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AEB Present 1.5 Log 60

DNA-zama Dec 4th, 2015 69 Never
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  2. Kaorin Sakura has connected.
  3. Eclipse has connected.
  4. Trulhammaren has connected.
  5. Avara has connected.
  6. Kaorin Sakura:  Are we doing a thing?
  7. Kaorin Sakura:  It seems as though Rob has devolved into Offline Mode.
  8. Trulhammaren:   he went to take care of da munchies
  9. Eclipse:        I need to go find my mouse.
  10. Eclipse:        There it is.
  11. Kaorin Sakura:  I clicked DNA.
  12. Kaorin Sakura:  And then Skype gave up.
  13. DNA:    wow, rude
  14. Chloe has connected.
  15. Kaorin Sakura:  Anyone would like to recap?
  16. DNA:    We found a doppelganger that was digging up a grave and trying to raid canisters for crap. IC we don't know it's a doppelganger, but the behavior is consistent. Now we need to find out what it was doing here.
  17. Avara:  last session, we avoided an encounter that involved gravitic agony and met up with someone who looks like (but may not be) the villainous sibling of Inbee
  18. Avara:  i still don't know how to handle this stuff.
  19. DNA:    ...Yes, both of those things are correct.
  20. DNA:    You handle it fine. Just hitting the main points is good enough.
  21. Avara:  i meant the situation we're in
  22. DNA:    (It helps when I get tired of doing it, too - since I'm usually the one who does it.)
  23. Avara:  how to deal with doppel-person
  24. DNA:    ...Yes, that is also true
  25. Avara:  the monstrous bugapede is still on the battle map
  26. Kaorin Sakura:  You are no longer on that battle map.
  27. Avara:  token removed. but was more noting it for kaorin's convenience
  28. Avara:  because Monstrous Bugapede.
  29. DNA:    I'll probably just be impersonating from my box for now
  30. Avara:  same
  31. Trulhammaren:   thats what I do when we aren't fighting
  32.         Chronicler:     We return to the scene of where the strange red head woman is lying unconscious, pockets pilfered and obvious markings of asphixiation on her features, on the cold, hard ground of the worn road between Cerulean and Snowmeadow.
  33. The Winter Lotus stands by with Inbee standing triumphantly arms crossed.
  34. Chronicler whispers: I believed you rolled to see how similar the batteries were to the suits?
  35. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: Yes, that is correct. It was 6d6+4+Chloe, at the end of the previous log.
  36. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: I was in the middle of typing that, damn you ;P
  37. Chloe:  we also found some battery cell like devices. we were trying to identify what they had.
  38. Avara:  right. she's supposedly investigating the whole time-displaced tech situation.
  39. Chronicler whispers: The batteries are of fine craftmanship and of sound, futuristic or alien technology. You ascertain the skill you'd require (DC to equal or exceed) in order to make something of this quality and function would be in the ballpark of fuckallimpossible (DC60).
  40.         Finch:  I'm awaiting an info dump as we speak
  41.         Finch:  oh there it is
  42. Avara:  genuinely don't know what to do from a moral or logistical standpoint.
  43.         Valerie Ylsef :         ((Punch it till it makes sense))
  44. Avara:  we don't want her to bleed out.
  45. Chloe:  we did see to that
  46.         Valerie Ylsef :         ((thats like all ofa DC 10 MEd check))
  47.         Finch:  PokeKanto: "These batteries are of supreme and sound craftsmanship, of either futuristic or alien technology. Or both. The amount of skill required to make these would be...60."
  48. Chronicler whispers: While not exactly the exact same technology of the suits they appear to be made around the same time and likely the same materials. The suits are akin to a digital watch that also monitors your heartrate and blood pressure while the batteries are akin to mobile phones capable of voice activation and speech recognition.
  49.         Finch:  PokeKanto: "...As a comparison point, the highest that even the most esteemed craftsman could do would be somewhere around a 40."
  50.         Chloe:  "I don't know what that is, but that sounds impressive.
  51.         Finch:  (he's talking about DCs, way meta)
  52.         Finch:  "These batteries are not the same as the suits. However, they appear to be made around the same time, and of similar materials. How do I phrase this..."
  53.         Finch:  "The suits are like a digital watch that monitors heart rate and blood pressure, while those batteries we found are like mobile phones also capable of voice and speech recognition."
  54.         Finch:  (Jennifer is translating all of this; Finch can't speak human yet)
  55. Chronicler whispers: You can see that the batteries are capable of powering something incredible or something intended to last effectively forever. Though they appear to have a secondary function. Its power appears to be two-way. It can transfer its stored energy elsewhere and siphon energy from other power sources.
  56.         Finch:  STOP WITH THE INFO DUMP, GM
  57.         Chloe:  "So they are really multipurpose, wow."
  58. * Valerie Ylsef watches the explanation fly overhead......
  59.         Finch:  "And...oh? This is an interesting function. The power supply from the batteries could last effectively forever, or even power something with incredible requirements. However...it can also transfer its energy into other sources - or siphon energy off from other sources."
  60.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...Was he always a little genius? I only understood about half of that..."
  61. Chronicler whispers: You get the feeling it can do much, much more - but your limited study with them only gets you so much knowledge. Perhaps if you spent an Extended Rest with the items and were a bit Thorough with your Checks...
  62.         Finch:  "However... If I spent more time studying them, scrutinizing them thoroughly and completely, I may be able to garner more knowledge." (OOC: Meaning, an Extended Rest with a Thorough check(s).)
  63.         Chloe:  "It makes sense to me. But we should leave them with her, they're easily worth a fortune. It was a good thing she dug them up, even if she sells them for profit I can only see how these would be good for the world."
  64.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Wait, didn't he say those batteries could siphon power from something else? What if she was digging them up to siphon energy?"
  65.         Valerie Ylsef :         "That doesn't sound good
  66.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Though I guess we...can't...prove that one way or the other, can we..."
  67.         Valerie Ylsef :         "Frankly, I wouldn't take the chance. We already have limited power across the country."
