Dadonequus Discord Part 208

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  1. >You rush up to her immediately, saying anything you can to try to diffuse anything that might be going through her mind.
  2. "Ok? She's not here to capture anypony or hurt anypony or anything like that. Look!"
  3. >You bring out your notepad and show her the notes on the berries
  4. "She even taught me on which berries are safe to eat and which aren't. Now you don't have to worry about me eating the wrong thing, see? See?"
  5. >Fluttershy was shifting her eyes towards you, then trixie, then you, then Trixie, then Twilight. "O-ok. Twilight? What about you? know"
  6. >Fluttershy looked utterly nervous, she wasn't sure if there was some ruse or if her friends were suddenly hypnotized.
  7. >"He's right Fluttershy. Trixie is here as a friend. I know I know, it's pretty weird right? But you have to admit, no weirder than what you managed to do for Discord. You gave him a second chance, so...why can't I give her a second chance?" Twilight said as she walked over to the river and sat in front of it, trying to peer through it.
  8. >"Indeed!" Trixie stepped forward towards you and Fluttershy in a boisterous manner "Trixie has mended her wrongdoings and has come as a friend to join in on this adventure! And from my understanding, the next lesson is from you.. So please..." Trixie sat on her butt, and waved her hoof at Fluttershy as to signal her to carry on "If you don't mind, pretend that I have not tried to conquer your town, and please carry on"
  9. >and then she just sat there.
  10. >Fluttershy then looked to Zecora, who shrugged and said "My opinion I'll make very clear, to Princess Twilight's decision, I will adhere"
  11. "See Aunt Fluttershy? Everypony is ok with it. Please don't worry.."
  12. >You move up to her and give her a gentle hug
  13. "Please?"
  15. >You could feel her leg gently wrap around you and pull you a little closer. Fluttershy looked down to you, then looked to Trixie, and then to Twilight. She was concerned, but...if everyone else was ok with it...She'd comply...for now. But she was going to keep a close eye on you.
  16. >"Ok....if everypony is ok with it. Then I'm ok with it."
  17. >Twilight looked back at Fluttershy, wondering about something. "Fluttershy, is he ready yet?"
  18. >"o-oh! right right!" Fluttershy turned to Twilight with a smile, until she remembered something, and suddenly felt some fright in her heart "Twilight..did you say ready?"
  19. >Twilight nodded "Yeah, why?"
  20. >Fluttershy stepped back, pulling you along with her "I wouldn't stand there if-"
  21. >Too late
  22. >Steven Magnet popped out of the water sending a small wave right into Twilight, making her yelp and slide backwards.
  23. >"OF COURSE I'M REEEADY! HELLO EVERPONY! IT'S ME! ST-....hmm?" Steven Magnet popped out in glorious fashion, but the moment he noticed Twilight, wet and soaked, he stopped, moved over to her and shook his head at the sight of her dripping mane. "Princess. Princess! What happened to your mane? Ohh nonononono, this simply won't do. I will not be doing my joint presentation on the kinder creatures of the Everfree with such royalty looking a mess. Everypony stand back! It's Magnet time!"
  24. >Magnet wut?
  25. >Each and every one of you step back as Twilight tries to step back, utterly in shock as Magnet moves up close to her. "W-wait. WAIT! DON'T!"
  27. >But it was too late, in some kind of flurry. Steven brings out a comb and some spray from god knows where and starts styling and drying up Twilight in mere moments.
  28. >"Ta-Da, better than new! What do you think? Magnificent, no?" Steven holds up a mirror towards Twilight. Whose mane has been fluffed up like some kind of british wig, there was a little crown on top. Twilight's face had makeup on it, with some blue blush on her eye lids, heightened eyelashes, and little pink blush on her cheeks.
  29. >...oh holy shit...that was too funny.
  30. >And it seemed you weren't the only one who thought so. Everybody...everybody...was trying to hide their smiles.
  31. >" great Steven....t-thank you." Twilight said in fake gratitude. not wanting to hurt his feelings, but goddamn did she hate the look.
  32. >"Oh no need for thanks Princess, the honor is all mine. Ohhhh, it feels so great to help royalty. But ahhhh, we are here to help the young and beautiful. Ahh there he is!" Steven suddenly started to slither towards you.
  33. >wait...OH HOLY SHIT!
  34. >You immediately stop trying to snicker as you fall back, trying to get away. But he snatches you up and starts giving you....a really tight hug. Why the hell did everyone that's bigger than you had to crush you.
  35. >"Oh he's so soft and cuddly! Like a little stuffed bear!"
  36. >He then held you out and up to his eye level so he could get a good look at you. You were taking breaths, your eyes were droopy and you looked a little sick "And so sooooo adorable! I really hope Matilda has a little donkey as cute as this. Ohhh, I think he likes me. Hey there little guy, how have you been enjoying your little learning adventure? I bet it's been simply funtastic!"
