendelle: Run for cover:
  694.     Already read, maybe do last?
  696.     Elsanna One-Shot Collection:
  697.     Good collection of stories, some mistakes in the first couple of stories but far improved later on. (7/10)
  699.     So into you:
  700.     Missing Story.
  702.     Thaw The Frozen World:
  703.     The story idea is good but the execution is less, I cringed hard at some points but that also is a bit because of what happened in the story. Cute. (6/10)
  706.     -- ------------------ --
  707.     -- October 2015 --
  708.     -- ------------------ --
  710.     Only exception:
  711.     Heartbreaking story with a happy ending, absolutely great. Writing was not amazing but not bad either. (9/10)
  713.     Shattered like glass:
  714.     Missing story
  716.     Witness protection:
  717.     This is a pretty heavy fic, I felt like the ending was too fast, and that really hurt the story for me. Not a lot of problems with the writing. (7/10)
  719.     Lowest on the totem pole:
  720.     Holy damn, this is a piece of art. There is no doubt about it, absolutely fabulous. The writing is great, the story so intricately woven together, the realism so great. Absolutely phenomenal. (10/10)
  722.     Left behind in Arrendelle:
  723.     Writing is relatively poor, conversations don't flow nicely, and without knowledge of the last of us I didn't really know what was going on half the time. (4/10)
  725.     Let me Fade:
  726.     Mostly a smut fic, but a rather great smut fic. (9/10)
  728.     White chocolate:
  729.     Missing story
  731.     Hunted on the high seas:
  732.     Written really really fast, the story had a nice idea, but the speed didn’t help. Some more research into how fast 1700ths wooden ships sailed could have helped, as sailing from one end of the Caribbean seas to the other in mere hours isn't that possible. (5/10)
  734.     Something to hold onto:
  735.     Not done, updated Version is called:
  736.     Tell the stories I need you to tell:
  737.     Absolutely incredible story, heart wrenching angst, nicely written love . But not done, it misses the happy ending, in the last a/n the author says he's working on it, but it  never happened. Really really sad;( (7/10) (which is really high since it's not finished)
  739.     The star kingdom of Arrendelle:
  740.     Another story the same as this has been on the list before, investigate.
  742.     --
  743.     November 2015
  744.     ------
  746.     Elsanna:
  747.     Writing is not great, bur also not too bad, conversations are a bit confusing sometimes. Smut is written a bit thinly and without thought it seems. (6/10)
  749.     The arrangement:
  750.     Nicole the dragon rider?
  752.     Sillage:
  753.     Absolutely great story, well written, nice conversations and thoughts. But the ending is disappointing for me, would have loved some more elsanna. (9/10)
  755.     Cicatrix manet (the scar remains):
  756.     Missing story
  758.     In sickness and in health:
  759.     Being in the army is hard, this fic portrays that nicely, sweet fluff and hard angst. (7/10)
  761.     -- --------------------- --
  762.     -- December 2015 --
  763.     -- --------------------- --
  765.     Melted:
  766.     The smut was so nicely integrated I to the supporting story that I almost thought that it would be mainly a smutfic. It's not. The story is quite nice and rather lovely. (7/10)
  768.     Cheap thrills:
  769.     Grade AAA fluff, really cute. Lovely story and very nice characters.(9/10)
  771.     Such is life:
  772.     Missing story
  774.     Polar opposites:
  775.     Bit of a weird story, didn't really have a goal to it and I didn't really enjoy that. Fluff is great though. (6/10)
  777.     --
  778.     January 2016
  779.     --
  781.     Elsanna one shot collection:
  782.     The plots are cute, but all feel like they have more story in them then is written. I don't really like one-shots for that reason. Writing was quite good though. (7/10)
  784.     More than just a number:
  785.     Cute story, I really liked the way the author handled the age problem, I didn't like that the author added some mental problems for Elsa that weren't really necessary, as the age problem could have delivered the tension anyways. (8/10)