  68.         Chloe:  "She said she was looking for treasure, or something like that. This is worth more than any pile of gold is, to the right buyer. She didn't come off as too... um... well, that's not for me to say. But she seems like the kind of person who would find the biggest power company she could and sell this."
  69.         Valerie Ylsef :         "And by no means am I smart, but it sounds like something that could power that much stuff would make a nasty bang if someone tried to rig it to boom."
  70.         Finch:  Poke-Kanto: "It seems that Chloe has a good explanation. However, I myself am curious. What were the canisters doing here to begin with? Where did the corpse get them?"
  71.         Jennifer Attaway:       "I'm less concerned about what she'll do with them, and more the buyers, if she sells them. But didn't she say something about them being a map?"
  72.         The Star Dazzler:       The Star Dazzler places her hands on her hips, "If this is Gloria, and I'm convinced she's playing 'stupid' since we outnumber and outpower her, she's going to use it to perform crime - not save lives."
  73.         Valerie Ylsef :         "Good enough reason for me."
  74.         Saturn Rosewell:        "But I don't think it is Gloria. Alsine hinted as much. Still, that doesn't make it any better..."
  75.         Valerie Ylsef :         ((I assuming Gloria is Evil Inbee?))
  76.         Finch:  PokeKanto: "This is selfish of me to ask, but I would like for us to take them so I may examine them further. To me, we still don't know all of what these things do. Regardless of what we do, or where we leave them, we are handing off something of unspeakable energy. Placing that in the wrong hands by inaction would make us just as culpable as this now unconscious 'Gloria' person."
  77.         Chloe:  "She was probably lying about the map, at least literally. She said it dismissive like, as if it was something that would get through our thick, adventurer skulls. And yeah... Star is right. She was at a disadvantage from the start. She was going to say whatever she needed to say to keep her items and get away from a fight." Chloe crossed her arms.
  78.         Finch:  "And not like I could do much on my own. You would probably step on me if I tried that. I do not like being stepped on."
  79.         Chloe:  "... okay. We can take them. But only if we all promise not to use it for selfish reasons. We will use it to better the world, even if it means giving it away for free. I'm not happy about stealing it, but I wont accept money for stealing it."
  80.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Leaves the question of what to do about her."
  81.         Chloe:  "Do we have a bandage for her..?"
  82.         The Star Dazzler:       The Star Dazzler sighed, "I don't like stolen goods either. Got that filthy little mark on it." The Star Dazzler grit her teeth, "Always reminding you that this slice of pie is stolen. Taunting you for your misdeeds."
  83.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...It isn't really ours to begin with. I don't think we could accept money for this. Besides...that's not what 'he' would do, so I couldn't bring myself to do that either."
  84.         Valerie Ylsef :         "At this point is it really anybodies?"
  85.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I have one spare bandage I could part with, but just one."
  86.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I'll need to go buy a few more when we're in the city, for emergencies."
  87.         Jennifer Attaway:       "We can use one of mine, instead. I have a few."
  88.         Valerie Ylsef :         "Let me check my pack, I might have some less than pleasant ones in storage."
  89.         Finch:  PK: "Poultices? How shrewd."
  90. * Jennifer Attaway will apply the bandage.
  91.         Chloe:  Chloe examines the coffin of the man. Wondering if she could glean any information on who or when he was. General Education.
  92.         Valerie Ylsef :         "Guess I musta used them already...darn."
  93.         Chloe:  "Can someone come look at this? Anyone who knows their history? Why these were burried in this mans'... hip bones... I think he was a professor, and these are male bones. But that's it."
  94.         Jennifer Attaway:       (Gen Edu)
  95.         Jennifer Attaway:       (Knowledge, using info resultatnt from that history check, location, and geographical knowledge to try and determine who this might be)
  96.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Seems like... a martial artist, favored sparring with Ground and Rock types. Stocky... he spent a lot of time around Pallet and Viridian, particularly around Pokemon. Died over 30 years ago, from a fall--deceased before hitting the ground, proabbly because he hit so many things on the way down."
  97.         Chloe:  (( D : !! ))
  98. DNA:    It's not Korvin.
  99. Avara:  refresher question: how long ago was the hero's disaster?
  100. DNA:    This is only 8 years after PR, so it couldn't be him.
  101.         Chloe:  (( Whew ))
  102. DNA:    I thought that too, don't worry. I remember my chronology.
  103. Avara:  is it Bruno of the Elite 4?
  104. DNA:    To answer Ava's question: Pa is 33 years before PR 1.5
  105.         Jennifer Attaway:       "I don't remember enough to get a name, unfortunately. There's nothing in the coffin or grave that might be an identifier? A token or momento?"
  106.         Chloe:  Chloe examines the coffin for anything the woman may have overlooked. Perception
  107.         Finch:  Perception 5d6+4 for the same.
  108.         Chronicler:     Just checking: You're specifically searching the coffin?
  109.         Finch:  The coffin and surrounding ground/area, for myself.
  110.         Chloe:  yes
  111.         Chloe:  Chloe isn't going to touch bones if she can avoid it.
  112. Chronicler whispers: The coffin lacks anything of notice or value inside or around it. The door is been ripped off without a care and its emblem and engraved tag has been shattered upon the ice-stone ground.
  113.         Chloe:  "The emblem and engraved tag has been damaged."
  114. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: Did the fake Gloria rip it off?
  115.         Finch:  Finch attempts to read the emblem and tag, even if damaged. Maybe he'll get something out of it, Perception 5d6+4 .
  116. Chronicler whispers: Gloria ripped off the door.
  117. Chronicler whispers: The emblem appears to be a pokeball shaped O with an A beside it. The rest is too gone to tell. The tag, however, appears to three words - perhaps a name. The first word is obviously a very damaged Professor. The second you can only make out a, u and e. You figure there's 7 characters and the last word there's only a 'k' remaining. Probably three to five letters long.
  118.         Chronicler:     Feedback launched.
  119. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: The word 'Samuel' has 6 letters, though, not 7.
