Nighttime Readjustment 2

Oct 21st, 2018
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  1. >You let out a grunt as you swung your hammer
  2. >Its aim was true, hitting the nail you had put into the hole you had pre-drilled
  3. >There was a bit of resistance, but that puppy went right where you wanted it
  4. >Putting your hammer down, you picked up the chair you had been building for two days and examined it
  5. >The wood didn't crack, and the end of the nail wasn't poking out anywhere
  6. >Awesome
  7. >Now you'd just need to get some wood putty to cover the hole
  8. >Setting the chair back down, you sat down on top of it
  9. >There wasn't so much as a creak
  10. >You rocked back and forth
  11. >It didn't budge
  12. >Grinning, you leapt to your feet
  13. >With just a bit of sanding, some carving if you were feeling really fancy, some wood stain, and a couple of layers of good varnish and this baby would be done
  14. >You'd finally have the last chair for your table
  15. >Shit only took half the fucking year
  16. "Yeah buddy," you said, allowing yourself a celebratory fist pump
  17. >"Ahem. Excuse me."
  18. >You looked over toward the steps of your front porch
  19. >There, standing regally with two guards flanking her, was Princess Celestia
  20. >The alicorn's usual smile was missing this afternoon
  21. >Her rainbow tail was flicking from side to side, and you could see her brow furrowed
  22. >If you didn't know any better, you'd have said that she was frowning as well
  23. >You stood to your full height
  24. "Hello, Princess," you said as you dusted yourself off
  25. >The thought of inclining your head came to mind, but you decided against it
  26. >All of this carpentry was pretty exhausting, and even though you were happy that one of your many home projects was about to be finished, you really weren't in the mood to humor the royal
  27. >The guards didn't seem to like this lack of disrespect
  29. >Their eyes narrowed as their grips on their weapons tightened
  30. >You paid them no mind, staring at the princess
  31. "It's nice to see you again," your highness." you continued. "Is there anything that I could do you for?"
  32. >The princess gestured
  33. >The guards, giving still giving you the stink eye, stepped away from her and, with a mighty flap of their wings, took off into the air
  34. >You watched them disappear into the sky until they were nothing but dots
  35. >Looking back at Princess Celestia, you saw that she was looking very nonplussed
  36. >"I was wondering if I could discuss something with you."
  37. >You crossed your arms, eyes narrowing
  38. "What about?"
  39. >Your porch creaked as the princess made her way up the steps
  40. >She was soon standing just a foot from you
  41. >While she was the biggest of the little horses you still had a foot and a half on her
  42. >But, as always happened when you stood before her, she always seemed the bigger one
  43. >Princess Celestia's gaze flicked toward your chair
  44. >"I was in town today, paying a visit to Princess Twilight," she said. "While the two of us were talking I was told that you were causing a bit of a disturbance."
  45. >You frowned
  46. >Fucking Applejack...
  47. >The second she saw you working on this chair she kept bugging and bugging you about helping
  48. >You might have even let her too, if she hadn't done on about colts not knowing anything about woodworking
  49. >Actually, you take that back
  50. >A pony whose barn fell down every other day had no business holding a goddamn hammer, much less helping in constructing a chair
  51. "Did you now? Did you hear the part about me having to physically restrain a certain apple farmer because she wouldn't leave me alone."
  52. >"I did," the princess said with a nod. "Which I found very rude on your part."
  54. >Rude?
  55. "The fuck you mean rude?"
  56. >Celestia's frown deepened at your language
  57. >"Applejack only wished to help you out of the goodness of her heart like a gentlemare. Yes, she might have gone a little overboard in her eagerness to help, but I feel like you also behaved very inappropriately. If Applejack was truly bothering you you should have went to Twilight or the Mayor instead of bodily removing her from your property."
