Jun 21st, 2019
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ass on the sofa
welded to white Naugahyde
eyes narrowed
itchy fingered
ill rested
hunt-and-pecking dirtbag verse
roiling fits of
bad writer
dull as dogshit
ideas pirated
soul too small
dick too small
inner life nonexistent
boil on the ass of quality
then a trill in space
a brown cloud
a puff of sienna smoke
a furry parrot perched on my shoulder
nuzzling the bill of my baseball cap
no-selling my concerns
pet me, fuckface
this is how I show love
so I scratch and rub
loose fur lodged in
the sawteeth of my fingernails
scent on my head line
slobber all over my palms
unconcerned, unroiled

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