  120. Chronicler whispers: This is why I miss my number pad.
  121. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: So, I was right about the name?
  122. Chronicler whispers: You were right about it being 6 letters
  123. Chronicler whispers: I drop hints, not confirmations. /isajerkgm
  124. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: Right, that's the question I meant to ask. Now then: Gen Edu about Professor '?aue?' '?k?' - essentially, will I recognize that combination of letters from anything?
  125. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: (yes I know better than to cheat with OOC knowledge)
  126. * Finch notices some of the letters but is trying to make sense of them...
  127. Chronicler whispers: For the last combination: If 5 letters Chake, if 4 letters Jack, if 3 letters Oak.
  128. * Jennifer Attaway awaits the results.
  129. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: Anything for the first combination?
  130. Chronicler whispers: The first combination could bae Manuel, Samuel, or Pasture if the letters were knocked about more than you hope.
  131.         Finch:  PK: "I believe I can make out some of the letters on this tag..."
  132.         Finch:  "The emblem appears to be a Poke-Ball shaped O, with an A beside it. The rest is indistinguishable. The tag, however..."
  133.         Finch:  PK: "It is a three word name. The first word is Professor, though very damaged. The second word I only see an A U E. That could be a Manuel or a Samuel. 6 letters long. Maybe 'Pasture' if it's really damaged, but that is unlikely. The last word I only see a K, and it is between 3 and 5 characters long. Either Chake, Jack, or Oak, depending on length."
  134.         Finch:  PK: "Do any of those name combinations sound familiar to any of you?"
  135.         Chloe:  ((Samuel Oak?)) Do I know?
  136.         Finch:  I am rolling so high it almost feels like cheating
  137.         Chloe:  "Samuel Oak is a name, I don't know much about him."
  138. Avara:  does anyone know how sam oak died?
  139.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Wasn't Oak the name of that team who fought the Calamity?"
  140.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I could swear that Inbee mentioned something like that..."
  141.         Chloe:  "Right, Samuel Oak might be related to Professor Gary Oak!"
  142.         Jennifer Attaway:       Knowledge, Samuel Oak?
  143. Chronicler: (( I typed out the whole answer. ))
  144. Chronicler: (( Hit send. ))
  145. Chronicler: (( And no one was checked so it just deleted it. ))
  146. Chronicler: (( *retypes* ))
  147. DNA:    ;-;
  148. Avara:  maptools you dick
  149.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Samuel Oak was a professor in Kanto, and used to be the best trainer in the region. He grew up to focus on human-pokemon relations and pokemon research, for which his childhood friend Agatha said he'd 'gone soft'. He died during the Rayquaza War to save his grandson from falling off of the Tower of Eld, a construct of the Black Rayquaza. Samuel fell instead, and was found dead at the base."
  150.         Jennifer Attaway:       "It... seems to match up. But why would he be buried here instead of anywhere near his home and family?"
  151.         Jennifer Attaway:       ((anything relevant to that? or tower of eld's location?))
  152.         Saturn Rosewell:        "You think this might be where he fell?"
  153.         Chloe:  "Yeah, that was my first thought too."
  154.         Finch:  PK: "I thought you said this person was a martial artist? Now he is a professor too?"
  155.         Finch:  PK: "It is possible for someone to be both, this is true. But is that enough?"
  156. Avara:  do i need to do another Knowledge check for relevant info on those?
  157.         Chronicler:     Perhaps. Though you probably have enough information by now to make an educated guess.
  158. Avara:  29 *insistence on being certain*
  159. Avara:  ... meant to GM that
  160.         Finch:  PK: "I do not think 'he fell here' is a good explanation, myself. We are nowhere near Pallet or Viridian, either. Even if he did fall here, the only reason he would be buried here is if there was a fight going on in the process and they couldn't stop."
  161.         Chloe:  Chloe takes a quick (shift action) scan of the area they are in, identifying landmarks and then writing them down in her journal so the group might find this location at a later date. Perception
  162. Avara:  do i need to reroll?
  163.         Jennifer Attaway:       "The Tower of Eld was... somewhere between Old Cerulean and Lavender Town. Once we're done with the forest of Fate, could we go looking for it?"
  164.         Valerie Ylsef :         ((did we have any plans for after FATE? I can't remember))
  165.         Valerie Ylsef :         ((other than whatever to uh.....place where all the stuff was getting sent to by the chronomancer/))
  166. DNA:    The Great Wake, yeah
  167.         Saturn Rosewell:        "It would be on the way back, if we could find it."
  168.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Alright. Um... aside from that, we might want to raise a marker and restore the grave as best we can, until he can be moved to his family territory or something?"
  169.         Valerie Ylsef :         "Indeed, so long as it doesn't take us too far out of our way. I feel like we need to deal with Kar..whatever that place that what's her butt was sending stuff."
  170.         Valerie Ylsef :         ((VAL = the best with names!!!))
  171.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Khallan? Something like that... I remember 'The Great Wake' but that's about it..."
  172.         Valerie Ylsef :         "Yah that place."
  173.         Saturn Rosewell:        "We should fix the grave, but what about the batteries? Taking them with us?"
  174.         Chloe:  "I think so."
  175.         Valerie Ylsef :         "I vote yes."
  176.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Yes."
  177.         Valerie Ylsef :         "As does my door."
  178.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I...don't think your door gets a vote..."
  179.         Jennifer Attaway:       "If they're something he literally took to his grave, I think they're better off not in suspect hands."
  180.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...I'll hold on to them, then. I think Finch said he wanted to look at them too."
  181.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Unless you'd rather, Val?"
  182.         Ülang:         "If a quarter ton door wanted a vote, would you really argue with it?"
  183.         Jennifer Attaway:       "So, again. The question of what to do with... her."
  184.         Saturn Rosewell:        Saturn's response was weak. ".........no..."
  185.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I'll work on re-burying the grave." Saturn sets to work doing so, ultimately placing some unique kind of marker near or on it so they won't forget it.