  58. "I disagree," you said with as much courtesy as you could manage
  59. >"You have every right to do so," Celestia allowed, taking a step toward you
  60. >You found yourself taking a step back in response. "But that doesn't mean that you aren't incorrect
  61. >The backstep wasn't voluntary
  62. >Something made you take a step back
  63. >Looking down, you saw that a there was a golden glow around your legs
  64. >Head snapping back up at the princess, you saw the tip of her horn casting the same light
  65. "Just what the FUCK do you think--"
  66. >"You're extremely lucky that Applejack is a gentlemare," Celestis continued, cutting you up. "I'm positive if she wished she could have severely hurt you."
  67. >She took another step forward
  68. >You took another step back
  69. "Now wait just a secon--"
  70. >"As much as you'd like to be otherwise, you are a stallion, Anonymous. A very competent stallion in your own way, but a stallion nonetheless, and a rather weak one at that."
  71. >You strained against the magic around your leg
  72. >It did you no good
  73. >Though it was as gentle as could be, it was completely unyielding
  74. >No matter how hard you struggled or squirmed you couldn't so much as lift your foot without the alicorn's say so
  75. >"I would have looked the other way if using violence was a rare occurrence for but, but from what Twilight's told me it very much isn't."
  77. "Celestia, what the FUCK are you--"
  78. >Another step
  79. >The back of your legs hit your new chair
  80. >Celestia flicked her horn, and with a grunt you found yourself being sat down
  81. >She was taller than you now, looking down at you with a stern expression
  82. >"You've been running around town picking fights with my little ponies, knowing that none would fight back because you're a male, haven't you, my little human? Name calling, physical force, saying things that you know will hurt another's feels. I've ever heard you acting very poorly around foals, something which I feel VERY strongly about."
  83. >She took another step toward you
  84. >You cocked a fish back, ready to deck her
  85. >Whatever this was, you had had enough of it
  86. >Your fist flew toward her muzzle as fast as you could throw it
  87. >The princess barely raised an eyebrow, the tip of her horn glowing a little brighter
  88. >Your hand froze mid-punch, just a few inches shy of her nose
  89. >With a toss of her head, your hand was forced against the frame of the chair
  90. >You tried to lift your other arm, only for it to share a similar fate
  91. >"That and your comments to both sexs have garnered so many complaints that poor Twilight doesn't know what to do with you. She's had a similar upbringing as Applejack I'm afraid, and can't bring herself to discipline a stallion, no matter how rude or crass he may be."
  92. >The Princess slowly began to circle you
  93. >Something touched the back of your neck so lightly that it could have been imagined
  94. >Another feather light touch tickled your forearm
  95. >Struggling in your chair, you bared your teeth
  96. >Ponies HATED when you did that, usually taking a few hasty steps back
  97. >The princess paid you no mind, continuing her circling
  98. >"Even with creatures like Sombra and Discord she felt terrible about enacting justice, no matter how well deserved, and while you are a brute in all respects--a foul-mouthed, disrespectful brute--"
  99. "Fuck off," you said, earning you a light tap to the head with a wing
  101. >"--you are not a villain. It's my belief that you just require some... guidance so that you can stop all of this silliness."
  102. >Princess Celestia stopped right in front of you
  103. >"So, for both your benefit and the benefit of my little ponies, I believe that I shall give you your first lesson, my dear."
  104. >With those words the fight just sort of left you, rage being replaced with irritation
  105. >Lessons? Really?
  106. >You were a grown ass man with better things to do, having some damn dumb classes like that crazy mare Starlight wasn't going to help anyone or anything
  107. >In fact, it'd probably only serve to--
  108. >Celestia placed a hoof against your chest
  109. >A tingling sensation quickly spread outward, making your breathing hitch
  110. >You had never felt a sensation like this before
  111. >It was like everything in your chest was being touched
  112. >Even the stuff you shouldn't have been able to feel could be felt
  113. >"Alicorns have the abilities of all three races," the princess said as you stared at her wide-eyed. "I can say that with complete honesty we might never be as proficient at something as, say, as very skilled pegasus or unicorn in some aspects. Luna especially has trouble when it comes to using some of the skills that an earth pony can bring to bear."