  787.     Broken Dreams:
  788.     Missing Story.
  790.     Vrykolakas:
  791.     Spooky story, plot is not that solid, but the execution is fun. (6/10)
  793.     An unexpected inheritance:
  794.     Already read, do later?
  796.     If that's what you want:
  797.     Missing story
  799.     Elsanna week:
  800.     Very cute answers to the prompts, really was a lot of fun. (6/10)
  802.     Come back and haunt me (lets go back to the start):
  803.     Quite confusing story, I never was quite sure who was meant by 'me' or 'she' and that annoyed me greatly, plus the fact that because of this confusion I'm still not sure if the story actually is elsanna endgame, and I don't like that. (5/10)
  805.     Snowflake:
  806.     Very well written story, the plot is rather different, but cute. (8/10)
  808.     Ice figures:
  809.     Quite cute fluffy/smutty fic, rather nice albeit a bit haphazard plot. (8/10)
  811.     --
  812.     -- February 2016
  813.     --
  815.     Roko-Jo nu heya:
  816.     Wow, this definitely is something different, I really enjoyed this piece, the kinda weird story didn't hurt that;) mostly smutfic, but as I've come to expect from Jessica, some thought went into this. (10/10)
  818.     Frozen chains:
  819.     Story was quite good, I really liked the way that Elsa and Anna were not really happy about the war, too many stories make war seem nice and lovely, this story makes the horrors really visible. Lovely surprise in about the middle of the story. (9/10)
  821.     I <3 u:
  822.     Really cheesy but really cutie one-shot, potato corner never disappoints! (7/10)
  824.     Metamorfoses of elsanna:
  825.     Retellings of old myths with elsanna, some myths where good, some where not. (6/10)
  827.     Your happiness above all, even mine:
  828.     Lovely but a tad short, quite loved the story and the character. (8/10)
  830.     Sucker punch:
  831.     The story for this, the plot, wow,just wow, astonishing. Really really good. Absolutely lovely wordings and little to no grammatical mistakes, a real masterpiece. (10/10)
  833.     --
  834.     --march 2016
  835.     --
  837.     Neko love:
  838.     Nicole the dragon rider.
  840.     Worth a thousand words:
  841.     Damn, this deals with a heavy subject, and was capable of drowning my mood really effectively in just over 10k words. Don't read if lighthearted. (5/10)
  843.     Expect the unexpected:
  844.     Nicole the dragon rider.
  846.     Dark horse:
  847.     Read already, maybe later?
  849.     Linked:
  850.     Cutesy story, but not a lot of plot. (7/10)
  852.     Hidden love:
  853.     Interesting short bit talking about incest. (6/10)
  855.     The queen's Mephistopheles:
  856.     Kinda weird story, plot was fun, ending is a bit confusing. (8/10)
  858.     Le guerre de l'art (the war of art):
  859.     Already read, do later?
  861.     Mutual asymmetry:
  862.     Story didn't appeal to me, although the message it send was a relatively good one. (6/10)
  864.     --
  865.     --April 2016
  866.     --
  868.     To follow ones heart:
  869.     Really good storyline and plot, nice writing and good conversations, but the ending was so confusing I lost all grip I had on the story. (8/10)
  871.     The things I do for you:
  872.     Cutesy story. (6/10)
  874.     A heart worth thawing for:
  875.     Interesting plot, nice writing and nicely flowing conversations. (8/10)
  877.     Pink mist:
  878.     Writing isn't horrible, but there are just enough mistakes to notice them a lot. Author is quite good at describing music, but seems to think he or she is bad at it. Story could use some work too. (5/10)
  880.     Into the lions den:
  881.     Cute short intro to Three queens, nice. (7/10)
  883.     Three queens:
  884.     Quite nice fic, but it doesn't feel done. Author explains that there might be more, that would be cool. (8/10)
  886.     --
  887.     -- May 2016
  888.     --
  890.     We've got tonight:
  891.     Cute fic, nice tensions but a bit of an overused story type. Did enjoy it nonetheless. (9/10)
  893.     Strawberry thief:
  894.     I enjoyed reading this a lot, the story was very nice, and the characters where nicely written too. The writing itself wasn't that good, quite a lot of missing words and confusing sentences. (8/10)
  896.     Pirates are better than princes:
  897.     A lot of mistakes in wording and grammar, the story is a kind of cute, but so confusing I can't  really make anything of it. (5/10)
  899.     Forest to Sky:
  900.     Most elsanna fics that feature them as some part animal are badly executed, and only play into specific  cliches. This fic does not, it keeps a lot about the story a mystery, this makes some things a bit confusing. But it doesnt hurt the story too much. (9/10)