  186.         Valerie Ylsef :         "I can carry it when Finch isn't wanting to look at it. Doesn't matter to me."
  187.         The Star Dazzler:       "May I make a suggestion?"
  188. Avara:  can we get a Region Map marker for Sam Oak's grave?
  189.         Valerie Ylsef :         "Whatever's easier."
  190. * Jennifer Attaway looks to Star. "Yes?"
  191.         Chloe:  "If we can find Gary Oak, we can return it to him. It's too late to give it back to Sameul, and even if Professor Oak wanted to hide it, it's not hidden here."
  192.         Chloe:  "Not anymore"
  193. The Star Dazzler: (( Marker added ))
  194. The Star Dazzler:       "I suggest we bury Gloria with the coffin. Alive of course."
  195.         Jennifer Attaway:       "... *Why*?"
  196.         Chloe:  "It will keep her safe. And warm. And she can break out on her own."
  197. The Star Dazzler:       "As much as a jerk as Gloria is, I still have to look out for her well-being. Burying her alive is the safest thing we can do for both her and us."
  198. The Star Dazzler:       "Chloe has the right of it."
  199.         Valerie Ylsef :         "Works for me."
  200.         Jennifer Attaway:       "You're both convinced she can survive under there... despite the fact that suffocation is how you knocked her out?"
  201.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Oh... I thought for sure you were suggesting this as a way to try and suffocate her..."
  202. The Star Dazzler:       "We don't breath."
  203. The Star Dazzler:       "I merely damaged her throat until she passed out. Its sensitive."
  204.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Wait, then how--oh."
  205.         Chloe:  "Yeah... I noticed pretty quickly it was just a trauma knock out, but by then it was the fastest way to do it."
  206.         Jennifer Attaway:       "... Alright. If you're sure it'll be safe for her..."
  207.         Saturn Rosewell:        "And...I believe you about saying you don't need to breathe, Inbee. Were it anyone else I would doubt it, but...I trust you."
  208.         Chloe:  Chloe holds her hand over Gracia's mouth and nose. Not tight, but close enough to detect if there was airflow. Perception
  209. The Star Dazzler:       "To be fair, I breath normally." 0 nods, "Just not when I'm Dazzler. Dazzling people. With superness." 0 poses.
  210. The Star Dazzler: (( dem 0's. ))
  211.         The Star Dazzler:       "To be fair, I breath normally." The Star Dazzler nods, "Just not when I'm Dazzler. Dazzling people. With superness." The Star Dazzler poses.
  212. The Star Dazzler: (( Fixed. ))
  213. DNA:    kek
  214. The Star Dazzler: (( So, while you guys do burying, I'mma heat up tea. Should be quick! ))
  215. * Valerie Ylsef helps with the burying, because she has no scruples.
  216. Avara:  oh. we're going to be getting Character Tendencies, right? or did we already?
  217. DNA:    We did. They're on the levels sheet.
  218.         Valerie Ylsef :         ((did))
  219. * Saturn Rosewell hums a song while she's shoveling away. Natasha probably got it stuck in her head at some point.
  220.         Chloe:  Chloe is willing to push piles of dirt and snow, but not quite ready to bury things herself.
  221. Avara:  huh. tendency placements all make sense, and are all interesting.
  222. * Jennifer Attaway will also help doing the things, though she's a bit nervous about it all.
  223.         The Star Dazzler:       The Star Dazzler will assist in the burying of the corpse and her sister.
  224. DNA:    I love how we are so nonchalant about this
  225.         Chloe:  we're not : (
  226. Avara:  this is vaguely disturbing.
  227.         The Star Dazzler:       Once the deed is done, The Star Dazzler dusts her hands off and places them on her hips, "And all is well. No love is lost and there is a brighter tomorrow."
  228. * Valerie Ylsef whistles while she works. Do dee do do do dee dum.
  229. The Star Dazzler: (( Screw that skill! ))
  230. Avara:  ?
  231.         Valerie Ylsef :         ((whistling me thinks))
  232.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Can we get back to going to Cerulean now?"
  233.         Chloe:  ((whistle while you work is a bad FF14 crafting skill))
  234.         The Star Dazzler:       "I am all for this continuation. Yes, let's." The Star Dazzler nods sagely.
  235.         Chloe:  "Yes, please. Lets get going, double time and get this behind us."
  236.         Chronicler:     And thus the party continues their trek onward to the northeast...
  237. Avara:  maximum GTFO achieved
  238.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I'm anxious to get to Cerulean as quick as we can - I'm tired and exhausted and a nice warm bed sounds great right about now......"
  239.         Chloe:  (( What's our exhaustion at? We've been going non-stop as far as I know))
  240. Chronicler: (( This would be travel 3 and put you at fatigued. ))
  241.         Valerie Ylsef :         ((shrugs, I know Inbee is probably the only person that could go as long as Val))
  242.         Valerie Ylsef :         ((based on Fort rolls))
  243. Avara:  what does Fatigued do, again?
  244. Chronicler:     You arrive at the fringes of the forest and are able to see the road between Fairview and Cerulean in the distance. Though as the fates would have it you were destined for an uneventful encounter.
  245. Chronicler:     Date: Sunday, February 22th 1549. 0015 Hours.
  246. DNA:    Ha! Low rolls again! Wait, Sunday? *checks a thing*
  247. Chronicler:     You are now Fatigued.
  248. DNA:    Okay, carry on
  249. Chronicler:     Which grants you: -2 Acc, -2 Saves, -5 DMG, +5 DMG suffered.
  250.         Chloe:  ((For all pokemon in pokeballs as well?))
  251. Chronicler: (( Nope, they're okay. ))
  252. Avara:  how long left to get to cerulean?
  253. Chronicler:     16 more hours.
  254. DNA:    nnnnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooooooo
  255. Avara:  any chance of finding shelter?
  256. DNA:    wait that doesn't make sense. it should only be like 8 now or something.
  257. Chronicler:     Uh, no. 1 square of travel is 8 hours.
  258. DNA:    You said it was 6
  259. Chronicler:     You're 2 squares from Cerulean.
  260.         Valerie Ylsef :         ((indeed, I recall 3 8 hour trips when we started))
  261. DNA:    and I recall also from the outside it was going to be a 24-hour travel to Cerulean
  262. DNA:    outset, not outside. Dammit DNA, git gud.
  263. Chronicler:     The time it takes you to travel between squares depends on how quickly you choose to move. As I understood it, the plan was to move at a brisk pace but not enough to fatigue you easily.
