bn5 postgame lol

luckytyphlosion Apr 15th, 2015 258 Never
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  1. Get 100 SFrags
  2. Open Nebula Hole
  3. Get Better Chips, get 140 SFrags and get v2 program advance chips.
  4. Go back to Nebula Hole, do liberation 7
  5. Go to Liberation 8 and do it
  6. Open second portal.
  7. Jack out and close first portal.
  8. Do IBGMD grinding.
  9. Get v3 chips and beat beta navis (including blizman, shademan, cloudman and cosmoman)
  10. Set DS and SP from larkman, S-Rank all team navis, get DS navi chips, get CosmomanDS, get gridmanDS + SP
  11. Get 180 SFrags
  12. Do liberation 9.
  13. Beat DSnavis in nebula 6
  14. Beat ChaosLord Nebula Grey Alpha
  15. Do remaining PA farming
  16. Go to nebula 6 and beat ds navis in certain timeframe to get bass from chaoslord
  17. jack out and in, get remaining nebula 4 stuff
  18. beat bass omega
  19. beat nebula grey omega
  20. done
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