  902.     Love me, Love me not:
  903.     Already read, maybe later?
  905.     Sisterly Love:
  906.     Kinda fun but definitely not elsanna in the way that I'd tag elsanna. There is literally no romantic elsanna, there really only is sisterhood. (5/10)
  908.     ---
  909.     -- june
  910.     ---
  912.     Lentamente:
  913.     Already read, maybe later?
  915.     ---
  916.     -- July
  917.     ---
  919.     Light in the darkness:
  920.     Already read, maybe later?
  922.     The one:
  923.     Already read, maybe later?
  925.     SEEK and find:
  926.     Already read, maybe later?
  928.     The weight of snow:
  929.     Quite the anticlimactic ending, but a lovely story in front of it, really believable characters and very nice storyline. And some good old incest. I love that. (9/10)
  931.     All for her:
  932.     A bit like a regular Joe under the modern au's, but not a badly written one. Enjoyed reading this story a lot. (8/10)
  934.     ---
  935.     --- August 2016
  936.     ---
  938.     The sound of Arrendelle:
  939.     I had read a lot of good words about this story before starting to read it, so my expectations where very high. This story as a whole did not disappoint, there where little to no spottable mistakes in grammar nor in the writing. The first bit of the story didn't feel that good, I don't  know why, but I didn't enjoy reading it, chapter three and later only got better. (8/10)
  941.     The sound of Arrendelle: (Wedding night): (extension to: The sound of Arrendelle)
  942.     Lovely little M+ rated extra for the series. (6/10)
  944.     A question answered? - A sound of Arrendelle story: (extension to the sound of Arendelle
  945.     Another cute extension really only made to answer one question. I liked the answer, some might not. (6/10)
  947.     Out of the ashes:
  948.     Already read, maybe later?
  950.     The once and Future Queen:
  951.     Already read, Maybe later?
  953.     Growing up together:
  954.     The idea is good, execution is not that good. Writing could use some work, and the storyline is quite cringy at times. (6/10)
  956.     A world that doesn't care:
  957.     Already read, maybe later?
  959.     Eyes glazing over:
  960.     Story tries to be a bit too much at once, and with that only succeeds in the idea. Quite a lot of grammar mistakes and cringe. (5/10)
  962.     Only one year:
  963.     Already read, maybe later?
  965.     Only one year - Alternate:
  966.     Extension to only one year, so read after that.
  968.     An icy kidnapper:
  969.     Missing story.
  971.     ---
  972.     --- September 2016
  973.     ---
  976.     Gone fishing:
  977.     Good story with a great idea. Mostly smut. But that isn't a problem at all. Nice twist at the end. (8/10)
  979.     An elsanna fairy tale:
  980.     Nice story with a different storytelling to most other fics, it's a story with Elsa and Anna seen through the eyes of the two characters. (9/10)
  982.     Feel Don't Conceal:
  983.     Already read, maybe later?
  985.     ---
  986.     --- October 2016
  987.     ---
  989.     Neutralizing assist and recovery knight:
  990.     Whilst the ploty is creative and is told nicely throughout the story the writing puts a bit of a stop to that, recurring mistakes and a lot of other grammar and spelling mistakes don't help. (7/10)
  992.     The Last of us:
  993.     Nicely written story with a good plot, sentences can be a bit confusing, but not too much. (8/10)
  995.     Icy change:
  996.     Suffers from the same problems as a lot of relatively short stories, trying to get all the character changes and important moments written, even if it is with very little words. That makes some things a bit cringe worthy. (6/10)
  998.     The Khamsa:
  999.     Already read, maybe later?
  1001.     ---
  1002.     --- November 2016
  1003.     ---
  1005.     What I found you like:
  1006.     Cute collection of stories in a canon world where they love each other. (6/10)
  1008.     Beast of ice:
  1009.     Awkward writing and a bit of a cringy story, not too well thought out. (5/10)
  1011.     Omnia Vincit Amor (Love conquers all):
  1012.     Already read, maybe later?
  1014.     Department of drama:
  1015.     Apart from some very minor mistakes in wording I didn't spot any problems. Lovely story and a good plot. I didn't really like the meta stuff in the epilogue, but that was only a little bit. (10/10)