  264. DNA:    All right. Though, still, we should be only 12 hours away at most from Cerulean, since 1 square of travel is 6 hours.
  265.         Chloe:  "We should get some rest here. Even if we made it to Cerulean safely, the pokemon center there has strict overnight hours. So we wont get to rest when we want to."
  266. Chronicler:     If you choose to move at 6 hours, yes.
  267. Avara:  any relevant check to find shelter?
  268. Chronicler:     Perception.
  269.         Chloe:  Chloe looks for shelter~ Perception.
  270. Avara:  Perception.
  271.         Finch:  I have eyes too!
  272. Chronicler:     Now, are you guys looking for natural shelters or a place to build one?
  273. * Ülang also searches for safe shelter. Perception, Nature
  274.         Finch:  Natural, for me
  275. Avara:  i don't think we *have* materials to build one quickly
  276. DNA:    Quick, Chloe! Take that Magus path that lets you build one!
  277.         Ülang:         ((Natural with safe place to build with minimal building))
  278.         Ülang:         ((Like a quick leanto would be great))
  279. Avara:  natural would be my preference
  280. Chronicler whispers: You find a cluster of tree's that have coveted a small alcove with minimal snow and ice. The tree's seem sturdy.
  281.         Ülang:         ((is coveted what you meant to type?))
  282. * Finch points in the direction of - something!
  283.         Finch:  also, (covered)
  284.         Chloe:  Chloe is looking for a natural shelter, or any kind of outcropping that would help protect against the wind. Or 1dcave if possible.
  285.         Finch:  PK: "Over there. A small alcove of tr-don't even joke about that Chloe-ees. There is very little snow there."
  286.         Ülang:         "I concur."
  287. Avara:  1dCave would be delicious.
  288. Avara:  while it can be fairly drudgery to be stuck in caves for months, at the same time they're promising in terms of MYSTERY and ADVENTURE
  289.         Chloe:  "I see it too. This way." Chloe bagan to walk that direction.
  290. * Jennifer Attaway will proceed to the natural shelter. Yaaaay natural shelter!
  291. Chronicler:     You can set up yourselves at the shelter. Be sure to tell me which, and how, you will be resting.
  292. Chronicler:     Once settled, I'll turn the clock on and allow you all to rest.
  293. * Ülang will take a shift of watch as will Nere.
  294. Avara:  obviously we should have a watch system set-up. Jen can take a turn at watch.
  295.         Alsine Kolstad:         Alsine will use her body heat to warm anyone who needs it.
  296.         Ülang:         ((err, not Nere, Hassenpfeffer.))
  297.         Ülang:         ((Nere will if we are desperate for another))
  298. Avara:  when sleeping, jen will be using her Sleeping Bag, but will keep it unzipped for emergency escape.
  299. * Saturn Rosewell is out like a light. As she doesn't need to breathe, it's hard to tell if she's sleeping or dead.
  300.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe has a sleeping bag as well. She will take second watch, not needing to recover as much as everyone else does.
  301. * Jennifer Attaway will be applying a Bandage when she sleeps, to recover injuries.
  302.         The Star Dazzler:       "You guys rest up. I'll stand guard."
  303.         The Star Dazzler:       The Star Dazzler doesn't need to rest as Dazzler.
  304.         The Star Dazzler:       The Star Dazzler will, however, ask for rations to eat while on watch duty.
  305. Avara:  fair enough. And rations will be supplied by Jen.
  306.         Alsine Kolstad:         Alsine makes her excuses to snuggle Chloe.
  307. * Ülang will do a quick search for provisions then, because why not.
  308. * Natasha sleeps on Saturn's hat. As usual.
  309.         Ülang:         Perception, Nature
  310.         Ülang:         ((will only spend at most an hour searching))
  311. * Ülang scores a not food, and heads to sleep.
  312. Avara:  waiting for announcement of if we get interruptified before i do any healing
  313.         Natasha:        "zzzzzz rah rah fite de powa..."
  314.         Chronicler:     How long are folks resting?
  315. DNA:    I realized I could theoretically make Finch do those extended checks for the rest.
  316. Avara:  i'd prefer long enough to remove an injury.
  317.         Alsine Kolstad:         Six hours then?
  318.         Chronicler:     That's 6 minimum. Which also removes Fatigue.
  319.         Alsine Kolstad:         Six hours then.
  320. DNA:    Is it safe to do so, or does Finch require more time than 6 hours?
  321.         Chronicler:     6 would be fine for Finch but he would forego the benefit of rest here.
  322.         Finch:  I'm at full HP; I'll be fine
  323.         Finch:  Just tell me what dice to roll for Thorough Checks and I'll do them
  324.         Chronicler:     There are no dice rolls in Thorough Checks.
  325.         Finch:  oh right
  326.         Finch:  something about they're all treated as 5s
  327. * Finch pulls up document
  328.         Chronicler:     Yes.
  329.         Finch:  Tech Edu 6d6+4 = 34
  330. Chronicler: (( Okay, found my notes! Gimme a sec ))
  331. Chronicler whispers: The batteries have another, more multi-purpose, function when implanted in an organic creature of humanoid shape. It is capable of displaying a holographic interface over a person's forearms and/or hands, or both, that can be interacted with by the creature its implanted in. This hologram allows multipurpose diagnostic and manufacturing tools as well as computers for a variety of civilian and battlefield tasks, such as hacking, decryption, or repair.
  332. This device combines a computer microframe, sensor analysis pack and minifacturing fabricator. Versatile and reliable, with enough provided energy, it can analyze and adjust the functionality of android and cybernetic equipment, including augmentations, from a distance.