  37. "nghhhhh, my chest..."
  38. >"hmmmm," Steven finally noticed you looking a little ill, he didn't realize it was from his own crushing hug. "He looks tired. Poor little guy, must be getting pooped already, Don't worry little fella" Steven Magnet puts you down gently and gives you a pet.
  41. >Fluttershy giggled from Steven's antics and walked over to you. Hell, everyone was giggling from your little suffering moment. Fluttershy hovers over to you and gives you a gentle nuzzle. "Are you alright? Are you ready to learn Anon?"
  42. >...thank god for Fluttershy nuzzles. the healing nectar of the gods.
  43. "Y-yeah..erm..."
  44. >You pull out your notepad and put it on the floor. and get ready to write. You take a small glance around. everyone was calming down now. Dammit, you actually felt self concious about it. Damn you DT, DAMN YOU. If it wasn't for Fluttershy's nuzzles, you may have snapped at atleast Twilight.
  45. "Let's just get started."
  46. >"Alright." Fluttershy nods and then flies over to Steven, who was settling himself back into the river. "This is a sea serpent. one of the Everfree's many inhabitants. As you can see, he is fully capable of speech and is quite friendly."
  47. >Steven smiled and put a hand to his chest as he spoke with a near royal dignity. "ahrm..yes, I am quite friendly"
  48. >He tried to stay serious, to act with poise and respect. But he couldn't hold it. "Oh who am I kidding? I'm too friendly soft as a kitten really. Look at all of you! I could give each one of you a hug and style all your manes. And you, little Anon, would look quite macho with a mustache. You'd get all the little fillies in an instant." But then he stopped, and looked at Fluttershy, wondering about something "Or is he not allowed to be around fillies. You know what I mean. It'd be a shame if he couldn't, or maybe it wouldn't. He looks like he could be a heartbreaker. Ahh, if only I was a little younger. I could demonstrate the proper techniques of winning the heart of a young sea serpent...or, I suppose pony. Whatever works" he shrugs.
  49. >..oh ho, time to get some of your own dignity back.
  50. "actually, I have a special somepony already."
  51. >you smirk
  52. "And she is totally into me."
  54. >"Oh hooooo, Tell me more. Tell me everything. Spill it, This is too juicy not to know!" Steven put his hands under his dragonish chin and leaned forward. Ready to learn everything.
  55. >"Ahrm..." Fluttershy looked at him with a disgruntled stare "We're supposed to be teaching Anon about the innocent animals of the forest. Not gossip about eachothers personal lives. I'm sorry if I sound rude, but I don't want him learning that gossiping is ok....because it's not"
  56. >Steven sighed, miffed that he wasn't going to hear about anything. "Oooohhhh ok. Alright, now where did I leave off?...hmm.." He slinked back a little into the river, and started to rub on his mustache as he thought. "Ohhh yes! now I remember. I'm Steven Magnet, the friendly sea serpent of the river. A pleasure to meet all of you. I'm just one of the many friendly creatures of the forest. Eating ponies? Wouldn't dreeeeam of it. Really, that's more of a nightmare. Could you imagine how fat I could get? ohhhh nooo, can't have that"
  57. >"That's right. When we first met him, mean old Nightmare Moon had sliced off some of his mustache, making him very sad." Fluttershy added.
  58. >"Oh yes, but then these lovely little ponies came by. One of them even sacrificed some of their illustrious and beautiful assets to repair that of what was taken from me. Ohhhhh, I still remember it as if it was yesterday. Truly a beautiful thing when you can rely on friends. Because as I always say, a nice stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet." He gave his mustache a more loving rub as he remembered the events.
  59. >"He was so sweet, he made it possible to cross the raging river. It's situations like that that prove that friends can come in all shapes and sizes. Now, another friendly little guy of the forest are parasprites....but....they are something you don't want to get too friendly with." Fluttershy looked worried, remembering when she was the one that let them into ponyville.
  61. "Is it because they'll eat you out of house and home and multiply like no tomorrow?"
  62. >"Actually...yes" Fluttershy smiles happily upon hearing that. "the lessons must really be sinking in, you're learning things we haven't talked about yet. Good job!"
  63. >You would have felt insulted if it wasn't Fluttershy saying that. Because you knew she wasn't making fun of you. She genuinely believed that. And that made you smile proudly.
  64. >"Errr, Actually Fluttershy. I happen to know learning doesn't work that way." Twilight looked towards you "Anon, was that something you already learned. From the orphanage maybe?"
  65. "Oh...erm...yeah, sorta."
  66. >"I had a feeling. But our friend Steven Magnet, you didn't know anything about sea serpents, right?"