  1017.     ---
  1018.     --- December 2016
  1019.     ---
  1021.     Of love and business:
  1022.     Already read, maybe later?
  1024.     The soldier and the slave:
  1025.     Cute story, I normally don't like oneshots, but this one was quite nice. (7/10)
  1027.     ---
  1028.     --- January 2017
  1029.     ---
  1031.     The dark lust of Love:
  1032.     This is a bit of a weird one, there is a lot of not bad smut, but the story is shocking and very disturbing. Whilst the smut was enjoyable I can't recommend this fic to anyone serious about reading it. (4/10)
  1034.     Elsa, a frozen tail:
  1035.     Already read, maybe later?
  1037.     The last knydaxian:
  1038.     Quite the hidden gem to be honest, nice sweet story, although it did contain one weird plot device that i found redundant, but nothing too weird. Very little mistakes that i spotted, lovely. (10/10)
  1040.     The last knydaxian II: The wrath of Hans:
  1041.     Lesser part two to a great part one, cringe levels where high, writing was very fast, and the overall feel of the story wasn't good. (6/10)
  1044.     ---
  1045.     --- February 2017
  1046.     ---
  1048.     White roses:
  1049.     Goes pretty fast, story is nice though. Enjoyed it a good bit. (8/10)
  1051.     Just one week:
  1052.     Really nice story, I spotted no major mistakes in the writing. Relationships where nice. And the whole overall feeling was very good. (10/10)
  1054.     ---
  1055.     --- March 2017
  1056.     ---
  1058.     Rule number five:
  1059.     Wow boy did I enjoy reading this, 100k in one evening. The story I really gripping, and the ending is quite worth the wait. Little to no mistakes. (10/10)
  1061.     Elsa's love for Anna:
  1062.     Story idea is not too bad, but the grammar and the writing of the story is quite bad, the speed of the things happening is also quite awkward. (3/10)
  1064.     ---
  1065.     --- April 2017
  1066.     ---
  1068.     Who dares wins:
  1069.     Really nice story, I'm not really into Kristanna for the story part, but apparently when told nicely it really isn't a problem. Big props to fruitpit for that. It would have been nice to read some more about the Elsanna part, as well as some other relationship pieces. But the story most definitely not unfinished nor too short. (10/10)
  1071.     Inanis:
  1072.     Touching but short. Really Nice writing style, deserves some more love. (10/10)
  1074.     An innocent request:
  1075.     I enjoyed reading this a lot, the conversations where nice and the writing overall was too. (9/10)
  1077.     ---
  1078.     --- May 2017
  1079.     ---
  1081.     Ice Ghost:
  1082.     Whilst the story idea was pretty good, the execution was less, it was quite dramatized, and the story became a bit cringe towards the end. (5/10)
  1084.     The Freshman:
  1085.     Nice writing and a creative story. The confrontation (spoilers so no more info) went by really fast and was a bit confusing. (9/10)
  1087.     I never knew:
  1088.     Smut centered fic, writing was good and the smut too, the little story around it was also cute. (8/10)
  1090.     Come back to me:
  1091.     This story manages to handle the heavy stuff it is about very respectfully. I don't have any first nor second hand knowledge about this, but it seems realistic. Very enjoyable. (9/10)
  1093.     Postcards & promises:
  1094.     Good writing, interesting storyline and a good atmosphere overall. A bit of kristanna in the middle, but not too much, and necessary for the story to be as it is. (10/10)
  1097.     2018 DURING THE NEXT STORIE!
  1100.     FROZEN:thawing heart:
  1101.     My heart has never been broken and pieced together within the span of one story so effectively ever before. The writing in this story is phenomenal, the story, with one of the greatest villains I've read yet yet, is almost unreal in it's emotionally draining capacities. Please do read, even though the 400k+ length might put you off. (10/10)