  333. The fabrication module can rapidly assemble small three-dimensional objects from common, resuable industrial plastics, ceramics, and light alloys (none of which are provided with the batteries). This allows for field repairs and modifications to most standard items, as well as the reuse of salvaged equipment.
  334. The device also has melee-combat applications. This design allows the use of a holographic blade, a disposable siliconcarbide weapon flash-forged by the tool's mini-fabricator (this comes with the batteries). The transparent, nearly diamond-hard blade is created and suspended in a psionic field safely away from the user's skin. Warning lights illuminate the field so the searing-hot blade only burns what it is intended to: whatever you're stabbing.
  335. Chronicler: (( Try not to word-coma, DNA. ))
  336.         Finch:  ouch
  337.         Finch:  I might just C/P that
  338.         Finch:  or at least drop it in the Skype window, since it'll show up in the log anyway.
  339.         Chronicler:     Alright then. So, accounting for prep, search and settlement, I'll begin rest at 0040. Which, due to an uneventful night, we can contiue on at 0640.
  340.         Jennifer Attaway:       Jennifer Attaway is healed and gains 26 hit points.
  341.         Ruby:   Ruby is healed and gains 2 hit points.
  342.         Raijin:         Raijin is healed and gains 7 hit points.
  343.         Finch:  "zzzzzzzzzzzzz" Finch is conked out lying on one of the batteries being used as a head rest.
  344. * Ülang and party are ready to go.
  345.         Finch:  PK: "E EQUALS M C SQUA-oh dear. When did I fall asleep?"
  346. * Jennifer Attaway awakens, body healed and vocal cords ready to rock again.
  347. * Saturn Rosewell wakes up before Natasha, who rolls off her hat and onto the ground with a 'fwumph'.
  348.         Chloe:  "I'm awa~~aaaaahh~~ake" Chloe said with a yawn.
  349.         Saturn Rosewell:        "That was a nice rest. Nice and cool outside!"
  350.         The Star Dazzler:       The Star Dazzler turns to the waking party and munches on a protein bar, "S'up, billy goats." The Star Dazzler stands, her skin whining like metal as she stretches, "Hng! Been stuck in that position too long~"
  351.         Natasha:        HH: "Next time, can you wake me up first before you get up?"
  352. DNA:    That just reminded me of the Tin Woodsman from The Wizard of Oz
  353. * Jennifer Attaway is going to help everyone pack up and tidy up the campsite before we head out. Ration-eating will be a thing on the road.
  354. DNA:    (fun fact: you can tell who read The Wizard of Oz book, because they always insist on calling him the 'Tin Woodsman')
  355.         Ülang:         (I don't)
  356.         Ülang:         (I call him Tinnie)
  357. DNA:    ...I...am not sure if that counts...
  358. DNA:    or at least not for the purposes of the above.
  359.         The Star Dazzler:       "When we're about to enter Cerulean City, I'll debuff into my puny, human forme."
  360.         Saturn Rosewell:        "But I like your puny human form! She's pretty too!"
  361.         The Star Dazzler:       "I like it sometimes too. I can taste ice cream and take naps. But I don't like how jiggly and squishy it is." The Star Dazzler pats herself, "I miss my metal flesh whenever I move. But I can't taste anything."
  362.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I'm ready to go whenever everyone else is."
  363.         Finch:  PK: "I can speak of the functions of the batteries while we are on the road. I have deciphered them completely."
  364.         Jennifer Attaway:       "I'm ready too. Let's try and get to town before sundown?"
  365.         Valerie Ylsef :         "....."
  366. * Valerie Ylsef waits for people to actually start walking.
  367.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Yeah, I agree...before Sundown, then we can spend the night at the center."
  368.         Natasha:        *nudges Saturn to start walking because she notices Val is getting impatient*
  369.         Chronicler:     Let's see what happens...
  370.         Chronicler:     Oh. Fun.
  371.         Chloe:  Chloe and Alsine take to the road! (finishing up some work, tedium stuff, almost done)
  372.         Chronicler:     Oh, nevermind. D: It was 4 off.
  373. DNA:    lolololololololol
  374. Avara:  so non-fun happening?
  375.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Oh, Chloe?"
  376.         Chronicler:     I thought I could swallow you guys.
  377.         Chronicler:     T_T
  378.         Saturn Rosewell:        "When we get to Cerulean, remind me: there's something I want to tell you."
  379. DNA:    lemme guess, Sandworm?
  380.         Valerie Ylsef :         ((Val gives indigestion!))
  381.         Chloe:  "Really?" Chloe took that in, then smiled, "Okay, I'll be sure you don't forget."
  382.         Chronicler:     Winter Lotus travels out of the fringes of the forest and onto the road proper. The skies clear but the chill in the air seemed to bring in a certain cheer yet keep the predators away. Rather uneventful, the party could see the city-gates growing closer in the distance.
  383. Avara:  my next character, regardless of campaign, is currently loaded to be a jovvam. if jen gets eaten and can't escape, jovvam. if morgan gets caved in, jovvam.
  384. DNA:    I want to make a Jovvam too. Damn you, summons, for being appealing!
  385.         Chronicler:     ...I assume I'll just be rollin' again, right?
  386. Avara:  keeping going sounds good.
  387.         Chronicler:     Date: Sunday, February 22nd, 1549. 1240 Hours.
  388. DNA:    Agree
  389.         Chloe:  ((Chloe might take Jovvam anyway!))
  390. DNA:    dahaha
  391. Avara:  jen's currently intended to take jovvam after a few levels to round out knowledges
  392.         Chronicler:     OH COME O----
  393. Winter Lotus continues with this untested luck. The skies shine with midday sunlight and you could swear it glistens with joy as their wholly uneventful trek leads them into Cerulean City at 1840 Hours.
  395. DNA:    Winter Lotus: Master of having absolutely no events happen on the road
  396. Avara:  Winter Lotus needs to create a DLI of some kind. formed of the mixture of their auras.
  397. Avara:  which repels random encounters on roads.
  398. DNA:    and gives you immunity to everything
  399.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    Miss Nobody 'Inbee' quickly turns off her Dazzler forme, her clothes appearing back on her as her skin softens, just before they step into the city.