  114. >With each breath you took you could feel the sensation spreading outside
  115. >You squirmed in your seat
  116. >"I, on the other hoof, am skilled in earth pony magic. I've even been told that I could give many in the Apple clan a run for their money," Princess Celestia continued as she rubbed her hoof against your chest
  117. "I..."
  118. >You gritted your teeth as you felt the tingling in your elbows
  119. >Though you didn't see it, the princess's frown turned into a small smirk
  120. >"Odd, isn't it? It's something that I learned very long ago. The creator of this--"
  121. >Princess Celestia pressed her hoof against you a little more firmly
  122. >You swore you could feel the blood pumping in your spleen
  124. >"--Was looking for a way to use the same magic that helps an earth pony sow crops to heal. This can heal small cuts and even the odd sprained limb if the mare and stallion are magically inclined enough, and because of this the technique is widely known."
  125. >Your eyes snapped opened as the sensation changed
  126. >Instead of feeling wiggly and just unnatural enough to be uncomfortable, it started to feel good
  127. >Really good
  128. >The princess grinned down at you, her purple eyes gleaming
  129. >"There is another use for this, however, as I'm sure you're now realizing," she said, placing her hoof just above your belly button.
  130. >The pleasure condensed, amplified
  131. >You leaned forward in your chair, muscles tensing and legs twitching
  132. >Your pants were beginning to feel a little tight
  133. >A spasm made your whole body jerk
  134. >A yelp escaped you
  135. >"I wonder how long you'd last if I were to keep doing this," the princess said, slipping a wing under your chin to lift your head up. "Would your legendary human stamina would be able to last any longer than a normal stallion?"
  136. "I s-sweaaaaaaaaaaaa--"
  137. >You clenched your legs, leaning forward so much that you could kiss your knees if you wanted to
  138. >The position should have been painful, you weren't this flexible on your very best days, but there wasn't any of that
  139. >Just the pleasure
  140. >Impossible, unignorable, mind boggling pleasure
  141. >This pleasure rose higher and higher
  142. >You could feel yourself twitching in your pants, leaking so much that it was leaving a visible stain
  143. >Your chest was heaving, and you could feel sweat start to drip down your face
  144. >"There's a good stallion," Princess Celestia said, giving the top of your head a tender nuzzle. "All of that piss and vinegar are all gone, and so easily too. Wonderful. Are you close dear?"
  145. >You squared your jaw, tucking your chin against your chest
  146. >You might not be able to fight against this, but there was no way you were giving her a THING
  148. >"Anonymous, lift your hips. I'm going to sit on your cock," she said, looking over her shoulder at you. "Keep your hands on your chair."
  149. >The authority in her voice made you shiver
  150. >Your body moved on it's own, lifting your hips up just as her majesty order
  151. >With one last tug, your pants were around your ankles
  152. >The little slit in your underwear was opened, and your dick was forced through it
  153. >Princess Celestia regarded it with a raised eyebrow
  154. >"Hmm, leaking like a facet. Wonderful."
  155. >She wiggled her hips
  156. >Her slick marehood disappeared as her cheeks jiggled and clapped together
  157. >That rump was more than a lap full
  158. >A man could get lost between those cheeks and die happy
  159. >"I've seen you staring before you know," Celestia said, breaking out of your stupor as she took a step back. "You were trying to be stealthy, sneaking a glance when I wasn't looking, but I knew you were."
  160. >She took another step, and that big butt got even bigger
  161. >"It really is a marvelous rump, is it not? Some colts today prefer a thinner sort of mare but you don't seem to be the type. No, you're someone that want's a mare to be able to handle what's between your legs with ease. Just. Like. This."