  67. >......maybe it'd be best to say no
  68. "Nope, news to me"
  69. >"Ok, good. I just wanted to make sure." Twilight lets out a little laugh "And here I thought something was off. But, now we're wasting time. Let's just finish the lesson"
  70. >And what a lesson it was. Well, mostly due to Steven Magnet actually be entertaining in the way he talked. Just as long as he didn't hug you again, you were having a pretty good time. Even learning about animals you never heard of. And Fluttershy? God, did it do your heart good to see her happy and enthusiastic.
  71. >"And that's everything you need to know about the friendly woodland animals of the Everfree Forest. I know there isn't a lot. But many are completely willing to be your friend if you just show them that you're nothing to be afraid of. Even a Manticore, a animal that could be dangerous, can actually be as soft as a kitten. But like we said, you also have to be careful. Because some of these animals should stay where they came from. And should never be taken away from their home" Fluttershy said as she concluded the lesson.
  73. >"too true. Tooooo true. Oh yes, since the lesson is done. I can finally  bring out this little number!" Steven Magnet gleefully reached into the water and pulled out a water proof box. He then opened it, revealing some kind of bottle. "I noticed how messy Anon's mane is, and being the observant lover of all things fabulous, have decided that this heinous crime to style must be dealt with!" He slips next to you and puts the bottle into your saddle bag. Sheesh, he moved so quick, you nearly jumped in surprise.
  74. >"Here you go! This amazing little bottle will make your mane extra shiny, and not only that, but make it one hundred percent water proof. Just look at what it does for my hair! I can go in and out of water and not a single little hair out of place. Why would you ever NOT use this? Make good use of it Anon, your little princess will thank you for it" He giggled flamboyantly. Giving you a gentle pat before moving back to the river "Well, This guy has to be going now. Things to do and food to eat! So long my pony friends, have a fabulous day! and Good luck on this whole lesson thing. It really is precious." Suddenly, there's a tear in his eye "So many joining in just to help teach a once lost little foal. Ohhhh..." He puts his hands to his heart. "It makes my heart feel so nice. Knowing there's goodness in this world. I wish you all a fabulous FAAABUUULOUS day!"
  75. >And away he went. Heh, he wasn't such a bad guy in person. A little invadey on the personal space. But otherwise, good hearted.
  77. >Of course, all of you waved goodbye back. It was only natural.
  78. >Trixie got up from her spot and stretched herself "What lesson is next? I am wondering if it's something I might know as I would LOVE another chance to do some teaching."
  79. >And although Trixie didn't say it. She actually meant it in a form of bonding.
  80. >"Well Trixie, there isn't much more to teach Anon. We went over the more dangerous aspects on the way here. And learned about the peaceful animals. We learned about the forest and that the deeper you go, the more magical and dangerous it gets. And of course, you taught him which of the forest berries is safe to eat and which aren't. I think that covers all the basics and need to knows. All there's left is the special surprise."
  81. >A Surprise? that sounded neat.
  82. >"A surprise? Hmm" Trixie gave it and something else some thought, then moved towards Twilight. "And Trixie is also allowed to join in on this "Surprise?" "
  83. >Twilight just smiled gleefully, she had already accepted Trixie into the group at this point. Something you weren't fully sure of yet. Ponies were wouldn't think. "Of course! It wouldn't be right to leave you out of it now. But we better hurry. If we take too long, then we won't have time to give it a good walk through before having to head back to Ponyville."
  84. >While that conversation was going on. Fluttershy flew up to you and gave your nose a little kiss, as usual. "Are you having fun learning Anon? I really hope you are"
  85. >d'awwww...
  86. "Yeah! I am! It really feels great being here with you all. You're all really going all out just for me. It kind of makes me wonder why"
  88. >"Well that's easy Anon, since the Princess wanted you and Twilight to bond better. This seemed like the best and, as Twilight probably said, most educational way to do it. You're learning and bonding with her and becoming very good friends. And from the looks of it, even Trixie is learning a thing or two about friendship. It makes me wish your father was here, he might learn a few things too. This wasn't just about learning about things in the forest, but learning to bond. And it really worked! It just makes me so happy to know that things between you and Twilight are getting better. ohhhh! Come here!" Fluttershy couldn't hold it, and gave you a big big hug. ohhhh...her hugs were always so gentle and soft.
  89. >Everything was working out. Holy shit, everything was working out. While still suspicious of Trixie. It seemed she was finally getting into the groove. As for you and Twilight. Things seemed to be going fine, aside from you not writing your notes at first. Everything has been going fine. You didn't feel uncomfortable around her, and nor did she feel uncomfortable about you.
  90. >The only thing worrisome was Zecora, while she didn't have much to say at this point. She was always giving you a mysterious look. Surely she doesn't have enough mysterious mojo sense to figure you out. Maybe it was too extreme to think she may have seen something the others haven't. But when it comes to cartoon stuff, you should never take it lightly.
  91. >You all now went to the final destination, the bonus spot. Whateve rit was, you did want to see it. Going to any place new in Equestria was always great. even if you seen it in the show.
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