StT dillemas

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  1. Off the Books (Part 1)
  2. Let the supposed agent use the ship
  3. Off the Books (Part 2)
  4. Transport the agent to the brig.
  5. Thot Gor (x2)
  7. Interference (Part 1)
  8. Take a sample back to the {shipname} for further study.
  9. Interference (Part 2)
  10. Lure the substance out without harming it
  11. Lucien (x2)
  13. A life alone (Part 1)
  14. Encourage the young Trill to join Starfleet
  15. A life alone (Part 2)
  16. Tell him to remain at Starfleet Academy
  17. Jannar (x2)
  19. Champion of the peopel (Part 1)
  20. Reveal their leader's true identity.
  21. Champion of the people (Part 2)
  22. Give the Ventaxian a chance to flee.
  23. Champion of the people (Part 3)
  24. Encourage the former mercenary and the colonists to work together
  25. Col. Worf (x2)
  26. Reinforce the Ventaxian colony
  27. Ens. Picard (x4)
  29. A Higher Duty (Part 1)
  30. Give a neutral speech to avoid sides
  31. A Higher Duty (Part 2)
  32. Suggest a harsh sentence in light of the consequences of his theft.
  33. A Higher Duty (Part 3)
  34. Disable his ship before he can harm the colony.
  35. Fierce Guinan (x4)
  36. or
  37. Talk him down before he or anyone else is hurt.
  38. Dr. Leonard McCoy (x4)
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