  162. >The princess sat down into your lap
  163. >Through either luck or skill, she was able to hit her mark with little effort, and with one smooth motion your cock was devoured by her marehood
  164. >It all happened so quickly that you didn't feel it for several seconds
  165. >A noise came from the back of your throat as you just stared at the grinning alicorn
  166. >The alicorn's insides were almost blazingly hot
  167. >You could feel the powerful muscles inside of her flexing as she shifted herself on top of you
  168. >She squeezed your whole shaft at once in a rhythmic motion
  169. >She shifted again, and you swore it felt like someone was kissing your tip
  170. >Your eyes crossed at the sensation, body jerking forward so that you face was buried in the princess's mane
  172. >"Oh, did I feel a twitch there?" Princess Celestia cooed, wiggling her hips back and forth. "Are you about to cum already?"
  173. >She lifted her rump
  174. >It was just an inch or two, but the feeling was enough to make your toes curl in your shoes
  175. >You groaned in the alicorn's back, chest heaving
  176. >"What about your stamina, dear Anon? Aren't you supposed to be able to rut me senseless?" Celestia taunted. "I believe you boasted being able to turn any mare in Equestria into your quote on quote "cock sleeve"?"
  177. >Her rump settled back into your lap with a dull slap
  178. >You felt yourself twitch hard, sending a spurt of pre into her depths
  179. >She was so warm, so soft...
  180. >"I don't feel that your boasts are very truthful now that I'm able to size you up as it were my dear," the princess continued. "In fact, if I didn't know any better, I'd say that you've ever done this before. Or am I just that fantastic at turning the big, bad human into my walking cock?"
  181. >She rose herself a little higher
  182. >It felt unnatural for any part of your length to be out of her depths
  183. >Celestia' as if sensing this, fell back into your length
  184. >Her reward was another spurt of cum
  185. >"Maybe you just secretly enjoy the fact that a very fertile mare is taking your seed like it belongs to her?" Celestia said, her voice breathy but nonetheless dominating. "Maybe you knowing the fact that there's nothing you can do to stop her from taking what she wants excites you just as much as my rump? Or are you just silently admitting to me that you'd very much like to be broken? Turned into nothing more than a sweet little house husband whose only job is to raise my foals and provide me many, many more."
  186. >Her movements were agonizingly slow
  187. >She knew that if she moved too quickly you'd pop like a balloon
  188. >Your body jerked, sending another spurt inside of her
  189. >She let out a hum, leaning back, crushing your body against the back of your chair
  191. > "Well, my little human? Do you want me to break you? Stop all of this silly resistance and bring you back to my castle? I'd be happy to do so one load at a time if you'd like."
  192. "Hurgh..."
  193. >With your cock buried inside of her, Celestia spin around
  194. >You were just able to let out a squeak before she grabbed the back of your head and buried your face into her chest tuft
  195. >You reflexively inhaled
  196. >Her scent was pungent enough to make your head spin
  197. >Your hips jerked
  198. >Celestia chuckled, leaning down to give your ear a nip
  199. >"You don't even need to say it, my little human. Just empty those cute little nuts inside of your princess. Fill her up. Go ahead. You can cum my little slut~"
  201. ~_~_~_~_~_~_~
  203. "FUCKING HELL!"
  204. >Your replacement lamp shattered as you put your fist through it
  205. >A moment later you were on your bedroom floor, fighting your blanket
  206. "DFndjdnkjnk! DAMMIT!"
  207. >After some thrashing, wild kicking, and enough cursing to wake the dead, you were able to leap to your feet
  208. >Your heart was pounding in your chest
  209. >You could still FEEL the alicorn riding you
  210. >Her scent, the warmth of her fur, the feeling of her arousal pooling in your lap as she rode you
  211. >Your legs nearly buckled, forcing you to lean against your wall for support
  212. >A quick glance around showed that the room was, of course, empty
  213. >It was just another dream
  214. "Fucking. Luna," you growled
  215. >...
  216. >Wait...
  217. >If that was just a dream then...
  218. >As best as you could, you made your way out of your bedroom, down your steps, and into your living room
  219. >There sat your chair sitting on top of your table half finished
  220. >You hadn't touched the thing in weeks
  221. >Your eye twitched
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