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Aug 16th, 2021
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  1. This just contains the various crafting recipes and what's required to make them. Some recipes will only require a few items while others will require more items or even rare item to craft.
  3. Potion of Minor Healing:
  4. 2 Kera Roots
  5. 1 Bark Cap
  6. Take either a bottle or pot of water and bring it to a boil, as that happens grind the Kera Roots and Bark Cap into a fine powder. Take the water off of the heat once it starts boiling and add the powder to the water, mixing the powder in for a few minutes. The water should turn red after a few minutes if done correctly.
  8. Potion of Minor Magic:
  9. 2 Kera Roots
  10. 1 Moon Flower
  11. The instructions for a Potion of Minor Magic was similar for Minor Healing except that the water should turn purple if done correctly instead.
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