  400.         Chloe:  "Normally traveling is more eventful. The bad guys must be scared of all those muscles Star Dazzler. You can see them glisten from a mile away!"
  401.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "Me? Nah. I had a ton of encounters along the road."
  402.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "It's why I don't have Pokémon anymore."
  403.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Oh..."
  404.         Chloe:  "I'm sorry to hear that."
  405.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "Eh? Oh, don't worry. They're in a happier place now. It's all good."
  406.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...That either means you gave them away or they died..."
  407.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "I just keep forgetting to get more Poké Balls."
  408.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...please tell me it's not the second one..."
  409.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "What? Died? Oh no. They just left."
  410.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "I couldn't afford to own a lot of Pokémon and they kept falling in love and crap. So, they just kinda went on to start a family."
  411.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "I didn't wanna intrude and its not like they're absolutely necessary for me or anything."
  412.         Natasha:        Natasha hopes that she does not become unneeded and leaves. She moves from sitting on Saturn's hat to her shoulder.
  413.         Jennifer Attaway:       "If I was as good at combat as you are, I'd probably have to consider that too."
  414.         Chloe:  "I'm glad it was happier than that. You also can probably outpace any pokemon out there, Inbee. I just... didn't want to seem insensitive if that wasn't the case."
  415.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "I appreciate the gesture, but skirting subjects like that only slows the coping mechanism. If I lose someone don't avoid the subject. Talk to me about it."
  416.         Saturn Rosewell:        "... ..."
  417.         Chloe:  "Okay, I will. "
  418.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Alright. I'll keep that in mind."
  419.         Kilarth Parinath:       Kilarth Parinath steps out of the Pokémon Center (I assume you guys were heading here) just as you all reach it. Kilarth Parinath stops and looks up at you guys before taking a deep drag from the cig. It burns bright red from the long puff before, without even removing it from the mouth, Kilarth Parinath exhales a cloud of smoke to the side, "S'up, ladies."
  420.         Valerie Ylsef :         ((this is the lady that paid us last time right?))
  421.         Valerie Ylsef :         ((or Chloe background lady?))
  422. DNA:    I...don't think it's either of those?
  423. Kilarth Parinath: (( ohmigosh you forgot who Kilarth is! ))
  424.         Valerie Ylsef :         ((I forget everything!))
  425. * DNA Ctrl+F Kilarth in the logs
  426.         Chloe:  "Hello!"
  427. * Valerie Ylsef waves her door.
  428. DNA:    ...1 result
  429.         Kilarth Parinath:       Kilarth Parinath blinks at the door, "Uh, I'm fairly certain you didn't have that large cinderblock the last time we met. ...How light is that thing that you can just wave it around like that?"
  430. Avara:  jen wasn't here last time we were in cerulean, sooooooo
  431. Avara:  *shrug*
  432. DNA:    Oh, found it.
  433.         Ülang:         "Approximately a quarter ton."
  434. Kilarth Parinath: (( Val was tho ))
  435. DNA:    Trucker lady.
  436.         Ülang:         ((Oh right!))
  437. Avara:  figured so. nobody else we interacted with was prone to smokes
  438.         Valerie Ylsef :         "Is it that heavy?"
  439. Kilarth Parinath: (( Jones McAvery was. ))
  440.         Valerie Ylsef :         "I'll take her word for it."
  441.         Chloe:  "Val ripped it off a wall, and grew attatched to it."
  442. Avara:  puns!
  443. DNA:    lolololol
  444.         Kilarth Parinath:       "...So when can I hire you guys to do deliveries again? Because all I'm hearing is 'guarenteed succeess of delivered goods'."
  445.         Valerie Ylsef :         "Depends where the delivery is going."
  446.         Jennifer Attaway:       "We're on our way back to the Forest of Fate."
  447.         Valerie Ylsef :         "Yah that..going there."
  448.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I...didn't know we did another job for you...? Though, it has been a while so I probably forgot..."
  449. Avara:  she's saying we sound awesome enough to rely on
  450. DNA:    (I know that. Saturn, however...)
  451.         Valerie Ylsef :         "After that, we might be heading south....not sure of any plans."
  452.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Do you have any deliveries in that direction?"
  453.         Chloe:  "It's been a crazy couple of days. And we're heading back Fairview-ways. And wherever else ends up in high-paying danger." Chloe laughed a bit, "Anyway, we came back here to hopefully set up a pokemon storage system."
  454.         Kilarth Parinath:       "I don't have any deliveries heading northwest but I deliver south a lot. When you guys get back from the forest, come see me."
  455.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Do you know where we could go to get pokemon storage set up?"
  456.         Kilarth Parinath:       "Sure do, but that depends on what kind of storage you're looking for."
  457.         Chloe:  "I thought about asking here," Chloe turned to Jennifer, "If not, we probably have some favors after tentacle butt zombie incident."
  458.         Jennifer Attaway:       "This is the first time I've really considered the issue. What kinds are there?"
  459. * Jennifer Attaway pauses. Looks at Chloe. Isn't sure if she wants to ask.
  460.         Chloe:  Chloe has the face of someone not sure if they want to tell.
  461.         Kilarth Parinath:       "Well, there's the traditional storage. Y'know, teleportation delivery and transfer. Comfortable accomodation and feeding."
  462. * Jennifer Attaway looks back to Kilarith.
  463.         Saturn Rosewell:        Saturn whispers back to Jen, (It's best we don't repeat it.)
  464.         Kilarth Parinath:       "That's kinda expensive though. But there's also on-the-go storage. But the comforts aren't the best - no different from a Poké Ball really, and you have to feed them yourself. But its way cheaper."
  465.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Actual prices?"
  466.         Kilarth Parinath:       "That's about what I know. I don't pay for storage. I make it a point not to go do unnecessary dangerous stuff. I hire other people to do that. Like you guys."
  467.         Kilarth Parinath:       "I don't even own a Pokémon."
  468.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Alright. Where can we go to get set up, then?"