  1103.     And you'll be mine:
  1104.     Missing story.
  1106.     ---
  1107.     --- June 2017
  1108.     ---
  1110.     Scars of a façade:
  1111.     Already read, maybe later?
  1113.     Elsanna week 2017:
  1114.     Even though I normally don't enjoy the very short stories that are in one chapter collections, Jenna makes it possible to do so with quite cute little stories written to the prompts for elsanna week 2017 (7/10)
  1116.     Shards of ice:
  1117.     The storyline wasn't exactly bad, but the writing was very convoluted with conversations very often broken up by a a page long thought, making it hard to remember what is going on. (4/10)
  1119.     Secrets of the Snowflake:
  1120.     A common thing I read is an interesting story idea placed into a relatively short story that does little but explain the storyline. The problem being that without any story around the plot the story moves on very fast and becomes hard to follow. This fic suffered from that. (5/10)
  1122.     ---
  1123.     --- July 2017
  1124.     ---
  1126.     The Siren's sister:
  1127.     Interesting story idea, but what came of it feels a bit unpolished. I don't really like poly relationships without a lot of information about how it's worked out, and this fic doesn't provide that. (5/10)
  1129.     The Amish problem:
  1130.     Interesting story idea and nicely written, could use some more flesh on its bones, but the core that is there is good fun. (8/10)
  1132.     Broken dreaming:
  1133.     Rather short, sad ending but nicely written. (6/10)
  1135.     The last knydaxian: Complete season one:
  1136.     Whilst the story ideas where nice the overall feel was mostly rushed. The story also felt rather put together instead of one big piece. (6/10)
  1139.     The picture of sophisticated grace:
  1140.     The description doesn't lie. The smut is quite good, but there really is no story to it. (7/10)
  1142.     And you'll be mine:
  1143.     Genderbent Anna with a different name isn't really my thing, but the writing was great and the smut wasn't bed either. (8/10)
  1145.     ---
  1146.     -- August 2017
  1147.     ---
  1149.     Long live the queen:
  1150.     Rather good writing, interesting albeit often used story idea. Multiple endings is something that I don't really like. (6/10)
  1152.     A form far from foul:
  1153.     Whilst tentacle au's normally fall into the 'really weird' category this one does not. The execution is really cute, and the writing is quite good too. Interesting idea for the tentacle source and the fix for it. (9/10)
  1155.     Unlucky number 13:
  1156.     Quite an interesting but also bland adventure type story. The writing isn't very good and mistakes are plenty, but the idea is nice and the story fun to read. (6/10)
  1158.     ---
  1159.     -- September 2017
  1160.     ---
  1162.     ---
  1163.     --October 2017
  1164.      ---
  1166.     Courtship of the Grad student:
  1167.     This was the second time I've read this story and it certainly didn't disappoint. The plot was great, and the ideas and secondary layers behind the story where very interesting. I only have my current high school level of chemistry, but I could reach what was going on very easily. The writing was very good too. (10/10)
  1169.     Hot collars and cold shoulders:
  1170.     The story and plot to this are really quite good, but 40k words in one chapter is bad. And the writing is quite confusing towards the end too. What's real, a thought or Anna's ability is not really clear.(8/10)
  1172.     ---
  1173.     --November 2017
  1174.     ---
  1176.     The knight and the witch:
  1177.     It seems like the author of this story thinks proofreading is for dummies and that a spell checker is cheating. A lot of words are misspelled, the plot is nice though. (5/10)
  1179.     Struggling in Arendelle city:
  1180.     Amazing story, writing is really good and the plot is too. Lovely conversations are also a big plus. The story starts out a bit thin, but branches out and becomes clear relatively soon. (10/10)
  1182.     The last knydaxian 3: Race against time:
  1183.     Already read maybe later?
  1185.     ---
  1186.     --December 2017
  1187.     ---
  1189.     What you will:
  1190.     A story of 45k words that started out in 2014, I can't even imagine the suspense if I would have started this back then. It's very nice to see the writing improve over time. The story is quite over the top, but taken from another movie, so it certainly does work well. Really really enjoyable. (10/10)
  1192.     A snowflake in spring:
  1193.     Another story started all the way back in 2014, and another beautiful one at that. But as you should now by now I don't like bitter endings, and the ending that this story got, whooweee, it is bitter. Some reviews called it bittersweet, but I couldn't find any sweetness in it. The writing though, and the whole rest of the plot, absolutely phenomenal, this is one of those stories that made me wish I had made a more complicated grading system which would allow me to convey my love for the plot and hate for the ending more effectively. (10/10)
  1195.     Just friends:
  1196.     Very cute story, nothing new but very nicely written. (8/10)
  1198.     The last knydaxian:
  1199.     Already read maybe later.
  1201.     Bind us together, lord:
  1202.     I had already read part of thi story when it came out and enjoyed it quite a bit, that didn't change. The story is set up interestingly, and the writing is nearly flawless. (10/10)
  1204.     Elsa's love for Anna:
  1205.     Plot is not that interesting, and the writing is confusing more often than not. Also it seems like the author wrote the chapters in pieces and also uploaded them in pieces per chapter, not really sure that that is the best way to update. (4/10)
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