  469.         Kilarth Parinath:       Kilarth Parinath thumbs to the Pokémon Center, "They handle the expensive storage. Head to the bank if you want the cheaper one."
  470.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Alright. Thank you very much."
  471.         Saturn Rosewell:        "We might want to go to the center. If we want this to be a lasting thing, we might not want to cheap out on it."
  472. * Jennifer Attaway nods.
  473.         Jennifer Attaway:       "I'd prefer it, if we can afford it."
  474.         Saturn Rosewell:        "All right. ...should we go now, or wait a little?"
  475. * Jennifer Attaway goes into the center.
  476.         Kilarth Parinath:       "...Any of you gals got a license?"
  477.         Chloe:  "I believe I do."
  478. Avara:  is a license a pokedex in this case?
  479.         Valerie Ylsef :         "I sure don't."
  480. Avara:  i don't think we were ever told whether or not we have a license, but we all bought our pokemon
  481.         Valerie Ylsef :         ((speak for yourself!))
  482.         Valerie Ylsef :         (( :P ))
  483. Avara:  oh right you're the one who started without any mon
  484. Avara:  question still stands, not sure if i DO have a license
  485. Chloe:  It's pretty important to Chloe's backstory, unless her abuse of the pokemon center system was even worse than she thought.
  486.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I'm...not...sure? I think so? I have a phone but I don't know if my license is stored on it..."
  487. * Avara waits for an answer.
  488. DNA:    doo dee, doo dee, doo dee, doo dee doo
  489.         Kilarth Parinath:       "I meant a driver's license."
  490.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "I don't."
  491.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Oh... Um... No. None of us do."
  492.         Kilarth Parinath:       "Weren't you the one who drove my truck?"
  493.         Saturn Rosewell:        "We kinda winged it."
  494.         Valerie Ylsef :         "I did."
  495.         Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "I plead the 5th."
  496.         Jennifer Attaway:       "No access to car ownership, no real point to having one... we sort of improvised."
  497.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Well, they did."
  498. DNA:    I was about to say...
  499.         Valerie Ylsef :         "It got taken away...."
  500.         Kilarth Parinath:       Kilarth Parinath cringes briefly, "Okay, okay, okay..."
  501.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Maybe we should take the exam while we're here?"
  502. DNA:    Now I just imagined the team comparing answers on the driving test. "Hey, what did you guys get for number 12?"
  503.         Kilarth Parinath:       "So, how about you go do the...adventure thing. Come back here alive. I set you up with a company vehicle, you acquire a legit license, and you handle deliveries for me at your convenience. I pay you for success and you try not to lose the vehicle. Sound fair?"
  504.         Jennifer Attaway:       "It sounds fair, yes."
  505.         Chloe:  "If we make it back and we're in the market for that kind of work. But don't go waiting on us to show up, we might discover vampire chronomancers in Mount Moon or something."
  506.         Kilarth Parinath:       "True."
  507. * Valerie Ylsef kinda says off to herself, "but now I have a door, so I won't have to use the behicle to bust through a rockslide..."
  508. DNA:    2fast2furious4u
  509.         Kilarth Parinath:       "But that requires me to hire some gullable pansies. And Life Insurance is not something I like to provide."
  510.         Kilarth Parinath:       "You guys do the 'not dying' thing really well. And as long as the content reach their destination intact I don't really give a Raticate's ass about how it got there."
  511.         Jennifer Attaway:       "I think Chloe meant expecting us to manage the 'get back here' part of your plan for hiring us."
  512.         Kilarth Parinath:       "I understood it just fine."
  513.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Alright."
  514.         Saturn Rosewell:        "i'm assuming this is a separate issue from us finding Pokémon storage ,correct?"
  515.         Kilarth Parinath:       "So, I won't wait on you but don't be surprised if I don't magically spawn some new eager drivers in a few nights."
  516.         Kilarth Parinath:       "Yes, it is not. Seek me out when you're next in town. It'll be worth your while, I think."
  517.         Jennifer Attaway:       "Alright. Thank you for the standing offer."
  518.         Kilarth Parinath:       Kilarth Parinath jams the cig into a nearby public ashtray before pulling out a pack of cigs, drawing a fresh one and lighting it all in one swift motion. Kilarth Parinath gives a curt nod before slowly heading off toward the warehouse district.
  519. * Jennifer Attaway proceeds into the center.
  520. * Saturn Rosewell follows. Or, assuming they were nowhere near the center at first, follows Chloe there because she knows the way around.
  521. Kilarth Parinath: (( I just imagined Chloe saying 'mah people' ))
  522. DNA:    I shall play you the song of my people
  523.         Chloe:  (( I was trying to find notes on who I know! THen got distracted by a class evaluation!))
  524.         Chronicler:     But you were standing just outside of the Center. You can enter it, catch a room and rest up.
  525.         Chronicler:     Its probably best we pause here and I provide you guys comparible prices over the week.
  526.         Chloe:  Chloe enters the pokemon center. ((don't they only let you sleep at night?))
  527. Avara:  we're at a center, trying to get better, spent all of our hiiiit poooints on you~ /natewantstobattle
  528.         Chronicler:     They do, but its like 7 PM. Its close to lights out
  529.         Chronicler:     Just to end it on a date:
  530. February 22nd, 1549. 1910 Hours.
  531. Avara:  txp, pxp, hugs?
  532.         Chronicler:     TXP: 2
  533. PKMN XP: 30.
  534. Avara:  *hugs kaorin*
  535.         Chronicler:     It's still Sunday.
  536. * Chronicler hugs Ava.
  537.         Chronicler:     Saving campaign and log~
  538. Avara:  we're one txp away from TL^
  539. DNA:    WHAT DID I MISS
  540. DNA:    Oh, that. TL 19.9. SO DISAPPOINT.
  541. Trulhammaren is disconnected.
  542. Avara is disconnected.
  543. Eclipse is disconnected.
  544. Chloe is disconnected.
  545. Kaorin Sakura is disconnected.
  546. You have disconnected.
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